Most common ten symptoms of falling in love

Falling love is the most common things in every ones life. Everybody feels love in his life today or tomorrow. Its the most common and heavenly feelings in the world. There are many symptoms when you are in love. But some symptoms are common. Today um gonna tell you about common ten symptoms of falling in love.

Number : 1 symptoms

The most common symptom is you will start listings romantic soft songs. You will forget about all hip-hop and classical music until you don't involve in affair. And when you will listen those romantic song you will definitely think about your crash.

2nd symptoms

2nd symptom is you will loss your concentration from your work and study. Every step of work you will think about your love. Sometimes it will seems very funny for your friends. Some times it will make you very shy...

3rd symptoms

You will start smiling without any reason. And specially you will smile when you will be alone...

4th symptom

Every time and every moment you will be thinking of your crash.... Before go to bed and after wake up.... and every time you will be happy to think about your love.... and sometimes you will think too much and you will plan for your whole life with your love...

5th symptoms

Another thing is if your crash avoid you will never make your crash understand that you are felling bad.. you will behave like that you don't fell nothing.... :P :P it happens frndzzz

6th symptoms :

If your crash called you will surely smile when you will see his or her name on your mobile screen.... nd definitely you will very happy when you will talk with him or her... may be your finger will be crossed.... !!!!!

7th symptoms

All of your friends and close cousins will be boring for you. When you spend your time with your friends you will fell bore....... you will just wait when you are gonna see your love.... :)

8th symptoms

You will feel meaningless for all gossip and advice about relationship and affair..... Because then you will thinking about your theory...

9th symptoms

your main activity will create special attention for yourself from your love. your dress, looks will change and you will be very happy when your crash will just leave a simple comment about you!!!

10th symptoms

Friends the most and important thing is you will start matching with my symptoms if you are in love, in fact you started it... !!!!!!!!!!

Hope this will really makes you happy....

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sunny 4 years ago

These symptoms match to me.

sammy 4 years ago

lov is nothing in today's world

vr 4 years ago

he is my best buddy and how can i fall into love with him.but symptoms match me

taamy 4 years ago

He is my professor all i think is just about him all these symptoms match

Rahul 4 years ago

yes these are the symptoms which is happening with me So I love her,But she loves me I donnot know

anbu 4 years ago

dreams are always gud...but...

Yelena 4 years ago

I have all 10 symptoms!! :)

moonlit 4 years ago

this has so many spelling errors

Mary 4 years ago

Too many "crashes", for me to understand.

arul 4 years ago

already i felt these

Shit brix 4 years ago

1. Your grammer is worthless

2. You are terrible at setting up sentances

3. These aren't symptoms, but reactions...

4. I suck at being social...

mocker 4 years ago

please please please .... take english tuitions before writing all these....

Hari 4 years ago

really theese matches i love her

Hey i love you ice it sproved ((excuse me ice is her short form))

saurabh gawande 4 years ago

symptoms match with me thanks

tushar 4 years ago

TRUE love does exist now..ur crushes will b change everyday....

nani 4 years ago

s, we had

riacrdo 4 years ago

many of them r happened in my life....

doda 4 years ago

i think the love is univers in the world

krishna 4 years ago

80 % are true

parina 4 years ago

you need english classes..

bina 4 years ago

After reading this,i think i am in love.

cute 4 years ago

I am really in love with him. These symptoms match.

Oh My God!!!!! I am in love

Raju 4 years ago

thank god...i m in love please join me with her

Divya 4 years ago

I think i'm in love,after reading this.

diya 3 years ago

these all symptoms match.i am really in love with him

soh@n 3 years ago

Hey bro it's happening...,,, the signs are matching almost..... :) but can u advice me how can.I forget her.....!!! Need help...

ashi 3 years ago

yes i am in love

mub 3 years ago

I am going to know love starting in this time

MEENA 3 years ago

These all symptoms are match to me because i am fall in no beautiful life

Melina 3 years ago

I might have gotten through this article if the spelling and grammar weren't so dreadful. I get the feeling English is not the writers first language, and I would encourage the writer to enlist the help of someone who could proofread before publishing. The work would be taken far more seriously if it looked more professional.

