The Lady In Red Miss Ladyjane1

Amazing Person and Good Writer

I titled this the lady in red because my father called Ladyjane that at the hospital when he was ill,and it happened to be the last time he saw her, and she was wearing a red dress.That will always stay with me. Our father was also a clever man, he had a good sense of humor, and was so witty. I guess he passed it on to his kids. I miss him dearly.

 Ladyjane1 is head strong, determined, witty, smart, humorous, fair, kind, and respectful, and don't forget classy. She is all these things to me.She can make you laugh at a drop of a hat.

We almost lost her a few years ago when she was diagnosed with a Myxoma, which is a tumor of the heart, and she had to have open heart surgery, and it was very much touch and go there for a little while, and she went through a lot during that time. But she came through it and I think it made her a stronger person than ever before.

She has become more confident since she started writing, I can see the transformation. I can truly say I have enjoyed all her hubs. Once she gave me some advice about what hubs, or subjects to stay away from. It was politics, and religion the most touchy subjects out there. People get passionate about these, not to mention other topics as well.

Different Opinions

Try to criticize someone on these topics and see what happens. Oh my goodness, all of a sudden" the roof the roof the roof is on fire" if you know what I mean? This does happen, and it does get ugly. Everyone has an opinion, even though it doesn't mean that they are right. I would try to stay open minded, and hear everyone out, before putting my two cents in. Some times its better to say nothing at all. We have to agree to disagree, and leave it at that. This is how fanatics act, and love to jump right in there and keep the ball rolling. Some people love a good fight, and I don't think its worth it. A good discussion is always welcome,but with respect for others' points of view.

Tough Times

Ladyjane1 has gone through some tough times as I have. These things just made her stronger.

Every time things get rough she makes me laugh. This is her way of saying every thing will be alright. I love that about her.I think Miss Ladyjane1 is finally coming into her own, and I think hubpages has helped her express her self to the world. Just ask her fans. If I didn't have her as a sister I would want her as a dear friend. People are only as special as they are to other people. Ladyjane1 respects different life styles and opinions other than her own. She is a very talented person. I have learned so much from her.

Tribute To Some of Her Favs

I know there's a lot more great writers that are not mentioned,and I'm sorry for that, Ladyjane1 has over 300 followers but of course there is always a handful that are very loyal. I wish I could have named them all. They know who they are. Thanks for making hub pages such a comfortable place to be where you can express yourself and for making my sister welcome enough that she has opened up so much more, and you her favorites, have made that possible.

Wayne Brown

The first one is WB you all know him as Wayne Brown, thanks for giving such good feed back. WB, what a gentleman and a fair person you are. I love your hubs. OH my OH my Ladyjane1 can't say enough good things about Wayne Brown, and it doesn't have anything to do with his cowboy hat. She's a devoted wife. LOL! But there is one thing for sure and that is you can tell that Wayne Brown is from Texas because judging from his hubs, he is proud to be a Texan and an American. Wayne because you are one of my sisters followers, you made my list.

De Greek

Heres another one that she thinks a lot of. Mr De Greek a very good and articulate writer , I can't wait to read more. Everyone knows this person and his good hubs. What a classy man.

Although after speaking with her husband Ian, Ladyjane is still not allowed to utter his name in his presence but he is letting up on her now, so I think they will be alright. I am including him, not that there hasn't been enough written about this Adonis already, but I still include him. Mr De Greek, you made my list sir.


Hypnodude was one of her first followers and she always mentions him to me and how nice he was to her, and how much advice he gave her as she started out on Hubpages. Hubpages can be one of those places where you can get lost if you don't know what you are doing and Hypnodude made her feel very welcome, so I hear. Good for you Hypnodude you made my list.


Everytime I read one of Ladyjane1's hubs, I see Pamela99 give her the nicest compliments and she always has something constructive to say no matter what the subject matter is. I was impressed with this lady after reading some of her hubs and that she even won some contests for her recipes. Great job and congratulations. I am a little new here and look forward to getting to know you as well. You made my list.

I really love this avatar, it rocks.
I really love this avatar, it rocks.


I don't know much about you Drbj but I do always see your comments on my sister's hubs so I know that for some reason or other you follow ladyjane1 and being the loyal follower that I presume that you are to not just my sister but all of your own fans, I imagine that you are very well known and very well liked. Drbj even though I don't know you, my sister does, and you made my list.

What a cutie avatar this is.
What a cutie avatar this is.


