The Mystery of Love

Love is Mysterious


 Life is nonsense when it is not flavored with spices; the more it tastes good, the more it becomes interesting; the more it appears catchy, the more it becomes in. Sometimes in life we need to be pollinated by millions of bees and butterflies for us to get bloomed to whatever may welcome us in the future. The many changes that happen every minute of the day might only overcome us once we fight not ready. Why not go on to life with our armor of being wise, instead of being a victim of innocence and ignorance. Why not learn to accept changes and new innovations instead of following the instinct of the mind, which is out of circulation. Why not open our eyes to the brighter side instead of being isolated in the cave. But in life too, no one can escape the power LOVE has to everyone. Whether a person is young or old, the rate of pain and joy is just the same. The amount of tears and laughter is just the same. But the way of acceptance to overwhelming happiness and misery is different. And always the poorest among the poor victims of love is the one who become pessimistic after a tragedy in the past as he moves on to life neglecting love as one of the spices that makes life worthwhile, yet sometimes it doesn’t worth it.

But even if lots of people have lots of differences when it comes to love experiences, no one can tell the magic that love brings which can be both beneficial and miserable. It is maybe the creation that has many perspectives that draw each mind to wonder and at the same time, believe. Yes, it is the fact that it is the greatest gift of God, but can we still stick to it knowing that many blame love for ending so poor? For ending so helpless? For ending so regretful? For ending so blameful? – After giving their all in the name of love! But what about those that display a big smile in the name of love also? Maybe people battle in love when it comes to luck and misfortune. Each of us has his own fate, or can we say it a destiny? Destiny, another perspective that is always a big question mark to almost all of us. Some might even need an expert to explain the meaning that lies behind it; without knowing that the answer only lies on our own palm, is it so? But why not try to read the implication in our palm? Who knows? We can be a great fortune-teller! Fortune-teller of our own fate, that if we have mistaken, we blame nobody but just ours elves. Or is it also possible to ask our partner “can we be forever?”


            Love is a mysterious art itself that revolves around one’s life! Because it is so mysterious, no words can tell the exact explanation behind it. Words are not enough…. to pacify a woman from screaming in the middle of the night… help a man get out of his suicidal attempt… bring back the breath that is gradually losing….. to fix the heart that once was broken…. Words are not enough … to explain the joy that is flowing on one’s face… not even a single idea can make it clear to all…. That is the unique quality of a thing that is hard to explain! That‘s LOVE!




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