Do Men Have The Right To Wear Panties?

This is a question I ponder when I hear from men who are trapped in relationships with women. ( No, I'm not singling out women as the bad gals here, it's just that most men who wear panties tend to be straight, and a great proportion of them tend to be married as well.)

Oftentimes it seems that some women have a particularly snarky reaction to men wearing panties. They think it means that the man in question is less of a man, they think it looks strange, they think men shouldn't do that sort of thing. Ironically, these are often same women who will put on their boyfriend's shirt and walk around the house expecting him to think they look adorable. Imagine their horror and dismay if their boyfriend responded to the traditional donning of their shirt with "That's disgusting, take that off, you look like a man!"

Imagine if these women were told not that they only couldn't wear their boyfriend's or husband's shirt, but they also would no longer be allowed to wear trousers in public. Imagine the furore that would cause. Feminists would be up in arms, there would be marches on local and national governing bodies. Women would never accept a social dictum that said they had to swap their jeans, pantsuits, shorts and all other manner of manly dress, and instead don skirts and dresses for the rest of their days. Yet men are supposed to simply accept the fact that they are not allowed even to wear the underclothes that are typically associated with women.

Have we gone mad? Seriously. Are we, as a society, utterly insane?

It's one thing not to like the aesthetics of a man in lingerie. That is a personal preference and nobody can argue that. We're all entitled to our likes and dislikes. But the feeling that pervades our society tends to go far beyond simple likes and dislikes. It goes so far as to oftentimes place value judgments on men who wear women's panties. They're effeminate. They're probably gay. They're not real men.

For all our social advancement, for all our equality, for all our encouraging women to be all that they can be, for some reason we seem to have left men out of the picture entirely. Not only out of the picture, but back in the dark ages.

There is this concept that women can do anything, be anything, wear anything. But a man, a man has to be some blend between a Neanderthal and Keats. He must be soulful, yet rugged. He must dress well, in one of the four main modes of dress we allow him (Business, Business Casual, Casual, and Sports.) He must be a strong provider, (though we are thankfully moving towards a more reasonable equality where some men stay at home and look after children whilst their female partners work.), and he must know how to mount shelves. (I think that's actually in the wedding vows for men.)

Not only must he live up to all these expectations, but prejudices still exist against males when it comes to child custody. Just look at what Britney Spears had to do in order for Kevin Federline to gain custody of the children. Simply flashing her genitals all over the world and shaving off all her hair wasn't enough. It wasn't until she skipped several drug tests, refused to show up to court several times, and finally barricaded herself in the bathroom with her children and a firearm that full custody went to Kevin Federline. (Who, incidentally, had kept his winky out of public view the entire time.)

I know I've strayed from the point, but in a sense, this is the point. The fact is, a proportion of men enjoy wearing lingerie. There's certainly no harm in it, yet there is a huge stigma associated with it, a stigma that I propose comes from the fact that men are being forcibly kept in roles that are outmoded, outdated, and make them frustrated with their partners and with themselves.

Enough. Surely we have advanced to the point where what a man wears under his jeans doesn't matter any more than what a woman wears over her panties? Sadly, we haven't. And I think that's something worth thinking about the next time we start congratulating ourselves for being so advanced and egalitarian.

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Dave F 8 years ago

Dear Hope,

You once again have hit the nail on the head. After reading your Hub, I told my girlfriend one night about my love of lingerie and our sex life has exploded. I don't have to dress all the time but not only have I bought some sexy things for me (thanks for the some of the links you provided) but I have also bought her quite a few things as well. When she is wearing them she feels soooo much sexier. I can honestly say I've never had a more satisfying relationship in my life. She can tell it turns me on and that turns her on and we just can't keep our hands or anything else for that matter, off of each other:) Keep spreading the word Hope!!

