Plenty of Fish, Review

Plenty of Fish, Review

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Plenty of Fish has to be one of the most over used and abused dating websites. Wanna know why? It's absolutley free. A dating profile, for an intimate encounter, hang out, actual "dating", friends, email/chat, and long term relationships are the words that are supposed to let you know what that person is "looking for." But really it's just a sham, people do this for fun.

Really, how serious is a dating site that can take you 1 minute to put a profile up. Can't be that serious. What erks me the most about sites like this is the fact that the dude that created it is probably laughing about all of this. Apparently him and his girlfriend run the site out of their condo. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a day is brought in by advertising, and once I realized this it made me want to stop logging in, in the hopes of finding someone normal, but no. Finding someone on Plenty of Fish, is like winning the lottery, sheer luck. Forget probability.

Oh and the craziness of it all is the ads. The ads on this site are other dating ads, not to mention one of the creepiest dating ads I've ever seen--one looked like an inbred child with a mans face and pig tails and buck teeth. The other "real" or seemingly real dating sites that are at least a bit more legitimate know that once you are on Plenty of Fish you will be so freaking annoyed with the opposite sex that you will need to somehow retore your faith and try out a paid dating webpage.

The only thing I can tell you that should make you think twice about being suckered into Plenty of Fish is, my friend and I call it Plenty of Freaks, it only gets worse from there. Be aware, and don't give out too much information to anyone on this site, well, any dating site for that matter. You just never know who you are going to run into.

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Tina 8 years ago

You nailed it. The site is a money maker for the owner....PERIOD and he is laughing all the way to the bank. There seem to be very few normal people on that site. First of all, it's tough to get a response to e-mails. The expectations are so high and people are searching for supermodel and GQ guy types. Then, when you do meet someone either they are out of work, members of AA, bi-polar, morbidly obese, much older than their profile states, and the list goes on.

Stay away from the forums. They have a never ending list of rules and some truly nasty individuals in a clique that dominates the forums and gets anyone who disagrees with them suspended. This site definitely wins the award for the worst dating site on the internet, bar none.

BOB 8 years ago

I'm Male. I tried the site. I am actually normal.

I agree with Tina

The Rajah 8 years ago

An absolute freak fest! I can only speak about the women since I'm a male, but man o man, they are bottom of the barrel. Lots of alcoholics, psychos, serial daters, gold diggers, mentally unstable or relationship-challenged indivinduals, etc, etc. Not to mention, they almost always lie about their age or body, and often post photos that are unrealistic or outdated.

Beware of cougars that post only blurry or obscured pictures or distant shots. Also, if they never stare directly at the camera and have long bangs covering their forehead, it is a ploy to hide their true age.

Luke 8 years ago

I totally agree with you. This site is ridiculous. Im actually starting to belive a ot of the profiles are straight up FAKE! I think whoever is in charge make up fake profiles just to advertise themselves. You never get a response even when you are as normal as normal can be. POF is the worse site ever people beware.

Serge 8 years ago

This has got to be the worst site in history. A person I know got hooked up with this psycho -- who lied continuously and always managed to make the other person look guilty. She turned the family against his sister who could see right through her and knew that she was a gold digger. The first thing she said was "I hope he doesn't loose all his money". His sister alerted him but she kept telling him that she was going to make him rich and later convinced him that this same sister was controlling him. She told him that she was planting seeds in his mind. He feel completely under her spell as she kept telling him that she was going to make him rich. These people should be reported on Plenty of Fish and banned.

vinnie 8 years ago

I can prove that there is fraud on this site. I went on at about 2 am. and emailed a few women. When I then checked my sent messages folder, it claimed that all the women had "read" my messages. That is next to impossible, due to the fact I had written the messages at 2 am and I had sent the messages only about five minutes before they showed up as being "read" in my sent messages folde!!!!

Try it yourself.

Plenty of Nothing 8 years ago

Basically, it’s trashy. The forums, the admins, the clients are all low rent. I hope people will boycott the site.If your an educated, urban woman don’t waste your time. All you will get is a constant flow of sex laden emails from everyone on the site. The forums are filled with 50+ older women who spend their time insulting men. They look like hillbillies.Here’s their gimmick. They know that women are the bait, so they let women display just the most trashy profiles, pictures and thread posts. I mean your looking at trailer park trash at best.Don’t even bother. The admins look like homeless people, unkempt, illiterate, ugly men. This is how one of them writes .... mY jOb iz tO moRitOr. Totally pathetic site.

Glenn 8 years ago

Most women on POF have teir expectations set a little too high. This keeps decent guys, who bring something to the table, from bothering with the site. Simply because they can do better elsewhere.

