Men Who Wear Panties

Should a Man Wear Lingerie?

For many women the concept of a man wearing lingerie is absolutely ridiculous. What could possibly possess a man to want to wear a bra and pantie under his masculine clothing? Do some men actually do this a lady might ask herself? I can't picture a guy wearing lingerie and attempting to pass himself off as masculine. What happened to those white cotton briefs we have come to expect a man to be wearing? If you don't like the white briefs your supposed to wear guy...what about putting on a pair of mens boxers? Panties are just for us girls, not very complimentary on you, nor should you be wearing them.

I think an examination of male pantie wearing is in order. It is catching on among the guys and becoming more prevalent. I'll attempt a feeble explanation.

For those of you unfamiliar with gentlemen who prefer Hanes...satin high cut panties that is, many titles for the condition exist. In my own case, I'll simply state, I'm a transvestite fetishist..simply defined: womens underwear turns me on.

In all likely hood you know a guy who wears silky underwear. Maybe it's your brother, father or even your husband. Maybe its your teacher or boss. In any case he probably wears his panties right in your presence. Look closely, is that a tee shirt or a camisole? Wearing lingerie is a more common phenomena than people realize. Retailers are keenly aware of these men. Large profits are to be had simply by selling to this untapped market. Sales associate discretion and courtesy will ensure they return. Ever notice how the larger (mens) sizes are taking a more prominent position in the lingerie department of almost every store you shop in?

Most lingerie wearing men choose to do so in the privacy of there own home. In my own case that's where it started, but I've long since taken to wearing my intimates while in public. Many men wear full satin nighties or chemises with matching panties to bed. Takes the meaning of sleeping like a princess to a whole new level. He might do it because he enjoys the taboo experience of wearing feminine underwear (bad boy)or he might do it because he's a fetishist (like myself). In any case he's a cross-dresser (transvestite) ...nothing wrong with admitting to a bit of gender dysphoria.

I suppose women are becoming more open minded, people like yourself taking the time to read even the silly ramblings I have posted here. But it is people like yourself that open the door to discussion and acceptance of a men endulging themselves in what has traditionally been the domain of women. After all is there anything really wrong with a guy wearing lingerie?

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luxeadj 9 years ago from South America



Kenneth 9 years ago

Look theres nothing wrong with a man wearing panties, lingerie, or pantyhose. what's the differences women do, its not just for women anymore. I wear them when ever i can. More a home, when i just hanging around or going to bed. My wife excepts me when i wearing panties or pantyhose. It told her awhile to except it, but she has. Now she really enjoys when i do. She really enjoys it when we make love. I can have on panties or pantyhose on when we make love it doesn't matter to her. Before i use to wear hers, now i have my own. Every once in awhile i surprise her with a new pair. She cannt wait to go to bed with them on. Now we both wear thigh highs when we make love. Anyway we both enjoy it very much. Guys dont give up, keep trying. Your mate will come around. Enjoy !

moe 8 years ago

i like to wear woman's panties. i am not gay or anything like that. i just like the feel. and it kind of give's me a bit of a rush ...

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SatinJenni 8 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada Author

Satin Jenni loves the comments...keep them coming!!

Jeffrey Nissen 8 years ago

I enjoy wearing womens panties. I have went and bought me some the other day and they are very comfortable. I target the color pink because i think its sexy and my fave color is pink. I am a 25 year old male and I do wear my panties every day. I have even as recently took all my boxers and male underwear that i used to wear and threw them all away. If u want to know more about me, my email address is

beau 8 years ago

I like to wear slips,panties,stockings etc.I am 65 and travel a lot.I would like to hear from other men who like to wear lingerie.I find it very exciting.

my Email is

Kenneth 8 years ago

I still enjoy wearing panties or pantyhose, when im at work or home. I just ordered 2 new pair of pantyhose cannt wait till they come in. Dont get me wrong im not gay either, i enjoy my man hood, its the feeling i get when i have them on. Many times i even go to bed with some on. Wife loves it also. Very exciting !

Wren 8 years ago

I love the feel of the Nylon Bikini's and High Cut. Wear them 24x7 now. Will never go back to the traditional men's underwear

Kenneth 8 years ago

I wear more silky low cut panties. They so soft it turns me on. I wear blue jeans all the time, that's a good feeling when i wear my panties.

paul,s 8 years ago

I was 18 and got caught going through my step mums panty draw , we now live alone and she likes me in panties bras even takes me shopping for sexy longerie

ronnie 8 years ago

I am a man I enjoy wearing Womans lingerie. I like sexy panties stockings garterbelt,all of it .But what I really enjoy is wearing it in public I love going into lingerie stores dressed in my sexy stuff.Sometimes I have to leave sometimes the girls let me stay,It really turns me on to be shopping with the girls while i am in my panties. they enjoy it to they help me pick stuff out and even try it on.other stores like department stores I go in clothed but while Im picking out new lingerie I ask them if i can try it on they almost all let me some of them even let me come out of the dressing room and walk in the lingerie section in my sexy clothes.

Ken H. 8 years ago

I'm not much into the whole wearing of women's lingerie, but I gotta tell you, there's just something I like about wearing a nice sexy pair of women's panties. It doesn't matter what type, but I am especially fond of thongs. I just wish I could find a woman who wouldn't have a major malfunction while seeing me wearing them. I feel really sexy when I have panties on. They fit better, and are more comfortable then men's cotton briefs.

Garry 8 years ago

I love wearing bras and panties and skirts etc and would wear them in public if possible

Kenneth 8 years ago

I have worn (panties, slip, pantyhose, bra and skirt) only at home never in public or anyway, but i bet its exciting. I have to try it one day.

jerry 8 years ago

i enjoy full dress up and my price is role reversal sex, but it is worth it. i enjoy all the lace and frills and go out often that way. more men should, and more women should accept it. after all they can have a husband/boyfriend and a girl friend in one to go shopping with and to play!!!!!

Darkstar 8 years ago

I wear panties as often as I can,they are very comfortable and love the fit and feel!!!

rjh01 8 years ago

Ive been wearing panties and lingerie for years my wife and I enjoy it so much I also wear panties everyday

Bernie 8 years ago

I am 56 and I have wearing panties since I was 12 when my aunt caught me in a pair of her panties. She watched during the day and she wanted me to wear her panties all day because she knew I enjoyed them very much. Afier a couple of months she dressed me in her thigh hihg stockings and garter belts and I loved it. Then she added her bras to my attire. Today wear nothing but women,s lingerie all the time and my wife loves it. My wife knew about my wearing lingerie early in our relationship and she always wanted me in lingerie because it turned her on and it still does. I am so gratful to aunt for helping me find my femine side and sharing her beautiful lingerie with me.

John 8 years ago

I do wear silky panties quite often I find them to fit me better anyways but love the silky material

Paula Dubanski 8 years ago

I wear panties and a half slip when I can I love nylon it feels good. It feels better when I am wearing nylon lingerie than any other time.

clyde 8 years ago

well i have been wearing nylon panties for the last 3 months and wife does not mind she gave me hers because they were to big on her. Nylon panties are the best and i love pink to me its sexy andi love the color. I love pink but i also love fawn color, and yellow and all different colors. The reson i love to wear panties is because they are more comfy than regular tight whities and i dont sweat in them as compared to heavy whity pants. So guys get you some panties nylon is the best and who cares about the rest its about being comfortable.

billyb 8 years ago

I am a stright married man and I love wearing panties (bikini or thong) and panty hose I also want to get a garter belt so I can wear hose, My other passion is womens high heels I wear 4" stillito pumps or 4" boots to work most days.

Bobbie 8 years ago

I am a married man and I am wearing a bra and panties right now. In fact, I wear them almost all the time. I only have a few pair of male underwear left and I seldom wear them anymore. My wife prefers me in feminine underwear; she is the one who suggested that I try women's underwear. I started this because she wanted me to but now I do it because I want to. Feminine underwear is so much more comfortable and so much prettier; it makes me feel good to wear it. Our sex life had also improved since I yielded to my wife's wishes. I have learned to follow her direction in all areas; she is my superior and I love her more deeply now than I have ever loved her. When I am home I wear only feminine clothing. My wife is also breaking me in to wearing feminine clothing in public. Some days I wear capri pants with a top that matches as well as knee highs and feminine sneakers. Other days I wear skorts with a top that matches along with pantyhose. She has also been teaching me how to put on make up and today she made my face up completely including pink lipstick. She also had me wear a pair of black capris and a pink top and pink and white walking shoes. We went out to eat and then we went shopping for more clothes. It was so much fun trying on feminine clothes with her. She bought dresses for both of us and tomorrow I will get to wear a dress in public for the first time. I am really excite about this; tomorrow will be a good day to. Eventually she plans to phase out all my masculine clothing and I will be wearing only feminine clothing in and out of the home.

Eddie 8 years ago

i been wearing nylon panty an pantyhose an slip over 30 years i started when i was about 14 my mom ask me why was her panty an my room an ask me if i like wearing her panty i said yes so she told me to wear some so she can see me with them on with out pants on

Ron 8 years ago

Im a male, 19, and i wear panties every once and a while and everytime i have sex with my girlfriend. She loves to see me in them and shit well they are comfortable. I would say that if the market started selling male underwear that is made similar to womens panties, men would buy them. I would. I tried buying a pack of mens bikinis at Walmart and they weren't comfortable at all. Rough textured!!! I returned them the next day.

damien 8 years ago

i only wear g strings i only ever wore them around the house but now that's all iwear i used to worry if people could see them but who cares now its a turn on for me my wife actually buys them for me as well now im not sure she thinks its sexy but im comfortable in them

udub75 8 years ago from Napa, CA

I have been wearing panties for for many years. I wear all types, but I've found Bali Skimp Skamps to be the best fitting for me. Wearing lingerie came next. I love the feel of nylon, satin and silk on my body. I wear nightgowns, long and short along with long and short robes. Have a lot of women's undies, bras, camis, etc that I always wear. I think men are unfairly critized for wearing lingeriew, but I find it lots of fun.

silkpantyboy 8 years ago

I wear silk panties everyday I dont have the first pair of mens undies my wife buys most of my panties I like victorias secret second skin satin and hanes nylon panties

Ryan miller 8 years ago

i love to take my sisters thongs when she gets new ones. i wear them around then house and not gay it is just a great feeling when i wear thongs to bed and during the day

buck 8 years ago

i have wareing nylon mother started me at about age wife puts out my panties every morming.we some time have matching panties.

Darkstar 8 years ago

I wear panties as much as I can,I,m just starting to wear to work. My favorites are nylon in either full or hi-cut

dave 8 years ago


jerry 8 years ago

i wear panties to it is awesome i like to act like a girl and now i wear panties when i 1st started wearing hem to school a couple of guy saw me jumped on me beat me up i craped my panties and went to the office

john 8 years ago

i have been wearing panties for several years.I told my wife one day that I liked panties and had worn them before we married.It was a surprise that she accepted this.She bought me panties and now I wear them all the time.Only wear men's underwear going to the doctor.

ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

I wear women's lingerie as well occassionally and I love the feel and look of them. They also turn me on a bit.

BTW: Can't u pls moderate the place? This Lisa is posting bullshit here.

cageboyu 8 years ago

I have worn panties and other lingerie from the time I was about 7 years old. I'm now 67. For the past 25 years I have worn nothing but panities and I love them. three years ago I started a relationship with a great woman. She pretty quickly found out about my love of panties and other lingerie. She also found out about my love of BDSM as a submissive. we are now engaged and we live with her as my Mistress and I am her slave. I am required to wear bra, panties and thigh highs when I go out and total female clthoing when at home. I love it, of course. I'm a very lucky guy, of should I say girl. By the way, my outwars appearance is total masculine. my email address is

Ray 8 years ago

I wear bras and panties all the time now. They are so much more comfortable than mens underware. My wife even buys them for me. I a a natural 38b cup so I never leave thehose without one of my bras on. I think I own more bras than my wife does. It isa real turn on during sex. I have very pretty blue lace bra that I sleep in that really makes my chest stand out. My wife loves to play with my breats during sex and it really is a great turn on for me.

I love my wife..

Every male should try wearing bras and panties it will change your lives.

john j 8 years ago

i wear panties most of the time with my regular clothes and the feeling i get exited. even more so when someone see them. even when a man.

JIMMY P 8 years ago


bsex 8 years ago

I wore panties three years ago for a couple of weeks, then told my wife. She accepted it but after serval months I could tell she was not happy. Gave it up and through everything out. Just a few weeks ago I told her I wanted to wear panties again and she said OK. She wanted to go with me and buy some, I told her I wanted to go alone and get different styles and sizes. When I got home she washed them all for me and I tried them on. After I decided which ones I liked I asked her to go shopping with me. We went on the weekend and much to my surprise she even OK'D a baby-doll set. I love the feel of the panties (Jockey brand for women) micro-fibre with tactel, bikinis, hi-cuts & briefs. Wear them 24/7 (everywhere - this brand has no panty lines) and don't plan on ever stopping.

Manny 8 years ago

I love to wear womens panties all types I love the thongs best. they feel so sexy and they are very conofrtable I have worn them 24/7 for months now and wish I had known sooner in publick I some times get a look of some kind be it good or bad I don't care the smiles I get out weigh the frowns and the women that smile turn me on and when I get home I tell my wife what happined and we often have to have sex then we are so excited some times she will pick out a woman I am to let see a glimpse of my panties some how and they often will smile I have even been asked if they were what she thought and when I said yes she asked to see more so I showed her and she gave me her number and said we could trade I love the turn on

pantylover 8 years ago

I am in my 20's and I love wearing panties, I am not gay, I just love the feel, and guess I am just living my fantasy or fetish for panties.

I love the soft, silky, and the daring mesh types, I love seing myself in them and love the rush it gives me, its a real tur on.

I am married and my wifes knows I wear them, and she loves it as well...

frog220 8 years ago

My husband wears women underwear, thigh highs, everything, but he does this by himself, he keeps saying our sex life would improve if I let him do this, I even bought him dresses, and nothing has changed, I have had sex 4 times in 6 months, and I'm really pissed right now cause I found more things, how long am I suppose to go without sex before I to something like find another man...

scantilyclad 8 years ago

I wear panties pretty much all the time now, i only have a couple of pairs of mens underwear for doctor's visits, or when undressing any place public, i also wear womens sleepwear,petticoats, pantyhose, one piece sleepers, nighties etc, i find them so much more comfy than mens wear

Jeff 8 years ago

I love wearing panties!

I'm not gay, but this is a great substitute for sex!

Mr. Feminine 8 years ago

When it comes to underwear, why should women have all the fun?

Fred 8 years ago

Hooray for Frederick's of Hollywood, the apparel they sell is just adorable!

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pantiesbob 8 years ago

I wear panties 24/7, love the soft smooth satin and nylon. I don't know about most men, but using the y-opening on men's underwear is a pain in the Wearing panties that stretch to conform to the body and without seams up-front is so comfortable.

Wife knows and accepts it. Why should fabric or labels (women's panties) be a deterrant for men wearing them. Women want equality, what about men having equality?

Patty Stapleton 8 years ago

As a male, I simply can't imagine a male who doesn't wear lingerie. I wear sexy items all the time, even to work. Mt "real" girlfriends would be totally upset if I didn't wear lingerie. I started wearing different items starting around age seven. For the last twenty years I have never worn men's underwear. Underpants are just terrible! Now all you men who are still wearing underpants, don't you think it's time to change?

Didi 8 years ago

I'm a straight men but really love to wear silky panties and also silky slips. I just like silky panties like a nylon, silk, or satin panties because feel so soft in my skin, also I love panties with sexy ruffled. I have many collection now and always wear them, really make me confortable on it and make me turn on.

denise62 8 years ago

I like to war panties and bras too.

email me at

charlie 8 years ago

I love satin panties and my girlfriend does too - we dress up and its great fun and sooo sexy its unreal

Jeff 8 years ago

I enjoy wearing panties 24/7. I have threw away all my mens rags/briefs. I love wearing Hi-Cut nylon and cotton panties. Panties Rules!!!

long time cd 8 years ago

Frog220 try this matching outfits (nightys) or take control i have been a crossdresser all my life it started with pantyhose and i am str8 it's more of a prefrence womans clothing just feels better and i would rather wear panties and pantyhose under my geans as often as i can and yes you have to pay a little extra money for the good ones that are more comfortable there is a difference that old saying you get what you pay for and like i was saying frog220 spice it up a bit example old pantyhose with runs holes can be used in a love making make them crochless you fallow what i am saying be creative if i seen my woman walk out of the bedroom with pantyhose on from head to toe (pantyhose encasement) under a dress or a sute i would how can i say this i would get all worked up for her but everyone is different.

jacob29 8 years ago

It all started when my girlfriend dared me to shave my legs. She said that she did it so I could see what women had to go through to be pretty. I was in denial at first, but then i felt the sensation of little tingles on my legs/thighs. I respect what she goes through to look good for me now. I also am more sensual and in touch with my femine side. I asked what else I could do that was femine and fun. She then suggested that I try womens underwear. I wear nothing but womens underwear on a daily basis. I like strechy fabric in thongs, and I love boyshorts style. The last few days I confessed that My sexual fantasy is to wear lingerie and even dresses or skirts while she makes love to me. I dont do any of these things to imagine Im a women, because I know Im all man. I wanted to do these things because the fabric makes me feel sensual and sexy. I have no desire to wear womens clothes in public or to try to pass as a women. I wear panties because they are more comfortable. I have the best understanding girlfriend who I am madly in love with, and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. We are closer then ever now and I cant really describe how wonderful this experience has been. For those guys who think this would qualify as being a homosexual, you could not be more wrong. I am all man and love my girlfriend.

ravinder singh 8 years ago

i like panties.when i see the women panty at a time my sex genrate

SZAK 8 years ago


David 8 years ago

I love to wear my pink bustier and pink thigh highs under my "normal cloths" while out shopping then when checking out raize my hands high like i am stretching to show it off. She will most of the time just look away. I think men should be able to wear what we want ,women do!!!!

JEFF KY 8 years ago

I am a 50 year young str8 married man and have always enjoyed wearing nylon underwear. However about 6 years ago I got tired of trying to find men's nylon underwear and told my wife I would like to try nylon panties because they would always be around. My wife agreed and I have worn nothing but Nylon and Satin Panties ever since. I wear them 24/7 even when I have to go to the doctor, why change? Anyways I wear Brief, bikini, string bikini, hipster, and control brief panties in a variety of colors in size 8 and they fit me very well, I also at times wear compression pantyhose for varicose veins and I wear nylon and polyester nightshirt/house dress nightgowns to bed some are knee length and some floor length. I have also taken to wearing trouser socks which come up to my knee since they are so much more comfortable. My wife has bought me most of my nightgowns some of them came from Catherines and they look similar to some African Caftan. Any of you guys that have some sort of hang up thinking that you must be perverted to wear panties and such need to get over yourself and try something nicer than tighty whities and others that try to make you look bigger than you are. And for the wives that think it is strange that men wear panties, you probably just haven't caught your husband wearing yours yet, in most cases they do and most men like wearing them. It is just a choice in underwear!

As someone else has already said Women have so many choices in what to wear. Don't get me wrong I don't want to look like a woman and I don't try to but there is a huge problem when a man can't wear panties if he wants without being labeled weird. I don't wear a bra, I don't have anything to put in it but if I did I might resort to wearing one especially if my back hurt. But I would like to have the choice of wearing pants or a masculine designed skirt sometimes especially in the summertime. Why even during the 18th century men wore lacey frilly shirts and if you would look at the coins in your pocket they even had their hair in a ponytail with a ribbon at the end. Society needs to not be judgmental about what men and women can and can't wear.

Lovemyhubbyinpantiesandlingerie 8 years ago

When I read this I thought that you might be my husband. I love this with my husband except we both wear pantyhose and pantyhose sex is wonderful. It has made our love life amazing.

david 7 years ago

i put on my panties every day. and have been doing so since i in my teens. ishave off all my body hair and the feel of a thong panty on my smooth crotch keeps me hard all day.

Pyjamas girl 7 years ago

Why shouldn't men men wear womens panties and nighties women can wear mens pyjamas?

Pyjamas girl 7 years ago

Why shouldn't men men wear womens panties and nighties women can wear mens pyjamas?

makkkkkkk 7 years ago

i am totally interested in wearing panties but shy. i am 24 and used to wish i had a sister so i could try them on, but i never did. i would love to talk to anyone and see photos of what kinds are best. if any one wants to chat please email me.

mbarkitek at gmail dot com

oger 7 years ago

i love wear women pantie i wear them ever\y day and night too

dpatty 7 years ago

I am 58 yrs old, wear panties 24/7 for twenty years. My wife knows but ignores the issue. My favorites are Olga secret Hugs. I have size sn nine for my moods. Also pantyhose everyday (crotch cut). I also love slips, nightgowns, petty pants, and have many pairs of pumps for when the wife is traveling. I am 100% hetero but love to be hard in my longerie.

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kfsteve391 7 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

For the past year I have been wearing womens panties daily. I like ones with lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilac, light yellow, etc. The sexier the better. At last count I have 82 pairs. Most are thongs, but have g-strings and bikinis, too. I love them and can not get enough of them.

sanjay(indian) 7 years ago

i like to wear woman's panties,love wear women pantie. i am not gay or anything like that. i like the feel. and it kind of give's me a bit of a rush ...I like ones with lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilac, light yellow, etc. The sexier the better.i wear them ever\y day and night too...I enjoy wearing panties 24/7.I wear women's lingerie as well occassionally and I love the feel and look of them. They also turn me on a bit.

jpanty 7 years ago

I also love to wear panties, i've been wearing panties for the past year and a half. Shortly after i started wearing them i met my current girlfriend, they really seem to turn her on. She doesn't even like me wearing boys underwear any more. I've found that the body by victoria selection at victoria secret fit the best, otherwise i've found you'll get a little poping out, which can defeat the purpose of wearing panties, which is the comfort. I'm really finding it interesting how now so many men have begun wearing panties.

lovely maik profile image

lovely maik 7 years ago

i wear panties and i like it

Bernie 7 years ago

I had an anunt that always kept pair of fancy nylon paities hung on the back of the bathroom door.I was 12 and watch Monday through Friday and every there would be a different pair of pretty panties hung on the bathroom door. For months I wondered what it be like to slip into her panties until one I could no longer hold out; so put her panties on and as soon as I pulled them up I puffed out the front of the panties. My then walked into bathroom and as soon as she saw me she told me how nice I looked in her panties. She told me to wear her panties for the rest of the day.She asked several times during the how much liked wearing her panties and told I loved wearing them and she would smile. At the end of the she told she wanted me to wear her panties everyday and I told that I really loved wearing her panties and made her very happy. After couple of weeks of wearing her panties she if I wanted wear more of her lingerie and I told YES! This made very happy and she added a garter belt, stocking and a bra to atire. Then about a week later she added a slip and heals. Thanks to aunt I was able to in touch with my feminie side. I still love wearing lingerie and my wife also wants me wear at least panties and thigh high stockings under my work clothes. Life could not be better.

PinkRoseBud profile image

PinkRoseBud 7 years ago from Australia

One wonders how much truth is posted here ... genuine pantie lover


SatinJenni profile image

SatinJenni 7 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada Author


I think all you have to do is search the Internet for "Men who wear panties" or similar terminology, the truth will set you free

...or overwhelm you as the case may be.

pinkpantyguy 7 years ago

I have been a off and on panty wearin guy almost all my life. Started when I was about 11?, I think? Oh well, now I wear them 24/7 and even been thinkin about when to the Dr's office. I am 57 now and very much enjoy it. I also enjoy exhibition-ism and sometimes showing just enough to prove that I am wearing pantys. Needless to say that "pink" is my favorite color.

