Ohh to remember

Memories of the eye

To Remember

To many people to say the word remember, it is a process

To others it is a safe place

Your memories are what bind you

Bind you to many things great and small

And sometimes just to remember things that are and once were

I hang onto my memories and tuck them away from the conscious eye

For rainy days such as these, just to feel the warmth

I remember a day, seems like yesterday

When I embarked on a spontaneous event

Upon arriving at I was on a high from anxiety

To finally meet the man behind the glass

Whom I trembled for when he spoke

Not knowing what lied ahead

By certain far better than once came

I was overwhelmed with optimism

As I stood there before him, I could not stop from embracing the thought

For his eyes told a story of their own

A pathway to his soul were they

Open armed he took me into his embrace

Then I knew I would never be alone again

For he would protect me

I wish he only knew how much I like to remember.

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