Jen 8 years ago

.Everyone talks about women putting up fake pictures or pictures that deceive their actual age. Well so do the men! The men put up obviously old pictures of themselves, and don't feel one bit bashful about doing so. Or sometimes they will put up one current photo, and a bunch of old ones too, and I guess they figure its okay if they do this. Seriously, what good does knowing what a man looked like 20 years ago have to do with now? If they want women with current photos, the men should do likewise.

rachelle 8 years ago

I am so fed up with the forums and the moderators on plenty of fish. All of the sudden I find my self banned for no reason at all. I now find out that one of the mods pets claimed I was not only myself but also using another profile. Wtf! All they had to do was check my ip address to see if I was really this allav200 and they would see we are two completely different people. They did not even bother to take the time to check the ip addresses though. They just believe anything said by they favorites. Oh the moderators are very spiteful. My profile is still up and I can still click on a thread to contribute but when I try to post I get the message "messages this short may not be posted". Now I tried an experiment where I copy and pasted my reply over and over till it was too full to hold any more and still I got the message of "messages this short may not be posted".Those spiteful bastards found a way of banning me without kicking me off the site.

What a wonderful site where anyone can accuse anyone of doing and saying anything and you will be automatically punished without the retarded moderators looking for even a shred of proof that you are actually guilty. No these idiots just ban you without any proof at all , just the word of their pets.

Secret Agent 8 years ago

Plenty of Fish is the most eleborate software programmed dating scam that uses fake dating profiles of men and women along with a "software programmed AI" system that automatically does the following: (1) generates fake "profile views" to your profile so when you "log in" it will show you some "women" or "men" that "viewed your profile recently". #2 When you email one of the fake profiles, ie, to some "woman" you'll notice your email is "read" or "deleted" or "read/deleted" within a few minutes of your sending it even if it is 3:00 am in the morning (the software automatically generates the "read/deleted" etc randomly to seem like a real person) is reading the message but it is not. It is just setting flags in a database - this explains why you email dozens of people yet get no "response" when you should be a perfect match for the women/man. #3 They used an automated method to "generate" fake profiles by "scraping" data from other dating sites, e.g. a computer program runs and hits specific dating sites, reads the profiles and adds the "member" to the POF database. #4 You'll notice that most women that email you are the ugly ones (the real members) #5 The big question for Markus Frind is (if his site is not fake) ... "Markus, please tell us how you went from 1 member to 10 Million members in a span of a few years with no investor money?"

Peter 8 years ago

Most of you are so wrong, I've met great people on that site and dating an amazing woman from that site now! I'm sorry to say but if you people would open your mind and heart to the possibility you would find out for yourselves.

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Freebird3131 8 years ago

I don't agree with Peter at all. The "great" people are the minority on this site. The expectations of the people on this site are so out of whack and there are so many misrepresentations that free is the only price I would pay.

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modernsavage 7 years ago

I think too many people are approaching PlentyofFish the wrong way. They are going on there with the expectations of a paid dating site like, where there is high quality control of it's members. If you go on the site expecting a Match or eHarmony experience then of course most people will be disappointed.

However, despite the inherent disadvantages of using a free dating site, I think it can still be used to meet decent people, you just need a better and more efficient screening process. Sure it takes a little more time but on the other hand it's free. I find that once you get a great profile setup and tweaked to perfection, then it's just a matter of time until you're attracting quality dates.

dmd 7 years ago

I was a member of POF for a couple of years and also participated in the forums, where I met some genuinely nice people. However, late last year I started seriously corresponding with one forum member who gave the impression and appreance as well rounded crafsman and musician, his name was Akimmbo. After a couple of weeks of writing back and forth I said we should meet and he was very hesitate and said he thought it would be very romantic if we waited until Christmas, I thought it was odd, I even offered to fly down to where he lived, but no he wanted to wait. We continued to correspond for the next two months, which in hindsight was very unwise on my part, but I did. Finally Christmas arrived and the person I met was not the person in the pictures and I know that a look of shock was on my face because he asked if he looked like his picture and in being too stunned to answer, I said yes. In his pictures he was a tall man with golden hair and beautiful blue eyes. Well the blues were true, the man who showed up was short, with long hair (as in extensions) except for the top of his head which was completely bald, which I didn’t know because he always wears a hat or some how covers his head. If that wasn’t bad enough, the only way I can describe him is as a dirty old hippy who smelled very musty and his facial hair was so long that he would chew on his moustache. During his visit there were so many horrific moments I was in shock and I couldn’t believe I had such a bad choice. Some of the highlights were: He didn’t flush the toliet, he lived in his car, he had beeen arrested a few times and he had been put in a mental institution and it goes on and on. The reason I am telling this story is because, POF is now going to have an option where you can pay. The only thing you get for your money is a gold star next to your name. I wrote in forums that if the are going to charge they need to carefully screen their members so people like Akimmbo cannot pull his hoax on other women, at the very least no photo shopped pictures should be allowed. As I said I was a member for a few years, but after the nightmare with Akimmbo, I could not longer stomach being on POF and I quit.