Flexy profile image

Flexy 8 years ago from New York City

Women's panties come in all kinds of slinky feel-good fabrics. Men's underwear comes in ...cotton. While some panty lovers may have a psychological turn on with wearing panties (forbidden, fear of discovery, unusual female connection in their childhood, etc.), I think most guys who love to wear panties just like the slick feeling. If a guy has a particularly hung-up wife, he should check out silk men's underwear. ( has a few styles.)

Most of us have some kind of clothing that turns ups off. I, personally, think a sweater vest makes the studliest man look like Charlie Brown. And don't get me started on the eunich appeal of corduroy pants... But the bottom line in sex is that CLOTHES CAN BE REMOVED. As the old saying goes, it's what's inside that counts.

David 8 years ago

Hope, as a straight, married pantie and bra wearing male thanks for making me feel somewhat normal. I choose to wear lingerie because I enjoy it. I like having such a wide selection of styles, fabrics and colors to choose from. It' also fun selecting what to wear in the morning.

My mother,wife sister, sisters in law and friends know of my choice and sometimes will kid me about it. My co-workers are also aware and don't say anything. My doctor once made a comment that she thought my bra was to tight.

Maybe as a result of your right on Hub more men will consider expanding their underwear paradigm.

Also thanks for the advise about camisoles. They are perfect to wear over or in place of a bra when wearing a light colored shirt.

harry catt 8 years ago

i thought it was just me

Gary 8 years ago

I am a single, straight 49 year old male. Every day I wear panties, I have for years. Every night when I get ready for bed I slip on a very feminine, sometimes very sexy, nighty. On cold winter nights I also put on thigh high stockings. I once told women of this quickly if we started dating. I do not anymore. I got tired of being told how gay I was. And never having any dates after I had shared this informaiton. So I keep this to myself now. But I can never marry nor even allow myself to be serioius in a a relationship. I have to be who I am, and a lingerie wearing, panty wearing man is who I am. Most of our society can not deal with this.

likewhatiam 8 years ago

All I can say is that you are the best advocate for us men that wear lingerie I just wish that it was possible to make you the president of the world so that you could change the thinking of all the people who are against us wearing what we love.Keep up the good work!!!!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

President of the world? Hells yeah! I am so there!

Dave 8 years ago

Think about it, men wear nothing else but a variation of pants and shirts all of their lives! Even underwear is either y fronts or boxer shorts. Women can wear anything they want, I like wearing womens clothes and lingerie to balance things out a bit!

Karl 8 years ago

I wear womens undies all the time.

Of course they have the right to wear frilly undies.

I love frillies so does my girlfriend

Women wear what they want. Why can't men

Rich A 8 years ago

I've been a cross dresser since the third grade. When my (now) wife and I first kissed, I offered a "there's something about me you need to know." She's not a "fan," per se, but she allows it, tolerates it, and even benefits from it (from my shopping and/or in the bedroom). It's good to know there are others out there, and even supporters, too!

lingerielover 8 years ago

Of course have men the right to wear panties. What´s wrong if a man wears panties, bras and other feminine stuff? It´s not forbidden. Their may be some who find this weird or strange. Since I tried my mothers stockings and girdle long years ago I love the feeling of nice panties, stockings and girdles and feel well wearing it. If you like it, don´t think about what others would say. Just do it and enjoy it.

LatexLeah profile image

LatexLeah 8 years ago

I'm leery of using the word, "right" in this issue. It's a much abused word these days. How about "Freedom of Choice?"

The comments found on the link below leads me to believe that dear Hope's lingerie campaign is gaining momentum.

bsex 8 years ago

I wear panties 24/7 everywhere. This is the second time I switched to panties. First time my wife knew but was not thrilled, quit for a bit and now wearing them again. She knows and this time helped me buy them. Love the feel, why should women only have soft cloths. Just getting in touch with our feminine side.

