My Wife, that's all I said.

Nothing More - Nothing Less.

One thing very common in any one's wife - What is that.

One thing very uncommon in any one's wife - What is that.

What ever is in any one's wife common or uncommon my wife is:-

1 ) Very special,very cool even when she is hot tempered.

2 ) Very simple and honest but hides money.

3 ) Very unkind to Garlic and Onion.

4 ) Very much reserved and hardly speaks to any male other than driver & gardener.

5 ) Very kind to Gold and Diamond.

6 ) Very true and never says a bad word to me.

7 ) Very nature to keep repeating the same thing many times.

8 ) Very poor lover of cooking and cutting vegetables.

9 ) Very fond of driving around the city and shopping.

10 ) Very bad in remembering very important things.

11 ) Very much loves flattery and flowers.

12 ) Very heavy sleeper,slept for 16 hours in flight.

13 ) Very happy if her relatives visit any number of times.[She does not visit them though.]

14 ) Very disappointed if she is not remembered by my relatives when they speak over phone.

15 ) Very sorry is her most spoken words in English.[ Even to those who do not know English.]

16 ) Very dangerous when she drives my car - [ To my car clutch & Gear Box.]

17 ) Very unfortunate she Say's that we cannot go to Kashmir.[ Hates Joker HM.]

18) Very Lucky you are that you married me she Say's to me.

19 ) Very glad that her son and daughter are happily married and are in a foreign land.

20 ) Very good if some body comes with a bag of cement,she will rebuild Babri Masjid.

21 ) Very sad she is not a working house wife.

22 ) Very miserable if she does not go out all by herself for shopping.

23 ) Very soon she wants everything done.

24 ) Very hungry she gets if she sees finger chips.

25 ) Very argumentative at times and defends she is right and she is.[ Sometimes.]

26 ) Very talkative when she is not sleeping.[ Even talks while sleeping sometimes.]

27 ) Very regular in visiting her beauty parlor. [ If she can't go they come home.]

28 ) Very bold at times and can face any body anywhere ( Except Thugs ).

29 ) Very proud of me sometimes I don't know why.

30 ) Very traditional in her methods and work or worship.

My mother told me to marry her - Nothing More - Nothing Less.

Oops something may be more - but nothing less.

....................................... END .........................................

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