Love yourself, nobody else will!


Love is the way, not the only way, but it is THE way to happiness, harmony, peace and joy.  Most people know this but not everyone gives it the respect and attention it deserves.  Knowing something and using that knowledge are two different things, so let me rattle the cage a bit and see if I can awake you. 

The creative process works like this, thought, word and action.  Without each step the result will not be achieved.  We have already established the thought that Love is the way and now we must speak the word by writing and saying this over and over till it is automatic.  Love is the way for me!  Love is the way for _________, include your name.  Now alternate saying that over and over.  Write it down in your blog, journal, or notebook to refer to everyday.  The wheels of creation are turning!  Feel the Joy that comes with this realization!

Casual Style
Casual Style

 Action can come in many different forms and you will know what works best, however I will suggest a path that you can consider strolling down.  Start at home!  This means take care of you starting with your body.  Every time you bathe, groom, exercise and eat good food you are Loving yourself.  Treat yourself to a nice soak in the spa or get a massage.  Get a manicure and/or a pedicure even if you are male, you deserve it!  There are men spas now and I think that is a good concept as it is another way to Love yourself.  At least make sure that your body is clean and well groomed.  The next step is your clothes.  Look nice all the time by wearing clothes that are not ripped, torn or stained.  Even if it is just a tee shirt and shorts always make sure you look nice, because it is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  Everything you do is a reflection of who you are and how you feel about yourself, so just keep this in mind when you are going out to play on the weekend. Once you have taken care of your body by bathing and grooming, feed your body with nutrients that support good health.  We all know what is good for us, but basically it is vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and a little meat thrown in for balance.  The meat is last and least important to good health contrary to mass marketing in society today.  Now that we have the fuel we need, let’s get out and exercise.  Any form of exercise is fine, walking, running, jumping, dancing, and swimming are popular ways to stay in shape.  It matters not which you do, just that you do at least one of these each day to some extent.  Take the stairs and not the elevator, walk or ride your bike to the store if possible, and be active in whatever way you can forgoing the modern conveniences when practical.  Little things like this not only improve your body’s health, but also that of your mind and soul.  The added benefit is that you can lessen your dependence on oil and natural resources.  Next is the matter of mental health which is improved in many ways congruent to your physical health.  When your body is healthy and vibrant then the mind is also because thought is where it all begins.  A little mental stimulation is good to balance the psyche, for instance watching a thought provoking movie (with a minimum of violence), reading a good book or playing an engaging game.  Remember that what you put in you get out, so be careful the content of your entertainment!  The last but not least area that needs your Love is the soul.  The soul is being fed as long as you are feeling good.  Any good feeling activity (positive activity) even sleeping, or especially sleeping feeds the soul!  Pay attention to how you feel, it is really that easy. 


A distinction needs to be made at this point in good and Good.  Positive and negative are two aspects of the same thing as are right and wrong, good and bad, and there is also a difference in doing good and doing Good.  Let me explain, this thing I refer to is the one and only force in the Universe, so good is of the ego or man made and Good is of God, Great Spirit or Universal Intelligence.  The names we have given this force vary depending on the situation, but some other words are Peace, Love, Gaia, Mother Earth, Joy and so on with the first letter capitalized so you know it is the One we are speaking of.  So how does one tell the difference between good and Good?  It is easy really, and the key is in your heart center or chakra which happens to be at the center of your physical body.  Pay attention to how this spot feels as you go through your day and if it ever feels tight, painful, or sick then stop what you are doing and reassess the situation.  This is a message from your soul that things are not going as planned.  The Love you share with yourself will be extended to others as you go about your life.  This happens through the great feeling you have in being healthy, happy and vibrant.  Your Love for yourself radiates out to all others in your life because we are all of the One.  We are connected in ways we cannot comprehend but at the same time can feel if you pay close attention.  By Loving yourself you are loving others and this is a demonstration of the divine principle of what you give you receive, which works both ways. 

In wrapping this hub article up let me just repeat that Loving yourself - body, mind and soul, is the way to Love others. When we take that same information and share that with others you are now physically extending your self Love to others by making sure they are clean, well groomed, dashingly dressed, nutritiously fed, vigorously exercised, mentally engaged and soulfully connected. Let’s not stop at Loving ourselves and in fact Love everyone and everything we come across! Now this is complete Love and is the Truth of our being.

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Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

Tatjana-Mihaela 7 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

Beautifull, inspiring and so true...

Thank you!

sequoiablessed profile image

sequoiablessed 7 years ago from USA Author

Thank you Tatjana! Coming from a wise teacher like yourself I am honored. namaste

sequoiablessed profile image

sequoiablessed 7 years ago from USA Author

For those who missed this point, THERE IS NOBOBY ELSE, You are God and God is all there is! As you love yourself you are loving God and as you Love everyone and everything you are Loving GOD! And yes, it works in reverse also for what you give you receive! Beautiful system don't you think?

Lightwalker profile image

Lightwalker 7 years ago

Thank you Sequoiablessed! Excellent teaching! Wonderful wisdom. True Knowledge. I'll be back, that's for sure!

stars439 profile image

stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

very nice hub. beautiful photography. god bless you

amybradley77 profile image

amybradley77 5 years ago

This was wonderful!! Voted up.

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