Live In Relationship v/s Marriage

Relationship is caring for each other... giving for the other
Relationship is caring for each other... giving for the other


What is it? Relation is not just same blood, not just the same genes it means two hearts feeling for each other, knowing each other. The relation with your mom, your dad, brother sister all are what you have since your birth. Do you have choice? No. Then you go to school and college there you add friends which acts as a supplement to the main answer book of relations. Thus the list of people related to you goes on increasing with your age. Then a second supplement gets added that is the girl friends and the boy friends. This supplement is taken by some while some have their very personal reason of not taking it up while some go on just adding supplements writing the same answer just to show that they have written a lot in their answer paper and stand a good chance of passing the exam of their life. But does just adding supplements help you pass the exam in general.
Lets rest our thought of relations coming in our life for some time of course we will take it up later.

The Debate
Debate is something like having discussion between sides with different views. Persons speak for or against something before making a decision. Debates are a means of encouraging critical thinking, personal expression, and tolerance of others opinions. At the end of this article I don't think there would be much questions to debate on in this issue. My success of this article only lies if I could change the mindset of at least 20% of the people who believe in The Live in system of relationship.

Side of a Live in Relationship Endorser
Live In relationship is a non committed relation in which two individuals don't take the burden of a commitment of living with each other. These individuals have their very own lifestyle intact even after having a relation going. They have their theory of love, they say if love is true then it needs no bindings, it will stay there even after their non committed nature of the Live In Relationship. People in live in relationship always stand a chance to move out of the relation if they feel the other person is not the one they could spend their whole life with. Live in relations always have a good chance to survive irrespective of a pact signed through a marriage. In live in relation the love stays because nobody holds you to them , you are all set to move from one branch of love to another but still if you stay on the one, your love is simply true. The definition of marriage according to them is an agreement between two individuals to stay together committed with each other if they want to stay together or don't want to.
Further a live in relationship gives good time to both the individual to understand what the other person is in reality, by living with them 24X7. The fact of freedom with no boundaries in an relationship helps the relation grow with time and someday the two individuals will think of giving a formal dimension to their relation through marriage.

Side of the "Conservative", Marriage Endorser
The Live in's term as conservative to those people who don't believe in their ideology and do not want to change their line of thinking regarding the same in the modern society. So the stand of these people who believe in marriage is as simple as if you love a person why do you want to test him, why not be committed by marrying the person. The hard liners even don't believe in having a love marriage the most common line they say weren't we married by our parents, aren't we happy with each other. So where to go whom to believe. Is Live In relationship really a better option?

Live In aspirants please think
Which two people would go for a live in? Of course those who love each other or in modern terms ones who "click" to each other. But just clicking would it mean you would like to know other person with that urge of staying along with that person. To live with a person you should have faith in that person and if you say you have faith in other person than it means you can trust the person. So if you can trust a person and you feel the person is somebody you can spend your whole life then that means you are in love already. And if that is what is true that you are in love, do you still need to analyze the person? Then your love is simply too analytical and analytical things don't stay for long they keep on changing so beware.
Now next we want a non committal relation. Would you have gone to school and completed your studies if you had not been forced into it? Would you have had a career to be proud of if your parent had left to you for your studies, like a not committed study, just like your principal telling you, you have the option of not attending the lectures you will still be cleared in your examination, would we attend the lectures as responsibility? All of us will agree no we won't. Now lets grow up a little if you got your salary with your boss giving you the option of attending office at your own will, Will you? We all know the answer. Why does that happen? This is human tendency when given an option we always go for the easier one. So commitment is the foundation of any relation, if there is no foundation we cannot have any construction, building a relation.
Lets suppose we still feel we should go for a Live in relation, have you ever thought what happens if one of you gets involved with the other and the other is just not serious in the relation. People who get attached with their pets can't live without them then we are talking about human attachment. We are not getting into the female and male particulars of the relationship which is much more complicated. The so called conservative society is like our teacher who wants to make a good individual, like a teacher they enforce us with some rules and regulations but to our benefit. They want a society which is based on committed relations and not the distressed individual.

Just think twice before you get into a Live In Relationship.


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