panty man 8 years ago

I love wearing panties 24/7 panties are way of life and i have been wearing panties for 50 years on and off all myentire life. But the last 5 years i have been wearing pantiesevery single day and I Love it .My wife knowes and even buys some from time to time and i love it she buys the sexey ones. panties forever panty man

panty man 8 years ago

ihope theres more men out there that are streight and would shaire some your panty storys. i like to tell everyome that i love wear women panties because ilove the feel of naylon that women panty have . my wife and i went shopping for panties and she bought me a baige pair and a pink and black pair and they are so fine. i have the baige pair on right now and they feel so soft. what is so nice about women panties there so many colors and styles to choose from . i bought my new panties jc penneys they had a good selection to choose from. iwill leave for now panty man. ps someone tell a good story about your panty exp.

phil 8 years ago

a lot of the "problem" lies in our attitudes about sex and women. On application forms,we are asked what sex we are. We are not sex,but gender. In reality,all clothing is gender neutral. It is our minds association that determines if it is male or female. And although deeply rooted in most minds,there is the unspoken idea that male is superior and female inferior. It is evidenced by women's clothing (boy shorts,menswear styles) of late. And women in traditional mens jobs or going to battle fronts. All under the guise of accepting women as equals. Therefore even women have been duped into this emulating a man is much more desireable. Such a shame that we can manufacture so many silly things to screw up our relationships.

Jan 8 years ago

I am a straight man and I am in favour of wearing women's lingerie rather than regular, male ones. This desire has been with me all my life. However, our society is not yet ready, or tolerant enough to cope with this. In my case, it is a way of keeping in touch with my feminie side. It would be of interest to hear from women how they look at med like me.

Steve 7 years ago

I wear women's panties daily. I started with conservative styles mostly in white or black. Now I'm buying ones with lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in femine colors such as pink, lilac, ete. The sexier the better! I feel so sensious wearing them and look for to wearing a different pair tomorrow. I am very happy in them.

Luvthefeel 7 years ago

I wear lingerie every day, silk or lace knickers and I always wear stockings. I have more suspender belts than my wife. They feel so good. I'm wearing an Elle McPherson pink silk and lace one right now. My only problem is my stockings keep moving down. question: knickers over suspender straps or under?

Jim 7 years ago

i have been wearing panties since i was a young teenager. don't know why i started doing it. i tried it with my wife one time but she did not care at all for it. i still have the craving and have my own panties that i keep hidden away. would love to meet other men that do it so we can discuss why we do it. there has to be women that don't mind it a bit. maybe one day

Cracklewalk 7 years ago

Sometimes I find it hard to have any sympathy for men in this day and age who hide their love of panties and other things from their girlfriends/wives.

It's like the guys who are married 25+ years and have been hiding the fact that they're gay from their wives and children. It doesn't have to be that way.

After a few experiences with past girlfriends I finally decided to be up front early in the relationship and told them that I like wearing panties. A few of them were turned off right away. One who was able to understand it became my wife. I feel that if you know and understand what's needed to keep you happy then you should not settle for anything less. It just leads to misery and unhappiness.

Gladius 7 years ago

I'm straight (but VERY tolerant), married, with children and a professional, retired Marine who first wore nylon panties when my grandmother went to the doctor's office and took me with her. She'd not done the laundry so put me into my sister's nylon panties & a short dress. I was maybe 5 years old. The doctor's comment was that it was 'refreshing' to see grandma wasn't uptight and that it didn't seem to bother me. I stayed in panties all day and on future days as well. Grandma bought me different colors, some with lace and some without.

Years later, I still like the feel & the coolness of the fabric. Now my wife will sometimes bring home a nice surpise for me. I have a drawer full of nice panties, my own bras, slips, nightgowns and matching robes. I sleep in lingerie and panties. My wife says men should have just as much right to fine fabric as women do (Yeah, she's a keeper). Even my daughter knows and approves as did my older sister.