Breakfastpop made the list because I always see him or her (sorry not sure), on my sisters hubs and I have read a few of pops hubs myself and I like their sense of style in whatever the topic is. Ladyjane1 may have a different view about politics and she may or may not agree with breakfastpop but she would never disrespect breakfastpop and I admire her for that because althought she does have a big mouth, my mouth is bigger and badder than hers and I voice my opinions more than she does. But Breakfastpop was one of the hubbers that was recommended to me by ladyjane1. Thanks ladyjane1, I look forward to getting to know breakfastpop more. So breakfastpop you made my list.


Nellieanna made my list because she is just so darn cute and she writes the best hubs. My sister is always talking about how they have lived in similar places and that she can write like nobody's business. I intend to learn from Miss Nellieanna and I hope she likes my hubs as well. She seems like she is as smart as the day is long and Nellieanna since I always see you on my sisters hubs, you made my list.


Now this lady has just started to be a follower of my sister and I am actually the one that sent her in GPAGE's direction, and the reason is because she has a sense of style that reminded me of my sister, and it turned out that they have similar interests and lots in common. To me their writing styles are a little similar. I would highly recommend GPAGE's hubs to everyone out there. So GPAGE, another lady of class, you made my list.

50 Caliber

Now 50Caliber has been on just about every hub that my sister has written. And you can tell that even if he doesn't care for the subject matter too much, he always has something positive to say. He has strong opinions from what I can tell, he is one of my sisters favorites and so 50 Caliber, you made my list.


Whidbeywriter is one of my sisters favorites as well as mine. She writes very patriotic and religious hubs. She may have different views as some of us but because she is the head of our sisterhood, i have to include her here lol just kidding, Whidbeywriter is an artist, a photographer and Ladyjane1 even wrote a hub about her called, A Woman of Many Talents. So Whidbeywriter you made my list even if you don't comment on Ladyjanes hubs as much as you should, come on now. Just kidding. I joke.


Okay Geegee77 is the newest of her fans, and she happens to be the baby sister of our family, but she made the list because she is an inspiration to all mothers out there who have taken care of children and loved them, whether she gave birth to them or not. She is the best and is trying her hand at writing as well. She has a great family and very strong opinions, so tread slowly around geegee77 lol just kidding.

This is the song that inspired her name. Enjoy!

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geegee77 profile image

geegee77 6 years ago from The Lone Star State!!

Well I guess im last on the list but Im the first to comment ha. I loved this hub because what you say about our sister is that she is all of those things and more, I agree with you about her having more self confidence since she's been on here, and I can tell she loves reading and writing so much. Thanks for this great hub, it really was great. And as Ladyjane would say cheers sista!!

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

Thank you geegee your the first in my book.

Lana 6 years ago

Hey, Rosemary

You got great story there!

I heard that you talked to Tami about us not being on you page

I am checking in

valeriebelew profile image

valeriebelew 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

This was a wonderful hub of recognition of those who have contributed to your sister's success on the site. I am also encouraging my older sister who lives in Florida to join hubpages, as she has completed one novel and is an avid writer and reader. She is not extremely computer literate, so I plan to teach her the ropes when she comes to Georgia in August. I would like to know how you copy hubbers pictures to your computer, as I'd like to write a book review on Garnetbird's book, which she sent me for free, and don't know how to copy her picture. If you get the chance, please explain how you do that. Thanks. Am voting you up.

I also want to say that I love how you use music on your sites. I am also a music lover, as well as lyric writer, and I have noticed you use some of my favorite muscians, Christina A. and the Rolling Stones. Just love it. (:v

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@ Lana thanks for reading.

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

Wow I'm at a loss for words. This hub has really touched me more than you know. I appreciate that you took the time to write such a nice hub and included my favorite people, very nice and very sweet. My head is getting as big as De Greek's already. LOL. Cheers and Love.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@valeriebelew thanks very much I do value your opinion. And I am so glad about your Sis. What I did was save them to my computer, or copy and paste from their site.

I hope this helps.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@ Ladyjane I hope I did you justice. You my dear have real talent. I will see you at your book signing. You kick but and take names later. LOL.

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

Rose, good to see you here. Most of those hubbers are my favorite and my friends. I hope you also enjoy my hub. I hope by writing this hub gave you some motivation and new spirit. Keep on writing, I believe you are good writer also. My pray always with you and I'll support you from the back.


Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas

Rose...I have not received a lot of recognition over the course of my life so any is much appreciated. I think this is the first time I have received it for just being myself. Ladyjane1 (I call her "LJ")showed up on my site like a gentle breeze just sliding across the porch. Her words flowed into my fan mail like butter and she ended it with "Cheers". For a moment I felt like I had just had tea with Princess Diana. It is amazing how those things stick with ya. Later on, she read that I had considered throwing away a piece that I finally published. LJ was quick to scold me about that and made me promise that I would never think of that again. And I can proudly say, I have lived up to my end of the bargain forcing the "good, bad, and ugly" on all my readers. I am very honored to be on this list with some really fine writers. I am also proud to be friends with the "sustas"! Thanks much! WB

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@prasetio30 thanks very much for reading. I am glad to join the club .Thanks.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@WB thank you so much. I do value your opinion. you are much respected in our circle. And you speak of my sis so beautiful. Thanks.

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 6 years ago

Howdy Rose it's nice to see the line up who made it to your list of talented writers and poets. They are all very wonderful hubbers and most definitely contribute along with your very talented sister LadyJane to making HP a wonderful place to write and share with us all.

I stumbled on your sisters hubs through reading De Greeks hubs a couple of months ago and have certainly enjoyed her many creative hubs, she is definitely an inspiration to many including myself.

I want to welcome you and your other two sisters to HP and watch you display your writing styles with as much heart, passion and gusto as your sister LJ. Thank you for recognizing your talented sister in this manner, I'm certain she is enthralled. Peace and Hugs.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@ saddlerider1 thank you.I just love her hubs. and all her hubbers as well. I am looking forward to reading your hub, also.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas are in for some good reading if you go to visit saddle rider! WB

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@ WB I sure will I am looking forward to it.

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 6 years ago

Wayne thank you for your kind words and reference to visit my hubs, I am humbled and thank you kindly friend.

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Rose, Thank you for including me in your list. I love Ladyjane's hubs and will continue to follow her. I am glad to know you are her sister as I want to read some more of your hubs also.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@pamela99 Thank you so much. My sis has mentioned several writers to me, so I included the ones I could remember. So you are welcome. and I cant wait to read some of your as well.

passonno73 profile image

passonno73 6 years ago

This is your best hub yet!!!!It flowed so smoothly.You seem like you're becoming more at ease w/ your writing.I agree w/ all that I know about her too! All of your family that I have met,have made me feel so welcome!Good job rose56!Kudos!!loved it!=)))))

hypnodude profile image

hypnodude 6 years ago from Italy

Well, actually I was a better friend of LJ some time ago, when I was able to stay on HP more. But I try to do my best. Actually the reason why I tried to be supportive with LJ, beside the fact that we both were newbies here, is that your sister is a great writer, and great writers, and good persons, should be always supported.

Thanks for mentioning me, and it's really a pleasure to see you sisters all writing here. :)

Clearly rated up and beautiful. :):)

De Greek profile image

De Greek 6 years ago from UK

I must thank LadyJane for pointing me to this and I thank her and you for the kind words :-)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

I appreciate being included on the special list of LadyJane'sf ans, Rose. It was sweet of you to say I'm cute. That's what my grandkids and great grandkids tell me. hehe.

As you become more and better acquainted on HP, you'll find LadyJane has an impressive fan club of wonderful folks who are really good writers! You couldn't go wrong with any you might have listed and those you did list are among many of my favorites too!

The networking that is a part of HP is one of its most wonderful features.

I met your sister through my very first follower, De Greek, and then met so many others from there and from each of those I discovered and enjoyed knowing and whose hubs I wanted to continue to read.

It would be impossible to acknowledge everyone, and so I'm honored to be among those you did list as fans of Lady Jane. I know when I see she'd published a hub that it will be worth reading!

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@hypnodude thank

you very much.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@passonno thank you so much for reading.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@ De Greek thank you for reading my humble hubs.

I know my sis respect you very much. And i enjoy you hub as well.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@nellieanna I do aperciate your opinion. thank you for reading my hub. Cant wait to read some of yours.

dawnM profile image

dawnM 6 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

what a wonderful tribute to her, and I loves the hub and all of the people that you mentioned. for me going through hard times, writing has always been my best friend so I can relate!

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 6 years ago from Las Vegas

In true ladyjane fashion, she sent you my way and boy am I glad. What a delightful read - felt like we were sitting having coffee. Your style is so conversational that is definitely another hub that must be heard from...a lot! Welcome aboard and by the way, I think that sister of yours is pretty special too!

