Never Before...

Never Before You....

Never before have I felt

The instant comfort that usually comes

With age and familiarity

Until The moment you touched me.

Never before did I let down my barriers

To allow anyone

To touch me

Kiss me

Explore me

Until you.

To pinpoint the part of you

That sends my heart to my feet

And back

Is impossible.

I won't try.

I will look into your eyes

As they gaze into my soul

And study the contours of your face;

And your body

As we intertwine ourselves

into a mass of arms and legs,

Warm lips and

Caressing tongues.

My body rejoices...
With each kind of union;

No matter how it is done.

For every kind of touch you bestow

Is sweet,


Scintillating to my senses...

Unlike any I have known before.

I long for the feel

Of your body next to mine

For you have become

My nourishment

The only food my body longs for.

Is it fair of me

To make you my addiction?

Not one that dispels

Negative connotations

But one that contributes

To the growth of a union.





You are the drug

That causes each part of my body

To contract, speed up and awaken

To seek out communication

That transcends trivial sputtering.

I want to continue exploring all of you;

Each and every part of you.

With my hands,

My mouth,

My mind.

As if you were a map

Written in Braille

And I was the chosen navigator.

Premature my thoughts may be

And I pray they are not unfounded.

I feel a connection

The presence of something intangible

Each time I hear your voice

See your face

Take in your smile.

My world spins in place

Each time you walk in

And I will cherish

Every God given moment

I am allowed

To spend with you.

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