Advice Given free to Man, "I am not gay but my wife thinks I am" since Chick-fil-a incident in bathroom

Chick-Fil-a Viewpoint on marriage

Nothing wrong with being gay either!

To those who are gay I would like to state that I find nothing wrong with loving someone even if they are the same gender LOVE is not based on gender it is just those people who are closeminded that do not try to understand others that lack the truth
To those who are gay I would like to state that I find nothing wrong with loving someone even if they are the same gender LOVE is not based on gender it is just those people who are closeminded that do not try to understand others that lack the truth

Gay men married to women?

Dear Ms. Advice,

I was coming home in a rush from the Chik-fil-a with my hands full, I was in a rush when I fell on a plunger while I was trying to get onto the toliet in the bathroom and the plunger handle penetrated my butt hole. I had to go to the hospital because it ruptured my collen. Now my wife thinks I'm gay and it is causing serious problems in our relationship. The whole plunger thing really was an accident. How can I convince my wife that this was an accident? I want to stay married.

Sincerely, Accident-prone

Dear Accident Prone,

First of all let me say, that your wife should be more understanding of this. Share this with your wife it might help.

The bathroom is often the most dangerous room in a home. It's a room with hard and often wet slippery flooring, furnished with toilets, tubs, showers and sinks made of such unforgiving materials as porcelain, ceramic, chrome and tile. In addition, some of the most potentially harm full objects are placed in the bathroom. Bathroom safety is not just a concern for the very young, the very old or the disabled; it should be for everyone. Accidents, injuries and sometimes death can happen to anyone at any age.

A married straight man almost died after using a sink plunger as a bath plug and impaling himself in the backside after slipping on a bar of soap. Dieter Bayer, 79, decided to use the plunger to keep the water in when he had a bath because he couldn't find the bath plug, reports Metro.

As he stood up to soap himself he slipped and fell heavily on the plunger, wedging the wooden handle far up his derriere. His wife rushed to the bathroom when she heard him screaming in pain, and was unable to pull him free, so she called emergency. An ambulance spokesman said: "There was a lot of blood, the injury was very serious, and he could have died. Doctors operated for eight hours to repair the damage, and believe he will now recover, although it will be at least two weeks before he's released from the hospital.

I don't know if this will help your wife and all you really can do is to give her time to get over this and just reassure her that you are not gay. This was an accident and by no way makes you gay. It was very unfortunate that it happened to you and you're not the only person to ever have an accident in the home. I don't know if you were or why you might be cleaning the bathroom in the nude, or maybe you tore through your clothes (more proof that it was an accident) but I would stay away from the plunger from now on, let your wife deal with the clogged toilet or call a plumber. Maybe if things don't get better you might try seeing a relation-ship counselor even one or two sessions might help her feel better about every thing..

Oh, and profess your feelings to her about this let her know how much she means to you and if she truly loves you she will just let this go. It was an accident and nothing more. Right?

Sincerely Ms. Advice

PS. Anyone can ask a pressing question, relating to relationships, life, career, or odd serious problems.

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on a scale 1-100 with 100 being for equal rights where do you fit into things?

Protesters Show Support for Gay Rights and Same Sex Marriage

The Over Whelming results of this Issue has lead mass protests against Chick-Fil-a who has show that their company is a company full of hate and despise for people in general and that does not care about other in this world only their own narrow point of view is all they are willing or desire to see and wish to push this on others to conform to their own unethical beliefs

Were do you fit into this?

Are you for or against the Same Sex marriages and will you still eate at chick-Fil-a?

  • I am against chick fil a and same sex marriage
  • I am for same sex marriage and for Chick fil a
  • I am neither for same sex marriage or chick fil a
  • I am for Same sex marriage but against chick fil a
  • I am for chick fil a
  • I am for same sex marriage
  • I am against Chick fill a
  • I am against Marriage
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