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@ dawnM very good thank you for reading.

@ somelikeitscott I am so glad I love to meet new people and I am looking forward to reading your hubs.

Whidbeywriter profile image

Whidbeywriter 6 years ago from Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, Washington


Great hub sis, you did an amazing job at describing ladyjane1 - she is a gem! Love you all and thanks for including me. Sorry this was so long overdue, internet is hard to find in the Yukon Territory!!

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@ whidbeywriter thanks I do value your opinion. Hope you are having fun out there.

noorin profile image

noorin 6 years ago from Canada

rose56, I started reading ur sister's hubs about a week ago and I have to ask is writing just inherited in the family or is it just the two of you ? I enjoyed reading ur hub just like i ve been enjoying hers. Will be following you =)

Thanks for sharing.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@noorin Well theres four of us writing that are sisters.GeeGee,Ladyjane1,Whidbeywriter. And myself we all write, but Miss Ladyjane started us all. She is the one, the best I think.

noorin profile image

noorin 6 years ago from Canada

@rose56 thanks for informing about the other two. I guess I have some investigation to do. I will go check them out =)

profile image

hubpageswriter 6 years ago

You are such a great sister. I'd have to check out the hubs of your other sisters too. Beautiful hub.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@ noorin thank you and my sisters thank you as well.

@thank you hubpagewriter you are too kind. Look forward to reading more.

yalenova profile image

yalenova 6 years ago

Always enjoy to read your articles. Thanks!

50 Caliber profile image

50 Caliber 6 years ago from Arizona

rose56, A hub that earned all the buttons many more times than just mine. Lady Jane is awesome, no doubt! I just saw your retort to one who slightly dissed her, now I am sure you are geegee's sister as well, I have witnessed her in her strong mode and I'm sure you know to what I refer. I still read her hubs and play nice. Mean gets one no where, except into a fight. I thank you for mention of my presence but un-necessary as I post 'cuz I love her and her writing has caught me up a few times that after all the realistic hubs I walked blindly into fiction she wrote so real in my mind it was true.

I liked this hub well and it is good to see you here! 50

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

Caliber thanks for stopping by and reading my hub. And your right my sister geegee has strong opinions as it runs in our family. And I am the worst of the lot. Yes we have each other's backs even though we may dissagree at times but that what makes a family. Thanks for reading.

johnshade profile image

johnshade 6 years ago from Pandora


I was wondering who is the woman in the photo at the begining of the hub? she is quite stunning

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

Hello John the lady in the photo is none other than the princess of monacco and also American actress Grace Kelly. THanks for reading and commenting.

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 6 years ago from Minnesota

rose56-Just started following the rest of the sisters. I had been following LJane and have been on hpages for about 6 weeks now. I have goose bumps from this most beautiful hub for your sister. My sister would tell you that I am a diff't person since hpages. We are twin sisters so I love this hub. Rated up and beautiful. Godbless

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

Thanks so much for the lovely mention in your terrific hub. By the way I'm a she. I thought I was a follower, but I will be now. Once again thanks and yes you have a great sister.

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 6 years ago from California

Thank you so much Rose! I am so touched to be included here. I think your sister is fantastic too and love to read what she comes up with! I am so happy to be included here!!!! All the best, GPAGE

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

GPage thanks so very much. I meant what I said about you. You are a classy lady.

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Rose, What an excellent hub about your sister. I have enjoyed her hubs continually and I agreed that she is indeed a lady. Thank you for mentioning my name. That was unexpected.

rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

@pamela thanks for reading. And I agree with you about my SIS.

peacegirl101 profile image

peacegirl101 6 years ago

Hi rose56 ( pretty username :) ), I am a great fan and friend of Whidbeywriter and LadyJane1, I will become fan of you and your other sister geegee77 as soon as I m done writing this post...I can tell all you sisters love LadyJane1 and I think that's really nice of you and Whidbywriter to write hubs about her! I have read some of her hubs and completely agree she has a great talent for writing. Great hub, Great sister. :) Wishing you much success in writing hubs.



rose56 profile image

rose56 6 years ago Author

thank you so very much for reading my hub.

She is the one who started us of all writing. she is great.

Ken Moncrieff 6 years ago

A lovely hub and written with feeling. I will have to get myself a scottie to dab my tears. Love the music too and the reason for its inclusion in this commendable article.

Rogochuks profile image

Rogochuks 6 years ago from USA

Nice commentary on sisterhood. This will serve as an example and encouragement to all siblings out there.

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