Watch out for Those Dating Scams

Yes, I Got Caught Up In A Dating Scam!

Not much of a picture person
Not much of a picture person

As Embarrasing as it is Here is My Story..

As embarrassing as it is, I feel that it is my obligation to share with others. So that maybe I can save someone else from falling for it.

Because of a bad breakup a couple of years ago, I have stayed away from dating. But, about 6 weeks ago, I decided that it was time to go on with my life.

So, I signed up with a couple dating sties, not that I am new at the dating sites but as I said before it was a couple of years ago. Things have changed a lot with them as I found out the hard way.

Well, I posted my photo and did the profile, and said on my photo that I don't like having my picture taken but felt it was necessary because everyone else has done it. Even though I have put on some weight and let's face it I don't look at 48, like I did at 40.

I talked to a couple of guys they were pretty nice but, then I received an email from this awesome looking guy. He wanted to talk to me, he commented that I was a pretty woman and had beautiful eyes.

Woo Hoo hey this is great, I have a guy interested in me that was "eye candy" to say the least. I should have followed my gutt instincts and the little voice in the back of my head.


 First he told me that he was deaf, I am assuming so that way I would not hear his accent because truth be known he is from Nigeria. 

He also said he was a born again christian and that he finally found his angel from Heaven and he sent me poetry, he said he wrote. 

So we talked for a couple of weeks and he was suppose to be getting ready to go to the UK to get a full fill a contract with his toy business, then he had to travel to Africa. 

He, then worked around to find out what kind of finances I had.  I am sure he was disappointed LOL because he did not hit the jack pot with me.  I am on disability because of nerve damage.

Anyway, he asked me if I had considered getting into the toy business, I told him I had tried a few things but never toys.  So he said that for 5,000.00 he could set me up.

Well, i don't have 5,000.00 so he still sweet talked me, all that stuff.  So, when that little voice in the back of head started running its mouth, I just kept thinking why would anyone want to scam me, I don't have anything they can take.

So, he must really be into me.  Well about a week or so he is in the UK (so he says) and just needs 150.00 to finish buying something for his business, and wanted me to send the money to all places "NIgeria" in someone elses name.  I told him that was his downfall that people don't send money to Nigeria unless they are looking to get ripped off.

And this was after asking me to help him with small little things that did not cost but 30 or 40.00 and wanted my credit card number.  Well I was not going to give out my credit card number.  I told him I did not have one and technically I don't, I use debit cards.

So, he was still in love couldn't wait to get here so we could be together blah, blah, blah.  I then start questioning him about his business, how do you  own a toy company and have no access to any money or collateral for a loan or anything.  He just gave me more excuses and I am still his angel from heaven.

So the last I heard from him he wanted me to take a check to the bank and cash it for him. I told him I would take the check to the bank but I would take it to the Vice President of the bank to get it cleared first to make sure it was legit. 

Well in the same IM he was still saying he loved me so much blah, blah, blah, that is how it always went to lead up to giving him money almost every time. And then he said God Bless you and take care of yourself.  Now that was not how he usually ended our conversations. 

So he was suppose to IM me the next morning and did not so I thought that was kinda strange.  I IM him one more time and wished him everything he deserved and I have not heard from him since.

The worst part is I wasted a lot of time and made myself look and feel very stupid. He was not as smooth as he thought he was but again, I was not as smart as I know I am. 

But, like I told him, I came out on top because I started learning sign language so we could communicate when he arrived here LOL. but realized it is very interesting and want to keep learning and will probably take a class or two.  So that maybe some day I can actually communicate and maybe even help someone that is having problems communicating with sign.

 If you have already sent money to someone and been taken I don't know if there is a legal way to recover it or not but doubtful because it is usually out of the country.  So take it as a lesson learned and hopefully it wasn't too expensive of a lesson.

So, as I have always said don't send money to anyone on the internet you do not know.  If you do don't send more than you can afford to lose.

Wow! I have had 2 more scammers this week

These people are unbelievable..... I have had 2 more guys try and scam me.  This time off of a reputable paid dating site.  The best defense we have from these low life people is to keep each other informed. 

Just as the original one I wrote about on this hub...So far 2 out of three say they are from LA.  But the first thing they want to do is go to yahoo they don't want you to be able to have the dating site check out their messages, then they tell you that distance doesn't matter, they are looking for their soul mate.  Then they will keep complimenting you, and 2 out of 3 times had to ask my name again.  Usually, slow at typing at first because they are trying to scam more than one person at a time.

And all 3 have called me an angel, sent the little rose icon and stuff like that.  The guy tonight I asked him straight out how much money he wanted and he said 3,000.00 and I told him "good luck" and said to him that they really need to be more original and then he signed out. LOL.  It is almost getting to be a game.  So beware of these guys if they are too good to be true then they really are.

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MarcyL04 profile image

MarcyL04 5 years ago from MIdwest smack dead in the middle of corn country LOL Author

Hey Gees "cesspool" you are an idiot. Do you have nothing better to do than get on here and spew off out of your cesspool.

If you even had a "sliver" of intellegence you would do some investigating on these issues before you started spewing. So do us all a favor and shut your cesspool!

Gees 5 years ago

It SOOOOO makes sense that your daughter had her child apprehended - look at where your daughter comes from! A disabled, lower class, scammed lady! Figures!!!

That was actually pretty much my guess in the first place, but thanks for the confirmation!

lovememarryme profile image

lovememarryme 6 years ago

Hello Marcy,

Sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with online dating sites and I'm too well aware of the problem. I have recently launched my own site and am always looking for ways to make it more secure from preditors. As you have noticed they are in abundance, so what do we do with them? As you correctly pointed out these people want to get you off the site as quick as possible so their messages can't be monitored but as someone who can monitor messages what would you suggest?

I am able to see members messages and their are some which are not asking for money (yet) but doing all the sweet talking blah blah as you would say. As someone who has strong gut feelings about right and wrong would I be better to warn the lady members that the guy is maybe not 100% truthful or do I say nothing. If I do say something and am wrong have I ruined what could have been a beautiful relationship?

On my site I have introduced ID verification method which I hope will help although at the moment it is voluntary to become verified. As my member database builds I will become much more strict on photo uploads and verification in order to promote a safe environment.

Would like you to read my other hubs as they are about online dating and may help you.


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