Why Kim Kardashian Divorce Angers Me

Happy Couple or Greedy Celebrity?
Happy Couple or Greedy Celebrity? | Source

Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce. That’s what yahoo headlines revealed to me before I clicked the link to open my mail. I took pause for a moment and wondered why I was suddenly angered by the news.

I don’t think my anger stemmed from the fact that I am not entertained by the life of celebrity but am force fed news about them when I am simply minding my own business. No, that is not what upset me. When I meditated on the news it was the callousness of the parties involved towards marriage. This wasn't a marraige but a publicity stunt.

See people enter marriage with the thought of, “As soon as they mess up I’m going to divorce them.” Very few take the vows of marriage seriously. It is just an event to many, as big party where you get dressed up and get seen by everyone.

In the world of celebrities, marriage is business. It is publicity stunts and trouble in a marriage becomes a way to get ratings. In the world of everyone else they seem to take the model of entertainers and see a wedding as one big party, and a way to show ones station in life.

There was a time when a marriage meant something. When a man looked at a woman, he considered his friendship with her, her business head to run a household, and if they were compatible as far as family size and values.

When the two joined together to say their wedding vows they said and meant, “I take you…., to be my lawfully wedded (husband/wife), … in sickness and health, till death do us part.” They communicated every day. They worshiped God together and handed down those morals and values learned to their offspring. When there were problems, they were determined to stick together and endure them and work together to overcome them.

There was no, he lost his job and has been depressed for two years so I’m going to leave him. You didn’t see a man leaving his wife when she got post-partum depression after giving birth and found it hard to take care of her new child. These were big things but there was a time when most couples thought it their obligation to stay together through thick and thin. There was a sense of pride in having a 40th and 50th anniversarycelebration.

Where did people go wrong? When did marriage become an event and not a contract of love that was to last for one’s lifetime after entering into it? Truth is there are many factors to contribute to this lack of respect for marriage. There are many ideas that could fix the growing numbers of carelessness in the divorce rate. But in all honesty it boils down to respect of self and of God the originator of marriage.

For me, when I put on my wedding dress, I will enter the marriage arrangement with the thought that it will last my lifetime and I will do all on my part to make it so. I will marry a man with my value system and looks at marriage the same way as I do. With our biblical principles applied in our lives and marriage, I know we will see decades of anniversaries through many stories full of the ups and down of imperfect human life.

The world really needs to grow up and take responsibility for their decisions and stop running away from them. Marriage is not a game, and that is why I am angry with the Kim Kardashian news. She as most people today look at marriage as a game to start and end at will.

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Kristin Turner 5 years ago

I love this and I couldn't have said it better myself.

quatrain profile image

quatrain 5 years ago

I too am disgusted by this publicity stunt. More power to you!

Carlon Michelle profile image

Carlon Michelle 5 years ago from USA Author

Thank you Kristin. I appreciate your comment on my article.

Quatrain, I understand your disgust. Thank you for your comment.

gryphin423 profile image

gryphin423 5 years ago from Florida

Thank goodness I am not alone. The minute I heard that news I just thought "publicity stunt!" I didn't watch the abhorrent expenditure that was their wedding and I only came by the news of the divorce on the radio. I avoid all that is "celebrity" if I can. What a useless life they are living. Good hub!

Carlon Michelle profile image

Carlon Michelle 5 years ago from USA Author

gryphin423 I honestly think everyone knows it's all a publicity stunt. The American public really need to find more intellegent ways to allow themselves to be entertained. I'm glad you don't allow yourself to be a victim to the insanity! Thank you for your comment!

Charlotte B Plum profile image

Charlotte B Plum 5 years ago

I too share your sentiments, but more than that I share the values you have about marriage. Blessings to you

Carlon Michelle profile image

Carlon Michelle 5 years ago from USA Author

Thank you Charlotte. It's so encouraging and motivating to stick to my values when they are supported. Smile!

PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

PDXKaraokeGuy 5 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

Great HUB. I got married (for the second time) on the same day as them (August 20, 2011) and I remember us joking that we were going to be overshadowed by their wedding. Sad the way people treat marriage so callously. I know I did.... the first time.

Carlon Michelle profile image

Carlon Michelle 5 years ago from USA Author

Thanks for sharing and friending Justin. I'm excited to read some of your short stories after I just read your bio. Congrats on your wedding and May you be blessed with many happy years together. Smile!

NiaG profile image

NiaG 5 years ago from Louisville, KY

You are absolutely positively correct Carlon. It's ridiculous the games that are played these days when it comes to marriage. It's all taken way too lightly. Great hub!

Carlon Michelle profile image

Carlon Michelle 5 years ago from USA Author

Thanks NiaG. I'm glad you liked the Hub and understand the point I was making. Smile!

PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

PDXKaraokeGuy 5 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

Carlon, thank u very much! I'm enjoying your HUBS as well!

rochelj profile image

rochelj 5 years ago from USA

It is true that many people take marriage too lightly and are too quick to divorce.

Carlon Michelle profile image

Carlon Michelle 5 years ago from USA Author

Hi Rochel. Thanks for revisiting me and giving your thoughts on my article. Smile!

celebritie profile image

celebritie 5 years ago

I think the whole celebrity world is fake and meant for publicity it is not just Kim Kardashian it is all of those actors, actresses, singers, entertainers, comedians, socialites, producers, reality tv stars, you name it.

Anyone who makes money off the public in Hollywood is part of the LIE and FANTASY that is used to manipulate its audience on a daily and weekly basis. I have seen how much power these celebrities have over the mainstream public.

Media fuels the flame and so does the tabloids, who can really take any of it seriously?

People are so unhappy in their own lives that they try and live through these celebrity idols and the sad point is when these groupies and fans figure out they have been conned and that their favorite idol is a fraud, then they have to take a good hard look at their own lives and it isn't pretty.

Thanks for the hub Carlon, appreciate it.

Carlon Michelle profile image

Carlon Michelle 5 years ago from USA Author

Celebritie, you really added some quality content to the point I was making with this article. Thank you so much for reading and adding your insiteful thoughts. Smile!

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