I knew that there were others like me, that had a fetish for wearin lingerie. I didn't know how widespread this was, met a few, talked to a few guys that tried on their wifes ETC. But then, when I started playing with computers and surfing the net about a year ago and WOW!!! When I learned to "google" in words like "exihibitionist" and "men who wear lingerie" and other related subjects. I was surprised to learn that my "condition" was not only me and just a few. But was very much alive and doing very well.

For whatever it's worth, I consider myself to be bisexual. Even though I can like sex with a guy, I really still prefer women. Just guessing maybe 30% gay and 70% straight, maybe??? I also prefer just panties and an occasional mini-skirt. No bras, slips, cami-s, ETC

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

Idon't think so I like this panties. And I don't have aplan to wear panties. But for anyone who interesting to use it. No problem.

I LOVE PANTIES 7 years ago

I started wearing panties a while ago first were my wifes panties when she dared me to try them on. I did and loved it so did she. She told me to get rid of the boxers i had and wear only panties ( Pink or light green or powder blue) she likes me in pink lace so that's all i wear. I would love to wear other womans panties also they all feel so good on my skin.

dpatty 7 years ago

Recently at a doctor visit,( I wear socks over my pantyhose when going to the doc). She insisted on seeing my feet. I removed my socks and exposed my pantyhose. It was horrifying, but then I realized I didn't care. Now I do not care who knows I wear panties and hose. I love it and what can they do? I always wear lingerie and own more than any woman I have ever met.

oger  7 years ago

i love wear women panties i wear them all day and all night too

LOVES PANTIES 7 years ago

I love panties, one day my wife said my old underwear do not look comfortable. I told her they arent. She went and got me a pair of her cotton panties (floral print) she told me to try them because they are softer and more comfortable. I tried them on and she was right. I now wear her panties every day. She really likes me to wear her pink panties and other pretty flower panties. She sets out what panties I am to wear. I love to have sex with her in her panties and let my cum run all over them and run out of her onto my panties. Today she has me wearing a pretty light pink pair.

Stuart 7 years ago

I wear panties and other pieces of lingerie all the time. it feels so nice.I recently had a pre - employment physical, wearing panties and a camisole, and the nurse practioner said they looked adorable on me, and that she has examined many guys that wear ladies undies and said it is harmless.

Brent 7 years ago

I wear girls panties all the time because they hold my junk better and they feel good to

sandunruki profile image

sandunruki 7 years ago from Sri Lanka

wow nice Hub..and interesting Article

Mimi Power profile image

Mimi Power 7 years ago from Dallas, TX

I do it all the time.

bobbiegirl 7 years ago

I wear bras, panties, girdles, stockings often. It feels very natural and normal. I do go out with my bra filled with DDD forms, and I really enjoy the looks I get, and the looks I don't get. My lingerie store people love me and I love them. My only fear is that my family and friends will find out, and ruin my life, and yet, on some other level, I hope they catch me because then I can do it all the time. Ive been wearing since I was 8 yrs old and found and tried on my moms girdle i found in the dryer. I still remember the smell of that platex rubber girdle. At one time, I used to steal bras and panties from clothes lines at night until I got up the guts to buy my own in a bra and girdle store. Thanks to a little old german lady in the store, God rest her soul, I was made to feel comfortable, and like I belonged there. She fitted me with my first bra and breastforms, and after she hooked me up, she stood back, and said that I looked good. That was many years ago, and I will never forget her. It gave me the courage to walk proud with my chest up high and not worry about what other people think.

john e 7 years ago

i tryed my sisters panties when i was 14 years old, now i am 64, so i hawe been wering panties for more than 50 years now. My wife boy my panties , and now also nightgovns,

i hace more than 150 par of panties and 11 nigthgowns. i also have 20 girdles, lots of pantyhose, 323 bras and i pink corset.

Parker 7 years ago

I use to wear my grandmothers girdles, all in ones, bras, slips, panties, stockings and long night gowns. She didn't mind that I wore them. I was married and my wife would buy me all kinds of lingerie. I think I had more than she did but she loved it and sex was great. For many years I would come home from work and shower and change into my lingerie. On the weekend I stayed dressed in only lingerie. The post women would smile and wink when she would see me dressed in my lingerie. I love wearing them.

Max Jr. 7 years ago



Geraldo 7 years ago

I started wearing panties when I my wife and I went for a vacation and forgot to bring my underwears. And for the whole month I wore hers. It was healing time for me, the rashes I used to have wearing mens brief faded using my wifes panties. Now she buys my underwears in the ladies section. Why don't hey make mens underwears as comfortable as womens?

leoperson 7 years ago

im 13 and think it feels good

mid west 7 years ago

I have been wearing panties about 30 years. I tried them on, and was hooked. I have worn many styles, but with age, I prefer full cut satin. I have alot in VS, Vanity Fair, Bali and Werners.

I would love to try a one piece swimsuite.

wearing lingerie 7 years ago

you men have the same right to wear lingerie as women have to wear men's underwear and clothes

Dennis 7 years ago

i wear panties 24/7 i have for about 35 yrs now iam 50 years old now and i dont own any mens undies at all i also i also wear bras and pantyhose and at times i love to xdress all of the way i love very sexy strappy open back and toe heels i wear very lowrise string thongs 90% of the time the other 10% i wear ultra lowrise bikini panties i love Victoria's Sectets panties i wear a size 5 or 6 and i size 36b bra iam marries and str8 i dont want to look like a women i just love the way i feel and look in feminine attire i would NEVER EVER !! go back to wearing B.V.D,s NEVER! i love the looks i get from people when thay see th tops of my panties pop out on my jeans and i wear ultra lowrise OLD NAVY jeans juniors size 9 girls jeans fit me so much better and i love to wear these jeans out my wife and others have told me how great i look in them shows all of my curves and gives me a nice buldge in the front between the sexy panties and tight lowrise jeans so if are thinking about wearing panties then go for it but i will tell u that you will never go back to mens undies apter you slide a pair of hot sexy panties over your man hood you will be hooked

ed 7 years ago

i wear panties all of the time. i never wear mens underwear anymore. ladies panties are more comfortable to wear.i like lacy type. i started wearing them when my wife gave me some of hers to wear. ed

mike 7 years ago

I wish more panty makers would market there panties for men...I love wearing my panties....Men's underwear totally suck...panties are much more comfortable to wear...And my wife love's the way my man toy looks in them...And so do I...And as for those that think it's gay for men to wear panties.. you just keep on living in your little box, And I will keep on wearing my comfortable panties.....

photousa 7 years ago

I wear panties 24/7 i first wore panties when I was 10 yo..I LOVED to feel the silky fabric.

lets trade pics?

FirstTimer 7 years ago

just a month ago ive always wanted to wear lingerie and i asked my woman if it would be my surprise she said idkso i did and have been ever since.our love making has been more exciting for me and deciding if i should ask her about wearing panties to.right now im in a pair of hers and they feel so good and c

Luv Nylon Lycra 7 years ago

I am a single, straight male, and for 20 years I have enjoyed my underwear collection of mostly nylon bikini and hi-cut women's underwear. Nothing feels better than to put on a pair of beautiful, colorful and sexy panties after a shower, and before getting dressed. The look and feel of panties is the coolest feeling ever for me. I am not ashamed nor afraid to shop for them. The sales girls are usually helpful. I love Hanes, Bali, Warners, Jockey, and delicates. I have them all. They are wonderful to wear!!!

Mid West 7 years ago

I am trying to fine a Vanity Fair Style 13007. This is a full brief with a little wider waistband in nylon. Read the comments on Her from men.

Rachel Pantyhose profile image

Rachel Pantyhose 7 years ago from Oceanside, California

I love wearing pantyhose, especially. Putting them on gets me going!

jeff 7 years ago

I get my underwear from jockey. They are men's underwear but with the same fabric women use. The are so comfortable.

jim 7 years ago

One day in the seventh grade I was lucky enough to sit right across from a really lovely girl. She sat with her legs wide open and for one hour I enjoyed scrutinizing every square inch of her pink nylon panties. Right away I had my first ever excitement-reaction. When I got home my mom was out shopping. I stripped down to nothing and began to pleasure myself while in my mind's eye seeing those pink panties. Memory wasn't enough. Then I recalled that my mom wore pink nylon panties. I got a pair from her drawer and pulled them on. Instant reaction and not long after, gratification. I've been wearing panties etc. for the last 63 years, even to the doctor's office. The girl that I married went along with my fetish. Today we both wear VF size seven in pink. We share some sixty pair. I wear a size 42A bra and she wears a 38C cup. I wear XL nightgowns and hers are size 14. 7 years ago

I've been wearing panties fo as long as I can remember. I am now 52. My Wife says She doesn't care, but She really seems disinterested. I fight with the guilt all the time. I have been seen by the doctor wearing them, but no one else. I have thrown all of them out only to start a new collection the following month. I know I will always want to wear them, I just wish more people were accepting of it.

Joe 7 years ago

Yes, I cannot agree more. Once you go panties, you never go back. There's something so sexy yet comfortable -- men's underwear is like the Spanish Inquisition -- to remind us of our limited and repressive roles.

I started wearing panties (nylon and g-strings) out of that sexual stimulating feeling -- but continued out practicality. Compared to men's underwear (male chastity belts), there no comparison. Now they are undergarments out of necessity for comfort. I do not own any men's underwear and proud of it -- I don't care who knows. It's a personal choice that, defines your preferences -- not your personhood.

They are plenty of worthless and venile people in this world who wear men's underwear -- does that make them more worthy? 7 years ago

Yes, I cannot agree more. Once you go panties, you never go back. There's something so sexy yet comfortable -- men's underwear is like the Spanish Inquisition -- to remind us of our limited and repressive roles.

I started wearing panties (nylon and g-strings) due to that sexually stimulating feeling, and yes, it turned me on. But continued out practicality once I discovered the incredible diversity and comfort panties offered. Compared to men's underwear (male chastity belts), there's no comparison. Now they are undergarments out of necessity for comfort. I do not own any men's underwear and proud of it -- I don't care who knows. It's a personal choice that, defines your preferences -- not your person-hood.

They are plenty of worthless and venile people in this world who wear men's underwear -- does that make them more worthy?

Joe 7 years ago

Yes, I cannot agree more. Once you go panties, you never go back. There's something so sexy yet comfortable -- men's underwear is like the Spanish Inquisition, to remind us of our limited and repressive roles.

I started wearing panties (nylon and g-strings) due to that sexually stimulating feeling, and yes, it turned me on. But continued out practicality once I discovered the incredible choices and comfort wearing panties offered. Compared to men's underwear (male chastity belts), there's no comparison. Now they are undergarments out of necessity for comfort. I do not own any men's underwear and proud of it -- I don't care who knows. It's a personal choice that, defines your preferences -- not your person-hood.

They are plenty of worthless and venile people in this world who wear men's underwear -- does that make them more worthy?

peachesxxx profile image

peachesxxx 7 years ago

very interesting blog and comments .iam not gay nor am i straight i am simply me allthough i am male in gender i am also female in genetical make up(we have both genes) i 1st discovered the undulating pleasure of wearing lingerie wen i was about 12 and have for the last 25 years on and off .often starting a new relationship and feeling great guilt in my "fetish" that i would disgard my collection and immeadiatly regret it. i wear panties stockings and all that sexy silk and nylon gear mostly because it turns me on wen masturbating but also because it makes me feel feminine and free of being an arcatypical man. sometimes i just wanna be me xxx

DON 7 years ago






Tom 7 years ago

I wear panties and thongs all the time , they fit and feel better on me that any male under pants I have ever worn.

I told my S/O about my cross dressing shortly after I met her , she asked lots of questions and I answered them all honestly , she is very supportive of me and this part of me.

Tony 7 years ago

My wife loves that i wear here pantyhose and the last time she was at her doctor for her annual she took me and made me wear panyhose under my trousers...she wore stockings being more pratical for her examination: I was so excited in the consultation room then the doctor said she wanted to examine my penis to see if i had any did i feel embarrassed and hot at the same there i was standing in my wifes pantyhose!!!!!

Roger 7 years ago


I mam 63 and a bi-sexual and have been wearing nylon and microfiber panties for 29 years now and I love the feel of nylon and microfiber on my skin ss it is soft,sexy,sensual.

I have several different brands including Vanity fair,Vera Wang, Jockey etc. I also wear bras,garterbelts with hose and a skirt. I also love showing off my panties to the guys

I have sex with. I also am interested in a male lover. You may email me at

Donna 7 years ago

I am a male but I like to wear female clothes, panties,panty hose, leotards, unitatrds, High Heels with angle straps, tight BLACK DRESSES

ricky s 7 years ago

Been wearing girle panties since forteen years of age,It happened when I had no clean underwear in the dresser and Mom had me put on a pair of my sisters pink panties, well they felt so good I told my mom I liked them better than my jocky briefs.I continued to wear my sisters panties for several more days till Mom took me to pennys store and bought me a weeks supply of vanity fair panties. I was discovered by my best buddy but that's another story.

siiimiii 7 years ago

my boyfriend had worn panty only when we started playing with each other and there is nothing wrong wearing it becomes more fun and understanding between both of partners. its just to share some moments of life very rarely. but anyways he was comforatble and then we did all the thing s there on. its really fun!!!!

Animal101 profile image

Animal101 7 years ago

I enjoy wearing them for 2 reasons, 1)I like the feel of the satiny material rubbing on me, it keeps me in an excited frame, and 2) I enjoy when ladies look at me when Im wearing them, especially when they want to feel them also!

Is there something wrong with this?

silky gams 7 years ago

as a little boy of eight or so I remember putting on a pair of my older sisters panties, and thinking, I'd gone to heaven. In no time I had found nylons, bra's,garter belts, etc. in both my sister's and mother's drawers. I didn't know it then, but the seed was planted. I was a transvestite in traning. When I was married I would put on my wife's lingerie and heels as often as possible. Although she never caught me wearing her things one night I came to bed wearing her panties and red lipstick and she asked me if I wanted a bra. Yes, I think she knew.

Fast forward to 2003. I got my first computer. Shopping became a delight. In the first year this girl spent a small fortune on all those delicious things I had only dreamed of wearing before. Today, when I come home from work and after showering it becomes a delish fun task as to what to put on. The red heels with the red cami and panties? Maybe the "Harlow" satin gown? What does matter is I can only be a part time lady.

I recall thinking how I hated taking off the panties and slips knowing my sister or mom would be home soon. The feel was one as incredible then as it is today.

SecretDesire 7 years ago

I am a straight heterosexual male who has always been excited by the sight and feel of women's lingerie -- especially silky soft nylon black stockings, babydolls, and sheer see-thru teddis. In all my relationships with many women over the years, our lovemaking was always enhanced and intensified by the sexy lingerie they wore in thebedroom. Sometime ago, when I slipped into a pair of nylon panties and black thigh highs, I realized how wonderful and arousing it felt being dressed in such sensual lingerie. I enjoyed feeling femm, at least for the moment. I am not sure how much farther I want to indulge this fetish, although I have been flirting with the idea of adding a babydoll or teddi and strapless heels to my new "wardrobe." I am still strongly attracted to women and am always aroused by lovemaking with a woman whose naked beautiful body delights and satisfies me. But slipping into women's lingerie now interests me.

bobby 7 years ago

you should cut your nuts off too

Sleeping Beauty 7 years ago

Wearing Women's Panties

Hey, that's my subject. I am straight as an arrow, and I love wearing women's panties. They are comfortable, and feel like I am almost into a woman's genitalia. Sometimes, I will put on colored tights and wear high heel shoes, also women’s satin pajamas, which match the color of my tights, and is especially heavenly in the winter for sleeping (don’t have to work the furnace as hard).

I am sure a lot of straight men wear women's panties. With those girlie magazines (as I look at their pictures, knowing they are out of my league), I have panties on and get all excited.

This is a fetish that most straight men should get into.

It beats harassing a woman for sex, etc. It even beats cheating on your wife or girlfriend.

creativegoth 7 years ago

what started me wearing panties was when i went to visit my auntie me and my cousin were out playing and we got soaked so my aunt stripped us both she put my cousins knickers on me they felt much nicer than my pants i told her i liked them so she told my mum the rest is history

panty lover 7 years ago

I love to be with a woman. i wish to share my panty wearing secret. I do not go to bars. I do not stare at the football games. I would rather be pleasing a woman, with my tongue, while wearing , and jacking off in a pair of silky womans panties

Happy 7 years ago

I don't have any mens under wear. I can't remember the last time i bought men under wear. Womens under wear are more of a thrill & more comfortable.

mike 7 years ago

I have been married for 10 years , I wear panties all the time very often when we go panty shopping we buy a bunch in her size and the we buy the same amount in my size . Often the victorias secret sales girls will say you have a lot of the same ones in 2 different sizes . That's when my wife will say the mediums are mine the xl is for him. The sales girl will comment "ohh that's so sweet matching panties"

I am lucky enough to have a wife who likes this. I know most women do not know how to handle it and probably don't even know .

Lisa  7 years ago

I discovered this habit of my husband after we were married. At first i thought it was odd. I did not know how to take it . Did lots of research. I decided not to let it ruin our relationship and tried to go along with it. WOW as it turns out its a major turn on for me to be in control . Sometimes he don't wear them and its just a regular day. Then other times he wears all sorts of stuff. I spank him sometimes for being so naughty and i love that control. Since getting into it our love has grown so much stronger and our private life is so much better. If your man is into this i suggest giving it a try. you don't know what your missing and if he is doing it with out you he will eventually get bored and try to find a women who will play along.


Frillyman 7 years ago

I'm 61 and I been wearing panties and lingerie since my mid 20s. It is a great enjoyment for me. I used to have quite a collection but not now. My wife would be stunned! But, she wears my size so I enjoy it when I'm home alone.

I used to have a buudy that I dressed up with-- thigh highs with garter belts, and pink lacey panties and bras. That was very much fun and usually ended up with oral sex.

I enjoy going to Walmart and trying on bras and teddy bears and and other lacey nighties. The sales clerks are amazingly helpful and kind. Sometines when I'n trying on stretch jeans and feminine tops I will come out and ask the ladies if they think an out fit is too feminine. They usually say it looks nice and that I shouldn't worry about that.

I sometimes shop with a bra and falsies and a form fitting t-shirt. It is fun to see peoples reaction to a guy with breasts. A sales clerk once commented on how pretty some panties were that I was buying and I said "They really are. I'm not supposed to like pretty underwear, but I always have." She smiled very nicely and said "Oh, that's okay."

A couple of times in the past I have gone into a convenience store in thigh-highs, garter belt, black bra and panties and bought a candy bar. Clerks were usually a litle stunned but made the sale with polite converstion. That was a real charge but a bit risky and I don't do it anymore in this age of video cameras.

I a real guy -- hunting , fishing, tractors and motor cycles but I will always enjoy pink lacey feminine colthing and occasional oral sex with a male friend.

Panti lover 7 years ago

I love dressing in bras and panties they are so comfortable. I'm 15 and when my parents are gone I like to find my moms bras and panties and wear them around the house.

Zack 7 years ago

im 15 and i love to wear panties bras thongs etc. but i cant buy them or wear them sice im in athletics. i cant wait till im out of high school so i can wear them

west panty man 7 years ago

I have worn womens panties, bras, nylons and have never been more content. I have a wife aho likes me in women wear. I love to be dressed as a women and I think it is wonderful.I love thongs, french and hippy type.

Daphne 7 years ago

I buy all my husbands undies and nightwear,I always get them

in silk or shimmering satin. Panties, pyjamas and nighties!

Nathan Phelps 7 years ago

I like to wear women's nylon full cut brief panties because I just like how they feel on me and I like to wear them all the time I am not Guy or anything i just like to wear them.

miles 7 years ago

there is nothing better than a pr of nylon panties on me an my wife wearing a pr wish i did this 20 yrs ago

Tom 7 years ago

I am 62 years old and love to wear women's clothing from bras to shoes. However, my wife is not to keen on the idea so I am pretty selective in what I buy for myself to wear. It is usually stuff that could go either way. I am far from gay and don't think I am a women. But mens clothing really sucks. Women have far more choices and more comfortable material. Recently I started wearing lipstick to work - its a color that matches my skin tone. I also paint my toe nails mid-night blue and wear toe rings and ankle bracelets. Americans should be so judgemental and what's male or female acceptable. It should be open to all!!!

Mark 6 years ago

I am a 12 year old and I once snuck into my moms drawer and tried on her panty and bra I found I liked the feel of it but I'm not gay plus I can only wear them when my whole familys gone do u no any way I could get tighter panties or maybe a bikini without being cought what should I do this really helped me know I'm not the only boy who tries to wear panties

Dick 6 years ago

I am 77 years old and married 57 years. I have been wearing lingerie for over 50 years because I love the way it feels on my skin. I think that any man who has the balls to try wearing lingerie will like it, but I also believe if you don't look good in lingerie ,you probably don't look good in whatever you wear either.Clothing should be about comfort, not about whether you are male or female.

Dick 6 years ago

I am 77 years old and married 57 years. I have been wearing lingerie for over 50 years because I love the way it feels on my skin. I think that any man who has the balls to try wearing lingerie will like it, but I also believe if you don't look good in lingerie ,you probably don't look good in whatever you wear either.Clothing should be about comfort, not about whether you are male or female.

Daphne 6 years ago

I love to see my husband looking very alluring and blushing

demurely in his silky little nightie or lustrous satin

pyjamas. I often tell him to get ready for bed early as I

like my girlfriends to him in his seductive nightwear. He

gets embarrassed, but also highly excited!

Daphne 6 years ago

I love to see my husband looking very alluring and blushing

demurely in his silky little nightie or lustrous satin

pyjamas. I often tell him to get ready for bed early as I

like my girlfriends to him in his seductive nightwear. He

gets embarrassed, but also highly excited!

Tim 6 years ago

Ive been wearing panties scince I was 8. Im now 27 but I have to be very careful when wearing in public, just the slightest thought that I have a white, nylon thong on gets my johnson as hard as a rock. This can be a problem when at work as im sure you can imagine. When im at home though I like to dress up in matching bra and panties. Shaving my legs and putting on a pair of hold ups after a nice long bath is always a massive turn on. Finished off with a lovley pair of 5" heels always completes the look, I love to strut up and down in the living room and admire myself in the full length mirror, amazed at how sexy I look. So I guess this is purley a fetish for me, im in no way atracted to men and think that women are gods finest creations. I guess its a "whatever floats ur boat" situation, as long as you dont expose it to anyone who shouldn't see it what's the harm?

Brian 6 years ago

I have been wearing panties for several years now and absolutely love them. I am not gay at all and actually have a girl friend. She is ok with me wearing them. For me, it is not a fetish I just think they are comfortable. I still wear boxers from time to time and won't throw them away because they are in good condition and it would be a waste. However, I only have 2 pairs of boxers left and when they are worn-out I will never buy boxers again. I don't think anyone in public has noticed because I try to keep my underwear from showing...but if anyone has...I don't care.

Kate 6 years ago

*******k this is all crap in my eyes. I'm female and born that way. I have a hunk of an old world male and love it. No boxers just Y front "male underpants"... straight all the way. Its the way he is and its him I love. I've seen alot of sites discuss this topic. Its all crap really. Now I know your all wanting to string me up but my view is equality all the way so "what's good for the gander is good for the goose".