Sabtharishi 3 years ago

Live to love and love your crash

cute 3 years ago

yes i am in love yaar

gudiya 3 years ago

omg i am in love omg mujhe pyaar hogaya

NIVEDHA 3 years ago


gudiya 3 years ago

jab maloom hai i pyaar waste of time hai tho kamini padetho tera time waste nehi hua kya re kuti

stupid article 3 years ago

stoopid don no how to sepll

ganeshhh 3 years ago

ya i like it but it is not suitable for present situation

Oendree 3 years ago

its really meaningful nd vry much inspiring

unknown 3 years ago

pls forget abt this nd concentrate on ur stidies n family bcos there is someone who is waiting 4 u.the 1 god has made 4 u.....

sushmitha 3 years ago

these symptoms are match to me I forget everything

ashwini 3 years ago

love is my first sight falling in something

surekha 3 years ago

truelly it matchs to my love ,, i love u sarvesh

anonymous guy ! 2 years ago

who taught u to speak English !

sushmitha 2 years ago

these r waste of time

padma 2 years ago

ITS waste of time some loves are not true so don't fall in love guys be with yours friends and enjoy your journey

ainee malik 2 years ago

Yes these r reality based comment

ainee malik 2 years ago

Yes these r reality based comment

sona 2 years ago

He is my best friend my family members says that i m in love with him & he also love me but he never tell me so, here each & every sign match with my can i know about his feelings...

Aniket 2 years ago

These are my symptoms...

Especially numbr 4....

Aniket 2 years ago

this one is for u my dear...luv..

madhan 2 years ago

its imagine our life....!

niya 2 years ago

r they true

Rakshithaumesh 2 years ago

Don't believe in this friends. Instead of this love your parents and families.

sunny 2 years ago

yes i am in love......... :) i love u R.....

anonymous 2 years ago


M. Anon 2 years ago

Do not want to offend. Before typing please perform proofreading it will be helpful for you to understand your mistakes (if any). That is the basic thing a writer should be aware of. This would just seem to be a below average writing.

Warm regards.

nalal sharma 2 years ago

Its ol r correct......i feel ol

nalal sharma 2 years ago

Its ol r correct......i feel ol

jcca 2 years ago

Its al r crt

Dianne 24 months ago

These 10 symptoms really shows my fellings for my boyfriend

sai 23 months ago

these 10 symptoms shows my fellings towards her

Royal 22 months ago

Love is bad thing if you not understand it,love is every thing for you if you truly know it just like me. (:-( I love her truly but I not know either she love me or not):-)

mufi 22 months ago

Yes.... i m in love. I have all the symptoms..but now he is not with me...i should leave him.insha alah allah help us to live without each othr

prudvi 22 months ago

Add Your Comment..I love u ashu

nishwa 22 months ago

100% true

Viha 21 months ago

Its realy true

neha tomar 21 months ago

i think m in love

kevin savla 21 months ago

Same wid me

PukuNuku 21 months ago

Actually, i was confused whether i love him or not but after reading these symptoms i realised that yes i m in love. Thanks

Prabha 20 months ago

I can't believe!!!!

I'm in love!!!!

But mr. Ur english is reallllly bad!!!


krishvijay 20 months ago

i have been feel all it in my life but something is missing

ragi 19 months ago

i am in love

ragi 19 months ago

i am in love

Vivek 18 months ago

Really these all are happening with me, is i m in love with her

loni 18 months ago

how can i be love in someone i can not get????

PUNEET SAWHANEY 17 months ago

These 10 symptoms are match with my situation YES I'm FALLING IN LOVE

Bc 17 months ago

I matched up to 9 symptoms ....My crush is classmate and she is the same gender as me/./

uroosa 17 months ago

Yah these symptoms match with me but Alas! He is not with me today

Ramandeep singh 16 months ago

It means am in love

krishna 16 months ago

these all symptoms match for me but, how to i know these symptoms and she love me

molla 16 months ago

really i am in love please join my love with her

abc 16 months ago

First concentrate on ur studies then think abt it

mini 15 months ago

Ya I am in love

Krishna reddy 15 months ago

Its confirm im in love

shruti 14 months ago

somewhat these characters match to me.

im fucked off 12 months ago

I don't know she likes me or not but I love her very much she is better then me in everything will she acept me I keep thinking of her I see her photo very hour

fariahh 9 months ago


Asim 8 months ago

its right

sreelu sarath 3 months ago

it matches 3 weeks ago

absolutely true

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