Jason 7 years ago

I have seen companies selling panties-for-men, panties made to look like, or made of the same material as womens panties. But this does not work for me, they must be womens, and part of the thrill is buying them, taking them to the checkout

Kai 7 years ago

Funny how the net works. I was searching for a valentine's gift for my gf, clicked the wrong link accidentally, and got dropped onto a site with this article at the top of the list, Regardless!! This entire post was just made of awesome and win. I'm a 27 year old male, and well.. I started wearing female underwear back when I was 17, and literally it all spawned out of boredom of having to decide "white cotton with a lastic' band on top? Ooo how about worn white cotton?? feels rougher.. Nooo I think I'll opt for black cotton with the blue band on top today." I dunno. For me, I just like having variety in what I wear. And I just really like the fit some cuts of panties have *nods*. My gf finds it to be kinda' "cute" in it's own way when I get undressed at night for bed, not knowing what I'm going to be wearing under my clothes, and well, since we're the same size, she doesn't complain about having a doubled inventory of options of what to wear either =P. In recent years, they've done a pretty good job with trying to help guys' unders catch up in the variety department, but *shrug* If it's comfortable, varied in style, or even just randomly cute ((omg I totally just said cute :O. And I just said totally too XO. And I happen to be straight =O )), I'm wearin' it.

Kent 7 years ago

Well I first worn panties when I was young, I was playing with a friend of mine we were being watched my a friend of the family. We were playing and we fall in areek we were wet and went to the house and she told us to go and tke a bath (no shower), then she handed us a change of clothes. We were not happy the were girls panties and shorts. That was my first time in panties. Many years later at age 49 i got married and my wife had me wear panties, I do not object too much. Well soon she was having me wear pantiesmore and more. After a month or so one morning I open my underwear drawer and all I saw were panties, my wife told me that I will be only wearing panties. I Now love the feeling of panties, all fabrics but only full briefs.

scantilyclad 7 years ago

do we have the right to wear panties? not only do we have the right i would strongly encourage anyone thinking of trying it to do so, i did and won't go back to mens undies

jamie 7 years ago

i just found this web site and i think your articles are fantastic keep up the good work,also enjoy wearing panties

Sandy C 7 years ago

thanks for setting the record straight i have always been a straight male yet always faniced panties and just this month started to do so and feel great.

o have two female friends who have supported me in this for which i grateful

scantilyclad 7 years ago

welcome Sandy, don't panties feel much nicer than tighty whiteys?

pantiesboy358 7 years ago

my ex-wife had a big hang up about it and made a point to tell everyone about it and the kids. But that doesn't even matter to them. I have a new wife and she has has no problem with it. It been apart of my life for a long time and still is.

ed 7 years ago

i wear panties all the time i never wear mens underwear anymore. i started wearing when my wife gave me some of hers to wear. i got hooked on wearing them big time. i like the llacy type the best. they feel so soft to wear. if you have not tried wearing you do not what you missing.


SatinJenni profile image

SatinJenni 7 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

Why do we continue to deny ourselves? Of course we have a right to wear the underwear of our choice. If its a pretty lacy feminine pantie so be it. Thank God for the Internet, its obvious there are many guys who are doing exactly this..choosing to wear girlie underwear. Retailers know this best.

Kosmo profile image

Kosmo 7 years ago from California

If we were as liberated as we think we are, men and women would be able to wear whatever they want whenever they want. But, alas, in this puritanical society that will probably never happen. Back in the 1960s, there was hope, but "respectability" prevailed. (Thanks for your gossipy yet insightful material.) Later, babe!

jimjo1966 7 years ago

I have just started to wear womans panties. stockings after a long desire to...i love makes me feel good...and has help me want to lose weight...which is pantie collection ranges

and i feel myself...yes im a straight male...just looking for a female

that would understand...