What?... Well us women only wore dresses and skirts on time and we took on mens trousers and found them to be very practical and we pushed and pushed until it became fashion and now just plain commonplace. Now we have all the clothes men wear but designed in womens cuts. so what's wrong with men having womens clothes designed to fit them?. I hear some women say their womens clothes .. but we have boyfriend shirts and boy style briefs don't we. Us women have all the clothes men wear and well they don't have any of ours. when I wear my boyfriend shirt my hubby doesn't scream that's gay sorry lesbian. so why should us women scream gay? Look.. its plain and simple we are all just human and society moves on and at one time women pushed the boundaries of what a gender is supposed to wear in order to get pants now its the mans turn to push the boundary. So the man needs to be honest and true to himself in all aspects of his choice before asking us women to accept it. But he must understand that we are all different too, so he must realise that some will never understand and some of us will. But he must realise too that all men and all women have their own expectations of what their ideal partner should be and that's the way it should be otherwise we'd all be hitchesd to the first person we met. So be honest with yourself first and don't just throw it at every girl you meet and don't keep it a secret forever either. But us women don't get off on wearing pants .. and that's a different issue. I don't subscribe to the idea the these men have a pschyological condition they are what they are and they need to realise their true needs. we are all what we are and that's it realy so figure yourselves out first and then talk to us..its that simple. but you see the real problem with most men is their confidence. You need to identify all aspects of yourself and needs then find one of us that fits in with that and when you do then just any othe relationship it will be great and so worthwhile.... I was talking with my friens and I asked well what if it was your hubby... I don't care.. i love him endlessly and UNCONDITIONALLY no matter what. if he wanted to wear womens clothes well like anything in a marriage I'd discuss it with him and figure out how it affects us and maybe there might be conditions and maybe there might not be but at the end of the day marriage is amongst other things about finding new ways each and every day to make your partner happy, being understanding, compasionate of each other through communication. So if my man wanted to... well then that's ok with me but I'd really prefer hew didn't do it in public as i'm yes me.. I'm not able for that so for us i'd let him have his way and he could let me have min by not wearing them out... if he was getting sexual pleasure by himself while wearing them then i'd have no problems with that either as long as it didn't ruin our time together and if he needed to wear them during our time.. well i've dressed up sometimes so i guess he can dress up sometimes to once neither of us is selfish and takes over.

So the way I see it is that all this is crap.. be yourself and honest to yourself, be confident in yourself and then go out and find a match for that, don't ram a square peg in. What you all need is too pressure dating sites to have a section showing you in a good light. take sight of the plight gay and lesbians fought and push your boundary.

So i'mm off to my hubby and give him back his shirt or maybe i might just temp him to try..........only kidding I'm happy the way we are so go find your own happiness too!!

Kate 6 years ago

*******k this is all crap in my eyes. I'm female and born that way. I have a hunk of an old world male and love it. No boxers just Y front "male underpants"... straight all the way. Its the way he is and its him I love. I've seen alot of sites discuss this topic. Its all crap really. Now I know your all wanting to string me up but my view is equality all the way so "what's good for the gander is good for the goose".

What?... Well us women only wore dresses and skirts on time and we took on mens trousers and found them to be very practical and we pushed and pushed until it became fashion and now just plain commonplace. Now we have all the clothes men wear but designed in womens cuts. so what's wrong with men having womens clothes designed to fit them?. I hear some women say their womens clothes .. but we have boyfriend shirts and boy style briefs don't we. Us women have all the clothes men wear and well they don't have any of ours. when I wear my boyfriend shirt my hubby doesn't scream that's gay sorry lesbian. so why should us women scream gay? Look.. its plain and simple we are all just human and society moves on and at one time women pushed the boundaries of what a gender is supposed to wear in order to get pants now its the mans turn to push the boundary. So the man needs to be honest and true to himself in all aspects of his choice before asking us women to accept it. But he must understand that we are all different too, so he must realise that some will never understand and some of us will. But he must realise too that all men and all women have their own expectations of what their ideal partner should be and that's the way it should be otherwise we'd all be hitchesd to the first person we met. So be honest with yourself first and don't just throw it at every girl you meet and don't keep it a secret forever either. But us women don't get off on wearing pants .. and that's a different issue. I don't subscribe to the idea the these men have a pschyological condition they are what they are and they need to realise their true needs. we are all what we are and that's it realy so figure yourselves out first and then talk to us..its that simple. but you see the real problem with most men is their confidence. You need to identify all aspects of yourself and needs then find one of us that fits in with that and when you do then just any othe relationship it will be great and so worthwhile.... I was talking with my friens and I asked well what if it was your hubby... I don't care.. i love him endlessly and UNCONDITIONALLY no matter what. if he wanted to wear womens clothes well like anything in a marriage I'd discuss it with him and figure out how it affects us and maybe there might be conditions and maybe there might not be but at the end of the day marriage is amongst other things about finding new ways each and every day to make your partner happy, being understanding, compasionate of each other through communication. So if my man wanted to... well then that's ok with me but I'd really prefer hew didn't do it in public as i'm yes me.. I'm not able for that so for us i'd let him have his way and he could let me have min by not wearing them out... if he was getting sexual pleasure by himself while wearing them then i'd have no problems with that either as long as it didn't ruin our time together and if he needed to wear them during our time.. well i've dressed up sometimes so i guess he can dress up sometimes to once neither of us is selfish and takes over.

So the way I see it is that all this is crap.. be yourself and honest to yourself, be confident in yourself and then go out and find a match for that, don't ram a square peg in. What you all need is too pressure dating sites to have a section showing you in a good light. take sight of the plight gay and lesbians fought and push your boundary.

So i'mm off to my hubby and give him back his shirt or maybe i might just temp him to try..........only kidding I'm happy the way we are so go find your own happiness too!!

Dick 6 years ago

I am almost 80 years old and have been wearinglingerie for more than 50 years. I have a fairly extensive collection of panties, slips, camisoles and nighties. I have been buying my panties from Panties For Men on the web and recently I have ordered some pantaloon stylye lace trimmed panties from Donna who loves to make panties. She is making me pink, blue, lavender, and yellow and the cost is reasonable. If you log onto PFM and click on ask Donna, She will tell you the different fabrics and styles she will make for you. Her work is very good. I wear lingerie because I love the feel on my skin, and I think any man with the balls to try wearing it once will be a convert. I have not heard any man who has tried wearing lingerie say he didn't love the feelof it against his skin. Unfortunately there are too many women who can't accept the idea of this even though real men do wear lingerie. Women can wear any mens clothing they want and noone thinks a thing about it, but a man wearing lingerie must be either gay or weird. This is the grossest kind of discrimination. Fortunatl, I am one of the lucky ones married to a woman who not only accepts my wearing lingerie, she loves to see me in it. Hopefully if enough men start wearing lingerie as part of their every day wardrobe, it will become acceptable, and we will be able to show some lace in public without scorn or ridicule. I also have a question for all the women out there who object to us wearing lingerie, would you prefer seeing a little lace when a man bends over or the crack of his ass?. If anyone out there would like to send me their opinions, my Email is

bill 6 years ago

my wife and i live out in the country so we have are private time. on the weekend we both like to walk around in panties or nylons or both. it is a turn on for us both. are sex life has never been better. the wife likes to see me dress up in panties and i love her in panties and nylons. i dont fell like im odd or does she think that. its just two people who enjoy this kind of dress.

RUBBERBOBBY 6 years ago

i LOVE WEARING SLIP ON RUBBER PANTIES.i'VE WEARING RUBBER PANTIES ALL MY wife call's me her big rubber baby.She loves to get me off in my panties then plays with me for hours on end.It took a long time to get my wife to try a pair of rubber panties on and now that is all she will wear.Now when I feel between her legs her hot rubber panties she will be soaken wet in no time at all then we will do all kinds of sexual things to each other.I just love my wife in rubber panties

pantieman 6 years ago

well i for one love panties they feel so dam ill wear them till i die

Jack 6 years ago

I have worn womens panties (hi cut) for many years. I decide why not wear them when visiting the doctor, after all I am PAYING HIM, I figure if he doesn't like it don't look. Nylon panties feel wlondeful next to my skin and the fit is incredble. I never feel ,lioke I am wearing them.I am ikn mhy eighties and wkill wear my pantkies to the end an d yes I want them on when I am buried...

michael 6 years ago

Ive only been wearing bras & panties a little under 2yrs. but I find my love for wearing bras grows deeper each with my panties. my wife ok with my wearing .we sometimes share bras.just a couple weeks ago i bought a bali 42a that did not fit me so i gave it to her to try out. to my surprise she asked if i would buy her some different color in the same style bra. with joy i got them.

Brad 6 years ago

I first tried on my mom's silky panties when I was 6, but only for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. Then when I was 8 I began to wear them every once in a while on a weekend day for the entire day. Then on Thanksgiving weekend when I was 12 I wore them all day on that Friday, and for the first time I decided to wear them again on Saturday. To my surprise I still wanted to wear them on Sunday, and as it turns out I have worn them 24/7 ever since. My mom found out when I was 14 years old and she asked me why I did it. I told her the was strictly the fit and the feel. It had nothing whatsoever to do with any type of gay or weird thing...I just am more comfortable wearing them. That next weekend mom and dad took a trip out of town, and while dad took care of his business, mom shopped at one of those outlet malls and bought me 2 weeks worth of my own Vanity Fair nylon panties some white and many in colors. She is ok with it and still buys my panties some times!

Stewbie 6 years ago

I've just introduced my wife to my underwear fetish. She has let me wear black silky panties twice during love making, it made her feel weird but she didn't mind. I want to wear a bra or corset but don't quite know how to up the stakes? Any suggestions?

Philip 6 years ago

I havw been wearing silky panties and stocking for over 50 years now, and it feels awesome to feel the silk on my skin, and when the time is right I just jack off in the panties

pine 6 years ago

i love wearing womens panties sometimes i will pull them up so a lady can see so i can get her response it really turns me on and is a rush

Papa B 6 years ago

wtf.... is this thread for real?

oger 6 years ago

i wear panties all day im 32 year old i been wear them for 22 year my wife know but i want to tall my friends and my mom and dad but i dont know how but my wife not want be to

Kitty 6 years ago

I am 74 and wear most of the time now bra, panties, tights or knee-highs and nigties in bed. My wife has known about bras an d nighties for some years but i cam out on the lopt yesterday. I mentioned skirts but she wasn't too happy but I have 2 and do wear when I can . I only use female deoderant. Skirts will take time

hapcamp 6 years ago

I have been wearing panties sence I was 13 49 now and love it I started wearing sisters dirty panties that i got from the hamper. Then i wore panties to bed and it was even hotter. I have worn Gfs ,friends moms and many other womens panties. I have been married for 30 yrs and wife knows she finally gave in and now I wear all the time she may not like it alot but loves me and knows how much I love wearing and has even givenn me panties she cant fit in. I love the feel fit and the way I look in them and it is a huge turn on. so I will never stop wearing til I die and then want to be laid to rest in a thong.

me too, I wear 6 years ago

I'm very very straight, been married for a long time, really love sexy women and yes I too wear panties. I think it started when I was 6-7 years old. I remember going in my aunts panty drawer and trying different pairs on. I remember she had tons of sexy panties and I was hard as a rock for a little dude. I used to steal a few pairs here and there for masturbating throughout life growing up and going through puberty but never started wearing until I was married and around panties more often. At first it was just to get myself off. My wife isn't as sexually active as myself and this helps me get even more excited to masturbate. For those that think it might be weird.... well at least Ive not once ever cheated on my wife and it does no harm anyone else. Makes me feel great though and I love wearing panties. I personally only seem to wear them when im a bit horny. Once I blow my load and shower... I really have no urge to wear them. About a year ago is when I started wearing them a lot more often thanks to the career change and last year I finally told my wife about my little secret which was very very hard to do. She was ok with it but she isn't really into it which doesn't really surprise me. She doesn't want me bringing that aspect of it into our sex life which is only a couple times a month anyways so that's fine and I understand. It would have been fun though and I hope someday she lets me wear a pair to bed. I work around women and it's fun for some reason wearing these cute, silky and very sexy panties and they have no idea. I have my mind on it most of the day and its the biggest turn-on. Usually when I put a pair on in the morning it's only a matter of minutes until a little pre-cum in my panties. I highly recommend this to anyone that has never tried it. If I could find a sexy bra to wear that would be fun to do at home but I wouldn't have the courage to wear outside. I would also love a garter belt and lace stockings and all of that fun stuff for home use sometimes but I guess I don't know what sizes to buy. I'm a larger size guy and panties alone are hard to find. I have bought a few pairs on e-bay which I hide from my wife. I think she has an idea though, lol. She thought I would only wear hers but I needed my own pairs. Sorry if I rambled too long but it seemed like this was a nice place to share my story. Lots of boards seem to have many people that think you must be gay if you wear panties.

robert 6 years ago

yes - this thread is for real. I hid my like for panties and other silk related items. The wife now knows. I am lucky, I get to shop with her, she allows me to wear them to bed and make love in them. I too am a large guy and find JCpenny Size 9 are a good fit - well, lost weight and now I like he size 8's :)

Don 6 years ago

I like to hear what females have to say. Been wearing panties for a long time. Wife enjoyed it for a while but seems to have backed off. I buy my own and I love the higher quality more expensive panties.

Lucy 6 years ago

I can only read this pathetic garble for so long.... which I've been doing for many years now without posting a single word. But quite seriously, when will you "guys" get it? It's losers like you that give girls like me a bad rep.

Can you install a chimney? Have you ever changed the oil filter in your car? Do you have interests that might include astronomy, gardening, computer science, political science? I'm sure many of you do..... but what's the first thing that comes to mind when you get on the web to describe your pitiful self? "Oh, I wear panties.... please accept me". What a joke.

From what I've been told I've been TG from the crib..... but I have never tried to attract a woman's attention by begging her for anything.... including acceptance such as the author of this hub is doing. If you want to impress a GG then remember the day, hour, minute, and second you met her, and send her roses exactly on that anniversary. Make her feel like she is truly the brightest star in your sky! She won't give a shit what you're wearing dumb dumb!

The clothes do not make the person..... get it?

And BTW Frog220, my heart really goes out to you... :( You have obviously gotten involved with a spineless, gutless, self centered introvert such as 99% of the "guys" that post on sites like this..... Best of luck in your travels dear.

Javier 6 years ago

Lucy, you´re right. I don´t understand all this about wearing this or that...Everybody should be free to wear whatever they like, in private or not. nothing to question, nothing to explian.... if I would wear panties or not, ph or not, who cares??? what matters is how I love my wife, my family..the in this post...just clothes....

javier 6 years ago the way....I am here, in Argentina for another 6 months, I´ve never seen any hetero guy wearing women clothes in public..I guess because if that happens everyone will make fun of him....

Lucy 6 years ago

Javier.... what matters most is exactly what you described. Loving your wife, your family, those in you inner circle... and being honest with yourself and them.

With continued honesty comes trust.... with continued trust comes friendship at least... perhaps love.

With a single lapse in honesty comes loss of trust, friendship, maybe even love?

I live in a fairly redneck part of town, so when I go to the local stop'n'go with my skirt on I should be scared?

Why? My legs look better than most of the women and surely all of the guys..... And I'm being honest.

Best of luck to you and yours.....

santanu 6 years ago

I like womens panty.they are very attractive i do wear panty

Don 6 years ago

I like wearing full nylon panties while having sex with a women or when I'm alone at home watching porn. but I donot wear them when I leave the house, fear of having an accident,You never know what is going to happen when you step out side of that door.

Jack  6 years ago

I am 83 years mold have worn panties for well over twenty years. I prefer hi cutm and only nylon fabric. Vanity Fair has been my fA avorite for some time. I jusy purchased 2 packs of 3 each of Hanes Body Creations. These hi cut panties are wonderful, very thin and feel oh sogood, yes you cna thru them, clear enough tio tell what you are seeing. My wife has passed on, but she used to wantme to wear her panties, what a thrill, wwe both were really turned on. I will be a panty wearer until I die, I know I will buried wearing pangties as that is the only kind of undies I own.

Don 6 years ago

Good for you, Jack.

Randy 6 years ago

I wear panties and more for many years,i do not like mens styles or material women's clothes are just better to wear and the comfort that is what is best plus i love the colors everything comes in i also wear skirts better then always pants,for me it not a fetish,i wear panties full time love bras and nighties and sometime i wear a nice top out,it is societythat rules and last i love being with women not men.

mychoice 6 years ago

I know exactly what your talking about randy. I only wear womens clothes, all my jeans and tops are womens and around home i only wear skirtsand a few time have worn one out.

all my underwear are womens, can't stand the thought of menswear.

Often I've gone to lingerie shops totally dressed as a woman and the girls at these shops accept it with no problems. They're happy to have you come and spend money in thet store.

It seems they find it a bit exciting that it's a change from there normal day at work when a guy comes in to shop.

LukeSumthinShiny 6 years ago

Well, I wear panties, and it started when I the companies came out with boyshorts. I thought that it would look like boxer briefs, but in that sensuous nylon spandex combination of material. Then I bought 5 nylon microfiber white bikinis I bought on EBay. OMG! The way they slip and slide when you're wearing jeans or other pants.....WOW! For awhile, I only bought on EBay, and then it spread to Target, the WalMart. Now I shop almost exclusively at Victoria's Secret. I love the bare ulitimate and second skin satin lines. When I shop, I don't know if the sales associates know it's for me, but I usually spend about $2-300 3 to 4 times a year, and then again on the clearance sales. I have 2 full drawers of panties, tights and hose; and have even gotten into tummy, thigh, and butt shapers.

For you guys who love that sensation of the panties rubbing against you inside your pants, you MUST try Victorias Secret Kate, or Christie fit seasonless stretch dress slacks. I wear them ALL the time. I am a high school teacher, and nobody seems to notice, or they don't say anything.

I am not into the frilly stuff, but there is plenty of the shiny stuff to go around. Especially the new Victoria's Secret Nakeds line...oooh la la!

I have even bought a few body suits, and worn those. Again, masculine looking styles, but with a little secret underneath it all.

I also like wearing the Miley Cyrus or other style nylon spandex leggings under my slacks - it keeps me warmer, and provides that slippery feeling from the waist down.

Thanks to all of you who have posted, to help me understand I am not alone, and to the girls like LUCY, we ain't ruining a thing for you that you haven't already ruined for yourself. Remember, we tend to dislike most in others what we dislike most in ourselves - what are you hiding? You obviously are intrigued, interested, or otherwise supportive for the length of reply you posted. Here's a hint - go away, and mind your own business, and I'll mind mine - remember when you wear your boyfirnd's jeans, you're doing the same thing (yes it is).

Keep it up guys - Panties, and all 24/7.....

Michael 6 years ago

I love wearing women's panties, always my wife's sometimes her clean ones & sometimes her yesterday ones.

I am going shopping with her this week & I will be choosing my own range of sexy panties. I love the feel, I love the fit, I just love everything about wearing women's panties & knowing that I'm wearing them when others would never suspect it. Frilly, plain, fancy it doesn't matter, I can't wait to get in amongst the pantie section of our local store & get my week's worth of new panties.

JW 6 years ago

I tried my mothers bra on and got caught by sis when I was 7. It scared me enough to not experiment anymore. Then around 11 or 12, I was starting to explore myself and had the urge to take my experiment to the max and try on my mothers panties. The thrill was so explosive I almost orgasmed on the spot. For as long as I lived under her roof, I felt ashamed but could not control the urgency of masturbating in her panties, and other sexy lingerie. Iv'e been married now for 30 years and still do this in secret with my wives things. And recently have started buying online for her which she really likes. Iv'e been buying only very sexy intimate apparel and secretly know it's for me as well as her.I don't know if she thinks so or not, but the frustration is terrible. I don't find men sexually attractive in the least. As a matter of fact I am crazy for attractive woman of any age, I repeat woman. But what's a guy to do? I don't get a lot of spare private time to fulfill myself and it's risky when she's home. I really wish I had the freedom to wear panties when I'm home and to bed, but I kind of feel maybe it is wrong? Why? I'm confused about it but know now pushing fifty and loving it more than ever, I will never stop.

gamliel 6 years ago

i begin to wear feminine lingerie when i was 10 neighbour wife hang 2 or 3 panties a day.i was looking at her soft lingerie that hang at hange line day she see herhanging her lingerie,so she smile and told me to come and feel .her i came to her and she kis mes and beg me to help her .i began to help her and and

Hey JW 6 years ago

Hey JW - Last year I wanted to finally tell my wife about my secret. I tried but it was too embarrassing so I used text messaging and it worked out great because I could finally tell her without looking at her, lol. She is cool and understanding about it but doesn't want any part of it which is fine. It really feels great though knowing that she at least knows and I have no more secrets. Maybe your wife will even be into it but I promise it's worth letting her know.

pantylover 85 6 years ago

I use to wear panties in school days.During one hot summer, my boxers caused rashes on my skin. My mum got me a pair of girl panties and i wore on. It was so smooth and comfortable that i couldn't give up.Since 30 years. i have been on ladies panties.It is a great feeling to be on ladies panties.

Martin Askey 6 years ago

Have worn panties for nearly 50 years and prefer the nyon granny type in various colours.

I have a question. Does wearing panties cause and noticeable physical changes in males, providing not hormones or phytoestrogens are not taken?



pete 6 years ago

i love the feel around my penis it makes me feel so good my favs are see through

Rob 6 years ago

I don't even own any men's underwear any more.

I wear only panties, mostly nylon, which my wife buys for me. I also wear short skirts.

That One Guy 6 years ago

I have been wearing panties since I can't even remember when. Started when my dad's girlfriends daughter told me to put a thong on (I was 8 or so). Deal Maker. For the next 3 or 4 years it was sneaking around wearing panties around the house. I finally took a friends moms and I wore those out so fast. I snuck them in with the laundry and took them out before the clothes were folded. At the age of 17 I bought my first thong. I bought like 20 that year, and at 18 I bought about 30. I am primarily a thong man. I own about 45 womens thongs and 5 man thongs (although they are not as comfortable). I also dated a girl (ages 15-17) who loved me in panties. So I have been wearing panties ever since. I am not quite 100% a panty man. I still wear boxers since I live at home (college is about 20 mins from home). But the day I move out, all my boxers are going in the trash and I'm going to invest in some more panties, but an assortment, not just thongs. I've been thinking about boyshorts, any feedback?

bilal 6 years ago

i have worn panties for years now at this moment i am wearing black silk panties a black lace bra and stockings with a garter my girlfriend chloe loves it when we make sweet love both our stockings rubbing together, she insists i wear them when we are alone she doesn't mind when we're out and about though

Michael 6 years ago

I now have a draw full of panties & such a large variety & interestingly my sex life has increased beyond my wildest belief, as my wife loves to touch me up by rubbing my smooth soft panties, she says its a real turn on. She even likes to choose my panties for me each day & I now choose hers for her as well. She says that she loves to see my package bulging out of my gusset. All of this can only get better, i'm so glad that I included her in my pantie wearing desires.

chris ge 6 years ago

i have been wearing panties for 4 years now, gives me such a rush, im def a str8 man just love the feling

Sammy 6 years ago


I came across this website by accident and i'm suprprised how many guys do it.

I really intreagued and think good for you.

