Petals In The Sand

Patience | Source

As The Blood Pumps Faster Through My Veins...

With tired eyes, I shield the rays beating hard and fast.

Torment glistens with each word of praise, each sound of calculated joy.

Do they mean it? Is it real?

As the blood pumps faster through my veins, coursing, throbbing, gliding a beaten path.

I have been here.

Like petals in the sand, feelings harden, wither, fade and decompose.

Will I see you? Will I find you? Passions swirl and subside as another day passes.

I see my heart from above laying distant.

The tide rises and falls ever crushing, yet smooths even the hardest rock.

Moon's glow wraps around me, tightly, comforting.... lulling.

I open my eyes.

Wait for me, as I wait for you.

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