Lubrication For Women

Female Lubricants

As some females get older they find themselves not lubricating as easily as when they were younger so are finding themselves not enjoying sex as much as usual, maybe even avoiding love making all together which is a shame as love making is an important part to a relationship as well as a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours with the person you love

Fortunately there is help at hand these days so you can continue love making and getting enjoyment for a long time to come so lets have a look at a few products on offer to us .

As you can see there are various choices of lubricant available on offer at the supermarket or chemist..

I haven't mentioned K Y Jelly as a product to try as even tho I have heard of it I have never tried it out myself so am talking about lubricants I personally have tried .

Wet Stuff

Wet stuff is water based and very long lasting lubricant which enhances intimate pleasure as well as increasing the safety & sensitivity of condoms if you use them .

Wet suff also has vitamin E included !

Intimate Lube

Warming Intimate Lube

Durex have the Play warming intimate lube which once on can be blown on to enhance sensation for you or your partner.

This does get sticky however it works really well lubricating both of you !

Sensual Lube.

This is also a massage gel with seductive Yiang Yiang in it . It can be used along with a condom if required .

This one has a nice aroma & isn't as sticky as the warming lube .

Sensual Lube

Whic lubricant do you prefer ?

Which is your favourite lubricant ?

  • I don't use any at the moment
  • I like K Y Jelly
  • I love trying the Intimate sensations
  • I like trying diferent types
  • I enjoy experimenting with things from the kitchen
  • I use one not mentioned here
  • Wet stuff is my favourite !
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If you get hot & sticky during the day or want to be fresh for early morning love making then having a bottle of Femfresh an intimate wash - soap free gel will help you & it is gentle enough to be used everyday !

Intimate Wash

Can you use veggie oil as lube ?

In Dr. Alan Brauer's national bestseller ESOTM he states

Care should be taken when using vegetable oils and water-based lubricants as they can go rancid and can provide a medium for bacterial growth. Bacteria can grow in water and vegetable oils, but they cannot grow in mineral oil. The emphasis is on proper personal hygiene. With good hygiene, the use of a petroleum based lubricant is not just safe, but healthy as well.

* With regards to the degradation of Vitamins A, D, and E by mineral oil, Mr. Skiba indicates the effects are so minimal that if we were to study the use of water or alcohol on the skin, the results would be similar in removing amounts of electrolytes and cutaneous fat. Yet who has ever worried that everytime we take a shower, we risk losing valuable nutrients normally found in the skin.

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Mcham Law profile image

Mcham Law 5 years ago from Round Rock, Texas

someone asked a question about using veggie oil on the answers section awhile back. wish I would have seen your hub I could have pointed them to it! great info, thanks for sharing

wytegarillaz profile image

wytegarillaz 5 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks ! These are from the supermarket . Rather than worry about being dry now & then it is easier & more fun to have one of these handy !

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia

I'll bookmark this information. I haven't married yet. I hope this information is useful for my future wife. Well done and thanks for share with us.


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