Sammy. x

Not gay 6 years ago

Hey what's good will i been wearing womens panties for some time now like the whole works but i love the ladies and i would love to wear silk and satin lingeries and some sexy high heels;)

Michael 6 years ago

Had the best full days sex today with my lovely wife as we both wore our sexist lingerie, her in her black silk bra & panties & me in my red silk panties, oh what a feeling, it just went on & on.

Sammy 6 years ago

Good for you and ur wife Michael. It sounds amazing.

eddie1955 6 years ago

i have not been able to find a women that really accepts me weaqring womens underweari've done it since i was little and i'm 55 now that's a long time I hope someday i will meet a real women that enjoys dressing me up

Sammy 6 years ago

Im sure you will Eddie. Don't give up.

As a woman I love the idea of men wearing them.

Don 6 years ago

Its nice to hear a female point of view. Thanks Sammy for weighing in.

pantikins 6 years ago

I am 60 year old straight male. Started to wear panties when I was in my teens. I have never stopped. I recently started wearing them 24/7 and I love the feeling. I also wear bras and camis and do so in public. I do enjoy going into stores and buying new stuff. What a turn on, usually cant wait to get home and try on my new purchases.

Have started looking at getting breast forms to fill out my bras but am hesitant to buy and use these in public.

Panty lover 6 years ago

Im stright and

Love to wear panties im 13 anyone wanna hook up and chat?

Ben 6 years ago

I love to wear panties, stockings, basques, bra's the whole nine yards and i am straight, i wear them as i like what it feels like to be wearing them, makes me really really horny and the ladies never complain as they reap the benefits.

Jake 6 years ago

I like wearing panties, i am 16, i am embarrassed to try and by some what should i do?

mochahh 6 years ago

Hi, im a female and about 2 years ago my boyfriend told me he wore girls bikini briefs when he was younger and that he liked the feeling. I could understand why.... i mean seriously who doesn't like the feeling. I bought him some panties and from there things progressed to me being the mistress and him being the slave. he looks so pretty and sexy in panties. its a huge turn on. I love him more for his honesty and submissiveness. Good for all of you men who love to feel sexy in beautiful silk. have a look at just stunninig male lingerie. xx

Vin4783 6 years ago

I love wearing my wife's boyshorts.......promblem is I always fall out.....sooooo I wear male thongs....I'm 10" long and 8 1/2 around.....its unfair girl's panties have no control!!!

Larry 6 years ago

I have been wearing panties all my life and I love it. I wear them 24/7

pantikins 6 years ago

I dont why more dont enjoy their fantasies of wearing women lingerie. I have been wearing panties, bras, etc for years and the feeling everytime I slip into something so nice is exciting. Wear most of my lingerie in public and no really cares. So change your life and do what feels right for you. Enjoy the feeling

Rob 6 years ago

I wear panties 24x7....even to the doctor's office. At home, I usually can be found wearing miniskirts as well. It feels great!! I also wear women's bikinis to the pool or to the beach.

Lori Dawn 6 years ago from Goodlettsville,Tn.

I wear Victoria's Secret thongs and bras everyday.I'm also fully shaved.I love wearing mini skirts and cute tops,and I shop for clothing,while I'm dressed up,also I love make up.Thanks.

Rob 6 years ago

I'm fully shaved as well but I can't pass well enough to go out dressed. Don't personally care for Victoria's Secret as I prefer nylon to cotton.

Rob 6 years ago

I'm fully shaved as well but I can't pass well enough to go out dressed. Don't personally care for Victoria's Secret as I prefer nylon to cotton.

oliver 6 years ago

i love wearing womens silky satin clothing and yes im straight just love the feel

checkout my utube page

Secret 6 years ago

Hi i just wanted to say you all are a bunch of gay quers and should move to Calfornia to marry yalls boyfriends stupid bunch of crap straight dudes lol GAY who cares how comfortable they are you are suppose to be a man not some little girl

By:Real Man

PS. Think about it are you GAY if so go to CHURCH are talk to someone like a COUNCIALER

hope this helps

Secret 6 years ago

Hi i just wanted to say you all are a bunch of gay quers and should move to Calfornia to marry yalls boyfriends stupid bunch of crap straight dudes lol GAY who cares how comfortable they are you are suppose to be a man not some little girl

By:Real Man

PS. Think about it are you GAY if so go to CHURCH are talk to someone like a COUNCIALER

hope this helps

PantyPee 6 years ago

I had the best panty sex, which was one of the most exciting times I have ever had. I invited my girlfriend to a hotel. I called her and asked her to drink lots of water. When we would strip she would see that I am wearing panties, a bra, and maybe a leotard. She acts surprised because I wear things like these all the time to get me turned on. I took everything off so that she could fondle me as I fondled her. Then on my bed I laid out a plastic garment wrap (from the cleaners) and several old towels. I asked her to put on a pair of my (women's) panties and I put on a pair. She laid on top of me as I was on my back where our crotches were together. I asked her to pee on me. Although she was full of water, she had a hard time getting it to flow. We held each other for a long, long time, which was great itself and beautiful. Then finally I felt a slow stream of her feminine urine in my crotch area. She did not tell me it was happening because I did not want her to interrupt the flow. I looked at the innocent, coquettish expression on her face like she was a little girl who could not hold it. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I looked at her panties and they were soaked like mine. Then we made love like there was no end in sight. I can't wait to do this again. What a wonderful experience.

Before then she would piss in my panties over the toilet so that I could masturbate in them when she is away. I would seal them up in sandwich bags to maintain the wetness and girl-pee odor, which often turned into ammonia. I would pull a pair out and put them on as I was looking at porn magazines of young adult girls. It would feel so good.

PantyPee 6 years ago

I also wear woman's Nike Tempo tack public when I run, jog, or walk at a public park. They feel great and keep me dry. I have seen a few other men wear them. They make a male version, which is made very much like the woman's. The woman's cost less so I buy theirs and it fits fine and works perfectly I might get a few strange looks. I think that they should be advertised in the men's section of sporting goods stores. More men would buy them and wear them with no problem. I just don't like men's running shorts because they have flaps and can show the bulge of the genitalia real good. Plus those panty liners inside have holes in them like men's swim suits. That is very uncomfortable.

JAVIER 6 years ago


Jan 6 years ago


You say you have started looking at getting breast forms to fill out your bras but are hesitant to buy and use these in public...

You can get small-cup breastforms which fit snugly into suitable bras and I find that the softness and the jiggly sensation are so beautiful as I walk around. The flatness of the breastforms means that they do not show up if I am wearing a jacket, or a shirt with a sports waistcoat. When wearing a thick shirt I have to remove the breastforms and just wear the bra. In the UK, Doreen Fashions in London sell suitable small-cup breastforms. I also have two pairs of larger breastforms for exciting sessions in larger bras. Go for it, you won't regret it. See

Mike 6 years ago

Hi there, I'm not gay either...but I must say that women's underwear feel a lot more comfortable than my man underwear. On Halloween night a couple of years ago as a little prank, I dressed up completely as a woman, from the satin panties and bra to pantyhose, camisole and a half slip under my dress. I must say that I felt quite comfortable, and I suffer from leg pain a lot as a result of Crohn's Disease., I found that the pantyhose on my legs helped relieve the pain a bit. I also loved the feel of a nice lacy slip rubbing against my pantyhose-clad legs. I still sometimes slip on my lingerie and dress with or without the pantyhose. I wish that I owned more skirts and dresses, they are far more comfortable than man clothes. If only society would accept it.

Pantykins 6 years ago

Jan: Thanks for the suggestions about buying small cup breastforms. The idea does sound compelling to me, but as I live in North American shopping at your suggested store is out of the question. But I have checked out the web site, it looks like a great place.

I gather you wear your breastforms most days at work. I just cant wear ones I would purchase as most days I just wear a T shirt to work. Thanks for the heads up and one day I will have made my purchase and will look forward to wearing them.

Rob  6 years ago

I enjoy wearing women satin nylon white granny panties and white lace bra and I wear them 24/7 and that thay feel real good on my skin and would love to find a women that loves men to wear there satin nylon granny panties and there white lace bra and if men want to wear women panties and I don't see what wroung for a man to wear women white satin nylon panties and there white lace bra .

Panties I love  6 years ago

I love to wear women nylon panties hose and some time I wear a skirt and a slip that feel real good on me and I think men can wear satin nylon granny panties and women white lace bra becauce I love and enjoy wearing women satin nylon white granny panties and white lace bra that I love to wear 24/7 .

Bra and Panties I Love  6 years ago

I have been wearing women satin nylon panties for about 30 year and I love wearing women satin nylon panties and women white lace BRA and I have them on right now and that thay feel real good on me right now and all I want to say is that I realy love to wear women nylon panties and nylon panties hose and wear my white lace bra out and my satin nylon granny panties out allso and love women to see what I am wearing and hope the women loves on what I am wearing . I think men should wear women satin nylon granny panties because that is what I love to wear is my satin nylon white panties and my white lace bra all the time and love it .

My love for satin nylon panties and lace bras  6 years ago

My love for women satin nylon granny panties is unreal about wearing them all the time and wear my white lace bras allso is unreal about wearing them all the time and thay feel real good when I put on my satin nylon white granny panties and my white lace bras and hope to find a women that realy love me to wear her satin nylon granny panties and my white lace bras and wear size satin nylon granny panties is (8) and my size bra is (38-C) and love to wear them and hope there is a women out that realy like it as much as I do to wear the satin nylon granny panties and my white lace bras and I do wear matching bras and panties all the time and love it so much and I think all men should wear women satin nylon granny panties and matching bras and thay would realy love to wear them because I love them so much to let a women to see me in them and hope she realy love it as much as I do .

Wooler 6 years ago

Please encourage me in my desire to wear silk and satin.I feel so comfortable in it. All I need is relief.

Pantylover 6 years ago

How do i tell my mom i want to wear panties? Im 13

@Pantylover 6 years ago

If im 13... I wouldn't tell my mom, she might make you see a shrink or something crazzy! Theres nothing wrong with keeping things private

Don 6 years ago

I would keep it to myself if I was you.

Sam 6 years ago

Yes keep it private because i doubt people would understand.

feelsgood 6 years ago

Wearing panties is pretty normal, it's just a label that makes the difference. My wife lets me wear panties, especially since I buy my own. She's ok with me wearing her bra's - and now she has accepted that I am wearing nylons. I usually wear these items to bed knowing we won't get intimate, and when we do it's only by hand or together masturbation due to her pains. One evening she got really frisky and I had bra and under garments on with nylons. I didn't take anything off completely, she giggled a little but had a great orgasim. Sure hope this is a start to more fun. I still wait til it get's dark to wear my stuff, she does not want to really see me wearing sexy lingerie items. Don't blame her, I wouldn't want to see another guy either, even though I love how it feels on me.

PaPantyDude 6 years ago

I am 49 married I wear satin high cuts every day I grew up with two older sisters and tried on my sisters at age 11 they feel so good I don't know why women have a problem with it they wear mens boxers all the time but we are sick in the head if we put thers on befor the internet I thought I was alone now I feel better about wearing them Thanks to all who post and let me know I'm not a freek

stringers 6 years ago

im not gay im a strong man 50 age i keep wearing sexy string over 20 years all ladies underwear are veary comfortabel & nice

its give a man more sexy feeling

i wear string & brest holder & socke all the time

my wife love me in this wear

my email

Satin panties and lace bra  6 years ago

I am wearing a pair of women satin nylon lace panties and and I am allso wearing a lace bra that feel real good on me and I do wear matching satin nylon granny panties and a matching bra to match that I love to wear all the time and allso wear them to bed at night . I would love for a women to see me in my satin nylon granny panties and my lace bra and hope she will love it as much as I do and all so wear women panties hose and women skirt that I love to wear all the time and if there is a women out there I hope she like what I have put in this letter

pantylover 6 years ago

I need panties but i cant get any what do i do?

pttung 6 years ago

i do it too, so comfort and sexy. That is lace or pandex panties

My women satin panties and my lace bra  6 years ago

I have on a pair of women satin nylon white granny panties and allso wearing a women white lace bra that I love to wear all the time and I allso wear women panties hose and allso wear women skirt and it feel real good to wear women satin nylon granny panties and there lace bra all the time and allso wear women lace granny panties and women lace bras and would love to show a women my satin nylon granny panties and my lace bra and hope she well love for me to wear my satin nylon panties and my lace bra in front of her and hope there is a women out there that loves men to wear there satin nylon granny panties and lace .

REDWHITEBLUE 6 years ago



TJ Central Florida 6 years ago

I love to wear thin shiny panties ! I love to get erect in them and also feel my nice firm ass in the silky transparent material!! I'd like another male and or female to feel me in them and more !

GLENDA 6 years ago


Lace bras and satin panties  6 years ago

I have on a pair of women satin nylon granny panties and a lace bra that I love to wear all the time and would love for a women to see me in there satin nylon granny panties and there lace bra that I allso love to wear allthe time . I wear the satin nylon granny panties and my lace bra 24/7 and thay realy feel good on me all the time

JAVIER 6 years ago






Michelle 6 years ago

I've been wearing panties now all the time for 30 years. I used to steal my wife's, but she caught me and objected, so I began buying my own. What a thrill it was to go to Victoria's Secret and browse through all the styles. The manager suspected the panties were for me, but she was always very respectful and helpful. I particularly like the Second Skin Satin styles. They feel soooooo good against my skin. And isn't that part of why we do it?

I would love to correspond with another man who loves panties like I do. It's just a scary secret, and I would like to meet someone else who thinks like I do. If you would like to correspond, please write to me at:

druidcd@yahoo. com

ascd 6 years ago

My wife and I wear same panty in every alternate day. Once my wife wear then next day I wear same one. We are having all common panty.

The feel of women panties and lace bras  6 years ago

I love the feel of women satin nylons granny panties and women lace bra on me that thay feel real good on me all the time . I all so wear women satin nylon panties hose and love to wear a lot of women clothes that feel good on me .love to wear women satin nylon granny panties and my lace bras all the time . I wear Jean a lot and I allso wear my satin nylon granny panties in my Jean and my panties line show through my Jean and love women to see my panties line though my Jean .

rasoir43452 6 years ago

I love to weart panties under my male attire. I also keep myself shaved smooth all over to fully enjoy the experience of the panties and pantyhose. Once in a while I will wear a matching bra.

Jeff 6 years ago

I began wearing women's panties when I had a delicate surgery. Men's briefs rub me wrong, especially seams. Panties are much more comfortable and I no longer suffer a rash between my legs. They are great for travel because you can pack more, they are easier to launder, and they dry faster. My wife and I can wash our underwear together. I like the way they feel and are lighter and not as sweaty. I believe the manufacturers should begin making unisex underwear or market women's panties for men. I had to try a lot of different sizes, styles, and fabrics to find the right ones. I prefer cotton briefs, although I have several nylon and microfiber ones.


Girlfriend Heaven 6 years ago

My girlfriend was introduced to my panty wearing when I perposefully forgot my undies when I went for a stay at her place and borrowed a pair I had given her. She commented on how cute they fit my bottom. After a little reluctance about my frequency of wearing them she stopped giving it a second thought. Now we go shopping with me in white short-shorts, panties, shaven legs, painted toenails, girl shirts, girl sandals, girl jeans and my ever present pantylines.

loves to wear his moms panties 6 years ago

i love to wear my moms panties i get so turned on with them on it so nice they do feel comfertiable escpescialy when i jack off in them man its soooo good and feels so good i am 19 and no i am not gay either i wish that my mom would buy some more sexy panties so i can put them on but ya like i said it feels sooo good to put my moms panties on

Keef 6 years ago

Im a new covert to the world of panties. I bought some yesterday and ive been wearng them since. they ar ejsut s much better than boxers or whatever.

Rob 6 years ago

I have been wearing lingirie for over 10 years.I love the way they feel against my skin,I shave my body so I can get the full effect.I also have a large collection of High Heel Shoes.My Mom is aware that I do this and she supports my decision.I don't see why others are against this,If a woman can wear men's clothes why can't us men wear womans clothes.Right now I am wearing a thong panty,pantyhose,fredricks bra,daisy duke shorts,t-shirt and a pair of 4" Pumps

Luke Loves Silk 6 years ago


My name is luke Im 16 years old and have been wearing panties and dressing up as a women in secert at night and when im home alone for about a year now, as everyone here does i too love the feel of womens underware.

Im 100% straight. This is a BIG fetish i have developed and love every bit of it. This may sound gay but when i dress up i feel like a sexy horny woman, i just snap into that charcter, i even start moaning like a girl when im about to cum.

I dont like or think about men if im in my girly charcter either even tho i love anal penatration NOT FROM A PENIS by the way (the anus is the male G-spot its a whole other level) because im just NOT attracted to men i even tested my self with gay porn (This is a good idea if you are unsure of your sexuality it went either way with a few of my friends) and i didn't like it at all so i know im straight cuz i watch lesbian porn all the time and im very comfortable with my sexuality but i still love to finger my ass in the shower lol the qlimax i get when i cum is unbeleviable sorry if im getting a little dirty i just have a strange passion for my fetishes its probabley because im wearing my white g-string at the moment. i just think about what it is that im doing and sometimes a girl i fancey that just turns me on. The best time i had was when i dressed up when my family were out of town, i shaved all my pubic hair (that's regular now) and i was wearing black silk panties (tight fit) and my mums matching bra, along with normal black pantihoes, my younger sisters red dress which had a frilly bottem which i liked cus its a really small fit on me (very slutty), and also my mums shiney black pumps. my mum has quite big tits DD or G cup i think lol so i actually filled the bra with two baloons which was good cus they were unseen because of the dress and the ends you blow them up with even looked like hard nipples (would recommed this but don't blow up too big) suprisingly they were very genuine looking a real turn on. its the summer holidays at the minute my mum and dad are working tomoro and sis goes to grannys and i can stay at home all day dressed as a sexy female slut i cant wait, im also due a shaving i might shave myself a pubic line. I would also like to add that i envy the guys that have the freedom to buy their own garments and do this any time they want i cant wait til im older and i hope i find a girlfriend who dosent have a problem with this.

My gmail is

Its just a screen name i like to think of my girl character as being called lucy. its so i don't get caught by mum and dad on my normal email by the way i made it just there now so people from threads like this can chat to me...

Im looking for someone in my position to sharing friendly advice about the subject with it would be great to have someone to share my secert with AND im also up for trading pictures if you want im not shy. but id really preffer somone close to my age for that. i don,t want to attract pedos you know with this being the internet and all saftey first. thanks for the support the page has given me relevement now i know its a normal thing Thanks.

Scotty21 6 years ago

What an interesting site. I am in the same boat as many of you guys. At about 12 tried on my first pair of panties and was instantly aroused. The feeling of soft nylon against my smooth private area was overwhelming. I was hooked from then on.

I certainly love women, have had numerous partners over the years, and eventually settled down with a wonderful wife.

Always found alone time to slip into their panties though, and felt quite guilty about this ongoing fetish.

Then one night, I had this crazy dream, and decided to share with my wife to see what would happen.

It was very simple. In the the dream she removed all my pubic hair, then put me in a pair of her sexiest panties.

Next thing I know, I am laying on a towel and my wife is slathering Nair all over my privates. Within ten minutes, I was as bald as the day of my first panty experience. Then she asked me to walk over to her dresser, held out one of her prettiest pair of pink Vanity Fair undies, had me step into them, and gave me a gentle pat on the butt. That night we made close to the most passionate love ever.

The next morning, I was up first and went off to work in my usual boxer shorts, not sure what would happen next. Even boxers rubbing against my smooth skin gave me an instant erection. It was a very challenging and embarrassing day on the job.

When I came home that evening, my wife walked me to the bedroom. She opened my underwear drawer and explained that she had gone through all of hers and gave me about 20 pairs she no longer wears. It certainly was a dream come true.

Things have evolved somewhat since then. I now wear panties 24/7. My wife and I shop together for new ones for each of us during the V.S. clearance sales. If we are away from home and I have run out of my own, in the morning she allows me to remove hers and slip them right on. It's a wild feeling because they are still warm and filled with her discharge from the previous day.

I guess in some ways this has contributed to me becoming more submissive in the marriage. To be honest, I don't care. It has been such a liberating experience. I no longer feel the guilt I once did.

This is way more than any of you care to read, so will stop now. Certainly any feedback would be appreciated.

Soda123 6 years ago

I agree with everybody that commented because i love the feel but im not allowed to wear them but i sneak them anyways and im only 13 years old :)

Turandotignoto 6 years ago

LOOK lingerie for US

Tom love women panties  6 years ago

I am glad that I am not the only one that love to wear women satin nylon brief panties and also love to wear women lace bras . I have on a pair of women satin nylon brief panties and a women lace bra that I love to wear and I do wear matching bras and panties all the time . I do wear them to bed at night and feel good to sleep in them all the time .

Skirt / Bra / Panties  6 years ago

I am wearing a women blue Jean skirt and a women satin silky nylon panties and a women lace bra that feel real good on me right know . Is there women out there that love for men to wear there silky satin nylon panties and there lace bras because I love to wear them and I do wear satin nylon panties Hose over my silky satin nylon panties and that thay feel real good to wear both of on me .

wife knows 6 years ago

I have been wearing panties for about 10 years. I'm not sure how it started but i think it had to do with to much beer. My wife never had a problem with it and even buys them for me. The best one are the joe boxer string satin bikinis. You can still buy them at Kmart. I wear them 24/7. good luck to all

pantikins 6 years ago

I now have been wearing panties for 1 year, 24/7. Its the best thing I've ever done. Also now am wearing a bra about 70% of the day, not just at work.

Why should we all not feel subconscious about wanting to look and feel good. Women have done it for years now its our turn.

We should feel no shame at all about going into the lingerie section of any store and picking out what looks and feels good to us. It will look good on us just as it looks good on any women.

I've long ago thrown out out all my male underwear and just wear panties all the time.

Loosen up guys that feel weird doing this, its just a piece of cloth that covers us and makes us feel happy.

The love for satin nylon panties and lace bra  6 years ago

I enjoy wearing women silk satin nylon brief panties and all so enjoy wearing women lace bras all the time and I do keep myself shave all over so I can feel the silky satin panties and my lace bra on and that thay feel real good on me all the time and allso wear pantieshose and my blue Jean skirt over my silky satin nylon panties . I would love to find a women that love what I wear .

Roger 6 years ago

I am 64 and have been wearing panties and bras and hose

for several years as I bought my first pair of panties in 1986 and there is nothing better than nylon panties and bras against my skin. I have several different brands that I buy and wear them everyday. If anyone is interested in communicating email me at and would like to talk to any guy about wearing panties and bras.

Lucky Me 6 years ago

I must be one of the lucky ones. My wife is completely ok with me wearing panties, thigh highs and a bra with breast forms. It's not an everyday thing, but only when I'm in the mood.

She knew that I wore panties in the beginning and was ok with it. But I always hid my love of wearing a bra from her. Eventually I figured that honesty is the best policy and believe it or not, she was great with it. The fact that it turned me on, turned her on. It's come to the point where she'll surprise me by buying panties and bras for me. Nothing turns me on more than that!

I'm not one of the ones who enjoy going out in public like this or want to be a woman. I just enjoy the feel of lingerie. I've tried to stop in the past and threw out all of my stuff, but then the desire for it comes back and I buy all over again. When I'm wearing the lingerie and we have sex, as soon as it's over I need everything off. All I want is a pair of basketball shorts on......

It's the biggest sense of relief when you can come clean of all your secrets and just be yourself. After reading all of these comments, I realize how lucky I truly am to find someone who will love me for me.

