Loving and comfort

Love and comfort


I want to look at my life and be flabbergasted by the miracle of it.  Loving and being loved makes each day so much better and exciting.




If I can only spend a moment in your arms;

Let that moment be my lifetime. 


Let your kiss be my last breath.

Let your hands be my last touch.

As you lay upon me

May your body be my shroud.


My heart has torn through the cage that contained it.

My thoughts shout symphonies

And raise me up,

For I enter a realm called Utopia

Where my present existence

Seems too good to be true.


My efforts exude kindness.

My laughter signals pure joy.


I’ve released my vulnerability

And served it as an appetizer.

You savor each morsel

And look forward to dessert.

I not only love you,

I need you.


Each thought I conceive

I want to share.

Each action; purposeful or accidental

I must relay.

My intensity sometimes scares me.

You however, welcome me each time.


Like an explorer

I want to climb into the crevices

Of your psyche.

Find the undiscovered treasures

That you have chosen to hide.


Your glances arouse me.

With pounding, rhythmic beats,

I wrap myself around you

And relish the sensation

Of you within me.


Your glances also settle me.

Calming and sweet,

Easing the repetitive beat

Of my heart.



I am yours for the taking.

Kiss me.

Your touch transcends my thoughts

To a place with no description

Where only beauty exists.


You hear of soul mates,

Karma, destined loves.

I only know that when you take me in your arms

In that moment,

I am beautiful.

I am confident.

I am vulnerable.

I am loved.


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