PUA Approach Anxiety & How to Cure It

PUA Approach Anxiety

Overcoming Your PUA Approach Anxiety

This Hub Page will reveal how to overcome your fear of approaching girls also known as pua approach anxiety . We all have approach anxiety to some extent . In the eyes of some men , its a manical fear that doesn't allow us to talk to a girl , for different guys its only that weird feeling in your stomach the minute prior to approaching a woman who is a stranger . Approach anxiety is totally curable .

What is the best way to cure your approach anxiety ? There are many techniques for overcoming your pua approach anxiety, but the technique you're gonna find out tonight is the same way that recreational sports athletes employ to become pro sports players . The name of the tactic is called habitual practice. If you practice habitually for one to three months, you will get rid of your fear of approaching girls . This is how you practice habitually .

While you're out in public , begin by just making eye contact and smiling at everyone you pass on the road . Who cares if they say anything back to you, its not important . All that matters is that you look at them and smile . Do this for a couple weeks until it becomes no problem to smile at a stranger . When you're comfortable , its time to step it up . Start saying "hi" to every person who comes within a two feet of you. Now remember , it doesn't matter if they don't reply. The point of this is to recondition or train your brain to see that nothing threatening is gonna to happen when you start a conversation with someone you dont know . Believe it or not , this tactic is very effective at overcoming pua approach anxiety.

Habitually practice this for 30-60 days , you will lose your fear of approaching women or at the very least lessen it by at least 50% .

Don't forget , its taken a long time for you to get into the bad habit of getting pua approach anxiety when you approach strangers or women so its probably gonna take you a little while to defeat it. All you have to do is create a new habit that will take the place of the old habit you don't want . The method in this article does exactly that.

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