Love and the Man in Lingerie, Part Three: She Says Yes To Lingerie

Now I may not be an expert on successful relationships, my last one having left me shanghaied all alone in the middle of Nice, France desperately trying to remember enough High School French to understand the silky tones as the phone card exchange whilst my partner entered the final stages of their plan to fake their own death, (oh yeah, I know how to pick 'em alright, a little lingerie has historically been the least of my problems), but I do know that any partner than outright calls you a sick freak is probably not the one you want to be spending the rest of your life with.

Therefore most men who wear lingerie are looking for a woman who falls into category a, or at a pinch category b. I've written lots of articles about this particular subject, so I won't go over all the basics again, you can find many of those articles listed at, or by browsing through the articles here at hub pages, or if I get around to it, through the index article I have been intending to put together for a couple of months now but somehow seem to get distracted from doing every time I attempt to make a start on it.

I will however, emphasize one very important point, simply because I know that this is the one that most men trip up on when they start looking for a partner who won't freak out because her man is wearing more lace than she is.

It's about her, not your panties.

I know that lingerie is important to you, but your lingerie isn't going to cuddle up to you at night, its not going to bring you chicken soup when you're sick, and it definitely won't be bearing your children. I'm not saying to disregard your lingerie addiction entirely, because I honestly believe that women who don't mind their men wearing lingerie are probably better, more understanding, more adventurous, and all round more awesome partners than those who do not (if I do say so myself, heh.) I am saying that you need to remember her in the whole equation. She's a person, not a vehicle for your sordid little carnal fantasies. You know this intellectually, but when you get all excited about your lingerie, you (and I use the group you here, as in 'y'all' or 'yous fellas') tend to forget about that and make lingerie the be all and end all of things, which frankly, gets more than a little boring.

On to part four, where we take a closer look at you, young man, and your intentions.

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pantiesbob profile image

pantiesbob 8 years ago

I guess it really depends on what makes you the happiest. Maybe compromise may work for a relationship.

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