Perfume of a Bride: Choosing the Right Perfume for Women

Perfume for Brides

The Perfect Fragrance For The Perfect Day Of A Woman

That special moment in life, where everything around looks special, feels special, smells special. It’s the once in a lifetime moment of a woman, where she puts forward her first step into the start of an all new life that’s set to transform her for the better. You would want those instances of transformation to stay for good - as memories. Just as you’d want the most stunning and gracious of attires, the fragrance you wear too got to be just as mesmerizing.

There are hundreds of fragrances that hail from the best and world renowned brands in perfumes. The challenge could be to choose the right one, especially when that comes to a bridal occasion when everything is sought to be in perfection. This article will help you jumpstart with a few renowned brands in your decision to shopping for fragrances – for that one special day in life! Let’s dive in

Need of Selecting the Best Perfume for Brides

Brides are the epitome of beauty and radiance. A person who is happy and in love, cannot be competed with anything like makeup, dress or jewellery. The most exquisite ornament of a bride on her wedding is a well chosen perfume that can make her feel beautiful and elegant. It also becomes a special scented memento reminding you of the chaos and excitement of that day.

When it comes to stirring memories, the smell of the perfume it is indisputably the most powerful of our five senses. You will be plunged into a reverie of sweet reminiscence in years to come, by the single waft of the fragrance you wear on your wedding day.

The fragrance worn by a bride on her wedding day can also speak volumes about her and her personality. You can think of wearing your wedding itself with a fragrance. a whole new dimension can be brought to your wedding with a scent that can enhance the theme and style of your day. It personalises the celebration too.

Wedding Perfume
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Best 5 Fragrance For Brides

The top 5 perfume or fragrance for the brides are

  • Calvin Klein

With more than 78 perfumes to their aroma base, Calvin Klein could be hard and conflicting in decision to choose from, with its extravagant fragrances. ‘Euphoria’ has the very perfect blend of exotic natural scents that looms around the bride all day long, leaving her afresh.

‘Eternity’ on the other hand conceptualizes intimacy and romantic floral fragrance – simply perfect for the grand day!

  • Gucci

Feminish, stylish, luxurious – that’s what Gucci is. The best friend of a girl, from the teens through her adulthood. ‘Gucci Rush’ is an all-time favourite of bridal wear. Its scent possesses a blend of floral gardenia, coriander seeds, jasmine, rose, and vanilla that is so very enticing.

Any hey, if you are going to linger around actively on a wedding day, Gucci by Gucci is the signature fragrance for the modern day icon. The fragrance smoulders with a striking patchouli base which leaves a long lasting impression.

  • Givenchy

This line of brand too has some of the most exotic and vibrant fragrances for women. Amarige D'Amour is a Chypre Floral fragrance for women. Its top notes of black currant, cassia and sweet pea; middle notes of jasmine, rose hip, lily-of-the-valley, rose and white mimose; base notes of sandalwood and ambergris, make it just perfect for the grand occasion.

Dance with Givenchy dances with accords of jasmine, ylang ylang, apple, mandarin, orange blossom, wood and musk. It’s like an explosion in a sweet factory!

  • Paco Rabanne

Rabonne is a name to reckon with in the fragrances industry. With 35 sense boggling fragrances, it is a must have for many.Lady Million is a vibrant, sensual, voluptuous nectar of flowers. Its narcotic sweetness is bewitching, demanding all attention.

Though this has not been very popular among the Indians, this is one of the favourites among women from other parts of the world.

Another 5 Wedding Perfume Ideas

How Apply Bridal Perfumes

  • Bridal fragrance should be chosen before the bouquet. It can then be synchronized with the scent of your flowers for extra impact and enhance its scent.
  • Ensure, you spray the fragrance onto your skin and give the scent time to develop before you sniff when sampling it.
  • For a nostalgic and personal gesture, you can also decide to wear the same perfume your mother or grandmother wore on her wedding day.
  • Fragrance should be applied in layers. First use the scented body wash and then the scented moisturiser. Finally apply the perfume on your primary and secondary pulse points. For extra staying power, spray a fine mist of it on your underwear, the lining of your dress and your veil.
  • A bottle of the fragrance can be taken into your handbag for touch ups.
  • Don’t use too much of it. If done so, your glorious sight won’t be fully appreciated.

It is very important for a bride to have the perfect perfume as it is for her to have beautiful clothes on the very special day of her life. The bridal perfume is an evocative ingredient in attaining a feeling of bridal harmony, where the dress, flowers, wedding theme and fragrance work in beautiful synchronicity. The pointers and the list of perfumes mentioned above will help you select the best perfume for the most special occasion.

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