Lorraine 7 years ago

Being too busy starting my career and still in school, and being that the majority of my friends are married and in toddler land, I found myself short of social avenues in which to look for Mr. Right. So, I took a gamble on POF and remained there for 2 years. I was a regular on the forums, and met a few people as friends and one turned into a long term relationship. Well, I am going to dispell a lot of the lies floating around on the 'net about POF in addition to corroborating some truths. Firstly, POF does not employ fake profiles in order to attract members. Secondly, they do not read emails of their members. Thirdly, the moderators are totalitarian, but often theyare directed to be totalitarian. Some take it to an extreme, and I was still a member when two were ousted. Sometimes, from what I have seen, they are forced to be by the characters that grace those forums. So, many of the stories you hear about "nazi moderators" have a lot of truth to them. With that said, there are so many mentally imbalanced people on that site and being there I discovered what exactly this practice of "flaming" and "flamebaiting" was. I never knew what they meant before POF. Suffice it to say that I understand why some forum members and those seeking online dating sites are single and having a bit of trouble finding a mate in the real world.

POF is not a democracy. Actually, this concept is not at all unusual in forums online that are privately owned. Still, it is draconian (the rules, that is) and the way in which they are employed, interpreted, and the inconsistency of both make it a very dangerous place to be. To me, POF, especially the forums, was nothing more than an online bar where you run into a lot of wierdos, people with serious issues, and liars making themselves out to be something and someone they are not. The cherry is the bouncers (mods) who are underpaid (read: not paid) and not trained in the art of formal moderation.

If I ever find myself single again, I will not be going the POF route. The management is amateur, and the quality of people are suspect for both men and women. I cannot count the number of times I got the standard "Yo, wanna chat?" emails. Yes, for anyone wondering, they did receive a "read/delete" response.

I haven't found a fair and balanced review of POF online, and hope that this will suffice for many. A lot of the bashing of the management is appropriate, but a lot are sour grapes from people who deserved to be booted too. Believe me, I've seen the idiots on the forums. Many times the only adequate management response was to unceremonially toss them. Still, on the other hand, there are a few moderators that even I think are power hungry, rude, and draconian.

For serious people, my advice is to keep your presence on the forums limited. Also, be sure to check into the person you meet, as 2 of the men I met were not employed as they stated (or unemployed altogether), one hid his children from me, which I would think is important when considering whether or not to date someone, and yet another confessed to me that he severely beat a man with a bat because he insulted him. Really, the quality is just as varied, if not worse, than meeting your significant other at a club.

Secret Agent 7 years ago

I've already seen people "subscribing" to this "paid" service on the "100% FREE" Plenty of Fish site. It's so funny. Hmmm... It looks like Markus Frind is going to have to change all of his marketing strategy now since he's operating a "opt in" PAID dating site (like the ones he LOVEs to bash)... How laughable... As it is no one is serious on the site, now he's finally "acknowleged" that by adding a "pay service" to "prove" people are "serious" about dating on POF...That's such a good belly laugh... hahahaha...First a few months ago, he tried to launch a rediculous "feature" where the POF suckers would pay $10-$30 to send a "virtual gift" to the women that are already "ignoring" the men, then when that failed miserably to a huge backlash, now he launches a monthly paid dating feature just so you can have a "gold icon" next to your picture (and STILL get ignored) ROFL... POF is going to implode eventually. They already are running algorithms to operate the millions of fake profiles on the site, remember right on POF's home page Frind states:"3. Our success rate, matching algorithms and technology is unmatched, we are the only dating site capable of generating matches in real time. At 26 my algorithms and their results were cited in the Nobel Prize of Mathematics (Fields Medal) paper."Hmmm... algorithms... just like the AI ones he made that operate the fake profiles that don't respond to emails...Also, another point that proves he's full of shit and fake profiles is this statement on your "Sent Emails":"Hey if you see unread deleted don't be disappointed, some users (.01%) get 100 new emails a day if they have a great picture up. People like that don't have time to read your message even if they wanted to."Right, so all of the dozens of average-looking, non supermodel women (the majority of POF women) that you emailed on POF are all the "(.01%) get 100 new emails" and getting 100 emails a day? What a joke.

Secret Agent 7 years ago

I just found this article on the web about "paying to be serious" on Plenty of Fish: at posts #7, #9 and #10:#7 Don’t be conned. is assigning those badges to profiles (only women that I know of so far) that didn’t ask for or pay for them. Some I talked to simply found them on their profile without being asked. Several women that I communicated with said they didn’t want them, when approached by Big Fish (presumably the site owner), and had them placed on their profile anyway. Emails to the site operators to remove them were met with silence.It seems that PoF is trying to drum up business, particularly from males, by giving away these badges. I find that to be fraudulent as it is intended to be a filter: only those who are serious about finding someone would pay. “If you want others to know you are serious and you’ve put real effort into finding someone then you should get your serious member profile upgrade. Take a look at some of the screen shots below. Think about it, do you take people more seriously if they have paid for something?”#9 Here is PoF’s response regarding my complaint about the women with the gold seal not having paid: “Free upgrades were awarded to random members chosen by the system that have proven to show regular activity on the site and good behavior. Users that we would consider to be Serious Members. Those that are not in agreeance with the label email us and we promptly remove the status from their profile. You can rest assured that after two weeks time, those users that do not see themselves as Serious Members are likely to have contacted customer service and downgraded their status, leaving you with a more defined idea as to who is serious about dating.”#10 I showed PoF’s response to one of the women with the “Serious Member” who didn’t ask for it (and who has been trying to get it removed for a week) and she said “Wow what a bold faced lie.”Interesting yes...? Hmmm... “Free upgrades were awarded to random members chosen by the system that have proven to show regular activity on the site and good behavior.”Sounds like Markus Frind is up to his old tricks again, now having the AI system upgrade the real female members and leaving the "fake" women AI accounts as "not serious" ...

