Kevin and Terry...

They Are The CUTEST Guys In Town!

Greetings again all and so great to be here. I got to tell you about Kevin and Terry...

In my small town where we live here, there are two guys who also live here whom my daughters call the cutest guys in town! Now, we are not talking about looks here -- we're just talking about two gentlemen that the whole town knows.

Kevin and Terry are both moderately handicapped, both physically and mentally. They are cared for in a special house but have enough mobility to get up and about to a certain extent. Everyday in our town, right after lunch, you'll see Kevin and Terry walking to the local coffee shop where many in our town gather and visit.

They always walk and are never driven. And they always walk inĀ  a certain pattern...Terry will walk about ten steps in front of Kevin but will always wait for him before crossing roads or coming to a stop light crossing. Then, they carry on again.

Terry will wave at all the cars and we always wave back if possible, as we all know them. Terry will walk and pat his side rhythmically as his right foot steps down. So it's left foot, right foot, and pat. Kevin will walk the ten steps behind with both hands in his pockets, one step at a time. He never takes them out until he reaches the coffee shop.

Kevin and Terry always greet me when I see them in the shop, with a hearty "Hi Mike!" and I always respond back with a "Greetings, boys!". Terry always get a soda, and Kevin always gets a black coffee. And they always sit in the same place, right by the door. Kevin has a better command of speaking (missing some teeth, though...) and he will always comment on the weather and things like that. Terry has a lesser language ability but will repsond if you say something to him. And he repeats his responses; for example, if you say 'Hi', he'll say "Hi, hi, hi, hi..." or if you say "Santy Claus find you?", he'll say "Yes, yes, yes, yes...".

Kevin "meeps". What's a 'meep'? After a conversation, he'll stare at the floor and go "meep, meep, meep...", until you talk to him again. Terry is really cute, as Terry laughs at....EVERYTHING! Everytime someone at another table laughs at something, Terry will burst out laughing along with them, although he isn't really aware of what the laughing is all about. He just laughs everytime someone else does. And, he laughs loud -- you can hear him all over the shop.

Then, they leave the shop, Terry in front by ten steps and Kevin following behind, 'meeping' away, both hands in his pockets, and one step at a time. They follow the same route everday, never venturing beyond the beaten path.

The whole town knows Kevin and Terry, though many will not acknowledge them in the shop, which is most sad because these are two of the 'cutest' guys you'll ever meet. I ALWAYS greet them and chat with them as best I can, and one of my buddies there always teases them. Of course with Terry, you know that THAT will result in hordes of laughter from him for sure!

I thank the Good Lord everyday for the health of myself, family, and friends. And I give thanks for Kevin and Terry for always reminding me to ... give thanks! No matter how bad my life gets sometimes, Kevin and Terry are always there to lighten up my day and add something to it. And they do that by just being who they are.

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