Living With Taurus Men

Should You or Shouldn't You Move in With Your Taurus Man?

Taurus: April 21st – May 21st

Moving in With Taurus Men

If you want life at a fast pace and devoid of long periods of relaxation DO NOT move in with a Taurus man. If you are the type of woman who doesn’t see luxury and the striving for it as the be all and end all of everything, you’ll ne missing the point of life itself and will probably not have a good life living with a Taurus man.

Always Remember When Living with Taurus Men

You are living with the toddler, “the terrible twos” of the Zodiac. If you cannot cope with tantrums you will not be able to cope with a Taurus male.

Never Forget When Living With Taurus Men

Life can be good with a Taurus man if you enjoy your food and relaxing leisure activities but if these seem alien to you you’ll not enjoy your life.

Always Remember and Never Forget When Living with Any Man…some advice from Agony Aunt, to the Stars, Wilma Proops:

In any relationship you should have equal rights. If you think that life would be better on your own, no matter how worse off you’d be financially, no matter how more complicated life would be nor the added responsibilities, you are probably in a bad relationship. Never forget that many women (with and without children) nowadays live independently of men and are much happier doing so.

Wilma Proops Sanctioned This!

Eye, eye!
Eye, eye!

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prach004 4 years ago

Dude,, How can u say this ? How many Taurus people you have met in your life,,, this is completely wrong,,,,, in my point of view atleast,,,,,,,

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