Mars Between The Sheets - An Astrology of Sex and Relationships

Mars Between the Sheets PART ONE

Following on from Venus Between the Sheets, Love, Sex and Relationships, AndAnotherThing considers Mars. Mars is mostly to do with how and why you enjoy (or don't enjoy) sex. Co-written by Wilma Proops.

Mars Between the Sheets - Love, Sex and Relationships

My blog about Venus positions (see Venus Between the Sheets, Love Sex and Relationships by Wilma Proops) and their influence on matters to do with love, sex and relationships has been well received. In this article I would like to build upon that with an appraisal of Mars in relation to love, sex and relationships. There's a problem immediately in doing this as Mars positions - in my experience - seem mostly to be about sex - love and relationships can be improved by a native's Mars position but Mars is far more about sex.

Particularly, Mars positions speak of the type of sex the native enjoys. Of course, if there are other factors in the chart with effects on it these can over or under exaggerate the leanings. In plain language, enjoyment for one native with Mars in Aries can be an obsession for another and a suppressed shame for yet another. Where possible, I have made some notes about conflicting and harmonious planets in the following over view of Mars in natal charts.

Please note: Many astrology websites will provide you with details of your Mars position. You need time, date and location of birth for an accurate reading.

Mars in Aries

These natives are the most likely to own a copy of the Kama Sutra. Very likely they have worked through each position too. The Zodiac's bedroom acrobats and athletes - they have incredible energy.

Mars conflicted by a Saturn opposition or Saturn very strong in Capricorn: This brings an aspect of discipline and in extreme cases can produce natives who do not allow themselves any sexual enjoyment - ever!

Mars rules Aries, so without conflict of this kind the natives are "at home" with their sexuality. These people too are happy in their nakedness. Compare these to Mars in Capricorn natives who like to stay covered, sometimes even I when alone.

Mars in Taurus

These natives are sexual beings. Of all Mars positions these seem to receive most enjoyment through sexual relations. I think this is because they appreciate every part of sex, particularly the physical act, more than any other Mars native.

Conflicted with some Saturn positions this can produce natives who see sexual relationships only valid for procreation. Conflicted with a Mercury position can produce in extreme cases "sex maniacs" and "sex addicts". They have difficulty achieving satisfaction.

Without conflict from other planets this position produces natives who can sustain sexual relations throughout the longest monogamous relationship. This makes a native with at least the capacity for a happy life.

Mars in Gemini

Visual stimulation is at the core of their sexual enjoyment. They are seduced by lingerie (their own or their partner's) and the strip tease was probably invented for them as were mirrored ceilings.

Conflicted not by Saturn as an element of discipline is usually on benefit but by Venus this can produce a native whose sex life is solitary and whose finances can be ruined by their expenditure on pornographic materials.

Often these natives are posers

Mars in Cancer

Fire is put out by water and this is seen well in this Mars position. The women who lie back and think of England , perhaps share this Mars. Strangely, it seems to most other Mars natives, this doesn't hamper their enjoyment of life. They can't see what all the fuss is about but they can and do have enjoyments from other quarters. This position seems of benefit to deep thinkers - perhaps just by keeping their mind on the non-sex job.

A number of my clients have this and I have noticed that it is typical of men and women who find partners late in life. At least one of my clients followed this path and not only discovered "soul mates" but also the joys of sex. I think she had Venus in Capricorn but I will have not been able to check this data.

Mars in Cancer produces nice, calm, relaxed natives.

In Part Two I will look at some more Mars positions and consider methods of maximising the potential of Mars for all natives.

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