Look At Your Face

Look At Your Face

It is time to look in the mirror and face the truth. That person that claims to love you does not.

Look At Your Face

Your face endured the wrath of a hateful man who projected his hate for you blow after blow.

Look At Your Face

No one who claims to love you would hurt you like that.

Look At Your Face

The manifestation of cut downs, personal attacks, criticism, and wrath in physical form.

Look At Your Face

Have You Stopped To Look At Your Face?

You were placed here on this earth with meaning and purpose. You have a gift that no one else has but how could you honor the creator and world with your gift when you could be cut down, like a clipped flower?

Look At Your Face

What would your mom and daddy think of that beautiful little girl they once held in their arms who is now the victim of vicious harm?

Look At Your Face

Love does not hurt, harm, disrespect, control, or cut one down.

Look At Your Face

May God give you the strength to reach for help, to get away, and to love yourself.

Get Help.


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Dr.Who Companion ;D 5 years ago

This made me want to cry...I have a friend that was in a abusive relationship so this meant a lot. Luckily he's with a wonderful girl now, but he will always have scars on his arms from that girl's abuse. Thank you.

realtalk247 profile image

realtalk247 5 years ago Author

Dr. Who

Thank you so much. I know everyone focuses on women with domestic violence - however I do know there are men out there who were taught to be gentlemen and not strike a woman. I feel bad for those men who don't come forward either to leave/expose these women for what they are - abusers. There are some women who hit, slap, cut, or act in ways that are as violent as men who abuse. Either way - domestic violence is wrong!

I am so happy that your friend is in a healthy relationship and the abuse is a part of his past not his present or future.

Thank you for sharing.

Dee42 profile image

Dee42 5 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

All I want to say is Amen. I'll follow because you're honest. Great hub!! I'll all the way up!!

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