MY Promise To You! (A letter I wrote to my boyfriend a few years ago)

My Promise to YOU!

I wrote this letter to my boyfriend a few years back for Valentine's day and he framed it...

I promise to love and cherish all the days we have together.

I promise to hold you when you need to be held.

And at any chance i can get.

I promise to keep my nagging to a minimum,

So that i don't turn into your "strict wife".

I promise to never take for granted what i have...

That means you, of course!

I promise to occasionally watch and seem interested

while you play your RPG video games.

and i also promise to keep my american idol playing

to a minimum as well! :)

And since we don't have totally the same tastes in music,

I promise to not play my "nonsense" when you're around.

(Well maybe not promise, but i'll try)

I promise to keep each of our "roles" equal.

We both play and equal part in our lives.

Although, my duties shall include:

Getting your beer when asked. (haha)

Baby, you are my life, my heart, and my soul.

my life would be nothing without you.

you complete me in so many ways.

and i am so glad that we are together.

i absolutely cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

you are all that i have ever wanted in a man.

and so much more!

thank you for everything you have ever done for me

and will ever do for me!

I love you! forever and always!


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Monika 8 years ago

Gerald 7 years ago

Thank you for this.. I have a woman and her daughter...I was looking for ideas to use for giving them both...promise rings... thank you

polly 7 years ago

hey, this is so nice letter... cute and so truthful... im sure he loved it! i write lov letters for my man everytime wen he goes to see his family (far away)...

Jazmin 6 years ago

This is a good letter, I like the part, Even though you have to get him beer. Typcial male for you, i can tell you that much =) Very nice.

marishka 6 years ago

hey coool it..:)

Nicole 6 years ago

I loved itt:))

nicole 6 years ago

ang pnget naman ng gawa nyo..................hehehe

genesis 6 years ago

it so nice...........

mkdc 6 years ago

to you nicole your just insecure.....that letter was fantastic and touch my heart.

hannelore 6 years ago

nioole your such a bitter and loser person. hahaha

korki 6 years ago

inggit ka nicole, gawa ka din...tapos padala mo wish ko lang. nywaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Tyanna 6 years ago

thanks for this letter! I used it and edited as needed. heeheehee

Teana 6 years ago

This is a great letter. And Tyanna, I used and edited it to. My boyfriend got locked up last week and may be facing 2 years. He's scared that I wont wait

jandigirl 6 years ago

its so sweet love letter...

emzzz x 5 years ago

This is rally nice(:

amber 5 years ago

very nice letter. :)

 5 years ago

This letter is cute :) it reminds me of when I wrote letters to my bf

far 5 years ago

nice letter. that's how really love should be.

gougy aridi 5 years ago


obeng bismark 5 years ago


feng -- 5 years ago

so sw8 .. it encourage me 2 write a letter for my bf -- em looking forward for a wonderful one i hope u guys will share a lil suggestion .. tnx !

Camille 5 years ago

So sweet. :)

Laila 5 years ago

Very sweet.. Gave me ideas fanks

farid 5 years ago

very nice

lensa 5 years ago

loved it. amazingly sweet.

Becky 4 years ago

This is so sweet, i was looking for something i could send to my boyfriend and i was going to get some love quotes that describe our relationship and mix them together to make a letter/note for him :)

sabrina 4 years ago

hey my relationship with my boyfriend is good bad thing is that im only 15 going to be 16 may 13 he ask me to marry him and i said yes

Winky 4 years ago

Hey, this is so amazing i tell gonna edit it and send it to my Boyfriend as he is going to New york for 2months!. he'll be so happy...awesome and thank you

phyu 3 years ago

this letter is very good

haizee 3 years ago

it's so nice! i'm inlove again.

thank you to write that letter.

Angkorian_Lady 3 years ago

Love urself more than..!

thessaloveorlan 3 years ago

You are such a good lover...keep it up...

cathy 3 years ago

What a beatiful sweet and funny :)

gf to a Jamaican man 3 years ago

I love this!! IM going to edit this and personalize it and use it for wedding vows... This is amazing xx

tae 2 years ago


anelyn garcia 2 years ago

im so happy every day of my life god created you to make me happy thankyou so much langga ko...ilove you bby shandy ko

ashley 2 years ago

I love u baby in my life mwaaaaaahhhh

rebecca 2 years ago

I truly love this's beautiful and powerful. ..thank for sharing it with us

vicky 2 years ago

This is an amazingly powerful letter.....I will edit and send to my man. Thanks for sharing

ramtin 2 years ago

that is great.

Johnf799 2 years ago

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neha 2 years ago

this is really amazing................

neha 2 years ago

this is really amazing................

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