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The military life is not easy for the servicemember or the family. Spouses - labeled as dependents for God knows what reason since military spouses are dependent on nobody but themselves - have to be single parents for months at a time. They have to be independent, patient, and accept the fact that they are not the single most important thing in their spouses life. There are two important things in any married servicemembers life and those things are country and family. Neither is more important. They serve for their family, and the family has to work with or without them around.

That said, the military life structure is progressing at an amazing pace. The military has really started caring more about the spouses and families left behind when their loved ones deploy and places like MilitaryOneSource,, and others are truly setting a standard for social networking and care.

Here are some of the amazing sites available for military spouses, the independent "dependents."

1. Military One Source (MOS)

This is by far the best resource available for spouses. MOS has a ton of articles and resource kits available online for all branches of the military. MOS has a careline for anyone to call in at any time with any problem. Every person at the other end of the phone has a MA in Counseling, Psychology, or Social Work and is prepared to take on any call from "How do I get a babysitter at Ft. Bragg," to "I want to leave my husband," to "I want to take my life." They are amazing counselors that are ready to help any spouse at any time, 24 hours a day.

2. has a great informational site with a separate page for spouses.

3. Cinchouse stands for Commander in Chief of the House, which is what every Military spouse is. We are the CIC when our loved ones are gone, and sometimes, we stay as CIC's when they get back. is an amazing networking sites for military wives to get the lowdown on military acronyms, lifestyles, decorating tips, and to just simply VENT. Its OK to hate the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Force, and Coast Guard. Life as a spouse is NOT about being all esprit du corps all the time, and at Cinchouse, they get that and welcome it. Cinchouse also published a book titled Married to the Military, which you can find below.

4. EODMU11Wives

This is a great site that provides information for and about EOD wives. EOD is a very small community, and while the site is for Navy EOD, it still has a ton of information for all military wives, including college options, recipes, and tips on surviving deployment.

5. Type-a-Mom

Type-a-Mom has a unique Military Mom Editor that is a no-nonsense type of mom. She gives valuable information to and for all military moms, including articles on why the military mom and wife is the center of the universe in the military, and the military is just catching up to that (though we've known all along). Any military wife can apply to become a writer with type-a-mom, and contribute their wealth of knowledge to the military mom page, or any other page on type-a-mom. The community is very caring, and always happy to help with anything from surviving a deployment to making fast easy meals, and even stripping your floor of wax you thought was a cleaner.


This is an invaluable site for all military members. It is imperative that spouses manage money well. Even though we live in a day to day, don't know if my husband will make it back, type of mind frame, we must always stay positive, plan for a better day, a better deployment, and a better future after retirement. focuses on the needs military families have and will help guide you to investing and saving in a way appropriate to your lifestyle as a military family.


This is the ultimate social networking site. This is all about venting, connecting, and talking about what is going on in this military life. Family Readiness Groups connect here, individual groups connect, and just individuals filter in and out to talk about their families, their work, their days, and deployments. Its amazing to see how many different kinds of people there are in the military, and how the "military wife" is not a singular being. Not all of us can bake, not all of us wear Navy and Army support gear all the time, and seriously, many of us can't cook - like me. is where the Real Army Wives come to hang out, and not the ones seen on Lifetime, which are also very fun and sometimes real.

This is an invaluable site that every military spouse will have to use eventually. It has all the tools for planning your next PCS (permanent change of station) move. With the new military wide system, all military members will be using this site.

The military life is changing dramatically, and is becoming easier than ever to stay connected, motivated, and happy. Loneliness is always a factor in ever spouses life, its inevitable, but it doesnt have to be terrible. Think positive, connect with others like you, and the next five, ten or twenty years will fly by.

If you know of any other important websites, please comment below and I'll add them.

No One Understands "Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder" Like a Military Wife.

Remember that the wife serves too, not just the husband.
Remember that the wife serves too, not just the husband.
Homecoming is always the best part of the military.
Homecoming is always the best part of the military.
Leaving never gets easy, but coming home always feels wonderful
Leaving never gets easy, but coming home always feels wonderful
Kids need lots of attention during deployments, and can always make a mom smile.
Kids need lots of attention during deployments, and can always make a mom smile.

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