Diana Prince 7 years ago

Plenty of fish well let's just say the people that run it are a bunch of self rightous Homophobic Bigots! They block anyone that doesn't meet there standards I hope this site sinks Fast !!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin 7 years ago

POF is the worst site, well one of the worst. I was on the site several months ago and chatted with several woman. I meet one, who I really wasn't interested in. She was very beautiful, but way to shallow for me. Any way, after that I didn't even bother logging in for more then several months. I made up my mind to give it another shot. WOW, worse then ever this time around. Half the woman don't even read your e-mail's and then delete them BEFORE even reading them. I had a few I was e-mailing back and forth and soon as it's like "Can I call you", you never hear from them again. I agree with the statements of the lower end. I mean if your looking for a girl with pictures at the local dive bar, POF is the place.

The man, the fish 7 years ago

I thought women had they're expectations set a touch too high compared to similar women who are NOT on POF. I also thought there were too many guys trolling for sex. I expect those two things are related ... but likely a chicken and egg thing.

Anyway, to be successful on POF, ya pretty much have to adopt the lowest common denominator approach. If you're OK doing that, POF will probably work fine for you. BUT it's not really a site for "long term potentials", but it could happen.

BlueEyes 7 years ago

I have read the comments on here and totally agree with 80% of them.I joined POF back one yr ago and met some players and gold diggers.Pretty much the same as Match or Yahoo but they were paying sites.Most of the women did not look like their pictures and were fatter or looked way older in person.Seems no one was serious about long term relationship like I was looking for.I was going to delete my profile on there in a couple of days because I gave up all hope. Then a new member who just joined wrote to me and we exchanged a few messages.I called her on the phone and set up a date.We met and she was prettier then her pics on profile.We went on three dates and decided to delete our profiles.We have been together for 10 months and very happy.I know the dating world is rough and time consuming.But you just have to weed through the garbage and you will find the right person.

Observer 7 years ago

POF is a horrible ineffective dating site. It's that way by design. The goal is too minimize effectiveness and usability as much as possible while still retaining a user base BUT maximizing ad revenue. In POF's case most of that is achieved by refusing to provide any significant user base segmentation and cross match capability that is commonplace on paid dating sites.

Most of the complains and problems people have with the site is a result of the above. It's by design. The side bonus is an increase in frustration levels which oddly enough, at the right level, will increase a persons desire to continue using the site.

It's hilarious that people fall for this is such high numbers. It's textbook trivial math and psychology.

Stating the site is free is also hilarious, as most people will easily burn up more than enough time using the site, than what it costs to use a paid dating site which is designed to minimize wasted time. Unless of course your time is not worth anything. Effectively people are working for POF at the rate of about 50 cents an hour, that's what your time is worth to POF.

POF is essentially two walls of photos (male/female) with a series of gauntlets in between. It's like leading mice trhu a maze to get the cheese. It's blanantly obcious what is done. Ad revenue is also maximized by ensuring long standing members on the site ... due to its' ineffectiveness.

The place POF has little other choice but to become no more than a hookup site because to get past that frustration sex is the only motivator.

Love 7 years ago

I have tried, POF, Match, eHarmony, Yahoo Personals, Christian Cafe, SingleC, and a few others. I think all pay internet dating sites are over priced and attempt to lure people into thinking they will find Mr or Ms Perfect which is not true. Truth is, you don't need any Interent dating sites to find someone to date and fall in love with, if true love is what you are looking for.

Tim 7 years ago

POF Fish is absolutely the worst dating site in history. Women have their expectations set FAR too high and most of them are just gold diggers anyway. The forums are run by moronic trolls with an IQ of a lemon. Forget POF, the best way to find someone is in real life, I now have a great girlfriend who I found in real life no thanks to POF.

James 7 years ago

The comments here apply to any dating site. Just because you encountered a looney/liar (just like you can in real life) doesn't make the venue you met them bad. any online site could have fake profiles and liars online - at least on Plenty of Fish I don't have to pay money for it!

Brad 7 years ago

It's free that is why there is a lot of trash on the site like the previous guy said bottom of the barrel. Finding an ideal match or a normal person is like finding a needle in a hay stack. If you do consider yourself lucky.

CC 7 years ago

A club that charges a cover does so for a reason because it wants to keep the trash out. I guess the same theory can apply to online dating.

