Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas

Colorful Elegance

Peacock themed parties and weddings are all the rage. Some of the most gorgeous wedding receptions have centered around the vivid plumes of these regal birds. But as it is with all things, there can be too much of a good thing and the bold colors of the peacock can easily overwhelm an otherwise elegant affair. Here are some tips for incorporating the peacock into your wedding without turning your ceremony and reception into a gaudy spectacle.

Remember, the bride and groom are the focal point of this day. Their love and lifelong commitment to fidelity and family are what is important. The décor is meant to provide a festive, joyful atmosphere, but not to diminish the reason for the celebration. With this in mind, consider using feathers as accents, but take care not to overdo it. Feathers can be incorporated in the bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets and into the groomsmen’s boutonnieres. The bride may choose to wear a hair clip instead of a tradition veil and this may include peacock feathers or the more billowy ostrich feather that has been dyed into one of the more subtle colors from the peacock’s plume. Don’t forget that there are white peacocks, so wearing a hair clip accented by a white peacock feather would be truly elegant. In fact, the bride may add a fun twist to the theme by evoking the white peacock herself, while her bridal party complements her in more colorful garb.

Instead of using an over-abundance of feathers, consider using the peacock’s colors as accents. Bridesmaids may wear royal blue, teal green or even gold dresses. The days in which each attendant wore an identical dress are long past. Each attendant in this bridal party may wear a different dress in a unique color, each evoking the peacock. They will walk down the aisle between pews that have been decorated with gold tulle bows, into which peacock feathers have been tucked and fanned out, evocative of the peacock’s grand display.

Once your guests have been duly impressed by the beauty of your ceremony you’ll want to continue that “wow” factor at your reception. Using the same tulle bows and feathers on the guest’s chairs would nicely tie the ceremony into the reception. Centerpieces can be as subtle or as ostentatious as you desire. Even the wedding cake can incorporate the theme using colored icing feathers as accents. Votive candles inserted into peacock colored glass candleholders would add a touch of class to tables draped in more subtle gold cloth. The bridal party’s table may be adorned with royal blue tulle and tall centerpieces featuring colorful plumage.

The Invitations

The couple can set the stage for their impending nuptials by incorporating their theme into the invitation. Whether purchasing preprinted invitations with the peacock colors or plumes in ink or inserting actual peacock feathers into colored ribbon sashes, the invitations can add a touch of elegance to the announcements. The lovelier the invitation, the more excited the guests will be.

The Bird Cage

Most couples include a decorated box of some sort in which guests may insert cards. A smart twist on this for the peacock themed wedding is the use of a decorated bird cage. They can often be found at vintage stores. Using coloring ribbon and /or feathers would create a lovely, classic accent. Classic colors such as teal, lavender, purple and royal blue evoke visions of peacocks and will enhance your wedding venue.

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