Peacock Feather Wedding Bouquets and Floral/Flower Arrangements - How To Make Your Own!

Having A Peacock Themed Wedding and Looking For A Peacock Wedding Bouquet? Learn How To Make One!

if you are hosting a peacock themed wedding party then you surely cannot use an ordinary bouquet for the ceremony. It will just look too bland! What you would need is a peacock feather wedding bouquet, and the fun part is you can learn how to make this yourself.

For making a peacock wedding bouquet you need a bunch of flowers (I prefer using deep purple callas along with some green leaves and decorated long stems) and some peacock feathers! You can save some money by buying some fresh flowers for wholesale prices and creating DIY wedding bouquets.

Keep on reading to know how to make your own peacock wedding bouquet.

Try To Make A Peacock Bouquet Like This One! Isn't It Pretty?

A Peacock Feather Bouquet
A Peacock Feather Bouquet

How To Make Your Own Peacock Feather Bouquet

What You Will Need

A Bunch of Flowers (any kind)

Peacock Feathers

Floral tape

Silk Ribbon

Silk Cloth/Fabric

Boutonniere crystal/pearl headed pins

How To Make The Bouquet

1. Take the bunch of flowers together and wrap the stems with floral tape to make them stay in place.

2. Cut the stem of some of the peacock feathers and place them in front of the bouquet. Place the peacock feathers with longer stems at the back of the bouquet. You can experiment and place them in various positions according to your wish.

3. Wrap the stems again all over with floral tape.

4. Wrap the bunched stems with silk fabric and secure properly using the pins.

5. You can use the ribbons casually on the bouquet and fasten them using pins.

Peacock Bouquet Flower Arrangement Inspirations and Ideas #1

Flower Arrangement Idea #1

This is a really pretty arrangement by David Beahm which will go well with peacock feathers.

Peacock Bouquet Flower Arrangement Inspirations and Ideas #2

Flower Arrangement Ideas #2

This is a pretty arrangement from SendFlowers which contains more white flowers. This arrangement too will look great with few peacock feathers and is perfect for people who like their bouquets to look more traditional.

You can also create the bouquet shown in the picture by alteringĀ a similar flower bouquet available at Amazon.

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cyoung35 profile image

cyoung35 5 years ago from Corona, CA

These peacock bouquets are stunning! What a great idea and the colors are amazing. Voted up and useful.

Dave More 5 years ago

Very informative! I learn a new thing every day. Hope for more. Will be coming for more NYC Florist.

CrossWords profile image

CrossWords 5 years ago

Great idea! I love doing flower arrangements and may have to give this a try.

DIYweddingplanner profile image

DIYweddingplanner 6 years ago from South Carolina, USA

Gorgeous! Love the peacock feathers and vibrant colors!

dj miller profile image

dj miller 6 years ago from Destin Florida

What a great idea for a center piece for your bouquet. It would work for a beach wedding.

boons7 profile image

boons7 6 years ago

Literally the most BEAUTIFUL arrangement I have ever seen. I might be partial because of my love of peacocks.

TheWeddingSecret profile image

TheWeddingSecret 6 years ago from Bath, UK

How beautiful! Hopefully I will have time to try this one day, great post

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