New Thoughts on New Moon

The infamous triangle now replete with the standard cultural question: Team Edward or Team Jacob?
The infamous triangle now replete with the standard cultural question: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Unaccepted Adolescence


I’ll close my eyes, bite my lip, and reveal something about myself that I’m not certain I approve of: I am a fan of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. While I was out shopping with my husband, he expressed his disapproval of the recent phenomenon that has resulted in so much hype from adolescent girls. He especially disliked the hype surrounding Robert Pattinson, who seems to be a fixation for many adolescent teen girls. As I tried to defend the series, I thought again of how I could help him and myself understand the draw.

Although I’m not certain what most adolescent teen girls think about the movie, I doubt that Robert Pattinson is the sole reason for the huge obsession. Twilight became something of an obsession for many adolescents even before he came onto the picture. Perhaps it was the brooding, seemingly unattainable Edward that caused the beginning of the obsession. Or perhaps it was the more familiar, cuddly Jacob Black that appealed to girls. Yet characters such as these are not new to the young adult crowd. If not just the characters, then perhaps what draws girls to books is that the Twilight saga is a story about an impossible love. A vampire loves a human girl and both struggle with the complications of their relationship.

But why say that this is the draw? Another complicated relationship featured prominently in a movie that became something of an obsession for teen girls: Titanic. Many of the actions and behaviors of teenage and adolescent girls when that movie came out are similar to the actions and behaviors of the Twilight crowd. As with Titanic, girls are buying magazines and pouring over the latest news about Robert Pattinson. They are watching the movies over and over again and shrieking at events that feature any tidbit of Twilight. And in the process they are earning the ire of the older, more intelligent crowd. If this generation of girls is anything like the generation of adolescent girls who liked Titanic, then in a few years or so they will hide all traces of their former Twilight obsession and laugh at how stupid others were to get carried away by the hype. They will assert the utter stupidity of actions that they were once culpable of.

            Yet, why?  Yes, the actions and hype of adolescent girls surrounding the Twilight saga are far from intelligent. But why is this group held up to so much more censure than their counterparts: adolescent teen boys? Sure, adolescent boys don’t scream and attract as much attention. But isn’t their something equally laughable about their activities: burping up pop, having farting contests, playing video games where the main activity is killing one another? Should that not also be an object of scorn for the older crowd? Why is it usually adolescent teen girls that face scorn for their acting on impulses that are more removed from the older crowd?

            Perhaps the obvious answer is that teen girls actions in this area are more public whereas adolescent teen boys actions aren’t as public. Or perhaps it’s just a more accepted notion that boys will be rowdy when they are adolescents whereas girls are held to a stricter standard of behavior. Either way, it seems that boys will pass unscathed by the pressure to not like or do certain actions whereas girls will again grow up and laugh with embarrassment when they think back on their fixations.

            In conclusion, I’m not sure that I will see the New Moon movie when it comes out at midnight. I know I will grate at the shrieks and giggles that other girls will admit. Yet even as I write this, I wonder why I still fail to understand this mark of adolescence or why I’m not as bothered by the fact that somewhere a group of adolescent boys are getting giddy over killing each other in some video game.

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Carol the Writer profile image

Carol the Writer 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

Great comments. I, too, am an adult who likes Twilight. I will watch the new movie as soon as I can. It is coming out November 19th. I even wrote a hub on the Twilight New Moon movie. This new movie may change me from an Edward fan to a Jacob fan.- Carol

izettl profile image

izettl 6 years ago from The Great Northwest

I am a middle-aged woman who totally appreciates the Twilight series. I know why it appeals to older women and that's remembering our first love or first attraction. I think Bella ha several traits that many girls and women can relate to. Who knows about adolescent boys, but it's funny how you describe them so perfectly in that last line of your hub.

Elefanza profile image

Elefanza 6 years ago from Somewhere in My Brain Author

Yeah, I can definitely see the appeal of Twilight. I was immediately hooked. I definitely agree that there is something very appealing about the series for girls. However, I've had the misfortune (or possibly good fortune) of seeing the movies with the Rifftrax (quite hilarious), reading a funny breakdown of the phenomenon from a guy's perspective (so funny and shaming all at once) and thinking about the movies more. I think it works best to keep it in the context you describe. Just let it be a love story. But I now have the other more critical side that isn't as fond of some of the things I've seen in the Twilight series. Specifically, what message is being sent to girls about happiness being linked to a guy. But I might be over analyzing.

Consequently, have you ever seen Buffy, the Vampire Slayer? I feel that this does a much better job at conveying the first love/attraction angle and the main character is much stronger than Bella. Also, the show is quite hilarious.

izettl profile image

izettl 6 years ago from The Great Northwest

No you aren't overanalyzing the happiness in correlation with guys- that's not a good message. I tend to overanalyze things too, but I'm always a sucker for a forbidden love story. I let my 3 yr old daughter watch Beauty and The Beast then I recently read something about how it could send a message to women to stay with an abusive controlling guy- geesh! I think there are some girls who will latch onto a guy for happiness anyway or be controlled by a man despite one movie or one book. We're smart girls and we won't be fooled by that. Hopefully if I raise my daughter right, she won't marry some

Never seen Buffy- I must be the only one on planet earth.

Elefanza profile image

Elefanza 6 years ago from Somewhere in My Brain Author

Yeah, I heard that about Beauty and the Beast. I had the great misfortune of watching Mickey Mouse Monopoly. Completely ruined all Disney films. :) Yeah, some girls probably will latch on to some guy for happiness despite good influences in their life or lack of negative ones.

No, not the only one on the planet. But it's a pretty good series. A lot of strong female characters. The director, Joss Whedon, is actually known for his strong female characters, to which he credits the strength of his mom. Kind of amazing. Think of the impact you could have on your daughter. :)

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