Taram 7 years ago

Women's panties are much more comfortable than boxers.

supersteve 7 years ago

i have been wearing womens panties fot 40 years and loved every minute of it they make me feel fantastic i have every right to panties

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

But what if I got in a car accident and had to be hauled away unconscious in an ambulance? What would the EMS people think?!

panty man 7 years ago

as i said befor i have been wearing women panty for a very long time time .and i enjoy ever minit of my time. and i am not talking about manties i am talking about women panties they feel so good. panty man forever

pantylover2 7 years ago

I am a totally heterosexual male in my forties. I beagn liking panties beginning with my sisters thirty years ago. I now wear lingerie on a regular basis and my biggest bummer is finding accepting women.

tomerr profile image

tomerr 7 years ago from Far Far Away...

No no …. And no! and this comes from a very open minded fellow.

Nice hubs!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Care to back that up with a coherent argument, Mr Open Minded? :D Because you know, panties are just pieces of clothing, they don't mean anything. And back in the day, men used to wear whatever they wanted, high heels were originally for men, as was lacy clothing. So I'd love to hear why you think you shouldn't be allowed to wear panties, whilst women can wear whatever they want. Also, what other freedoms would you rather not have?

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

tomerr profile image

tomerr 7 years ago from Far Far Away...

There are freedoms and there are men in panties…… Still a big no no - it just doesn't add up. Heels as well by the way : )

tomerr profile image

tomerr 7 years ago from Far Far Away...

Great hub though. How do you come up with these topics, lol …

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

So where's the line? Is satin okay in a men's boxer short? When does the boxer short become too short? What *is* a panty technically, and the same with heels.. most men's shoes have a wee bit of a heel, how much is too much? A quarter of an inch? A full inch? Answer me these riddles, young chap, and I shall answer yours ;)

SatinJenni profile image

SatinJenni 7 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

LOL...I really don't care if a man or woman for that matter, chose to restrict their own clothing choices.

But under no circumstances do they have a constructive opinion as to what undergarment I shall wear.

So on that note, you go ahead with your tightie whities and I'll go ahead with my pink satin high cuts ...and never the two shall meet.

George 7 years ago

Inteligent and insightful

thank you again

.Jein.Noir. 7 years ago

Nothing wrong with an attractive man in some pretty lingerie. XD Been a 'fan' since before puberty (age 20 now.) Just a thought from a straight girl who loves beautiful things. And I know several other people who share my feelings, a mixture of all different sexualities at that.

Unfortunately, I've met a lot of people (especially men) who are afraid of this sort of thing coming off as feminine. Ha, I've talked to guy's who won't even buy a product if they think its marketed to women (how sad.) I don't think showing off a nice masculine body in "women's" clothes is feminine. If anything, it accentuates male beauty. (And it might not hurt to mention that such male beauty was traditionally honored throughout many cultures - part of my interest in Japan!)

likewhatiam 7 years ago

Hi Jein Noir I like your thinking I just wish that all woman shared your opinion on men being in touch with their feminine side it sure would make the world a better place.

Gwen 7 years ago

Ive worn panties since I was 16, my g/f got me into them, I see nothing wrong with it.

bwhcpty 7 years ago

Yes we have the right! Why should we not, they are more comfortable than men’s underwear.

LVM profile image

LVM 7 years ago

I know someone who said it's more comfortable.

iwhcpanties 7 years ago

Not only do we have the right, I do, and I wear the hi-cuts! Besides they are more comfortable than men’s. Hey LVM, please do tell!

pauls_boat 7 years ago

hi hope i belive if a woman is allowed to wear whatever she likes to wear then a man should be allowed the same rights there is ment to be no sex discrimination in the world but when a man wants to wear female clothing in any form lots of people say no it is not right for a man to dress that way.

a woman can dress in any type of male clothing and be classed as a trendy dresser but if a man goes out in a nice dress and heals he either gets atacked or laughed at it is time we stood up for our rights as men and went out wearing whatever we wanted to.

regards paul

Matt 7 years ago

My wife likes it when i were panties. They feel good. And it much more fun to go to Vicky's to shop. Give it a try.

wsp2469 profile image

wsp2469 7 years ago from Alta Loma, Ca

I get the impression SOME of us aren't even allowed to TALK about wearing panties.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

It rather depends on what one is saying. TOS and all.