Golden Girl 7 years ago

I've been on plenty of fish for about a year or so now and i have referred several friends - all of us are attractive, educated, classy women, and let me tell you, it's no place for us. The men on plenty of fish are broke, sex driven, have no idea of what a woman with substance is and the rest are liers, players, selling something and/or just playing games. The people who have anything going for them don't really stay too long or they hide their profiles like I do and just visit every now and again when bored. I wouldn't recommend POF to my worst nightmare or maybe I would.

Definitely don't post in the forums - the people are ruthless, ignorant, weird and cliquish, most of them anyway, and if you ever initiate a post, they will say you are trolling for sympathy.

Lastly, the login of the site doesn't work half the time. And they wont let you log in if you don't have cookies enabled. Plenty of fish, like many others is a matter of luck but most of all, a waste of time.

I did meet three guys and went on dates with them, but they were short term fun potential and had issues. One guy got mad at me because i wouldn't have sex with him after just one month of casual dating.

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teereal 7 years ago

Perfect name for the site (plenty of fish) because all you meet are bottom feeders. Every single guy didn't ask, but expected me to put out on the first date (so sorry, but I'm not a whore). This even after I put "not here for hookups" in my profile.

Got a lot of sex only emails, even after I changed my filters. Well, it was an experience, shows what you get when you listen to a recommendation from your ex-boyfriend.

sharkfin 7 years ago

plenty of sh.t is more like it

Sam 7 years ago

Met my current girlfriend on there, just hooked up in the local area.. Coffee, a drink and a few months later we were exclusive.

We clicked.

pof_victim 7 years ago

I tried POF last year and met what I thought was a great guy. He was well educated, well read, caring, seemed to have a strong moral compass and family values, and the list goes on. He was in Oregon and I was in New Jersey. We developed a serious relationship and he visited me a few times. I thought he was the "one."

Long story short, he proposed to me, I accepted, and at the end of September of last year, I sold pretty much everything I owned to move from New Jersey to Colorado Springs where we were to make a fresh start (much of his family is in CO). Suffice it to say that you never know someone until you live with them. Then I found out that he had bad credit, was financially irresponsible, and I wound up with $4,400 debt on my credit card because of my relationship with this man. We broke up two months ago but he still hasn't made any attempt to pay me back. Plus, since I sold everything I owned, life isn't very easy for me at the current time.

Other than my experience with him, I've found POF to be the worst dating site on the internet. The site is filled with socially inept men (and I'm sure women), most of whom are liars, cheaters, and pretty much undateable. The same old photos and the same old losers year after year. I'm paying dearly for my mistake, but it's a mistake I'll never make again. PerfectMatch has the best reviews and IMO would be a great way to go if you'd like to meet someone of substance who is serious about finding love.

alex 6 years ago

Dating sites are the worst thing that has happened to true romance. What happened to meeting good honest people thru friends. Computers are worthless when it comes to true romance. Church would probably be a good start and pray for that special someone to come into your life. God has a plan for each and everyone and it didn't start with POF.

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juliab33 6 years ago

i never use plenty of fish, i agree i think the chances of finding someone for a serious long term relationship are slim. I met my partner on we have been together for years, much better site, much better search engine and chat programmes

Stephanie 6 years ago

The biggest problem I found with POF from a woman's view was not that my expectations were too high, rather that the men's were higher. Most men I encountered would write me stating that they just got of prison, had no job, on disability, had a tribe of children or some other random undesirable trait. On top of that, they were still expecting to find supermodels who would love their criminal records and all fourteen of their children who also would have an amazing career that would support their lazy asses.

I have tried POF on several occassions trying different tactics hoping to spark a link with a decent man. No such luck. I think we must all remember that the internet can turn anyone into who they want to be on any dating site - POF just has a knack for collecting most of these people

Jay 6 years ago

i know for a fact the site has real people though, because my former neighbor found me on this. we hadn't spoken in 3 yrs and now, we are talking again.

Rick 6 years ago

It's nice to have a free site out there. But all its doing is making Markus rich and its users depressed. Both the girls and the guys swing for the fences with their expectations, and when the long shot doesn't work out, they are left with nothing, since they already read/deleted all of their realistic possible matches. When it's a success to just get a reply (not even a date, never mind a relationship) you know that something is wrong. There are probably a few dozen satisfied people on the forums that answer the same 20 questions over and over again, playing psychologist with stranger’s lives. But that sad scene gets old really quickly. With pay sites, theres money on the line, so people take it more seriously. And, let's face it, we live in a world where, usually, the guy goes after the girl and asks her out. This hasn't happened for the girls on these sites and they have resorted to postng a personal ad to find someone. There's usually a pretty good reason for why that is from my experience.

Mayu 6 years ago

tried Plenty of Fish because I'm new to where I moved and am looking to meet some new people.

I'm going to agree with Stephanie about the men on the site. I got a message from a guy who was morbidly obese, had more hair on his back than on his head, and his photo looked like a mugshot... he had 2 kids and he was 43.

My profile specifically said I'm looking for someone who is fit (because I'm active and want someone who can keep up with me), no kids, and between 31 to 38 years old.

It seems there are a LOT of those guys on plenty of fish. none of them are serious. I've been solicited many times for one night stands...

this site is not discriminating, it doesn't even really give you a lot of options to narrow down your search.

