Is success sexy on women Part 2

It is a womans world too...

Dress for Success...
Dress for Success...
Success has no gender...
Success has no gender...
I don't want to be your 1950 Housewife
I don't want to be your 1950 Housewife
The Old Ball & Chain-do men like it that way?
The Old Ball & Chain-do men like it that way?
Woman are capable of anything we want to be capable of...
Woman are capable of anything we want to be capable of...

Most men are intimidated by a woman who portrays the ego of a well-made man

I received dozens of responses on the Forums as well as responses from the initial group I asked this question to, and some of the responses were so good, I can’t not write a sequel hub to share these views.

I received a reply that I was surprised to receive. It wasn’t the response, because I am well aware that many people/men feel this way, but I received the response from a person I have known for about two years now, whom is an ex-minister. He responded to my question with, “I am not too fond of independent women; I feel it messes up the element of family. I think it is not sexy”. Is there any truth to his belief? Does a women need to be dependant on her husband to keep a balance to a family life? I don’t think so, a woman who is independent, can survive without a man, but when she is with the right man, he compliments her success and independence. A response to his comment came from one of the most independent spirits I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, April Van Loan,” I think anybody who honestly believed a self sufficient woman ‘messes up’ a family, might be living in the dark ages. Women, working or otherwise, keep the family running smoothly, so why deny an intelligent woman her options? You’ll only end up with an unhappy wife and mother, unless that is the choice she makes of her own free will, not because she is afraid of upsetting her man.”

I agree with Dan Stevens, a San Antonio Texas Firefighter. He answered by saying,” Only a person insecure with themselves would find it intrusive, in my opinion”, this I believe has much more standing. If a man is confident in his position standing next to a remarkable woman, she feels this. If she feels as if she is being insulted, she will then begin to change her attitude and perhaps throw off the balance of the family life.

Many women are successful before they meet their match. What if you have a spouse and they are present when you find the successful you? Will men purposefully keep her restrained, and make things more difficult for her to achieve? Again, I am sure this depends on the man, but if she was needy and dependent on the man and she then transformed into a more independent version of herself, the likelihood that there will be no resistance or resentment from the spouse is slim. From what I have experienced and witnessed, I don’t believe that most of the men, deliberately do things to harm-but they don’t do anything to encourage and help either. For any women to come from the bottom, and climb to the top-it takes strength, courage and determination to make it to her destination. The tears will come and go, blood and sweat will be lost, and doing it alone will give her that additional self assurance to dump you’re a** when she figures out how un-deliberate you have been in the transformation towards success.

Huber Cagsil, always has something intelligent to say when he posts to forums. His words are true, “Most men are intimidated by a women who portrays the ego of a well-made man. However, getting them to admit it? Good luck. When a Woman has the ability, brain and stamina, men get intimidated, unless ultra-competitive by nature men are around.
Then, she will have her hands full. Many real successful women can't be bothered by insignificant lower-class males, unless it's for their own sexual need, for a toy. They bestow a vibe that says "I am a self-made independent full grown woman. Hear me roar. I can play with the BIG Boys and Win." type confidence.
The average male isn't up for that challenge. Sorry to say. But, it be true.
Nice question. Points to a part of society, where anothers perspective is warranted. Men cannot judge themselves without bias. Most of the time their ego gets the best of them. This happens in very few women, in general. Thank you again.”

I love that answer to this question. As much as I would like to believe that society has changed the perception of a woman success in comparison to a mans role in the past 50 years, I believe that men still want to be in control of the women that they claim as their own. With this control, a woman’s importance and significance is still diminished to an elementary version of a man. The only people who can change this perception are women. Women, who are not afraid to be alone, claim their success and demand respect as an equal opportunist in this world. No more, no less than any man that lives

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Kamran100 profile image

Kamran100 6 years ago

so nice artical....very enjoyable.

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

kamran100-thanks for the feedback-I am so glad that you enjoyed the hub :)

Motor leathers profile image

Motor leathers 6 years ago

just shocked by this hub

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

Motor Leathers,

Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope the shock is because you are glad to know something about a womans stance and how she views her current position with a man and in society. I do appreciate you taking the time to read and consider the information :)

Levertis Steele profile image

Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

Many men do not make enough money to keep the family at a financially comfortable status. If he is making enough to pay the bills and save a little each month; yet, he cannot afford a good vacation, college tuition, or that needed new car, he really needs a second job or a helper. That is where the good wife comes in.

Lifestyles have changed. Unless a man is rich, has a prosperous business, or well educated with a good job, he will need a working wife to help. Men are not working in the fields to produce the food while wives are at home taking care of the kids and making the soap and spinning the yarn. Those days have ended.

Maybe a successful woman is not sexy to some men, but they should seal their lips unless they can pay the cost to be the adequate breadwinner. There are many women who would love to stay at home while the husband brings home the bacon. Insecure men who have a problem with female breadmakers should marry and keep a stay-at-home wife. To each his own. Happiness is what matters.

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