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Its true, overcoming approach anxiety is completely doable, but its not like taking candy from a baby, you gotta put some time into it . Curing yourself of this social phobia is not just going to happen in a day or two . Just like all kinds of fears and anxieties, approach anxiety or being afraid to approach girls lessens the more you are exposed to meeting women you don't know. Some psychological tricks are required to take on this issue.

Basically, the more strange women you walk up and introduce yourself to , the more your fear of approaching these women will go away . I'm not making this up, these are the same , psychological techniques used to get rid of a persons fear of flying or spiders or whatever it is they are scared of . Step by step , expose yourself to the thing you fear the worst . You'll hear all other kinds of crazy ideas , but this is really the only proven and almost guaranteed way that there happens to be .

Overcoming approach anxiety is what you will learn in the rest of this lesson.

Your plan should span the time frame of just about six months or so . To begin , all you have to do is to start talking to girls or women that you work with or somehow know already . Get yourself used to initiating a conversation with the women you're aquainted with . You have to get into the habit of doing this!

The instant  you find you're not afraid with starting a conversation with a girl you're familiar with, start smiling at women you don't know who walk by you in public . Simple enough. When you get to a spot where you are comfortable smiling at strange chicks in public, start saying hi to these girls . Slowly but surely your pua approach anxiety is going away. You are facing and defeating your fear .

When you're cool with saying hi to strange women, take the next step and engage one or two of them in a trivial chat . After you can do this, overcoming approach anxiety should be well within range.

Its as simple as that, you just have to do the work! Do this for 3-6 months and you should see some major progress in losing your anxiety and fear , of course , there is also a quicker way for overcoming approach anxiety, follow our Destroy Approach Anxiety System which you can see by visiting any link in this lesson.

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schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA

what if you feel deep down inside you're not worthy because of child abuse or low self esteem? Perhaps having a job will contribute to the man's confidence. Nice job.

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