Svelt30 7 years ago

Hope, you are a God-send. Thank you for supporting us. Tomorrow, my wife will be filing for divorce. While I did confess about my crossdressing/transgender orientation early in our marriage, she did not know about it before the wedding date. I don't blame her for leaving, but it still hurts deeply. Aside from losing my wife, I have to deal with rejection and disapproval from family, "friends," church, and christian counselors (she outed me). This is all painful and surreal. Any advice?

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Yes, as painful as this is for you right now, and I am truly sorry to her of how your marriage has turned out, you have saved yourself years of pain. A woman who leaves a man because he doesn't wear the right clothing is a blithering idiot with very infantile notions of love. You ARE better off without her. You will find love again, and if you are honest up front with the women you date, at an appropriate time in the relationship, you'll find a woman who loves you for who you are and not for who you are supposed to pretend to be. As for your church and christian counselors, ditch them and find people who support you. There are support groups out there and churches who accept and do not judge the transgendered. You have every right to find happiness on your own terms, so the best advice I can give is to tell your wife that you wish her well in finding what she seeks and go on your way. My bet is she will come to regret this decision, and my hope is that by the time she does you have found a woman worthy of your time and love.

Svelt30 7 years ago

Thank you for the encouragement, Hope. I just found your blog a few days ago, and I want to be a part of your community. Right now, this is the only real support network I have. Thank you for understanding us.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Try the , there are many men there who have been in the same situation as you and can probably offer some advice. Hub Pages is just where I post many articles related to different things :)

Svelt30 7 years ago

I understand. Thank you for the link.

EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image

EYEAM4ANARCHY 7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV.

I think the answer to the question of whether men have a right to wear panties or anything else they wish to wear is obviously yes. The real issue is that yo shouldn't be in a relationship with someone who isn't willing to accept something that is an integral part of your identity.

Golfnut 7 years ago

I am a straight man who has been wearing panties off and on for 25 years. My Wife suspected but I finally let it all out and it did not go well. It was touch and go for a couple of weeks and we are at the point of don't ask, don't tell. I enjoy wearing panties and other lingerie, find it relaxing and enjoyable. I wish my wife was more understanding, it sure would make it easier.

big_guy74 7 years ago


Thank you so much for all the insight. I have read several of your hubs where you discuss this subject matter and it has given me the confidence to go out and buy my first pair of panties and they are sooooooooo comfortable. I am neither gay nor a crossdresser in my mind. But now that i have tried and enjoy my cotton boycut panties all I need is the confidence to tell my wife and I will never go back to the boxerbriefs that i have been trapped in for so long. Thank You Hope!

Dick 7 years ago

I have a large collection of lingerie for both summer and winter. My panties are ll nylon lace trimmed inseveral color including pink. I hhave breifs for warm weather, and boxer length for winter along with camisoles and full length slips. I also have nylon, lace trimmed pant liners for winter. I have short nighties for summer and full length nighties for winter. My wife has no problem with me wearing lingerieand in fact goes with me when I buy it as well as sharing some of my nighties.

TIMWILLIAMS profile image

TIMWILLIAMS 7 years ago

Yes, I think men have the right to wear womens and girls panties and bras as well. I am a man and I do just that, wear girls panties and bras. I would like to know of and women that would support this. I like to hear from the women and men too.

friend of men in panties 6 years ago

Hello Gary,

You will find a mate one willing to accept you as you are. I know this for a fact. I married my husband with no idea. Then one day I found my panties in his dresser so I asked him. He said I made a mistake, and I could tell he was scared and agitated. So i let it go for the time being, and then I addressed the issue again with love and tenderness and a willing to participate. I love my husband and how he looks so why would i love him less im panties my panties. AND OMG it is great we have an amazing relationship

billy 6 years ago

I have been wearing panties for as long as i can remember. Im 38 years old and am married to a southern baptist girl who knows about the fact that i wear them, but just dosnt want me to wear them around her. I wish she would be more accepting of it because our sex life could be so much fun if we could just add the fantasy side of it.

