Love is supposed to be innocent...


Love is supposed to be innocent...

Did you think of that when you made me cry?

Or when you told me I wasn't good enough?

When you told me I should change this.

When you told me I wasn't perfect.

What about when you grabbed me?

Or when you told me lies?

And when you disappeared...

Leaving me alone to cry.

Did you ever think about what love really is?

Or did you just not care?

Because to you

You were more important

Then anything else.

Did you know

Love is supposed to be innocent?

When you called me names?

When you took back the gifts

That you gave me

Telling me I didn't deserve them.

Did you know what love is...

When you hurt me hard

When I felt so alone

Without you around.

Did you know love is supposed to be innocent?

When you hurt me so deeply

And tried to tear out my soul.

Tell me...

Did you ever know what love is?

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