Kim 6 years ago

Sorry, I don't get it = the COMFORT part

I love to wear panties, just have never found any that the "package" didn't slip out of by the end of the day, which is totally NOT comfortable

What brands have good package control?

And why are all the bras available in 38A padded or molded? I need a good stretch seamless cup underwire bra - so hard to find!

Mistress Cinamon 6 years ago

For the last ten years I have made a career talking to men about the whys of their fetish and telling custom live fantasies. I also see men in live sessions in Reno, Nevada. Just Google my name, Mistress Cinamon, for contact information. I am very experienced.

Old panty wearer 6 years ago

I'm 73 years old and have just started wearing panties three months ago. I love to read a good book and after sitting for twenty minutes I found I had to keep adjusting myself when wearing male underwear, they would slip up and nearly cut me in half. My wife noticed I was very uncomfortable and put me in a pair of her panties to try for a day. I was comfortable all day even tho' they were one size too small for me. I have tried all kinds now to find the most comfortable and I now stick with Bali Skimp Scamp. They give me the support I need and so very comfortable and not once do I have to adjust myself in a day. I have no yearnings to wear lace or pink panties, I'm just interested in being comfortable. I should have started wearing panties many many years ago, all those years I have missed when if I had worn panties I could have been so comfortable.

latingirl702002 6 years ago

This is a great site. A place where guys who love panties and lingerie can share their thoughts without fear or judgement. I am a 65 year old guy who started wearing my sisters dirty panties at age 6. I loved sneaking them from the dirty clothes basket. the dirtier the better. I have owned a pair of mens underwear in 45 years. I have a collection of girls and womens panties that number into the hundreds. Petticoats of the 50s ventage are super turn on. Was married twice and both wifes accepted and enjoyed my fetish. I'd love to trade stories, chat about opinions, photos and even share some of my collection. e-mail me at

latingirl702002 6 years ago

orrection; I have NOT owned a pair of men's underwear in 45 years

Bo Girl 6 years ago

The first panties i ever wore was my mother inlaws iam 62 i was married when i was 17 she left them at my house when i was about 20 and man did they feel good i talked my wife into let me try wearing a pair of hers and she said ok after that when i want a new pair we go to the store i pick them out and we get them for me and i have been wearig panties for about 42 years i wear them when i go for my phisical ever year and for what ever i need my doctor is a woman and she says there isent aney thing grong with me wearing them she even says they look good on if it feel right wear it. Hope you enjoy my true confesion.

cuteguy98 6 years ago

i love my pink g-strings from vs im a guy and i wanna feel sexy too.yay

UguysRlucky 6 years ago

I tried out of the blue to start wearing a few months ago, I really started getting into it. I bought a few things, even cotton to wear to bed. My wife saw it, and didn't say alot in the beginning. So...I thought she was alright with it, not happy mind you, but ok. I bought more panties and replaced all of my male underwear with panties in my drawer. She looked one day when she was off and I was at work, and was having a cow when I got home...asking me if I was gay, did I want to get fired from my job...on and on. I tried to tell her that they are just underwear, I'm not gay, so on so forth...she didn't like it so I put all of the panties in a plastic bag and stuck them in the closet. That lasted all of a few weeks and then I started pulling a few black microfiber and nylon ones out and wearing them, keeping them out of plain view of my wife. She got mad for something last night, and then when we were going to bed she complained about not having any of her black cotton panties around that she used to wear, why was I taking her stuff, ever since you started this fetish I have been missing my panties, on and on. I wish she would just accept it, at least last night she mentioned my was almost like she didn't want to even think about it before. I'm hoping that's a sign she's coming around to accepting it, but it seems like it's taking her forever to do.

Jake 6 years ago

Where is a good pace to buy panties and such?

Jake 6 years ago


Savannah Kelly 6 years ago

I is an honor to see, those who know them selves.

I will be gettng back to those who left addresses.

Thank you to all the women who know,except and understand fetishes, especialy ours


Savannah Kelly 6 years ago

I is an honor to see, those who know them selves.

I will be gettng back to those who left addresses.

Thank you to all the women who know,except and understand fetishes, especialy ours


josh  6 years ago

i like to wear panties all the time i wear them to work home and ne where else that i go. i do not own ne mens underwear and haven't for the past 2 years. i like thong boy shorts bikini style it dont matter. iam not gay but have never been able to find a girl who would be ok with this

james 6 years ago

i been married 30 year my wife dare me 2 wear stocking undies bra and when i get back home a skirts lay out 4 me iwear them every day i got no boxer she gave them 2 the bin men wife move a female lodger in and she gave me all her undies and bra it nice wearing them then boxers i wear them now 24/7

pantyboy 6 years ago

I love wearing panties i have 100s i love when women spank me in my pretty panties

nylonand lacelover 6 years ago

I have been wearing panties, lacy slips since I was five yrs. old, {on and off of course}. Now I am 62 yrs. old, and wear everything a woman wears, including skirts and dresses, and am more open now than ever before. I was married 3 times, {two ending in divorce, of, and my last one was due to death from Diabetes.} But, I am really beginning to enjoy my life though. I can dress as I want to without objection from anyone, and NO MORE HIDING myself. My neighbor downstairs knows about me, and a couple neighbors, but, they don't seem to mind. I feel like this, if you're happy with yourself, the rest will take care of itself I have no men's clothes in my house what-so-ever, and don't care to own any. This is my life, and I am very happy with it. So, to anyone out there who has our likes of what we wear, Good Luck To All....

Era 6 years ago

My wife and myself both goes together to mall and purchase the lingerie for her. Whenever I purchase lingerie for her, first I try on myself. I purchase the panties with a view that I can also wear that. Some exclusive pnaties of my wife I wear and my wife knows that and she feels happy to see me in panties.

Dick Fryling 6 years ago

There are several things that become apparent frpm reading thru all the comments on this site. First, the negative comments are oviously posted by people too ignorant to do the research and find out the truth regarding men who wear lingerie. There are many different reasons for a man to want to wear lingerie. Those who believe that any man who wears lingerie must be gay, strange or less than manly are totally wrong. That is not to say there are some men who fit into this catagory , but a large number of men do not. Secondly, to call it a fetish for any man to wish to wear lingerie is also totally wrong although there are men who fit this catagory also.Are women who wear mens shirts, or pants, or suits fethishists? I don't think so. Thirdly, to call any man who wears lingerie a transvestite is also totally wrong although there are men who fit into this catagory also Fourthly, there are men who wear all different combinations of lingerie and to believe that all men who wear lingerie wear every piece of womens undergarments is also totally erroneous. I am a married man with 5 children and have worn lingerie for over 59 years. My lingerie wardrobe consists of panties, full slips, camisoles, pant liners, and nighties. I don't have any interest in bras, stockings, pantyhose, garter belts, girdles or any other womens apparel. I wear lingerie for sheer comfort and warmth. My work is outside and in the winter time, the layers of nylon are perfect for cutting the wind and cold. So I suggest that all of you who would lump all men who wear lingerie into one catagory rethink what you have to say on the subject, and spend enough time to find out the truth about what you are talking about

ICanthelpit 6 years ago

Hi all. I have been wearing panties sice I can remember. I used to go through my stepmums underwwear drawer. I wore every single piece of lingerie she had. I knew when she got new ones and wore them too.

Then I started sneaking into womens bedrooms when I was visiting them with my family. I would pretend to use the upstairs toilet and grab a pair of panties. I had a whole collection. Then my parents found them. It was embarrassing.

I stopped for a little while. I was a teenager by this time and started to date girls. I would wear their panties too. without them knowing. I got a permanent girlfriend when I was 16 and used to stay at her house. She was 14 and her sister was 12. As they got older her sister became increasingly attractive. I used to sometimes stay in the house on my own while they were at school. I liked to wear her sisters school uniform and orgasm in it before putting it back. Then seeing her wearing it the next day.

Where I work I have to visit peoples homes. They would sometimes leave me the key and I would go in to work there and always sneak into their bedrooms. I loved the smell of these womens underwear drawers. One time I worked in an entire block of student flats in London. They all had interesting lingerie!

I'm now 25 years old and love wearing womens panties. My current girlfriend doesn't yet know :/

Let me know what you think of my story. It's all true!

martin 6 years ago

hi icanthelpit i to have been wearing knickers i also wear nightys i wear underwear all the time when im out or in. my girlfriend knows when i first told her she was ok with it she found it a turn on which was a very big surprise when she was ok with it she said that she loves me for me and that she would'nt want me any other way. so me myself i would be honist with your girlfriend about it she mite surprise you with her reply and if she loves you for you then she should be ok with it cause like i was told it doesnt change who you are for the person who she fell in love with. plus you would'nt want her finding out any other way that could be worse. any way i hope that this as helpet take care yours martin and good look you are who you are.

no name (again) 6 years ago

With surgery not an option for my gynecomastia, I am looking for a bra that fits properly. But my requirements for a bra are that it MUST be as non-frilly as possible, preferably cotton, no padding (I want to project as little as possible), no wires, only white or black (no fancy colors), and decent support to keep me from feeling like I have jello on my chest. I would like to be fitted properly.

kitty kitty 6 years ago


Lois 6 years ago

HI im 64 been wearing panties since i was 59 love it should have started eariler

Lois 6 years ago

HI im 64 been wearing panties since i was 59 love it should have started eariler

Lingerie 6 years ago

I know I look stupid from other peoples viewpoint but when I look down at my cock encased in White lace an frills It is a huge turn on.

The feel of satin against my balls as I walk is incredible.

Going out with panties under my jeans is a huge turn on.

When I ejeculate the moment has gone and I forget the feeling for a few days and then off I go again.

love-life 6 years ago

i wear high cut panties all the time wearing them backwards gives me good support the narrow part slips up my crack which feels awsome. i also wear bras filled with silicone breast forms with nipples. my wife loves me this way i am 70 years old and have beendoing this for many years if you like it go for it.

Jock123 6 years ago

I wear panties all the time. They are great! I threw out all my men underwear. Neiman Marcus has this control brief nylon which I will buy shortly.

panty paul 6 years ago

i like to wear them all the time they are much nicer than mens, i usually wear satin or lace, it drives my girl grazy as she likes the feel me in them

patricia 6 years ago

I also like to wear panties and anything fem now 70 first recollection was when I was 4 My wife nose and no problem would like to corospond (

patricia 6 years ago

Sorry email address is (

Rob McCunnie 6 years ago

hi ya i like to wear womans panties and thongs bras bustiers corsets bridal lingerie and i dont see nothin wrong with wanting to wear it i just like the look and design and style and i like the feeling of satin or lace or silk i think they look better then mens underwear i where them around my house i wear womans underwear under my pants in public just not bras

pantieboo 6 years ago

I have loved women's panties secretly for many years. Just got to courage to tell my wife recently. At first she gave me some thongs she didn't fit. They were lacey and sooo nice. Two days later I asked her to take me shopping. She did and I am in heaven, going to ware panties from now on! I just can't explain it but I love everything about them. Wearing them at work has got me so worked up.. how naughty. My wife is still ok with it even after she realized what it does to me the feel of them and just seeing them on my body there is just no substitute! She gets a lot more action since my panties give me a hard on 24/7... She can't wait for me to get home!

mike 6 years ago

nver felt better sinse starting to wear silk knicks my very beautiful wife knows an when we make love its awesome.

just around the house first then ventured out !you cant beat the feelin .

just panic a little if ya split ya pants ! exsplain that one ! an one more thing its not gay cos i know im not

have a website for underwear try it

gottahavethem 6 years ago

I luv wearing women's panties. I pay for them myself. It is embarrassing but that is their problem.

judith 6 years ago

This stuff makes me nervous, because my father changed his sex. I know he never had a chance to be a cross-dresser, but he didn't change sex until after my mother died. So, did he maybe hold onto her things after she died, and then gradually slip into this stuff, and then, when he cracked up from the grief and pressure of his work during the Viet Nam war, and he fell into the whole transsexual thing? I don't know. About 15 years after the change I happened to call where he used to work, and can you believe there were still people there that had worked with my dad. The man that answered started to cry and said he and others always wondered what happened the children. I said I didn't understand what happened and just out of the blue called the emergency number to see if there was anyone who knew my father as he used to be. The man said to me, It was war, and they ran your daddy like an engine with no oil. When we couldn't locate him we would send a limo over to Arlington Cemetary and he'd be stretched across your mother's grave. We'd bring him back in and he would perform his job, but no one could do what he had to do without the emotional support he had from loving your mother. Then he cracked.

Just please, don't go on from the panties to anything else.

tiger 6 years ago

tiger im a 42 year olsstr8 male who loves to wear sexy woman panries i love the way they feel (soft silky) arousing my gitlfriend loves them on me where can u buy the ones for men?

Barney White 6 years ago

My sister surpised me with a visit a couple weeks ago and the first thing she had to use the bathroom. I had a pair of panties hanging in there. She didn't freek out. We had a good visit and when she started to leave she kissed me---for the first time

Revelation 6 years ago

I am 60 and have always been fascinated by ladies underwear. I have been married twice and very occasionally tried dressing up in bra and panties. I loved the feel and the arousing effect. I'm now in a sexless relationship, and sleep in my own room where I have started to wear my partner's old panties from when she was smaller and more sexy. I very recently started to wear them during the day as well as at night and found them more comfortable so have started to buy my own. I have also tried wearing bras and they feel good too. I got a rush from wearing one to go shopping but I don't think I will do that too often. I also have a 'lady friend' with whom I have a sexual relationship and I recently let her know of my new interest. I arrived wearing a pair of black ladies briefs, not much different to my usual mens ones. I said I had picked them by mistake but as I liked the feeling I would continue to wear them and buy more. I now have several pairs and my girlfriend is fine - we are going to go shopping for matching pairs so we can both be wearing them when we are apart. It is embarassing to buy in a shop but you get over it and I do it when away from home.

steve 6 years ago

Wife and i switched underwear one night. I put on a pair of her satin leopard panties. They felt awsome and made me so aroused in. I have started wearing her panties whenever she isnt home. Although she likes when i where them, no sure how she would feel about how much i love wearing them. It is so arousing seeing the outline of my cock in her tight satin panties. Also the feeling of ejaculating in her panties is wonderful. There is nothing like going out with a pair of her panties on under my jeans and her knowing am wearing them. Just wish i could tell her how good they feel. Wearing other ladies clothes is not a turn on for me but just wearing panties with satin feeling the best.

love em 6 years ago

Just received 3 pairs of Warners No Wedgies No Worries and one pair Warners no pinch all high cut. Tried them on and COMFY!!! Tried the hipsters but not enough back coverage and kept slipping down. Can't wait to go to work tomorrow!!!

sean 6 years ago

i love vs hiphuggers. 30 year old male been wearing panties for 6 yrs. my wife is just starting to get used to it. plus i wear a 38a bra so comfortable

mike 6 years ago

just got new silky knicks from ebay cant tell you how

good they feel on just walking around they feel awsesome wi jeans on an you can just see the knicker line

ive never felt so good an if yav never tried it a go

cos you will bin ya boxers !!!

mike 6 years ago

have a go cos you wil bin ya boxers !!!

Gyspy Writer profile image

Gyspy Writer 6 years ago from Midwest

I can see putting an unruly man in sissy clothes to teach him a lesson. lol. Just kidding. My guy wouldn't go for it.

Dot 6 years ago

My square dancing panty's are Red Ruffle& Lace high waiste with 4 inch seam. They make a sound when you walk in them, the vibration is quite something. The Lace against lace on red satin girdle with tummy pannel just transspons the vib to your whole bun a one time.

Brian 6 years ago

This is a free country feel free to wear what you want.But do not shove it down our throuts. Please do not walk up and start a conversation over you'er feelings but walk past people who stare at you. Having said that wear what you want.And for those who don't like it too bad.Let people be them self. Lets get some facts ,Men were first to wear dresses, make-up wiggs ect check it out The pope wears a dress shaped outfit {a dress by any other mane is still a dress] Scotts wear skirts nothing wrong with that? women wear what ever they want. When they call it sexy lingerie that is what it is .It makes a women feel sexy and turns them on so why would it not do this for a male. Men or women who cross dress or pierce ther bodies wear tattoos,or even change sex gender ect shoud not bother any one as long they treat there standing as any person walking this earth.lets face it we have our own thoughts and preferences witch might seem strange to others as long as they are not hurting any one ,let it be .Having said that I wear panties and womens clothes. At first it was sexual but now a comfort and normal feeling cotton g strings fit better than any male underwear around. male boxers are like not wearing any thing at all and all males sometimes drip a little after peeing.and that sucks.male briefs are better but the y opening sucks {the snake aways finds his way out].would love to see male briefs like womens made with a double lining up front. Well that is my thought on the subject and my attitude extends to all aspects of life . Live the way you want as long as it is causing no harm to people or to the earth For this a AMERICA land of the free. Or is it? Brian

Jake 6 years ago

Hi I am a man who just loves girls clothes. It all started out when I was a year and a half and my mom asked me what kind i wanted. I said like the ones u wear. She brought me home girls underwear. When I was 11 I asked 4 a sex change. My mom said no but she said I can dress as a girl. So I switched schools, pretended to be a girl, and nobody noticed. I am now 22, am still a man, married to both a man and women, both of them know and understand, I know am I full crossdresser I wear thongs, g-strings, string bikinis, go the beach wearing bikinis, wear bras, corsets, shortshorts, dresses, nighties, makeup tight jeans shave everywhere, and most people recognize me as a girl. It just turns me on and I like it

sherlock.35 6 years ago


Unmarried, 39 years old,

I'm wearing panties everyday since 10 years ago.

Sometimes with leggings, sometimes with pantyhose.

I'm wearing panties every day, whether at home or at work

I Love sensation on my skin.

thank to this site .

This gave me self confidence about wearing panties.


Giovanni 6 years ago

I have loved the feel of silks and satins ever since I was a little boy. I love to order panties on line from V. S. My wife knows of this sinse our early marriage of

40 years ago. However she does not approve of this, so I have to sneek when wearing them. I wish she would accept this as I am wearing them right now as she is not home.

I love to go with her an pick out panties for her and yet she know what I am doing when I feel them.

Sacramento, Ca.

Jason 6 years ago

I love wearing knickers (panties) wear them most days even to work!

Mike...I love lucidlingerie too!!!

Jason 6 years ago

I wear panties mainly because they're so much more comfortable than men's underwear. I'm not into wearing bras, dresses, skirts, heels, pantyhose or any of that stuff. I'm not a shemale and I'm not a homosexual. I guess my first experience with pantiesw was when I was a teenager. I was checking out the garbage bin behind K-Mart because sometimes they threw away store merchandise in there... good stuff too, and I found about 12 pairs of women's panties. They appeared to be new and in unused condition. My interrest being stirred, I grabbed them and took them home. I tried them all on and I liked them. Now, I wear them almost exclusively.

mark 6 years ago

I wear pantyhose every day all day I shower and put on a clean pair for wife cant get enough of me in her lingerie often dressing me up and taking me time she took me to her moms and had me show off my red panties and pantyhose it was a very explosive time ans still today I am always in pantyhose

GearJammer 6 years ago

I prefer Hi-Cut panties. Among my favorites are Hanes Body Creations Satin Hi-Cut Panties and Hanes cotton stretch bikinis. Also St Eve string bikinis- very comfortable, sexy looking and they look and fit great on me. I found the best place to go shopping for panties is Ross. I always strike gold while I'm there. Great panties at even greater prices... sometimes for less than $1!

pantyboy 6 years ago

I have been hooked on wearing panties ever since i can remember , I love how the ones that fit right feel . I love how they look , I also love wearing pantyhose , and anything silky . I am perfectly straight . I have a wife who supports this and buys me new things all the time. I am one happy pantyboy . I know there are thousands of guys who have to hide this from the wife because some women are just to closed minded to be happy with it .

Gina 6 years ago

My husband had a secret from me and it was panty love. Since finding out I have him wear pretty panties 24/7 , he is often put to bed in panties and a nightie. Sometimes i have him dress up in bra panties garterbelts stockings and a skirt . I spank him over my knee often . I show him to my best friend . She has had her turn spanking him as well. My best friend introduced us to adult toys. She wore one and placed hubby on his knees . She told him if he wanted to dress like a girl he was going to give oral like a girl . He refused at first thats is when she spanked him with his own belt. He was back on his knees performing his duty wit in 10 minutes. Since then he has become a much better husband. He listens obeys and is very caring about my needs . we no longer have any arguments. He no longer wants to go out to the bar with his buddies. Our life has improved 10 fold. He is dressed right now in a corset with stockings and he is under my desk as i submit this comment. I am wearing a toy that looks so real its mind blowing . Ooops i think he just banged his head !

Cam 5 years ago

God love you people

pantykins 5 years ago

well still can't believe how lucky men are now that we have found the joy of wearing women's panties and bras. My collections has swelled over the last 6 months with over 60 pairs of panties and 12-13 bras. I have found that after the holidays my stores of choice were clearing out their fall and winter stock of lingerie and and prices were unbelieveable. I've stocked up now for a bit a will be wearing my new purchases with pride every day I wake up. I can't fathom the assortment that I've collected in a short time, and dream about what I'm going to wear on a hourly basis.

Enjoy what you have and wear it with pride. If your partner's into it enjoy it with her if not your mind will come up with many different things that you can enjoy while dressed

mike  5 years ago

love the feel of silk knicks ! specaily after showering

ive never felt better an my wife is ok with it an

if she wasnt i dont know what i would do

so dont hide it an let them know cos your faithfull an not hurting a soul

Robin 5 years ago

I wear panties 24X7 and I don't own any male underwear as they are too uncomfortable. Even my doctors have seen me in them during check-ups. I wear skirts around the house and opaque tights under my jeans when its cold.

Nirmala 5 years ago

I am 47 year male from India. Im wearing all types of ladies panties 24*7 for the last 15 years. I dont have any mens undergarments.

Pete 5 years ago

Hi I love wearing ladies clothes been wearing panties all my life my niece caught me 4 yrs ago,now she helps me pick out my clothes and heels I'm 57 and no my wife does not like me in drag but we only live once and I do

george 5 years ago

I love wearing panties I have so many , My wife likes me in them as well , She often spanks me for being such a naughty boy . Often i go to work with panties and pantyhose under my suit . Sometimes I would even have a bra and panties with a garterbelt and stockings on . Today its a very silky womens one piece swimsuit . No one knows about this other than my wife's best friend who has seen me in lots of lingerie and has had a turn spanking me . I know many men are not as lucky as me . My first marriage ended because she thought me wearing panties was perverted. My current second wife loves every thing about it and I love her more than life.


pete 5 years ago

love wearing ladies panties and stocking with a garter belt,it is so exciding to go out in them just got back from the mall dressed in all girls clothes with my wig and makeup on going to a drag show this friday with my niece can't wait

hans 5 years ago

I have been a panty wearer for about 15 years, mostly victorias secret second skin satin, preferably pink. Recently I wore a pair of hicuts to get a message. There was no doubt I was wearing them when sara, (masseuse), caught a glimpse. I was embarrassed, but majorly thrilled. Can't wait to do it again!

Lisa  5 years ago

Gina,, way to go,,, letting him be him..... im half way there , my wife lets me enjoy wearing girly girl stuff too. thanks for the tell, & hope he enjoys all of it..

Ron 5 years ago

I think I made a guy stop in his car one time when I was wearing panties I was trying to acting like I was fixing my curtain it was so arousing. I am 30 and love to wear girls panties and always will. Please give it a try!!! If you want to chat or send pics my email is panties I wear are Vanity Fair, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and Victorias Secret I also like to wear camisoles and sexy tops.