Anyway ive gotten to where i sleep in them and wear them pretty much every day and it and i feel more motivated to clean and do other things aroud the house as a result. I am a music teacher son i teach mostley at night so when I don't have my boys aroud i just put on a pair of panties and slip and get the house spic and span ps all mens undies suck

Gr8 Legs 6 years ago

Part of the problem that the greater majority of people have with men wearing clothing or underwear that society recognises as being female is that, although they don't realise it, their reactions are a result of social programming.

Throughout history and up until around the renaissance, men wore skirted garments, mainly because the technology did not exist to make pants of a durable and practical quality. Following the renaissance, it was quite normal for men to wear hosiery (think back to the Shakespeare plays you did in High School)and in fact hosiery was exclusive to men until around the 18th Century. It fell out of fashion during the 19th Century mainly due to the industrial revolution and the pracicality of men wearing more rugged and durable trouser garments.

Around the turn of the 20th Century it was unheard of for women to wear "bifurcated garments" (trousers) and only really became accepted practice during WW2, when women began working in factories doing what had been traditionally "men's work", whilst the men were fighting on the frontline.

It is now generally accepted for women to wear "men's" clothing because, due to the social programming mentioned above, they are seen to be aspiring to a "higher" masculine ideal, whereas the reverse is true of men wearing "female" clothing - they are seen to be debasing themselves by their apparent self-feminisation.

And yet, how many women make positive comments when, at formal occasions, they see a man wearing a plaid skirt, under the guise of a kilt? No-one makes adverse comments regarding men of the Pacific islands wearing sarongs, yet if a western man does likewise whilst on holiday in said islands, he is setting himself up for ridicule. The Pope's personal bodyguards, the Swiss Guard, wear skirts & hosiery, yet how many visitors to the Vatican point and laugh at them?

Yes, some manufacturers are now producing male underwear in softer, silkier fabrics, but it has been my experience that the quality of materials used does not have the same feel and texture as those designed for female wear.

I have some plain, silky, boy-leg panties that I can dress in openly in the locker room of my gym without anyone batting an eyelid and only I know that they are "women's" pants. I also have others I wouldn't dream of allowing those same guys to see me in, or I would be setting myself up to be ridiculed. I can openly wear my "Skins" in public and in the gym, but were I to start putting on a pair of either semi-opaque compression, or footless opaque pantyhose in the changing room you can bet that, even if nothing was said openly, there would be a few "nudge-nudge, wink-wink" comments being made and I would be given a wide berth by the majority of the men in there. The hypocrisy of it all is lost on the majority.

The irony of it all is that, as one of my work colleagues who IS gay pointed out, the gay community knows that "cross-dressing", other than in the case of trans-gendered individuals, is the exclusive practice of straight men.

We need to break the social programming and allow people to wear whatever pleases them.

John 6 years ago

Well, my ex asked me to try her lace panties and skirt which I tried after a number of requests during her absence as I wanted to know if I would like it, and suggested that I would walk dressed in that fashion through the neighbourhood which I did not do. There after she filed for divorce as I wouldn't be the one she was married to. Knowing that her change of mind was due to medicine and peers with whom she discussed one and another, does give some comfort but does not lessen the pain as the procedure have been running for years now.

RICH 6 years ago

Yes, I think men ought to have the option of wearing panties if they want to. I don't think it is for everyone, though. You have to keep yourself hygenically clean to wear them, and so many men are slobs at personal hygiene. I do care about what I wear, so that is why I like wearing panties for underwear over tighty whities or boxers. There is no comparison in comfort, performance, or style!

I am lucky to have a wife who has accepted my choice in underwear. Once she understood my motives for wanting to wear panties, she didn't have a problem with it. Since I did alot of trial and error to find out what style and brand of panty fit me best, I became more knowledgeable about panties than she was. Ironically, when I go panty shopping, I now buy panties for her as well as for myself.

