Insecure Leader or follower, which is better?

The problem with this question is that there is only two options. The best kind of person is the kind that is able to lead their own life, but knows when it is a good time to follow or lead others. This type of person knows when what they are doing is over their head and they need help from a more qualified person, but they also know when they have reached a point where they should no longer limit theirself by following some one who may know less than do. If you have to choose then It is better to be a loyal intelligent follower than an insecure leader leading people to do things you are not sure of yourself. If you are constantly questioning yourself and don't know where you are headed, it is hard to have some one follow you and feel good about it. When something does go wrong, as it is bound to if you are insecure, you are going to be unable to handle it and be more indecisive while still having people look to you lead. A loyal, intelligent follower boosts the leader and can be their right hand person, especially if that leader is insecure. They are not the type that is going to make a bunch of mistakes that cost other people.

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