LGBT People Of History Part Eighteen Sappho Of Lesbos

Sappho | Source
Sappho | Source
Lesbos Island In Greece
Lesbos Island In Greece | Source

Sappho Of Lesbos

Sappho was an intellectual and a poet and believed to have been aristocracy. It is believed that she was born in 610 BCE on the Greek island of Lesbos. The word Lesbian originates from this island and it is believed that Sappho was also a Lesbian, as she wrote many love poems to other women.

Sappho also wrote many odes to the Greek goddesses and one such ode that is the only complete work to have survived is called “Epithalamia” which was the Ode to Aphrodite - the goddess of Love.

Sadly in the Middle Ages Sappho’s works were lost through the actions of cultural change, and alas today there are only fragments of her many works left.

It is also believed that Sappho was a mother and had a daughter called Clais, who she named after her own mother.

There is a legend that she jumped to her death after a failed love affair with a man called Phaon who was a local ferryman. This legend is disbelieved and counted as untrue as Sappho is recognised as a Lesbian due to her poetry expressing her love for many women in her community.

It is thought that Sappho died round about 570 BCE.

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alian346 profile image

alian346 4 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

A great Hub, Cal - isn't it a pity that a lot of information on her was lost in the Middle Ages?


calpol25 profile image

calpol25 4 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Its almost criminal, because it would have been great to have learned so much more about her. :)

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