Ladies Increase Your Attraction

Do you have your eye on someone? Maybe you just want to be more attractive.

I have seen beautiful people change a person’s mind, and become ugly.

I have seen ugly women change a person’s mind, and become beautiful.

Men really do like several types of women. Tastes vary just like fingerprints.

What are some of the things that you can do to become more attractive?

Do you think a person that is not physically a goddess can convince a person that she is beautiful?

You bet you she can.

I am going to show you how to increase your attractiveness, gain dates (if you wish), and make men flock to you like bees to flowers. The power is really in your hands. You are going to learn how to use it. It is your choice as to what you want to do with it.



What ingredients do you need?

You need confidence. Do not mistake this with arrogance. Even a model on the runway weighing 90 lb. looks attractive because she understands confidence. They walk with the “know.” They know they got it going on. If you peel the layers back, and look into a woman with confidence, she knows who she is, she knows what she wants. She does not feel the need to be jealous of others around her. She does not put others down. She does not bad mouth her ex. She knows all about life. A woman with true confidence understands that personalities clash and she is their fore not worried about everyone liking her. She knows that it is a fact of life, that people or a person will either like or dislike her, and still, she holds strong. A woman with confidence does not care, she accepts this as a part of life, and she still knows who she is, who she likes. She knows herself, and accepts herself for who she is no matter what. A woman with confidence has got it going on. A woman that has got it going on with confidence, has also got it going on with being more attractive.

vs. no confidence


A woman with no confidence tries her best to look good, by pleasing everyone. She is worried constantly about what others are thinking about her. A woman with no confidence is jealous of others around her. She slanders people, because she doesn’t feel too good about herself. She makes the mistake of not being her, and is miserable because of this. She sometimes does not say what’s on her mind, in fear of what others think.  A woman with no confidence will slander her ex-boyfriends. In a way, this makes them look bad, because if the guy was so bad, why did she date him in the first place? A woman with no confidence is miserable in her own skin. She sees more of a negative side of life. This decreases the attraction value down considerably.

increase your value

Another attraction factor:

If you want to increase your attraction, then you must show them your mind, you must convince them that you are a goddess. Be a lady but be bold at the same time. Increase your value as a woman, and be more attractive.

Look a man in the eye. Do not be scared, it is ok to look.

Smile often, a woman looks attractive in a smile.

Be happy, it looks great on you. Do you remember the last time you have seen a lady that could have been attractive, but she really looked ugly, because she was miserable?

Don’t be that lady. Glow. How many times have you seen a not so attractive lady glow, and have men flock to her? It happens more than you may think. People appreciate an upbeat, sweet personality.

flirt with body language


Flirt subtly with body language. Flirting looks beautiful, and increases your attractiveness. Beware, do not over do a flirt, you should come across subtle. If you come across as too big of a flirt, you can actually decrease your value, and come across as desperate. You are going to flirt, and not do it in a way that they are realizing you are doing it. Here are some examples of what you can do:


 Point a foot in his direction

Expose your wrists

Expose your neck

Posture is important, try not to slump



flirt with makeup

Flirt with makeup. Above, I noted some subtle ways to flirt, without the man being able to tell you are flirting. Now, I will list ways you can actually intensify the flirting by using makeup, if you wear it. They will not even know you are doing it. Here is a list:

If a woman is blushing, she is flirting (sometimes), increase attraction by using this to your advantage. Wear some blush!

If a woman’s lips get reddened, it is another way she can signal a flirt (sometimes), increase your attraction, and wear lipstick that matches you.

If a woman’s pupils get a little larger, it indicates she likes what she is looking at (most of the time). Guess what? You can create this affect by putting on some mascara.

Raise your value. If you value yourself, others will value you.

Be confident, be happy, be intelligent, and increase your attraction.

in addition

In addition to the above: be yourself. A confident lady is comfortable being herself. Do not be phony. Everyone has unique qualities that make them who they are. Never be afraid of being who you are. If they like you as a phony, then you will not be liked when you are yourself later on. If, however, they like you when you are yourself, you do not have to worry about them disliking you later. You can flirt, and be yourself at the same time.

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SubRon7 profile image

SubRon7 5 years ago from eastern North Dakota

Good hub. Thank you.

LoraKayAlexander 5 years ago

Thanks!!! I need all the help I can get! LOL Love

weightlossnstuff profile image

weightlossnstuff 5 years ago from London, UK

So true. A smile can just break down so many barriers, everyone should do it more often.

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