To me, even though eharmony, match or Chemistry is pricy... people like that are less likely to commit to paying that much to goof around... so you are more likely to get more serious people.

I don't know. I keep hearing about Plenty of Fish, and I personally am disappointed.

Michael 6 years ago

Just gave up on that site, all the opinions here are correct and valid.

John 6 years ago

If anyone has had any success with this website let me know. I've met a few people from there, but that was it...The first one was classic!!! It turned out that she lived in a tent, and was an ex meth head. The next one was gorgeous, but a lush, and I think a bit of a slut. We only went on two dates before she stopped calling/texting. The last one that I met was a few days ago, and she was beastly!! I mean we're talking snuffalugus. Overweight, didn't really look like her picture, all of that. A lot of my messages go unread and deleted, or just deleted. And sometimes I've noticed that the people that I do send messages to are online even days after I message them, and my message is still unread. Who just lets an e-mail on a dating site go unread? If pof is a scam, then I'm glad they're scamming major corporations. It does seem like bullshit that that it's a free dating site, and yet asks for a credit card. Fuck them. But as for the fake profiles, that's just low. If anyone has had success on there, feel free to e-mail me. I'll let you know more about my email is

Jez 6 years ago

I agree with most people here...been on POF for a few months and had no success at all. Thinking of deleting my account. I'm an alternative girl who likes her rock music etc, and its clear from my pictures, but all I've had is emails from chavvy, sports- loving blokes with pretty average or boring lives, or bald or Asian men, which I'm not attracted to. The one guy that emailed me that I did actually like has just disappeared out of nowhere- gave him my MSN but he's never online. I just began trying to email guys I myself found attractive- one just deleted my email despite saying he was "very shy and nice" om his profile and the others I've just never hot a reply to. I'm starting to give up and just wait until someone comes along in real life

Lynn 6 years ago

I dated someone from this site for 8 months. We even got engaged... He turned out to be a psycho. He is gone now but I am not sure I will be able to trust anyone again for a long long time. People like him should be in institutions not on a dating site. Careful with this site. Lots of crazies. They only other person I met right before him and that dude needed anger management classes!

haley 6 years ago

I was on there and met a rotten player who called himself andy. I think he was married because of all the red flag behaviour like calling with phone number blocked, not inviting over to see his home, secretive behaviour and asking to come over to my place. his id was andy12345a,the worst player, liar, manipulator and very narcistic. I think that site is full of men like that on there. Serial cheaters

Taz 6 years ago

I met one guy about a month ago. Seemed very genuine and sweet. He wasn't that good looking, but his personality seemed nice and he said he wanted a serious relationship, not just sex. Even went to his house and met his parents which made me think it was serious.

Turned out he was just a creepy perv and had been meeting teenage girls, had no regard for anyone elses feelings but his own. I feel like such a fool now.

His ID was pippin82, avoid at all costs he is a complete liar and a fake charmer.

Jaz 6 years ago

I have mixed reviews on this site. I've met 2 or 3 nice guys who I still chat to, which is great, but its mostly a waste of time. It's full of average or below- average guys, a lot of them completely uninteresting and a fair few with children. Yet these guys still expect to find a gorgeous, intelligent woman! There's a lot of meatheads and "guy's guys" too. Like I said before, 95% of them are boring- a typical profile will read: "I'm an average, laid- back, down- to- earth guy"...hardly eye- catching I think!

Another problem is that you always seem to get the opposite of what you're looking for, for example, I'm a rock music loving, unique girl who hates any kind of sport whatsoever, and I get guys who like dance music, dress chavvy and play semi- professional football! These very low-market men seem to think they can still hook a supermodel! They think that just because they're "decent" and "genuine" (their words not mine) that women should be lining up. Sorry guys but it doesn't work like that. Also, most of them simply send one- line messages such as "hey hows u?" etc. I clearly stated on my profile that I didn't want any one-liners, and one guy even had the nerve to message me saying "Hi" on one line then "hows u? (two lines)" on a new line. What was the point of that?? Don't say what you DON'T want on your profile- you'll just get exactly those men messaging you, a lot of the time just simply to annoy you. A lot of them are sad losers with too much time on their hands. A better idea would be just to not say what you don't like, then just delete any guys you don't like the look/ sound of.

Harriet 6 years ago

I've read some of the comments and saw all the bad reviews but after only 2 weeks on the site, I met a lovely guy who I am now in a serious relationship with, we are getting engaged in July! There is hope guys! You just have to sift through the time-wasters. If you want to contact me for a chat/tips, search for my ID on POF, VelvetDesires. Thank you POF! =D

POF SUCKS. 6 years ago

After being on POF for a while my success rate is way below dismal. I have messaged dozens of woman who, after reading their profiles I thought I would be a perfect match, only to be ignored. Furthermore, I noticed that my emails were labeled “unread/deleted" within a few seconds of sending them.