Ron 5 years ago

I think I made a guy stop in his car one time when I was wearing panties I was trying to acting like I was fixing my curtain it was so arousing. I am 30 and love to wear girls panties and always will. Please give it a try!!! If you want to chat or send pics my email is panties I wear are Vanity Fair, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and Victorias Secret I also like to wear camisoles and sexy tops.

Ron 5 years ago

I think I made a guy stop in his car one time when I was wearing panties I was trying to acting like I was fixing my curtain it was so arousing. I am 30 and love to wear girls panties and always will. Please give it a try!!! If you want to chat or send pics my email is panties I wear are Vanity Fair, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and Victorias Secret I also like to wear camisoles and sexy tops.

fred watson 5 years ago

I have been wearing panties since I was 10 yo..I was a very curious kid,,I wa sin my cousins house and she wa snot home from school yet..I went to her dresser and found her panties and bras. I loved the feel of he rsexy panties..I took a pair and went to the bathroom and put them did they fel hairles cock wea so hard! I love to chat and trade panty pics. my e-mail is

Huggs, FRED

Lisa in Pink 5 years ago

Im 54. & love every min. im wearing lingerie. been wearing lingerie for 35 yrs & its a life style 24/7. the color Pink is my favorite,so fem. love dressing up in Teddys, Baby Dolls, & anything crochless, thigh high`s garters. feel so great when they lightly touch my ass , move when im walking, Im so glad im not alone, and there are 100,000 men wearing panties too. its such a turn on seeing a nice hard cock in panties, and the funny thing is im not gay ! love looking at pics of men in lingerie. my wife buys & picks out some of my panties. I admire the women that let there men do this. Ive asked my wife many yrs strap the toys on, lay me back, put me on my knees, a little KY & slip it in & stroke me gently. but i guess she didnt want to here me. so i say to all the ladies that do this for thier men. thank you for loveing your man unconditionaly & letting us be who & what we are. i would like some responce or feed back. of what im feeling if you can....

Chuckie 5 years ago

I have worn panties for 20+years,my gf loves it like i do..

pete  5 years ago

I just love the feeling of wearing girl clothes the way panties rub on my cock the way stocking feel on my legs to wear a bra had my nieces mom help me with my makeup once then wore my outfit and makeup all day at work,tell you I was so horny just wanted to jerk off but did,nt want to waste the great feeling,I've got the most fantactic niece and her mom to help and stand beside me love going out clothes shopping as her sister being dressed up

JD 5 years ago

I am one of those guys who loves panties on a woman. But recently I was looking for some new underwear and my gf had me wear hers one night and they were so comfy, just a little small where they needed to be. I've always liked string bikini underwear and when I couldn't find the ones I normally got, I found the VF string bikini's and read the reviews and half of them were from men. So I bought some. Not only are they soft, comfortable, light they seem like they could easilly pass as men's underwear. And you just have incredible confodence when you are around women because you have this naughty little secret.

Silky feel 5 years ago

Hi. What a wonderful message board. Can't believe so many men indulge in this wonderful fetish. My wife buys me stockings and panties all the time. We have great sex when we both dress up. I love wearing then around the house on my days off. Anybody want fondness some pics or emails then drop me a message

Chuckie 5 years ago

Hello and congratulations to all men who enjoy wearing panties,bras and so forth with and in front of a woman they 'trust' and love like I do myself...Found my gf after many years of believing that any and all women would look down on a man for wearing panties and/or bras.When my lady first discovered panties in my home she was at first upset with me believing that I had been cheating on her with another whom had left her panties around my place. I thought to myself "well what i'm going to tell her about the panties will run her away for sure." When I told her the truth about them she immediately expressed happiness in finding out that I already did and would wear them without any protest.Said she had wanted to find and be with a man like me for many years. She likes me to wear false breasts,make up,dresses, panty hose,high heels(she has a shoe fetish)while we have sex on occasion. She knows I'm a normal straight man who likes to cross dress on occasion. I have always felt that women have gotten to wear much nicer/sexier softer better feeling clothing than men have able to according to today's socially acceptable public standards.I pretty much wear panties 24/7 besides weeks that my kids from a previous marriage come to stay with me.Their mother would never understand,always had to hide my fetish from her and could only wear my panties when I knew that she wouldn't catch me. I know there are still women in the world that do and always will think im sick for wearing women's panties bras etc but I couldn't care less about their opinions because my lady excepts these facts about me with no disagreement at all.She's not too crazy about me wearing bras and is slowly but surely coming to except them being a part of me also.To all the men out there who are hoping to find that woman out there who excepts and loves everything about you no matter what,have faith because you will meet her someday when least expected like I did. My favorite panties are boxer brief/boyshort styles that hold and control a man's genitalia with the most comfort.My gal likes to bring home new panties for me sometimes which im always happy to model for her,they have to fit my butt in a way that makes her happy and I always love the way they feel on me also.She always and forever will love for me to wear panties. I'm really glad that I happened to discover this site where individuals can speak up about 'some' things they enjoy in life while it still mostly remains their personal business. My many,many thanks to those who created it.......

Tiffany 5 years ago

To Bobby I have been thinking about having my nuts cut off.They do not look good when you wear panties.LOL Tiffany.

Blake 5 years ago

I started wearing string bikini panties years ago,and have been ever since.They're a lot more comfortable and the silky material is great.I tried a bra a few months ago,and that is great.

I now have been wearing small breast forms most of the time,and they are wonderful.

the feeling of support and something in the bra is unbelievable.

Blake 5 years ago

I started wearing string bikini panties years ago,and have been ever since.They're a lot more comfortable and the silky material is great.I tried a bra a few months ago,and that is great.

I now have been wearing small breast forms most of the time,and they are wonderful.

the feeling of support and something in the bra is unbelievable.

Jeff 5 years ago

I had painful groin surgery and women's underwear were the only kind I could wear. Male briefs formed lumps and friction that were uncomfortable and painful. It took a long time to find a brand, size, fabric, and style that would fit well. A very understanding young lady clerk in a department store showed me various styles and types of panties. I will forever be grateful to her for being so kind and sensitive. As I healed from the operation, I decided that I was never going back to male underwear. I tried found some nylon men's underwear, however my panties are perfect. I am usually not even conscious of what kind of underwear I have on and wear them in rotation in order from my drawer. I really wish manufacturers were more aware of the benefits of panties for men and begin to advertise and market them for men. A lot of us would be very glad they did.


powerman 5 years ago

i ware realy kinky g string thongs im a stong guy and when im tied up and my panties are exposed i feel weak and vaulnrable

Mikeyyy 5 years ago

I totally agree with all the panty fans i think the microfiber ones are so comfortable and i wear them every day they think all mens underwear should be rough and scratchy even the cotton womens panties are much softer it just isn't fair that we are expected to be comfortable in those scratchy things or worse yet boxers with miles of hot fabric and no support i know it cant be comfortable when your breasts stick to your chest so how fun do you think it is when testicles stick to your leg in the heat panties breath and support better than anything else. i dont wear lacy ones or pink its usually a masculine color but if you like pink and lacy i say go for it my girlfried has no problem whatsoever with it they are just clothes and us men have every right to be comfortable too

Kathleen D. 5 years ago

My boyfriend and I are 100% heterosexual. I playfully got him to wear panties one night and things developed from there. He only wears them when he is with me, and does not let anything show under his guy clothes. We sometimes go out with him wearing a bra, panties, and pantyhose underneath, so nothing shows. It's our little romantic secret. We went on a trip to the Dominican Republic and he wore panties the whole time. It was awesome! Guys should not be afraid to openly discuss this with their girlfriends. It improves your romantic life.

izettl profile image

izettl 5 years ago from The Great Northwest

My dad started out wearing women's panties and got a sex change years later. My mom thought him wearing panties was innocent enough, but sometimes there are underlying feelings on the man's behalf.

Caz Zee 5 years ago

I'm 28, a Nigerian, I'm not gay n can't imagine myself becoming one. I love high cut panties, nylon and satin half slips. I even wear them in public! My neighbours know I do. My fiancee also knows I wear them. She even allows me jack off wearing slips. There's nothing wrong in wearing what U want. If ladies can wear men's clothes and undies, why shouldn't men? There should be no gender discrimination at all to men who wear what they wish. By the way, men wore skirts and robes same wit women in biblical days! As for people like Lucy n the others, well U sometimes wear ur boyfriends clothes. That puts us in d same boat! Cross-dressers(ha ha ha)! I don't need to hide who I am n what I like. I tell her I love it n there's nothing she can do to change it seeing its very comfortable! Men's briefs cause a lot of line rash and boxers usually have this nasty habit of running up ur legs n folding, making U unfold them from time to time, very uncomfortable! Even our Johnny's come out from the front or under sometimes when I wear boxers in the house. Once in church, my Johnny came out from under my boxers n it was so glaring! On the road also, my fiancee was wit me n she laughed at me seeing my Johnny's shape showing thru my trousers, very embarrassing. I kept adjusting till I got home(we went out to a public function)! Panties are so comfortable U won't feel a pinch! I wear a black robe and I wear a half slip wit my panties n a pair of black tights! Cool. All haters should go n kiss the main feeder cable at the power station lol

geeb 5 years ago

As a young lad i had to wear large heavy hearing aids with a clumsy harness to hold them in. One day when staying with my aunt and uncle my cousin and i were wrestling and my well worn harness literally came apart. I did`nt have a spare so my young older girl cousin came to the rescue by putting me in one of her bras. I was surprised how much more comfortable it was and it held my large body aids very well. When they took me home, they explained why i was wearing my cousins bra. After that, a bra was a daily part of my clothing. One time when i was buying more bras, they were out of the white ones i usually bought and had to either order out or take them in pink color. I decided to order out but take a few in pink to last me until the white ones came in. I was so turned on wearing the pink that i never used white again.I no longer needed my bras when behind the ear hearing aids came out and i was fitted with them. Over the years i have kept the old body type aids and use them for spares when drying or servicing the other aids. I had to do some business travel a while back and about two weeks prior to leaving i had a series of vast urges that i could`nt get rid of. I finally gave in to them and prepared for my trip. The first day in my motel i rose and showered and got ready for the day by dressing in womens panties, thigh high nylons and womens navy blue penny loafers. I also wore my pink bra and my large hearing aids. I wore a mans short sleeve shirt and levi`s. I could hardly walk i was so turned on by it all. I was so very nervous going out in public dressed this way and felt every eye was on me. This,however was not the case and i found hardly anyone that even seemed to be staring at me. Since that event, i have worn everything mentioned. I have had only a few comments from some women that liked the womens shoes i was wearing. I only wear womens slip-ons or sandals and occasionally dress boots. One woman asked if i liked wearing my clarks clogs and i said i did to which she replied a'yes' i do also as she was wearing the very same pair of clogs that i was. I was sure i had been found out and loved every minute of it. I have graduated to wearing a pair of aerosoles wise guy pumps with my jeans and just love them. Have not had any comment made on them yet but know some woman out there knows a womans pump from a mans shoe and knows what i`m up to!

Gear Jammer 5 years ago

Guys, are you looking for panties made for men? Check out this website: They offer a wide variety of panties made just for men in modal, nylon, silk, and satin. Briefs, tangas, thongs, g-strings, boyshorts, bikinis and a selection of bras made for men. I hope you find something you like!

72pntyby 5 years ago

I recenty found out that I love to wear womens panties. They feel great! I love the way they feel on my privates. Tonight I accidently wet my favorite yellow ones. I felt the warmth of peeing in my panties and went balistic. Has anyone else enjoyed this feeling as well?

Jason 5 years ago

I wear panties to bed all the time, I like how they feel on me I have been wearing panties since I was a teenager I am 33 now. I am also totally straight.

Gear Jammer 5 years ago

I just bought a 3 pack of Fruit of the Loom Cotton Stretch string bikini panties. Also bought a pair of Vassarette nylon-lycra hi-cut panties. They look so silky and comfortable! I can't wait to try them on later. In a perfect world, they would pay us to wear panties!

Gear Jammer 5 years ago

Mikeyyy, I totally agree with you on the selection of panties, I am the same way when it comes to preferences, but sometimes I have no choice but to buy and wear more femenine-looking panties. Reason being is that sometimes the brand or style I want isn't available in just plain white without frilly lace and bows and flowers on them. Perfect example: Hanes Body Creations Satin Hi-Cut Panties. They only come in 3-packs and one pair is always pink. I wish they sold them individually so I can pick and choose what I want! But I wanted them bad enough that I had to buy pink panties! I wear them anyway, but usually just to bed. I love falling asleep caressing my cock through those wonderful silky panties!

Gear Jammer 5 years ago

I stopped by a target store today to get a few bottles of SoBe and while I was there I decided to check out the women's intimate's section. To my surprise they had Hanes cotton string bikini panties! This must be a new item, because I have never seen them before (at least not at Wal Mart which is where I usually shop). As luck would have it, they had one package left in my size (and that's a secret that I won't tell you!), so I grabbed them up and bought them. I'm wearing a pair of them now, I love them and will be getting more!

Neddy 5 years ago

I'm 67 years old, and totally straight. I have worn panties for the last 17 years. My wife gave me my first panties for Valentine's Day, 1994. She has bought me many more since then. My favorite panties are Vanity Fair nylon briefs, size 6 (some with the lace inserts). I have pink. black, fawn and candleglow. I have some "unisex-looking" panties for doctor visits. I do not own any "guy" underwear.


pantiedforyears 5 years ago

I Quote" Ever notice how the larger (mens) sizes are taking a more prominent position in the lingerie department of almost every store you shop in?"

Very common misconception here, so it must be because american women are getting fatter- because mens hips are smaller than women's- its why they run faster, remember? I wear a size 6 and I am 74" tall, weigh 240 relatively lean pounds with a 34" waist. If you are going to get pantis for your man, unless he is a fattie you'd better be getting size 5, 6, or 7's.

fsufan11 5 years ago

I am 57, & I wear panties from Frederick's of Hollywood. Unfortunately, the store in my local mall has closed, so I would have to (now) order from their catalog, which I receive in US postal mail. I particularly like the crotchless panties, so that my dick can fit through them. I also wear 34A bras, a full slip (size 28), high heels (5"), & thigh high stockings and/or a garter belt with stockings. NO, I am not gay -- I am very straight! But I love women, & I want to see what women go through in wearing lingerie & (especially) high heels. Men, try wearing high heels, especially 5" stilettos. You will wonder how your girl wears (& walks) in them. Most women's weight is below their waists, so it's easier for women to walk in heels. Most men's weight is at the waist and it is difficult to walk in heels. Try it, men, it's a trip!

steven 5 years ago

I am 30 and just love wearing satin underwear and lace knickers, also wearing satin or silk nighties to bed. i am a straight guy but a little bi curious and would love to meet another guy bwho i can shop with for underwear as im too shy, this has been my dirty little secret too long now and i need someone to share it with, a girl who can accept it would be fantastic but a guy with simmilar intrests to talk about dressing up would be exiting so email me please to swap thoughts and stories and who knows mabey more :)

look forward to hearing from you xx

JD 5 years ago

My girl loves when I wear them in the bedroom- I'm completely strait but we both get excited over it; the thrill of the taboo for us. Kink fetish stuff and all makes what we keep behind closed doors really excellent!

5 years ago

I am 30 and straight but love wearing Frederick's of Hollywood thongs. I size up to give better coverage for my penis and scrotum. I actually find thongs (regardless of if designed for men or women) more comfortable because of less coverage and movement of the underwear. As for the Frederick's thongs- well personally I find it arousing. And also keep me from clenching my buttcheeks and remind me to keep my abs flexed; an easy way to get a workout and stay relaxed throughout the day.

nudeguy58 5 years ago

I love to wear nightiesandgowns around the house,panties;too sometimes..I see no actual harm in it,though my wife would disembowel me if she found out,so I never get the chance anymore.

pete 5 years ago

hi,just got home from my nieces and her mom's,I wearing all ladys clothes haveing a cup of coffee when her boyfriend came home he came in te backdoor I went out the front door my niece helped

Ron 5 years ago

Hello my name is Ron I am completely straight and I love to wear panties 24/7. They are so comfortable and sexy feeling. I lové how cute they are and incredibly sexy. Would love to have a friend to go panty shopping with and chat. Email me @

fsufan11 5 years ago

I posted a comment a few days ago. I am now wearing thigh highs (two pairs), a crotchless panty, a panty, a bra (34A) and a full slip. Tomorrow I am to receive a delivery of 5-inch stiletto sandals from This is a good web site from which to order shoes. I wear a size 9 (men's), which translates to a size 11 (women's). I am looking forward to the sandals. Frederick's of Hollywood has Victoria's Secret beaten in lingerie....

swimmerguy 5 years ago

im 21 and i wear either thongs, hipsters, cheekies, or boyshorts every day, my fiance loves them on me and she was the one who encouraged it. she goes with me shopping for them to pretend they are for her so i wont be so nervous, but i have taken to buying them by myself so i can surprise her in new ones. she loves having me wear thongs when we have sex, its such a turn on for her

carl 5 years ago

hello all, after reading this post i see that i am not alone ,i have been wearing panties since about the age of eight and still do now at twenty-seven . i am happy in my marriage with my wife of three years as of yesterday. she knows i wear womens clothes and we go shopping together and she alwayse wants to see me try them on as soon as we get home with new stuff . i sometimes ask her how she feels for reassurance and she alwayse tells me that she is completely fine with it and wants me to wear what makes me feel comfortable . so i think it helps both of us , i feel good wearing it and she gets help picking out stuff when she cant make her mind up . she and i are both straight and happy. and if anybody wants to chat . feel free . ..... friends with same feling are great .

fsufan11 5 years ago

I posted a 2nd comment about 6 days ago. Now I am wearing my new 5-inch stiletto sandals that I received from They fit & feel great! I am also wearing the standard bra (34A) with full slip & crotchless panty & a panty over that. I am also wearing 2 pairs of thigh-high nylon stockings. As I have said before, I am heterosexual. I don't have a girlfriend at this time. But if I did have one, I hope that she would understand my little secret. No one else knows....

Phoenix 5 years ago

It's so annoying how ppl will be called gay or something just for one thing like guys wanting to wear girls clothes and if it's alright for girls to wear guy clothes and be socially accepted why can't it be the same for the guys. I've wanted to wear girls clothes for a few yrs now and coz of it I've caused a bit of trouble and lost a few friends along the way some of my friends don't fully know about this and some do know but most my friends don't know and my family have no idea. Some of my friends that do know accept me for who I am.

If u wanna chat with me email me at or

marshal  5 years ago

im a boy and i love thigh high\knee high socks and arm wamers and stockings and its frusterating knowing that girls can wear guys clhothes in public but guys cant with out eing called gay and its like my fetish so just accept us for who we are

Chuckie 5 years ago

Was here two months ago and spoke of my wonderful gf who loves me to wear panties daily(especially hers) and sometimes cross dress. She has now fully excepted me wearing bras because I explained to her that I have had this fetish since long before we met.She still doesnt really like me to parade around the house without a shirt of some kind or the other on to cover my bras when I wear one but she doesnt have any negative comments about them anymore.Like I said before I never thought I would meet a woman who is so accepting and loves me dearly regardless of some of my unusual(beyond standard)ways and Im so HAPPY! that I finally met my soul mate.Very best of luck to you guys out there whom are still looking to find that perfect woman....

Jason 5 years ago

Men's underwear is so mundane and boring. Where is it written that mens underwear has to be basic and practical, but nothing more? I hate boxers- they are for old men and tightie whities are for little boys. I am not an old man, nor am I a little boy. I have been wearing bikini underwear since I was 16, but have been wearing women's bikini, thong and hi-cut panties exclusively for 7 months now. On occasion I like wearing adult diapers too, but that's a topic for another board! :-)

Sherman 5 years ago

There are lots of men wearing nylon panties because they feel better. It's as simple as that. In all styles depending on the day/occasion as fits the person. There's no way I'm going back to bulky cotton and wide sweaty waistbands whether on men's briefs or boxers. Life is too short to be bound up! I only regret starting when I was younger instead of putting up with that medieval idea.

fsufan11 5 years ago

I posted a comment a few days ago. Way to go, all of you guys who wear panties.... I am wearing two pairs of panties right now, a crotchless version from Frederick's of Hollywood, & a crotch version (typical) from Frederick's also. I used to get all of my lingerie and hose from Frederick's, but the store went away from my local mall. If anybody wants to contact me about wearing women's lingerie, then give me a "shout" at Guys, keep your panties ON!!!

wornlingerie 5 years ago from singapore

Hi Guyz

I started wearing panties ever since 28yrs old.

Would like to share my experience and know more guyz for shopping hunt for panties: )

I'm from singapore

I have plenty of panties and silky lingeries for exchange

Do e-mail me at:

mercedes260e 5 years ago

I love to wear lovely silky panties too. I am very fortunate that my wife loves to see and enjoy me wearing them. My favorites are pink and very frilly. It is so delicious to be sensually panty aware during day or night.

fsufan11 5 years ago

The other day I bought a half-slip and a push up 34A bra. They feel so GOOD on my skin!

David 5 years ago

panties are so sexy i love to were them with my wife in bed she doesnt mind she actually likes it

Alan 5 years ago

Yes.I've being wearing knickers for years. I told my wife and she was ok by it. So when we make love she ties me up in them god it's so fantastic. All men should burn their y. Fronts now and get your knickers on now.. Well women wear men's underpants so it's only fair we wear knickers..

Rishi 5 years ago

I like to wear satin panties and bra. I want to wear a satin blouse and petticoat with silky transparent saree.

Pete 5 years ago

I wear panties too!!! Love them and my wife doesn't care either, she actually likes it. We go panty shopping together, it's fun and it's also a rush. I wear them every day, when I first told my wife she said she didn't care and to do what made me happy. I wore hers for a while and then we went shopping!! Fun Fun!!

and to all you Haters... if all the panty wearing men came together, we would out number you. So get used to it!

pantyshy 5 years ago

love wearing panties! anyone from Toronto that shares the same interest

mike  5 years ago




fsufan11 5 years ago

I am wearing the 34A push up bra and the half slip that I bought a few days ago. They feel so good against my skin. I am also wearing nylons & a crotchless panty with a panty over it that is not crotchless. I am also wearing 5-inch stiletto heels, which are not that easy in which to walk. All of these items feel good to me.

pantykins 5 years ago

To pantyshy:

Don't worry there are lots of us guys in the GTA that share your interest. I have been wearing panties since my teens, but 2 years ago started wearing them full time. It's a rush knowing what you've got on under your "guy" clothes when you go out each day. I also wear a bra most of the time when going out.

Shopping for panties and bras is such a rush. I try to buy 3-4 panties a month, so my choices are always increasing and changing.

graham 5 years ago

yes i love wearing panties and bra i wear them at home a friend of my brought me one of her bra it was a lace black bra she told me to put it on i did as i was told after that she hand me a pair of black panties to put on he i was dress only in them she toke some picture of me wearing them she then said you will wear them all the time and we will go shopping for some more becuse you need them every day yes you will become my sissy girlfriend that was two weeks now and i love them

Justnormal 5 years ago

I have been wearing panties for 13 of my 77years. It began when I stopped wearing diapers and began when my cousin Ginny, who was three years older outgrew hers. We were rather poor and hand-me downs were common and Ginny was my only cousin. I think that I was eleven when I began wearing Jockey shorts. After getting out of the military, I resumed the wearing of panties and still do. My wife of 50 years was aware of my choice of undies before we were married and became very supportive. She often buys me some when my old ones get tattered. I like nylon briefs and high cuts, Bali is my current favorite brand. I just prefer comfort over convention and lacy panties are not appealing at all.

