5 Reasons Why Older Women Should Date Younger Men

Reasons why older women should date younger men
Reasons why older women should date younger men


In today's society, relationships between older women and younger men (or vice versa) are common. Older women are dating younger men (young enough to be their sons) but why is this so? Why will a 50 year old mature woman date a 20 year old guy? Why don’t they look for men of their age or dating is no longer based on age but instead the understanding of two people? Whatever the reason there is no denying that these relationships are increasing at an astonishing rate. Below are some of the main reasons as to why older women and younger men date one another.

Top Reasons to Date Younger Men

  1. Money! Who doesn’t love money and especially when you can have it plenty for free? With the hard economic times many people are struggling to make ends meet. A young man who is running short of finances will easily fall for an older woman who can afford to give him a luxurious lifestyle. Older women with resources are also happy to lavish younger men with these gifts because many are unaccustomed to being around so much money.
  2. Older men are dating younger women and this forces the older women to also date younger men. When the older men are always going after girls the same age as their daughters, a gap will be created and the older women will also have to go after men the same age as their sons. Accomplished, professional men often seek younger women, effectively limiting the supply of eligible bachelors for older women. As a result, they turn to younger men as well.
  3. For the love of fun. Older women are constantly looking for fun and they know where to find it. They don’t expect to have a lot of fun with a man their age but one who is much younger and has the zeal and energy to be adventurous. Older women recognize this and when they are searching for more fun and excitement, they acknowledge that the only person she can get it from is from a younger guy who has all the time and energy required for this to happen.
  4. Status. Older women are accomplished, have high flying jobs and the money needed to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. So when you see a younger man in a relationship with an older lady, it’s very possible that he was attracted to her for the benefits he will get. Dating younger ladies is always stressful and being with an older woman will give him a peace of mind and perfect relaxation. There is a sense of calm and maturity in these types of relationships.
  5. Love. It's also very much possible for these relationships to happen because of love. Nothing can prevent a younger man and older woman falling in love with one another and it happens sometimes. So the next time you see a relationship involving older woman and younger man, don’t just assume it could be as a result of the other reasons mentioned in this article. It could all be as a result of love.
  6. Variety. These types of relationships can add diversity and spice that many individuals haven't experienced (or haven't experienced in quite a while). Sometimes it takes changing your perspective to grow as a person and to figure out what it is that you truly want in a partner.

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