Women on POF use it as a medium to express their hate & bitter tendencies towards men in many ways. Women on POF have a shopping list & they feel that they are strongly entitled to have the prefect relationship, while they themselves are average & below average, liars, jerks, unemployed, underemployed, $$ diggers, post old picture from their HS/glory days & are not one bit bashful about doing so, “because they have the potential of looking like that again one day”. Well, if you have not done it by now…you know the rest. Others put one current picture & a bunch of photos of their pets, plants, etc…

A true story, one woman from POF went out with me on a dinner date because she was flat broke & needed to eat something...I am done with POF.

Ben 6 years ago

I've been on POF for about seven months now. To say it has been a disappointment is truly an understatement.

It's really pathetic when, like one guy mentioned in the comments, that the definition of "Success" is getting an acknowledgement.

I've sent around 80 or so messages, so not a whole lot, because most profiles don't interest me and I'm not just going on looks alone. Out of those, maybe 4 have acknowledge my response, which is generally me commenting about something they mentioned in their profile or simply asking a question. Most have been read or the read/deleted type. Only a couple have personally messaged me first, with just a simply hi and then throwing their number or requesting I add them to Facebook. Hmmm...sounds like desperation to me!

I thought going on this site that I would have the opportunity to talk to a number of people, see if there's any connection and go from there. Apparently, though, a lot of the women (I'm sure the same happens for the women too) expect to feel instant chemistry. Folks, that doesn't happen over a computer. You got to be willing to meet them in person.

I've been doing online dating since 2001 and it clearly isn't the same. Back then, people were much more open-minded to chatting and I've personally met around 30 people, most just as friends. This was through both paid and unpaid services. But that's all changed and I do believe that POF as well as many other unpaid and paid sites are just chalk full of fake profiles. I know there are some real ones. In fact one in my area, she is real, because I just met her and a friend through a singles event a couple weeks ago.

All I want to do is have some conversation, as I suspect most of you do too.

Chris 6 years ago

Im not even a member on this site, but somehow someone has set up an account with my details! They even used a password i used to use on other sites. This has caused real problems in my life as my girlfriend believes that it was me who set it up. I don't know what to do to prove it wasn't me, and how to find out who set it up! any ideas?

Markus 6 years ago

Yeah but it's free, so what have you lost?

Stop complaining.

Nick 6 years ago


Tasty 6 years ago

I too have met some weirdos on POF! Many kept asking me how old was my pic as though I was trying to "pull the wool over their eyes"! I to met a few and was shocked that they looked nothing like their pic profiles! Soooo easy to hide behind this type of forum. Most of the men only wanted to "slit it, hit it and forget it"! I did however meet only one decent man whom I still speak to occasionnally. If your looking for "fly by night" relationships, then POF is your forum, however don't waste your time looking for decent and respectable mates as this is not the forum for that.

Michael 6 years ago

I used the POF site and actually got two dates from it.

1st: Girl had me pick her up at her house, which she did not mention was her parent's house. She was from FLA, recently moved into the area. Recently getting over a prescribed pain pill addiction and had a child from her first marriage (not mentioned before) still down in FLA who she did not know at all. Oh, and her hygiene was BAD.

2nd date: Woman was so obsessed with having children, she literally stalked me after the first date. I had to get very mean with her to be rid of her.

Beyond that, lots of young women who just want rides to college parties or someone to take them in until their pregnancy is over.

yeah.. 6 years ago

"Hundreds of thousands of dollars a day is brought in by advertising"----"him and his girlfriend run the site out of their condo". this doesn't make sense

anon. 6 years ago

i guess a video call before meet up will be a great thing to do.

6 years ago

I have only been on this site for a week and so far it's been weak! I have to comment to the men who complain that women delete their emails unread or read. If men would actually read what the woman is looking for instead of just emailing a picture, then you may find the right person who won't delete your email. I have had more guys email me "HI" "cute" "hot" or "sexy"...really? Is that what you think will get you a response? Man up and introduce yourself, write something sincere and witty...then wait for the replies. Just my opinion.

Kyta Prospka 6 years ago

I have been on POF a few times.

What I'd say is if you're a guy complaining about the Read/Deleted, remember that the most productive use of a guy's time on a site like that is to email as many women as he can. Some of them don't really take the time to read much of anything so women with good looking pictures are INUNDATED. I've seen some of the drivel women get, its no wonder they get wary.

Given the amount of mail an average woman gets, they will rarely find the time on the site to actually proactively contact guys, because they're too busy reading the profiles and messages of the guys who have messaged them, or just deleting everything based on the picture to clean out their inbox.

The way to success on POF is to forget trying to have "game". Just tell the truth straight up. Post REAL pictures that REALLY show what you actually look like.

In your profile, treat it like a marketing piece: it has to be both factual and marketable. Writing crap like " I am a good person, loyal and honest I want to meet someone special" will not net you any quality responses because even if the quality people do respond they have absolutely nothing on you to ask you about your life, so you get a mixed bag of virtually everything.

Be very specific in your interests, be very truthful about everything.