Justnormal 5 years ago

I forgot to mention that two of my best friends also wore panties previously worn by their older sisters. During that period, most panties were plain white cotton and fit us well as our packages were not that large. There are a lot of panties that are too small in the crotch for men. I usually remove the cotton piece in the Balis to improve the roominess. It also helps them to dry faster and makes them cooler to wear in our hot Texas summers.

BLACKNICKS 5 years ago


graham 5 years ago

well i still wear pantie that my girlfriend buy me last night we want shopping at the mall tammy brought me some bras panties and tammy siad you need a dress too she went over and pick out a short black drees and white blouse i try them on tammy said i look cutie i ask her do i wear them all the time she said only at home wile you do housework and wend i have friend over just then tammy told me that she oder a maid out fit after shopping we went into hair solan and i got my toe nails done i now have pink toe nails the lady ask her why she did that she told them that i was her sissy maid one lady ask tammmy if she would like to hire me out she said i think that woud be like fun then tammmy look at me and said well do i hire you out as maid i said yes if that what you like me to do good you can be her maid too well that was two days ago im now a maid for anywomen that tammy tell me too iand i love it

keystonewest 5 years ago

am married and have my own stash of all kinds of in my sixies and have worn panties off and on for years. wear them to work atleast once a week. do not think wife knows but wish she did andaccept me in them. I like the feel of them on me. have found some tight in croch are but still enjot wearing them

keystonewest 5 years ago

am married and have my own stash of all kinds of in my sixies and have worn panties off and on for years. wear them to work atleast once a week. do not think wife knows but wish she did andaccept me in them. I like the feel of them on me. have found some tight in croch are but still enjot wearing them

Jason 5 years ago

Judging by the number of comments here, the male panty fetish is very much alive and kicking. My own fascination with panties and pantyhose started when I was still in primary school and it has only grown stronger with time. I've been married for 23 years and my wife has known about my panty kink for the past 15 years. I just never felt comfortable telling her before then, but one night after too many glasses of wine, it just all came tumbling out, and it was the best thing I ever did.

We make panty play a fairly regular addition to our sex life now. I like her to take my clothes off and pull her tight panties up my legs. Then she tease me and tell me what a 'cute little girl' I look like, and 'wouldn't it be a hoot if all the guys down the bar found out'. This makes me ramrod hard, and combined with her pantied arse smothering my face, make me cum in a terrific gush. Sometimes she dresses me in panties, ties me to the 4 corners of the bed, then slides her own panties down her legs and stretches them tightly over my face, the crotch placed strategically over my nose. And there she leaves me, going out for several hours to do some shopping, with me helpless in my helpless panty state.

This drives me absolutely wild, and she knows it. When she gets back, you can bet we have the best sex ever. Panty sex!

Roger  5 years ago

It was my wife who got me to wear panties soon after we

were married. I loved it and she got very tuned on,it

wasn't long afterwards that I graduated into wearing

satin baby-doll pyjamas with lovely knee length filly


TDazzel 5 years ago

I wear my boxer breffs rolled up at the waist cuz ilike the way it hugs my as....... Dont judge me:( lol

Warren 5 years ago

I love wearing panties. I love the different colors and styles. I've been wearing panties for over 20 years now.

Jake 5 years ago

I love wearing panties. 59 years old and been wearing for about 30 years. I wear panty, thigh hi stockings and nitie to bed ever nite. My wife shops for me.

john 5 years ago

i wear bra undies stocking from age of 30 i am 58 i got all women undies no boxer 3 bra lot of stocking wife and loger got me my under wear lodger just got me some skirts 2 wear i love them

Gear Jammer 5 years ago

Hanes has a new panty out! I saw it at Wal Mart last week. It's a string bikini with pretty floral patterns and frilly trim on the edges. 3 panties for about $4. I was planning on going to buy some tonight!

Cammi 5 years ago

I love wearing tight thick granny panties with tight woman's polyester trousers or stretch jeans. Very discreetly and I get a lot of looks when I go for walks or lay down to read in the park.

CammI 5 years ago

With a perfect CT I may add.

Gear Jammer 5 years ago

Correction on my last post. Those were Fruit of the Loom panties, not Hanes.

joe 5 years ago

hey frog where you from i wear my wifes panties and she says she loves it to but sex in our bedroom is slow what you say we hook up let me know frog or any other women

joe 5 years ago

for you guys that have wifes or girl friends that dont know that you wear panties and you want them to know email me i will tell you how i did it and now mine lets me wear them all the time

joe  5 years ago

my email is desperadoutlaw41 hope i can help you so your wives will let you wear them

graham 5 years ago

yes i wear panties bra nylon dress for 5 years now and i love them my girlfriend got me started me to wear them now i wear them 24|7 and right now as i write this im wearing a black bra and panties with a seethough nitie and i have become to like them

wornlingerie 5 years ago

Hi any guyz in singapore whom are interested in menz wearing panties / chemises / long satin,nylon, silk slip??

e-mail me at:

Gear Jammer 5 years ago

I bought a copy of "Wierd Science" (1985, Kelly LeBrock, Anthony Michael Hall) and watched it last night. There is a scene where on of the nerds (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) wakes up after a night on the town with Lisa (Kelly LeBrock); he gets out of bed to go to the bathroom and he is wearing her purple bikini panties. In a later scene he is in the kitchen talking to his older brother and he is still wearing Lisa's purple bikini panties. Awesome!!! I want to wear Kelly LeBrock's panties!

Jan 5 years ago

I have been wearing lingerie, panties, bras and nylon stockings for a long time. A matter of fact I have dressed like a woman many times. My wife is not to found of it, but tolerates it. She knows that there are some men who have an sexual interest in me. I have my Saterday afternoons. The problem is that when I am dressed up I think about these men and would love to go out on a date with one of them and have him make love to me.

pantymike 5 years ago

i love the feel of panties and my silk nightys i have ben wearing panties and bras for a long time and think that any body that wants to wear them should i would love to trade pics with you email me at

geebee 5 years ago

I wear panties,thigh high nylons and womens loafers. I also have a permanent catheter to keep me incontinent. Yesterday, i went to the mall wearing all this and my new pair of naturalizer jane womens loafers in banana bread and molasses colors. While sitting on one of the benches, a nice young lady sat near me wearing the same loafers. She smiled and asked how i like my loafers. I told her i really enjoyed wearing them very much. I told her i prefered them to mens loafers and liked to wear them with nylons. I asked her if this was offensive to her and she replied "no" I find it very interesting and thanked me for being open with her. She said she found it stimulating to find men with a feminine side that did not try to hide it. She then had to leave and i had to hit the bathroom very quick!

Chris 5 years ago

I like wearing womens bra and panties, but i am afraid to tell my wife, i do not want her to think i am weird and leave me, but i would like to know what she would think, i need to find a way to ask her.

Chuckie 5 years ago

Chris just surprise her by putting on a pair of "her" panties and/or one of "her" bras first if they will fit.Say something like what do you think honey or don't I look hot in your stuff babe acting like you are playing a joke on her by slipping out of or calling her in the bathroom/bedroom with you of course while you two are alone. She will immediately let you know by her first reaction but don't let her catch u by surprise that will be the worst thing. If she doesn't like it you can just let it drop never to be mentioned again and have to hide it from her or simply let her know how you feel. I had to hide it from both my exs but my gf knows of my fetish and she really loves me to wear panties(especially hers) daily.Of course the final choice/decision will be yours only but you really shouldn't hide it man you may be pleasantly surprised.

Hey Chris 5 years ago

Two words.... "Text Messaging" - Worked great for me! She isn't really into me wearing panties but she accepts it and is ok with it but at least she knows now and if it weren't for texting she probably still wouldn't know! Good luck!

paul 5 years ago

I love to dress up as a young schoolgirl I love to wear the padded bras and the tight little white cotton panties it really turns me on.

paul 5 years ago

I told you about how I like to dress up as a schoolgirl,well when it is late at night I love to walk along this unlit road dressed in my little schoolgirl uniform I wear a really short skirt so that my panties can be seen and I wear high heels that really gets me hard.I love it when a car comes along and they see me in their headlights,once one driver pipped his horn at me.

courteny  5 years ago

hey i like to wear girls clothes and im17 when i started i liked to wear my friends sisters clothes and now i have my own collection and im not gay or anything anybody now where i can find some free dreeses at

Simon  5 years ago

Hi Have started wearing girls pants when I was 1 years old now 46. not worn mens pants for 15 years now no longer own a par. I also only wear nighties now love pink satin. No one who knows me knows but wish I could just hang my pants etc on the washing line also no have to worry about leaving them around when I have visiters. I wish I could have someone to share my feeling with and go shopping etc feel free to email me at

paul 5 years ago

Hi I love to put on a pair of tight white lacey nylon panties then I lay a large plastic sheet on the floor and set my video camera up and switch it on.I then lie on the sheet and play with myself,it really turns me on filming myself.I suppose you're wondering what the sheets for? well I love to wet myself the feeling of the warm pee wetting my panties really turns me on.I then take them off and rub the wet panties all over my face,I then roll over backwards so that my cock is facing me and I play with myself and cum all over my face.

spinflame1 5 years ago

i'm a 14 year old kid that likes to wear panties should i tell my parents or should i keep it between me and my sister and should i tell my sister i like to wear all girl clothing i really need help with this

john 5 years ago

i like very much wear bra panties. i like share my eexperiences also. when wear them, i am getting confidence also

spinflame1 5 years ago

hi is me again i was just wondering where is the best place to get panties any thing works i expesaly like hello kitty panties if you have any suggutins email me at

GearJammer 5 years ago

Today I hit a few Ross dept. stores in my area and stocked up on panties. One particular good find was Jockey Modal Bikini Panties for $3.99 (retails for almost $10.00).

I found 6 pair of St. Eve Hi-Cut Panties for $1.99 each. All in all a good day for panty shopping!!!

Joy Webring 5 years ago

This store has all the measurements, for you to check against your own, and most styles are suitable and give the support for men. Everything sent with complete discretion.

Jason 5 years ago

Hi all...I am a 32 year old married m from NJ who wears pamties and other stuff at home....I really want to find other young married guys to chat wife knows.....just seeking someone in the same boat....please email me.

sissy boy 5 years ago

started wearing mothers at about 10 im 56 now and cant own enough panties

Jason 5 years ago

What I cannot understand is... why is it, when it comes to designing women's underwear; there are no limits or boundaries. They can be as modest or daring as the designer and consumer wants. Panties can be made from any type of material and color. But when it comes to men's underwear, there are all types of rules and boundaries to be adhered to. Men's underwear cannot be sexy, daring, alluring, fun, imaginative or comfortable. Men’s underwear can only be made from one fabric... cotton (an exception may be made for athletic underwear). Men's underwear can only be made two ways... boxers or full-cut briefs. Any variations from these guidelines may result in persecution, ridicule, mockery and name calling (such as freak, pervert, faggott, queer, weirdo, etc.). Why is it that women can enjoy their underwear, while we men have to be chained to the mundane and boring practicality of either boxers or briefs?

My second question is… why do they make sexy underwear for larger women (thongs, bikinis, etc.) but the idea that larger men may enjoy wearing thongs or bikinis is… well, shall we say not open for discussion. Maybe a big guy wants to feel and look sexy for his lover and maybe she appreciates his efforts to please her. I’m a larger framed man, with a 44 inch waist and it’s hard to find men’s bikini underwear that will fit me comfortably. Yes, there are brands out there that offer bikinis and thongs for large men (UnderGear, Body Aware, Prevail Sport), but how many can afford to pay $15-$20 for one pair of underwear? Certainly not me, and that is one reason I started wearing panties. Bikini and thong panties are far more comfortable than their male counterparts and much cheaper too! You can go to Wal Mart and buy 6 pair of bikini panties (in plus sizes) for under $10. I used to wear Jockey bikini briefs, but they changed their design and they are no longer comfortable (not to mention almost $20 for 3 pair of bikinis!).

I'm done ranting now. Your comments are welcomed.

spinflame1 5 years ago

I had a sister that always kept pair of painties in the bathroom .I was 13 and watch Monday through Friday and every there would be a different pair of panties on the bathroom floor. For months I wondered what it be like to slip into her panties until one I could no longer hold out; so put her panties on and as soon as I pulled them up I loved them. My sister didnt know in till i finally deside to tell her so i didnt have to steel hers . She told me she understand so we went to the store and bought me some panties to wear after a month or two i started to wear all girls clothing a round my house This made very happy . im now 14 and i love wearing girls clothing all the times i can

spinflame1 5 years ago

i want to start to wear night gownds like bady dolls and stuff like that and i dont know how to tell her and im to nevres to tell her i like to wear hello kitty panties and i want to buy some but ever time i go to tell her i just go blank then walk away what should i do to tell her

Chuckie 5 years ago

Spinflame don't be so nervous about telling your sister of your wants. She's obviously already very open minded and excepting with you wearing panties and other women's clothing.

mark 5 years ago

i enjoy wearing sexy underwear its a frill going out in them,when noone is home i get all on stockings basque also my step daughter has very short skirts and small panties and sometimes when on my own i borrow them for my pleasure it such a nice feeling playing around while noone is home i wont tell you what else i try and do while im dressed up i'll leave it to your wife does know i wear panties as i have my own but my step-daughter doesn't she might not understand

Ron 5 years ago

I am at the library right now in Jacksonville, Florida. I am wearing a 34A blue bra and two pairs of crotchless panties, with one pair of panties with a crotch. It is funny to do this in public, so no one knows what is going on. I wonder how many other men do this?

Adam 5 years ago

When I was about 10, my 9 year old sister used to dress a large Teddy Bear in her clothes, including her panties. The bear was in the basement and when I was down there alone, I would strip the bear and wear her panties. I remember being so excited wearing flowered cotton panties. 30 years later I still have a panty fetish. My wife knows, but doesn't approve, so I have to wear when she isn't home.

tortinwall 5 years ago

I started wearing panties about 5 years ago. Although I do have some rather feminine ones for special occasions they are mainly black bikini briefs. It feels erotic to wear them, and to be frank they provide much better support but I have had to try a few styles to find the ones that are right, but really they don't look different. Nobody would notice in the men's changing rooms at the sports centre, because they look normal, and it now just feels absolutely normal. Only I know otherwise. I am gradually eradicating my mens' underwear, and when it's gone I shall never buy it again. It's badly designed, and the right pair of ladies' knickers in the right material is much more confortable.

I'm not into other items such as bras. I just want comfortable sexy knickers.

S. Ron 5 years ago

@ Tortinwall: I'm like you, I have no interrest in bras, heels, stockings or dresses. I'm not gay and I'm not a crossdresser, I just love the sexy feel and comfort of women's panties! I like Fruit of the Loom cotton stretch panties. They come in basic colors and they aren't lacy or covered in flowery designs, so I can wear them to the gym and around other men who have no clue that I am wearing panties.

St Eve also makes panties that look much like men's bikini briefs and they are comfy and strertchy. But St Eve doesn't make them anymore, but I can still find them at Ross department stores.

Jockey and Hanes also makes a few styles of panties that I would consider "unisex" Jockey's line of tactel and modal panties are awesome, but they are $10.00 each and a lot of weeks I'm on a budget and am forced to decied between quantity and quality. Should I buy 5 pair of Hanes panties for $10 or one pair of Jockey panties for $10?

Sometimes I get lucky and find Jockey panties at Ross for 60% off suggested retail price, but choices in color and style are limited so it's a luck of the draw thing.

steven 5 years ago

Is Great to hear all the experiences from all you guys.Why do we always been so diff to enjoy lingerie and always been so closet case: ( can't people in these world accept guy in sexy lingerie? we just like their material and design and considering a kind of fetish.Asian especially discriminate these behavior and consider these as weirdo: (

In singapore there are plenty of these guy, but they are just too shame to admit : p

Most of them from europe i guess : P

fsufan11 5 years ago

Steven, I have to commend you for your comment. Europeans are more outward about their sexuality, compared to the puritan views of Americans. We in America seem to value sex, but we completely hide in our closets for something like men wearing lingerie. I wear lingerie because it feels good. I cannot wear it out of my apartment, because of the way that people would stare (not that I would be in lingerie out of doors, but I would definitely have a dress on). People in America feel strange about things that they do not know about or have questions about. Steven, keep up the good comments!

Steven 5 years ago

Hi FsuFan,

Thanks for your reply: )i'm curious to know are you a lady or a guy? I would very much like to be your friend. My e-mail is: :) most of the closet case in singapore are too afraid to share their view of man wearing feminine lingerie. Some are panties fetish other's are maybe pantyhose or related lingerie i guess.Men underwear are too boring unlike the design of sexy lady panties with silk/nylon/satin. People in asian country will usually discreminate these sort of people and treat them as wierdo. I am not a transvestite, only have liking in wearing sexy nylon/satin/silk panties and i really love those materials againt my....

Thanks again for replying to my message: )

Submissive 5 years ago

As most of you have said, wearing panties is fine, fun, exciting for a guy, that's why we do it. I wonder if it would be the same if it becomes a lot more common. I personally like the risk of someone finding out and the reaction of girls who do discover me wearing something feminine. I have brought it up with three or four of my friends who are much younger girls and now have started actually going in and buying most of their underwear and makeup. It's a huge turn on, it's often embarrassing but still a turn on. They get free stuff, I spend hours in the women's sections picking out nice stuff for them...well and of course myself as well. I wish more girls would actually tease guys more for doing it though so it stays slightly tabboo.

fsufan11 5 years ago

Hi Steven! I am a guy who likes to wear not only panties, but other items of lingerie like slips, thigh-high nylon stockings, panties, and bras. I also like to wear high heels. I am not a transvestite either; I suppose that I am called a "crossdresser." Since you would like to be a friend, my email address is I have noted your email address of If you wish, please drop me a letter! Thank you! Incidentally, my first name is Ron.

spinflame1 5 years ago

wear is a good place to get cheap two piece womens swimsuits

fsufan11 5 years ago

I am again in a library in Jacksonville, Florida wearing a size 34A black bra with crotchless panties and panties of size 6 that have a crotch. All feels good against my skin. It's too bad that I need to cover up in public (but otherwise I would be arrested for indecent exposure). This is fun to do without anyone else's knowing about it!!!

suespanties 5 years ago

it first started when my step-mom found her panties under the matress .she ask me how they got there i was 15 i had a friend over the night before and told her it was his idea to take them out of dirty close hamper.she ask me why and i told her to smell them,but she yhought they were for me to put on. ihonestly never thought about putting them on until she told me she wanted me to put them on right then i was embarrased so my dick was very small and i had not grown much hair yet she made fun of my small dick and said she could see why i played the girl when my friend came over,but i never wore panties in front of him till years later, i even suck him off why wearing them it was the only time but i long to do it again and be more adventerous.

Crom Cruiach 5 years ago

One time I went over to my cousin's house and his friend Amber was spending the weekend. I went into the bathroom and there on the floor behind the door there was a pair of her red silk bikini panties. I always thought Amber was hot and I have often had sexual fantasies about her. I locked the door and imagined what she must look like wearing nothing but those red silk panties! I tried to put her dirty panties on, but she was much thinner than I was, so I masturbated as I sniffed her dirty panties and blew my load into the toilet.

Phillip J Fry 5 years ago

One time I found about a dozen pair of panties in the dumpster at K-Mart. They were all nylon and mostly pink in color and ranged from bikini to hi-cut styles and appeared to be in new/unused condition. I took them home and tried them on. My cock was rock-hard the whole time! I spent all week wearing panties and jerking off! That was fun!

fsufan11 5 years ago

I am again in the library in Jacksonville, FL wearing a coral-colored 34A pushup bra with a crotchless panty and a panty with a crotch. It's wonderful!

Hi-Cut Boy 5 years ago

@ FSUFan...

Why 2 pair of panties?

I like being daring in my panties too... I used to wear panties to the gym. Although they were not pink or covered with lacey trim or floral designs, I would always wonder if anyone knew my undewear was made for girls!

vsssatin 5 years ago

I wear panties 24/7 and my wife helps me shop and buy new ones.I also wear camies most of the time and bras a few times a week.Ask me questions at

peter j 5 years ago

Hi there I've been wearing panties ever sence I can remember,used to take my sisters or any that I could,love my brothers girlfriends then his wifes,and yes I also wear bras and I'm 57 and stll get turned on

JohnA-gmc profile image

JohnA-gmc 5 years ago

I have been wearing panties for20+ years And wearing skirts in public for about 2 years. my grilfriend dared me to wear skirts and been skirting ever since. i donot have ant pants or male underwear any more. I will never go back to pants and male under wear.

Silky Skivies 5 years ago

Wal Mart carries Vassarette Hi-Cut Nylon Panties. I have tried them and they are great! I now have 3 pair. I want to get some Hanes Body Creations satin stretch hi-cut panties, but I wish they sold them individually, I like to choose what colors or fabric patterns I want... not the manufacturer picking them for me. I think Hanes would sell more of them if they did it this way!

Wal Mart doesn't even sell bikini underwear for men anymore... I guess it's a business decision. Obviously they aren't selling enough of them to make a profit. Too bad... I used to buy them, but like everything else, they changed their design and they fit tighter now and have a smaller, tight-fitting pouch.

It's funny... one of the reasons I have started wearing women's bikini and hi-cut panties is because they fit better than most men's bikini briefs. I don't know why more companies don't start making unisex bikinis. Make them out of tactel, modal, microfiber or cotton/lycra and I think they would be a big hit!

boy innoce 5 years ago

my girl friend also gave her pair of undies when my mens shorts were forget to bring. it was nice to wear, very smooth. and I like it

VIKSARDA 5 years ago



Amanda 5 years ago

I dress fully sometimes I love to feel like a sexy woman its like a euphoric feeling been doing it as long as can rember. I own an entire wardrobe inc.5 wigs all kinds of shoes and loads of make up and it all started when I was7 wearing my sisters panties

David 5 years ago

Hi i love the feel of satin or silk panties, they look good and feel great, contact if u wish

fsufan 5 years ago

Not only do I wear two pair of panties, I also wear two pair of nylon stockings. They make my legs look good!

lady man(not boy) 5 years ago

I'm 24 years old and am straight I love women and I also love wearing womens clothes underwear shoes ect I even paint my toenails all the time right now I'm wearing white womens sweat paint a pink tank top light blue lepord print Brooks with little bows and my toenails are hot pink ive been wearing womens clothes for prolly three years and i love it but like I said before I still love women I just like the way I feel when Im dressed like a girl.

lady man(not boy) 5 years ago

Ive never done this but I decided to were in public right now im going to the bank and wallets with pink boy shorts and a lacy pink bra and my toes are still hot pink I love this feeling

CounterMeasure 5 years ago

For those of you living in Ft Worth, TX: Fallas (next to GoodWill off of Camp Bowie over by the traffic circle) has Hanes Perfect Panties for $1.99 (for 2 pair) in Hi-Cut, Bikini, Boyshort and Thong styles. Up to size 10/11. I bought some today.

