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Should You or Shouldn't You Live With Your Capricorn Man?

Capricorn: 22nd December – 20th January

Moving in With Capricorn Men

Be prepared to learn about etiquette and formality if you don’t already know about it or you’re not a Capricorn woman yourself. This more than any other sign of the Zodiac is most at home with natives of his sign (i.e. Capricorn women).

Always Remember When Living with Capricorn Men

Always remember you’ll never get any surprises while you are living with a Capricorn man. For some women this will be extremely, extremely boring and it is not recommended for you.

Never Forget When Living With Capricorn Men

If you do not appreciate schedules and a most disciplined regime in your life you will be fine living with a Capricorn man. If you do not appreciate this lifestyle or suddenly go off it your relationship with your Capricorn man will not last long or, worse still, will go on very unhappily for the rest of your or his life.

Always Remember and Never Forget When Living with Any Man…some advice from Agony Aunt, to the Stars, Wilma Proops:

In any relationship you should have equal rights. If you think that life would be better on your own, no matter how worse off you’d be financially, no matter how more complicated life would be nor the added responsibilities, you are probably in a bad relationship. Never forget that many women (with and without children) nowadays live independently of men and are much happier doing so.

Wilma Proops Sanctioned This Message

Eye, eye!
Eye, eye!

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