Marc 6 years ago

Hi Hope, I really appreciate and enjoy your articles. The only thing that I find missing is that you don't have all that many pictures of what the male form would look like in many of the things you mention.

From skimpy panties which look incredibly gorgeous on a woman but where the guys privates would most certainly spill out of in all directions. Take for example women's boyshorts, I don't care how wonderful they look or feel, unless you're into having your privates hanging out the sides/bottom, they just don't work. There just isn't any material down there to be able to keep things packaged properly. Not that I wouldn't love to have some of the ones I've seen, but I've tried plenty and that design just doesn't work for a man. Same goes for things like minimalist v-strings or really tiny thongs that only have to cover up a little bit on a woman, but just don't do it for a man.

I'm not complaining, just letting you know that maybe in your writing you haven't considered those things. If a guy wants to go with those options and be truly uncomfortable, so be it.

As a guy that appreciates wearing women's panties, women's lycra for the gym and running, and while I would love to be able to have many of those items that you show accommodate the male anatomy, many of them simply won't. I really do enjoy all that you write with a very interesting perspective on things but just wanted to make mention of that.

Thanks Hope.

Secret Skunk 6 years ago

Just started to wear panties. Was always curious, got several kinds to see what I like more. Really liking the 'hot pants' so far, especially the blended fabrics ones. So many colors and adornments, it honestly feels like I'm being set free. So comfy too. Still slightly self conscious about it though. Hoping that wears off with time. They are also REALLY good at holding the assorted piercings I have in that area in place so nothing gets caught on a flap. Such joy, I'm glad I finally got a few with the help of some measuring from a friend!

jguthrie1979 profile image

jguthrie1979 6 years ago from Bonita Springs, Florida

VERY interesting!

carlisle 6 years ago

I am a woman and im not sure if I am allowed to make a comment but since im typing i might as well. Guys, wear what you feel comfortable in. If people judge you it is b/c they have insecurities about themselves. This is true, women do get away with wearing whatever they want and i am not sure y. I think it is time for a Big Change!!! Society has been judging for too long, let's change society together!

Sherman 6 years ago

Carlisle, thanks for your support and insight. Your comments are definitely welcome. We all need to tactfully counter people's judgemental, narrow-minded or intolerant attitudes. Thanks for being part of a new undercurrent of tolerance and subtle re-trainers.

MrsJdenim profile image

MrsJdenim 6 years ago from nj

If my husband wanted to wear some pretty panties, I would be shopping for panties, He is a great husband and provider he works very hard and if that was his thing I would have to help him indulge. It might even be rather fun.

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 6 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

Interesting Article! If a man is happy wearing panties let him wear it. That is his choice.

divacratus profile image

divacratus 6 years ago from India

I liked what you said about women wearing their guy's shirt and walking around in them thinking they look adorable! Haha! It all depends on the guy of course, what he likes and what he doesn't. If he likes panties, then why not? If his girlfriend or wife finds it disgusting, then it's high time he dumps her and get someone more broad minded!

were is equeal rights 6 years ago

I am going to the beach this year .....I told my wife I want to wear a skirt to the beach....I really don't think she liked that but its how I feel......I am letting my self go tired of socity If people would open their eyes and live the way they think ......we could over come wife doesn't say much about what i wear.....isn't a partner ship sopose to be 50/50

James Jackson 6 years ago

Dear Mr. Deeds I am an RN in and emergency room and believe me we see many men in panties and pantyhose. We have much more important thinks to deal with as far as your health and well being after a car accident or injury of any kind. Please don't think we haven't studied about this and really have no interest in your panties or women in boxers.

I have as have many doctors and nurses worn panties and especially support pantyhose.

Just getting you stable and out of harms way is all we care about.

I wear panties of every style and material and I personally don't care for thongs lol.

I also have worn pantyhose for 40 years and stocking before that.

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