Ross Dept Stores have Jockey Modal/Tactel Hi-Cut & Bikini panties. These are very soft and comfortable and they look and fit great! Normally these panties retail for $9.50, Ross sells them for $3.49 I bought 3 pair today.

mike 5 years ago

One day my wife asked me to try on her panties. I did they are great. I wear them when Im at home. She wants to throw away my male underwear and only have me wear only hers. I dont know if I should.

JohnA-gmc profile image

JohnA-gmc 5 years ago

Mike:go for it. You will never go back to mens underwear. I know from experance. I been wearing panties for 30+ years.They are so comofort.I wear panties in public under my skirts, as my grilfriend likes me in skirts and panits. I wear what is comfortable for me. No one ever gives me a hard time about what I wear. Be comfortable in what you wear.

CounterMeasure 5 years ago

I put on a pair of the Hanes Perfect Panties that I bought yesterday and slept in them all night long. Looking at them, you wouldn't think they would fit you, they look tiny like little girl's panties, but they stretch to fit. They fit great and look sexy. I would like to buy more of these soon.

nipun 5 years ago

you all are in psycho,you alllllll

lingerie lover 88 5 years ago

I have been wearing womens lingerie for about 2 years now but been interested for about 4 years when I got married I told my wife that I like to wear lingerie but not someone elses cause that is not cool. She was kinda weirded out cubit at first but now it turns her on I have a big collection of panties and bras now and I wear panties and mend thongs everyday I don't wear bras out in public cause that is too much Bhutan I do wear them at home every now and then my wife makes me wear a sports bra panties stockings with a garter belt which feels so great on my body I just enjoy wearing lingerie I think its the feeling of wearing something sexy that isn't really made for menmy wife now shops at Victorians secret for me and buys me what Sec wants me to wear the one thing I wish I could wear more of is womens thongs I only have one that fits perfect bit they are to come buy.each night my wife lets me pick what pair of panties or man thong that I want to wear the next day and she will approve it or make me pick another pair I love how she is kinda in control wut i wear under my Jeanaee or work clothes I have been very open to some close friends and. Some of them find it sexy and want pics of me I do have pics of me in lingerie that my wife takes of me but I don't hand those out easily. But one of my family.members when I come over makes me show her what I'm wearing that day makes me feel so good that I can show other prole besides my wife and my wides likes for me to shoe other friends.

5 Star Tongue god 5 years ago

I went to the local Ross Dept Store and I found 5 pair of Jockey Modal Bikini panties for 3.49 each. Also a pair of Jockey cotton stretch bikinis for $2.99 (retail price $10.99) 3 white and 2 blue pair.

Ross is a gold mine for an awesome selection of brand-name panties at super low prices!

What an awesome score today!!!

joliepanty 5 years ago

i love wearing panties and lingerie. it feels so good.

mike i would do what she wants. you have a wonderful wife. wish mine was like that.

Panty Lover 5 years ago

Thanks Guys for telling that you like to where pantys also. Today after reading all of your comments, I put all my mens underware away and pulled out all 50 plus Vanity Fair nylon pantys and put them on the shelf.

Started wareing pantys when I was about 24, now I'm 55

Three weeks ago I started wairing them 24-7

If it feels good, do it!

BD949 5 years ago

I've been wearing panties and panty girdles since puberty. I love wearing long leg panty girdles with panties underneath to the gym. Today's women's girdles (shapers) are not much different than typical men's bike shorts and the panties I select (Maidenform/Vanity Fair) are practically unisex. However, being made for women, there's still that thrill of wearing women's undies in public.

This past summer I started wearing my Maidenform bikinis to the pool. I'm 6' 2" in great shape and have a very dark tan in the summer. I don't have a lot to "show off" but don't want to offend anyone with my attire. I believe my selection is not much different than a Speedo, but perhaps somewhat smaller. The panties I select are either a solid color or some type of animal print (no lace or floral). They also don't show through when wet, but I have had that happen before. I'd love to get some feedback if what I'm doing is offensive/gross.

john 5 years ago

I have been wearing and enjoying panties since before puberty. I love the rush when i go into stores to make a purchase! There is nothing else like it! I enjoy the tight snug fit and the fell of the fabric! I'll always wear panties and I know many others that do as well!!

Gemma 5 years ago

I made my b/f wear a pair of my knickers, one night when it was his turn to be my sub. At first he was shy and embarrassed, refusing to look me in the face.

"Don't you like wearing my undies?" I asked. He remained silent.

"I know you do like to wear my knickers.... don't you?"

He looked at me with a nervous, yet puzzling face.

"I'm not sure what you really are going on about" he pleaded.

It was then I reached over and turned the telly on. And there in clear view was my b/f lying naked except for a pair of my knickers on the bed, stroking a huge hard on.

I told him that I had secretly video him, a couple of weeks earlier, after I had suspected him.

fsufan11 5 years ago

I love to wear panties, both crotchless and with a crotch. I just ordered two pair of crotchless panties from Frederick's of Hollywood. They should arrive next week. I love to wear bras (34A), slips (both full and half slips), nylon stockings, and size 11 high heels! I also wear chemises and teddies....

Ben D Badgi 5 years ago

Has anyone tried Jockey No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hi Cut Panties? They are the best panties ever! I own 9 pair and will be getting more! I wear size 9, but with this panty, I can comfortably fit into a size 7.

BD949 5 years ago

Would love to see you at the pool in your panties. I like to wear a pair of black bikini panties to the pool/spa at the gym. I feel so sexy in them. Would like to see other guys in speedos or panties instead of baggy board shorts.

Rick 5 years ago

Panty Poll 5 years ago

Question of the day: What are your favorite panties that have been discontinued?

My Pics are:

Xhiliration cotton/lycra string bikinis

St Eve String Bikinis

Warners Cotton Hi-Cuts

Jockey Promise No Panty Line Tactel Bikinis & Hi-Cuts

Barely There Cotton Lycra Hi Cuts

Rick 5 years ago

Hey guys - I've uploaded some new pics from my free Saturday morning - well, I needed to do something!

I hope you enjoy and I'd love to see any pics of you in your panties / lingerie that you like to share.

billinmich 5 years ago from michigan

Been wearing panties for over 20 years, love fullcut, opr hipsters depending how i feel .Started young buy tring neighbors of famially memebers panties and was hooked .ZLove to hear from others that feel the same

Lovetinythongs 5 years ago

I'm 16 I wear things everyday to school and everything I'm not gay at all I got a girlfriend and she loves it she picks them out every night and sometimes plays with the strings in class but I think nobody should be afraid to try thongs out Idc what people think no I'm not the nerd in school or any crap like that actually very popular but I don't go around flaunting them either

guest 5 years ago

i love to wear used panties mostly for the scent and knowing that some girl has had them on and i rub my face wth them suere makes me horney

wornlingerie 5 years ago

Hi any guyz in singapore whom are interested in menz wearing panties / chemises / long satin,nylon, silk slip??

e-mail me at:

GearJammer 5 years ago

Today I bought a 3 pack of Hanes Microfiber Bikinis. They are soft and comfortable and feel great.

GearJammer 4 years ago

Today was a great day for super awesome panty bargains! I went to Ross and found 14 pair of Jockey tactel panties for about $3.49 each (normally retails for 10.99 each). What a score!!!

I normally wear a size 9 panty, but these are so stretchy that I can wear a size 7 comfortably. I now have a total of 24 pair of Jockey tactel high-cut & bikini panties.

Tinygstring 4 years ago

I love wearing really small thongs everywhere I go it feels so good walking around in them and feeling them go up my ass and when the show when I bend over makes it even better

Rick 4 years ago

I'v taken advise on Satin Jenni posts and opted to try the high-top stockings - but unfortunately not the impact I was hoping for. The pink panties however speak for themselves and had me feeling pretty horny.

A guy 4 years ago

wat the hell is wrong with you i feel insecure about my body but dont want a sex change i dont try to be MANLY so i think its perfectly fine that i want to wear women's underware..... b****

Diapanty 4 years ago

@ A Guy: What the heck are you talking about?

Luc 4 years ago

I've been wearing panties for the past 8 years or so. I started when I was real young, maybe 6 or 7. I remember dressing up in my mothers clothing (all satin or silk) it felt so soft and smooth. Then when my sister got older, I remember she got her first thong, I was maybe 10 or 12 and some of her friends used to wear them too so I used to steal theirs when they came over and sleep with them, then put them back in the morning before they would notice. Then met my wife, at first she would only wear full back panties, which was ok the she started to only wear thongs, string or brazilian undies. No need to say that I was in heaven. Never had to buy my own, I wear hers, without her knowing for years, then she found some pictures, sites that I went on and posted comments and pictures with her undies. She was not very happy and almost divorced because of it. I think it mostly because she felt violated because I used her panties, to smell, lick and used as a sexual stimulation for mastrbation. Now I still wear womens panties, but went to buy my own, i now have 10 pairs, from thong, string to brazilian and did get a few of men thongs also, altough they are much harder to find then mens. I even got a pair of push up thong, at first was not very comfortable but now, its like any other pair. I now wear panties, for comfort rather then for sexual reason, I really dont like the feeling of boxer and briefs. I find thongs, either mens or womens to be more comfortable. I'm still not secure enough to wear them at the gym altough i did wear a pair of brazilian undies to play basketball and felt very good in them, they held everything well in place and after, when I went back to the locker room, I just took my shorts off and changed, there was a guy next to me but he never looked... Well maybe he did and did not say anything, he may have thought I just had a wedgie or something, they were also black so a little arder to see I guess.

I think that if girls can wear boxers or briefs, then why can't guys wear panties, either, thongs, string or ever brazilian style. Panties are not ment to be exposed, Dont get me wrong if it was seen as normal to wear them I would not have any problem wearing panties at the gym and show it off, though I'm not into, bright colour like HOT pink or so. Just nice silky, satin or microfiber black, tan or white. Would be good enough for me.

Anybody want to chat,

Alinne 4 years ago

Hi, i´m a male 39 yeras old, and ai´m in a closset yet... i love to werar panty´s and nylon, haigh hills, but only in intimacy....i live in méxico, so if you are interesting, i can hear yor propose.... kisses!

Lupinebeast 4 years ago

I've had a fascination with women's knickers since I was a teenager, and have worn them for a good part of the last 40 years. To me there's no comparison with men's underpants for comfort as well as the sexual buzz. I only wear men's underpants when I go for a medical examination. The rest of the time I wear silky nylon high cut full back briefs. I like the feel of soft fabric on my bottom as well as my groin. I have well over a hundred pairs in all sorts of Colours and what's even nicer is my wife has no problem with it at all. I feel my life is immeasurably enriched by wearing ladies knickers.

mikpanty 4 years ago

oh yeah..i love wearing panties..i bought i pink, red and yellow just for me... And i dont wear anymore brief.... And wearing panties make me fell good coz im a gay.

Lupinebeast 4 years ago

My hero is Wallace Carruthers, the inventor of nylon. My favourite brands of knickers are Fantasie and Marks & Spencer. Got some lovely Triumph Romantic Desire briefs recently,very sexy and supreme comfort.

nige 4 years ago

I think that all men,except maybe gay guys ,wear lingerie.Mainly in secret when they are alone in the house and get the chance to wear their wives or girlfriends panties and stockings.

If a woman accepts that their guy likes to wear lingerie then sex will become a whole lot better.Otherwise their men will continue to wear and masturbate in secret.It`s what all men do,to some degree or another.

So,let your guy wear panties on a daily basis and let him wear a nice silky nightie to bed and enjoy the improvement in your lives !

GearJammer 4 years ago

Nice statement, Nige!

I would like to add that most men would (at the least) wear men's bikini and thong underwear. The reason they don't is because of the mentality in this country that is a man wears such underwear, he is a homosexual, a sex pervert, a queer, a freak, a wierdo and all other manner of names that we usually hear from uptight, sexually frustrated, Mrs Grundy types.

Americans are so uptight when it comes to their underwear. Men and women in other countries don't have such hang-ups.

Luc 4 years ago

Like Gear Jammer said if it was not for closed minded people, I would wear panties, all the time even to the gym, well I do but you cant say they are. I wear mostely thongs, but at the gym I'll wear brazilian type, witch I find as comfortable. I really dont get a hard on anymore from wearing womens panties. I see them as normal underwear. thqat is the way it should be. if someone want to chat about them, I can be contacted at

Terry in panties 4 years ago

I have been wearing panties since I was 12 and full time for the las 15 years. Not only do panties make me feel very sexy but they are more comfy than mens underwear. Most everyone knows I wear panties and most do not approve. My mom was the only one who encouraged me to accept that panties were "my thing". Ex wife left me because I couldnt give panties up. I made her fully aware of my panty fetish before we ever thought about marriage. she couldnt handle it. Most people dont accept but I have no problem with that. Panties are a huge part of my life. I dont wanna change except into some new slippery hanes her way nylon hi cuts just like my mom used to wear!

joe 4 years ago

My wife has been making me wear bras and panties for years , It started right after she caught me sneakily trying hers on . Now i oly have pretty satin panties i have not seen or worn a pair of mens underwear in 3 years. Sometimes she Spanks me and makes me wear other things like one piece swimsuits and nighties. I love her so much and i do what ever she says . Sometimes she humiliates me by making me model different bras and panties for 2 of her female friends and she spanks me in front of them . one of them forced me to give oral to a toy she had tucked in her pants . its humiliating at times The worst is when we go into victorias secret and she tells the sales girls just who will be wearing the new panties and the young girl giggles at me ...but i don't care i love her very much

Dave 4 years ago

My foster sister made me put her knickers on when I was about seven. It blew me away, it's like a spell, she bewitched me. I haven't looked back. My wife is OK with it. I always thought that the mind spinning feeling would wear away if I wore ladies undies 24/7. It doesn't. I feel 100% better now that my wife knows, it took all the horrible guilt away and left us both to enjoy it, and we do enjoy it. It's really good honest fetish dressing up fun. When you die it's for ever, live your life now. I have loads of undies and none of them are the same. You can't say the same about the boring blokes pants. My wife and I have more sex now than we ever did. They really make me feel goooood!! Pull on some sexy undies!

Jason 4 years ago

I have been wearing bikini-style underwear for 26 years now, but have been wearing panties exclusively for 15 months now. Men's underwear is so mundane and boring. Where is it written that men’s underwear has to be basic and practical, but nothing more? I don’t like boxers- they are for old men and tightie whities are for little boys. I am not an old man, nor am I a little boy.

What I cannot understand is... why is it, when it comes to designing women's underwear; there are no rules, no limits and no boundaries. They can be as daring as the designer and customer wants. Panties can be made from any type of material and color. But when it comes to men's underwear, there are all types of rules and boundaries to be adhered to. Men's underwear cannot be sexy, daring, alluring, fun, exciting, imaginative or comfortable. Men’s underwear can only be made from one fabric... cotton (an exception may be made for athletic underwear). Men's underwear can only be made two ways... boxers or full-cut briefs. 3 basic colors- white, black and grey. Any variations from these strict guidelines may result in persecution, ridicule, mockery and name calling (such as freak, pervert, faggot, queer, weirdo, etc.). Why is it that women get to enjoy their underwear, while we men are expected to be chained to the mundane and boring practicality of either boxers or briefs?

My second question is… why do they make sexy underwear for larger women (thongs, bikinis, etc.) but the idea that larger men may enjoy wearing thongs or bikinis is… to say the least, not open for discussion. Maybe a big man wants to feel and look sexy for his lover and maybe she (or he) appreciates his efforts to please her. I’m a larger framed man, with a 44 inch waist and it’s hard to find men’s underwear in the style I like that will fit me comfortably. Yes, there are brands out there that offer bikinis and thongs for large men (UnderGear, Body Aware, Prevail Sport), but how many can afford to pay $12-$25 for one pair of underwear? Certainly not me, and that is one reason I started wearing panties. Bikini, hi-cut and thong panties are far more comfortable and economical than their male counterparts. You can go to Wal-Mart and buy 6 pair of bikini panties (in plus sizes) for under $10. I used to wear Jockey bikini briefs for men, but they changed their design and they are no longer comfortable (not to mention almost $20 for 3 bikinis!).

Underwear manufacturers (Hanes, Jockey, Fruit of the Loom) need to open their eyes to this great untapped source of profit. If they were to make men’s underwear more like women’s panties in respect of fabric and style, their profit margins would explode! Unfortunately as long as Americans have this uptight and inhibited worldview of what men’s underwear should look like and be made of, men will continue to have to wear panties in secret.

JohnA-gmc profile image

JohnA-gmc 4 years ago

Jason: I agree with you. That is why I wear panties for the last 30+ years. As I only wear panties and skirts. No more pants or breifs or boxers.Comfort is My main goal and more men need to change the way stores sell things.

Dana 4 years ago

I am a straight male that has been wearing women's panties and pantyhose for the better part of 12 years, since I moved out of my parents' house. I'm single, 34, and feel confident that I will find a woman that endorses my pantyhose and panty-wearing fetish.

I will **NEVER** revert to wearing normal male underwear again! Life is too short to not explore your feminine side! I **ALWAYS** wear panties underneath my normal masculine clothes. My favorite types of panties are Vassarette bikinis/hikinis, Cabernet microfiber hipsters and Vanity Fair (100% nylon) silk briefs, mostly black. I own about 20 pairs of each aforementioned type of panties (nearly 60 overall).

During the day, I alternate between wearing Vassarettes and Cabernets, and change into Vanity Fair "silk grannys" when I go to bed. It is VERY NORMAL for a guy to wake up with what is best known as "morning wood," and the silk grannys not only make be feel very sexy when I'm in bed, but they keep my morning wood from bulging over the waistband, which can distract my sleep (for whatever reason, I just cannot sleep totally in the nude). Silk grannys (Vanity Fair) make me feel like I'm wearing nothing at all, and make me feel more comfortable when I toss-and-turn in bed (I have silk sheets).

NOTE: Dana is not my real name. (02/13/12)

Dana 4 years ago

I want to add more. As mentioned in the previous post, I always wear panties under my jeans, but the only place that I would feel comfortable cross-dressing in public (including a wig, makeup, bra, dress, pantyhose and heels) would be in LAS VEGAS, where you can cross-dress without fear of embarrassment. During the spring months (usually either April or May), there is an event called "Divas Las Vegas" - Check out this site: (02/13/12)

BJ 4 years ago

My wife and I were on vacation last year and I only had the underpants I was wearing, so my she tossed a couple of her Hanes bikini cotton panties to me. Ok, I'll put on something clean. I felt a little goofy putting them on but it was just a quick way of getting clean underwear on. I said "these things are friggin comfortable...". They are. She told me to keep the 3 pairs she gave me and then said to go to Kmart and get the Hanes cotton bikini panties. Eventually I went over and got a few pair, including a few pair of satin which I'll be honest did get me a bit excited when I first put on a pair of them. Wow do they feel good all around my package. But now it's no big deal. I like the fact there are no seams on the front, no "fly opening". So it's just pure comfort. I found some men's bikini briefs by Life? that are just fine and also Sears sells a bikini nylon that feels the same as the satin. I do nothing but wear any of these alternatives - I discarded my conventional underpants. No comparison. Not a fetish. I'm not gay, or affeminate. Just a man who discovered comfort! A side note, someone wrote that wearing women's panties makes you feel that much closer to the woman you love. I think it does make me like her femininity even more - I friggin love my beautiful beautiful wife and all that makes her a woman......Ooooooolaaaaalaaaaa. To see her and caress her in her sexy stockings and panties is the best thing on the planet earth. The thought of affection with a male is repulsive. So wearing different underwear materials does not make a man homosexual. Period.

PS I think cross dressers look like bag ladies.

robert 4 years ago

I would never want to go out dressed as a women , I do not want to be a women or look like a women , I am married and I love women and women ONLY ! i do often wear my wife's panties every day under my jeans sometimes i do wear womens jeans to they fit and feel better I am not talking about skin tight chicken leg jeans . Good fitting relaxed women jeans are awesome . I stay excited all day thinking about my sexy wife and what we are going to do when i get home .

Ben D Badgi 4 years ago

For all of you women reading this... make your man wear your panties! You will be glad of it! It will improve your sex life and the both of you will be happier. At first he may pretend to protest and say that he doesn't want to, but eventually he will do it, because he secretly does want to wear your panties!

If women all over the world would make their husbands and boyfriends wear their panties, we would have world peace! Men would forget about war and world domination; they would stay home with their women, and make love instead of war!

billinmich 4 years ago from michigan

well i like wearing them because they keep me semi hard all day, and i love that feeling , sex is great in them also. I have Balis , vs and hanes, all great, the bali's have a wide gusset that keeps mi them,

fsufan11 4 years ago

After reading the previous five posts, I agree that I would not wear women's clothing in public --- even in Las Vegas! I like to wear bras, slips, half-slips, crotchless panties, garter belts, nylon stockings from Fredericks, and high heels from Fredericks. I am currently at the public library wearing a crotchless panty under my jeans. Wearing the panty gives me a wonderful feeling! Cross-dressing does NOT make a man a homosexual!!! I am very straight, and I love women!

pat 4 years ago

I am a male that enjoys wearing sheer nude pantyhose or fishnets but no panties for me I go commando I love how the material rubs on my bare skin. I get a nice boner while wearing the hose.Last winter early in the morning it was a heavy storm I decided to do something daring I slipped on a pair of my fishnets & a warm jacket & pair of boots nothing else the snow felt wonderful against my body I decided to remove my jacket to get the snow to fall on my boner I then to proceed to wank off WOW !! WHAT A EXHILARATED FELLING!! the next morning I did the same but wore the sheer nude pantyhose try it you might enjoy this like me but do it @ 3 a.m. the bet time to do it.

Mike 4 years ago

ditched the mens pants years ago and always wear knickers/panties, they are much more comfortable, nylon ans silky ones are nice, but having such a variety to choose from is nice. The wife does not seem to be bothered by it.

aaaa 4 years ago

i like to wear panty..and you know i also wear napkin...but im a boy

billinmich 4 years ago from michigan

lovee all things fem, panties i love , both on me on her or used, mmm love the smells . slips are hot, girdles are tight and i don't last long in them,

Melbu 4 years ago

Hi all, I'm a straight male and I have been wearing panties since the age of 12. A little over a year ago, I threw out all of my men's umderwear "yuck" and I have been happily wearing panties 7/24. I can't stand hair, so I finally shaved my legs and I love the feeling. I like to wear pantihose when it's cold out.

Happy Trails to ya all!!!!

michael 4 years ago

live and let live

if men went to wear lady

Anonymous 4 years ago

hello. im a straight male, 14 years old, and i just love ! wearing my moms lingerie and underpants and sometimes bra when nones around, ill never wear them outside my room because i know my family wont support. i wish i had a credit card and a private adress to buy a corset and wpmens pantiies and all that. im actually wearing my moms panties, bra and lingerie roght now. email me at for tips pls

Rick 4 years ago

Hi Anonymous - haven't tried my moms but love wearing my girlfriends. Also been keeping it to panties but maybe should extend to bra's.

Any of you guys dig stockings??

jason 4 years ago

I wear ladies panties 7 days a week! Mine are Satin G-strings of various colours, but many are pink. I started wearing them because they are more comfortable then mens underwear, also thinner and lighter which feel free and allows the region down below to "breathe". The women I have seen love them and are generally turned on by them, in fact 80% of the pink ones I have, have been gifts from ladies and often came with BENEFITS!!! I've been wearing them for about 10 yrs, I am a 40yr old man. For what its worth it's panties only, no bras or stockings etc, reason is because I have hairy legs, no tits and wear them for the before mentioned comfort, benefits etc not because i want to be female like. But each to their own, and good luck to all.

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