Lonelyness Or Being Lonely

Being By Yourself Can Be Fine

      Many people do not like being lonely.   A few people do not mind being lonely.   It is a matter of choice and everybody is different.  That is the nice thing about people.  

      I will have a plan for people who like to be lonely.  I will also have a plan for people who do not want to be lonely.  I will try to solve your problem, since it is not as hard to do as many people think.  It is possible to be happy lonely or with someone.

        I will first handle being lonely and what to do about it.  I am an expert in this field.   First you have to say this phase to yourself.  "Never mind could of, should of, would of."  Start fresh and say to yourself, "This is the first day of the rest of your life."  I am sure you have heard this before.  It is an old saying, but many of the old sayings hold true today and forever.

       You can be lonely if you want or find someone to not make you lonely.  It does get boring just watching television all the time.  A way to not be lonely is to get out and go places where you can meet people. 

    Now some of you may not have the resources to go to malls, health clubs, etc. where you could meet people.   Just by getting out you can meet people.  You never know where you might meet people.  If you cannot go out it will be harder but not impossible at all.

     You can call your old friends.  You will not lose anything by trying.  It will be hard, but it needs to be done.  It also may make you very happy.

   You do not have anything to lose by trying these ideas.


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