My Friend Jacquie

"Jacquie' - Jacqueline actually ........

To start at the beginning I met Jacquie when we both applied for the same job and both got the position, we knew there were multiple positions available as nurses are always in short supply, especially good nurses, we didnt know we would end up working in the same area together. You know that awkward feeling when you are sitting surrounded by a group of people all going for the same job and wondering who or how many would be successful, looking at the competition and mentally running through their "on the surface" good points ..of course you then 'verses' your good points .. ...and the winner is ?????...... well that didnt happen with Jacquie and I , we just sat talking and I realised that this person sitting next to me was someone who I could like very much.

Have you ever had a friend who has been a surprise right from the beginning ? , the sort of person who you just seem to gravitate to, someone who just seems to get it when everyone else is dancing to very different music, well thats what happened when I met my friend Jacquie. My friend Jacquie and I we just seemed to get along well from the very beginning. Little did I know when I met Jacquie that underneath that bright happy smile was a person who had lost her best friend, her husband, just such a short time before to cancer. Tragedy can strike at any door and cancer does not descriminate between ages. He was not an old man but a man with dreams just like many of our husbands. And she loved him, exactly for who he was ... Of course sitting next to her chatting away none of this was apparent, it was something she shared with me as we became more familiar with each other, as we trusted ourselves to impart these precious pieces of our lives to another. And when I greived for my lost wee soul she sat with me understanding the depth of the pain we were feeling and just being there , a shoulder to cry on, someone who cared willing to support and help in any way possible, kindness and compassion given freely and willingly.

"Jacquie" the down to earth sort who soon made you feel ridiculous when you whinged about something minor, reminding you in a caring way of the bigger things in life, the sort of person who could bring you back down to earth without a single bad word, a gentle reminder that all is not equal in this world we live in and that some people have a bigger struggle than others to make ends meet, its nothing to get a friendly dig in the ribs when you are being ungrateful for the many blessings that you had and even for the ones which you didn't have but may well get at another time.That look that says think about how lucky you are and when the going is tough that look that says I really do care about you. And then yes there was that 'other look' the one that says 'don't be mean' , I know you are better than that ...

Everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend like my friend Jacquie , I would share her with you but she doesnt know Im writing this and Im just selfish enough to want to keep her to myself , I hope to share many many more years being friends with her and I hope that you all have a friend like her , someone you value , someone who cares enough to pick up the phone and say simple things like " are you ok ? " someone who texts you with the good and the funny , the shared gossip and the concern

You see I havent found many people in this world who give so much of themselves with little thought to themselves and she is without a doubt at all a giver ....

Thankyou Jacquie for being my friend , you may never know I have written this about you but I know I have paid tribute to you for others to read , and I do hope that there are many other readers who will take time to reflect on the special people in their lives like my friend Jacquie and how important that they are to them, treasure them because in our day to day lives we often lose sight of the important things and revere the things which simply mean nothing and we don't even realise we are doing it .....CeeCee Cross (c)

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ceeceecross 4 years ago from Adelaide Author

Thanks to my followers for the fantastic feedback sent to me was lovely to see this featured and published ....

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