It's In the Kiss xoxo

What are lips for? Are they a decoration on your face that allows you to show facial expressions like a smile, a frown or a look of surprise?  Do they cover your teeth or give your tongue something to lick?  Or are they for whistling a tune or playing a trumpet?  What good would lip stick be without lips on which to place it?

Well, one thing for sure is that lips are meant to pucker up!  Whether you are kissing a child, a friend, a relative, a lover, or even a complete stranger, you must pucker up those lips to kiss.  There are all kinds of kisses and, boy, do those kisses vary.

There is the kiss that soothes, the ones that make you giggle and even those that sometimes disgust you.  The old saying goes that you must kiss a lot of toads before you find the handsome prince.

Then there is the kiss that leaves you breathless.  The kind that connects you to another being on a whole different level.  The kind of kiss that everyone hopes to experience at least once in a lifetime.  The weak in the knees and leave you feeling off balance kiss.  The close your eyes and get lost in the moment kiss.

So what happens when that one of a kind kiss is gone?  Whether it be because of a break-up, divorce, or death; the kiss is gone.  Many move on and try to find another set of lips that can spark this same intense feeling.  Others resign themselves to the memory of that one special kiss that can never be surpassed.

What do you do when you can no longer kiss the lips that you want to kiss?  xoxoxo

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thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 5 years ago from Sweden

I would keep on kissing toads until a new prince turned up!

There must be more than one prince for everybody on this planet:)And Yes, there are so many different kisses and you have described them very well here!

profile image

mikeq107 5 years ago

Well at that point as we say In ireland

" I would kiss my arse Goodbye"

But seriously I have that Now with 'Cynthia' and I enjoy every moment of it, But if she were to pass on, i would be grief stricken as is the natural nature of true love.

In Time I would Heal and then continue with my God given passion as I know she would want and I for her

...for passion blocked is death, but passion flowing is like a mighty river which has endless possibilties...

great Hub

Mike :0)

DexisView profile image

DexisView 5 years ago from New England Author

Hi Mike, Thanks for stopping by. So true about passion.

DexisView profile image

DexisView 5 years ago from New England Author

LOL! thougtforce! You can tell a lot by a kiss, but the eyes tell a story all their own (another hub maybe).

WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Sweet Hub!

How about this one? :

DexisView profile image

DexisView 5 years ago from New England Author

LOL! Thanks for sharing another fun one!

Docmo profile image

Docmo 5 years ago from UK

You remind me of that sensuous scene between Bacall and Bogart.. Just put your lips together and blow...


DexisView profile image

DexisView 5 years ago from New England Author

Classic moment...and quite unforgettable. Thanks for sharing.

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Johnny Love 5 years ago

I have wondered this myself. At times I feel as though I was searching through life until the perfect lips were before me, so soft and beautiful, passionate and calm. I have found in her kiss, our heaven is made. Beautiful and up..

blessed be...J Love

DexisView profile image

DexisView 5 years ago from New England Author

J Love ~ you can only hope that when you find the perfect lips that they want yours too :)

Neil Sperling profile image

Neil Sperling 5 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

mmmmwwwwwaaaaah -it is so true - how much can be in a kiss... well done!

anndavis25 profile image

anndavis25 5 years ago from Clearwater, Fl.

Dexis, I just wrote a hub about kissing. You and I know the importance of kisses, don't we? Read my hub..Little Kisses count. Keep writting....Up and awsome.

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