Non-Floral Centerpieces for Your Wedding Reception Can Save YOU Big Buck$!

Make Non-Floral Reception Centerpieces & SAVE Money

Flowers and decorations make every wedding beautiful, but who said you had to spend a fortune on your reception centerpieces, or that they had to be floral?

Non-floral reception centerpieces can be stunning and they’re something you can do on your own. Following is an idea for a simple one that will make your wedding guests’ heads turn.

All you need to do is visit a party-rental store and a crafts' store. 

Votive candles.
Votive candles.

How To Make a Non-Floral Wedding Reception Centerpiece

Figure out the number of centerpieces you’ll need based on the number of guests per table. If you’re inviting 100 guests and seating 10 at a table, you’ll need 10 centerpieces.

Go to a party-rental store. Rent 10 large, round or square mirrors (18”).

Rent 10 silver candelabra with candles included.

Rent 30 votive candles (in the colors you prefer), three per centerpiece. (They come in varied, decorative shapes and sizes).

Go to a crafts’ store and buy a few bags of glass “pebbles” (in the floral department). 

On the Wedding Day...

The day of the wedding, have a family friend or relative go to the reception property with the centerpiece components.

Place one mirror on each table. Put a silver candelabrum in the center of each mirror. Put the candles in the candelabrum. Place three votive candles on the mirror surrounding the candelabrum. Sprinkle a few glass pebbles on the mirror. (These will reflect the candlelight.)

Before the Wedding Reception Begins...

Before the wedding reception begins, the captain or maitre d’, who's in charge of the wedding reception, will light the candelabrum and the votives.

Voila! You’ve got a stunning reception centerpiece for very little money!

NOTE: Make sure that a relative or friend gathers the "rentals" the next day to return to the party-rental store!

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