The fact of the matter is this, if you're a BBW, very few guys are going to want to date you. If you are a BBW and you list yourself as "Average" a guy will see your picture and shudder. If you have a picture that shows an upward looking cleavage shot with no arms, torso hips, or the rest of the body men have been scammed and have met up with women who to them look absolutely nothing like their picture.

Women complain about men posting old pictures, or pictures of good looking guys who look like them. Women also complain about getting stupid messages. Women read harlequin romance novels, not Hustler. Writing crap like it came out of a porn magazine or pickup line book will get you nowhere.

The way to get a quality response out of someone on POF is first to have a detailed profile. If you don't want something, say you don't want it. Turn off as many bad prospects as possible. Then it is to actually write a response to their profile not write some garble or love poems.

I have had great success with it. I met a crazy entrapping baby seeker on Lavalife. On POF I have met one girl who was really nice and great in bed and another girl who is just fantastic probably the best mom I've ever seen.

Although I will agree, women on POF or anywhere else are often looking for the most unacheivable crap. They always want some man who is 6 foot tall, who is rich, great looking, doesn't smoke or drink - and meanwhile they are out of shape, have a crappy job, they smoke "occasionally" which means regularly and they have baggage all over the place.

The main problem with POF is the same problem you face in real life... People want to be in a relationship what they can't have but they'll screw whoever.

Nobody 6 years ago

Markus is here?

Tell you what...women complain that men only look at the pics..I am living proof that the women do it all the time..

I send a message (not a hi or sexual one ether). They view profile. Then hit read delete.

I know it isn't really my profile that turns them away..when I had no photo, women would say how they "loved my profile, can I see a pic?" I'd show them a photo, and BANG...they'd disappear! 7+ years of it

john 6 years ago

yep, this is a waste of time!! I was only on POF for about 2 weeks and I'm giving it up too. I made a real profile on there describing myself seriously, then after one week I found out what a joke this site I erased my first profile and wrote up a second one basically being 100% sarcasm. My messages get ignored too, and that's me messaging them individually saying specific stuff about their profile and common interests we had, and NOTHING. This site is a joke and don't even let it knock your self confidence even 1%. Most of the womens profiles(the ones that sound and LOOK to good to be true) are mostly fake and I'll tell you why. They claim to have this wonderful, very active life(doing sports, college, they work full time, etc) but yet they are on that site all the time (it says online now under their profile).Seriously people with a life like that for real don't have to refer to dating sites.(unless they have a different measure of time other than the 24 hour clock). If their profiles are real(beautiful and all) it only makes sense that they are gold diggers on this site because they KNOW there are A LOT of desperate men on the site who will give them money and anything they want(that's if they have money). So people my point here is yes is possible to find someone normal, but if you are going to invest your time on POF please know that your odds are stacked AGAINST you big time!!! and play your cards very tight here b/c you never know who's behind that other computer screen!!!

Colleen 6 years ago

I whole heartedly agree the site should be call plenty of freaks!!!!!! I ended up talking with several different "liars" there, one guy said on his profile he was Asian when i met him in person he was middle eastern like I wouldn't notice or something!!!

second guy seemed pretty cool we chatted off an on he showed interest then all of a sudden he says he doesn't have time for a relationship right now and started acting really weird.

third guy was a disaster we had been talking for like a month went out on a couple of times he was cool then the third date he was driving me back to my car because we meet at one location and decided to take his car to go see a band and the cops pulled him over he started freaking out he tells the cop that he had a been pulled over a month before for driving under the influence of marijuana!!!! So the cop searches the car didn't find anything thank god he let us go, after that i deleted my account. I will just meet someone in real life that's the best way to go!!!

Claire 6 years ago

There may be SOME false people on Plenty of Fish, but there are certainly lots of genuine ones, as I have met dozens from the site for coffee, and met hundreds at local PoF Parties.

Sure, some people are nothing like they describe, but others are totally genuine, just like any other dating site. There are some fat and ugly people, but there's plenty of attractive and intelligent ones too . . . a real mix, just like out in the real world.

But at least on there you can find people who are single and looking for a relationship, unlike just going to bars where most people are married!

BUT . . . my gripe is with the Technical issues ! As others have said, your Profile can disappear for no reason. If you use your friend's computer to log on you may BOTH end up being deleted, as it presumes you are one person with multiple profiles.

Once that happens, even if you change your IP address the site STILL knows who you are !! Even if you delete all your cookies etc. How can this be ?

A techie friend says they must install a hidden file on your computer, so it knows who you are even before you log in. Only by using a computer that has NEVER been used to access the site can you get round this problem (or I suppose reformat your hard drive!)

If there's a techie out there, can you PLEASE find this hidden PoF file and tell me what it's called, so I can delete it from my computer and set up a new Profile that isn't linked to anyone else!!

Claire x x

longterm 6 years ago


POF has a little-known secret of using cookies in your Adobe Flash Player to track you

6 years ago

I just deleted my account on POF.

Originally this site was free.

I have had mixed success with those I've corresponded with or whom I've met - ranging from poor to great.

But ...


OK, it does not cost money. But you have to give all sorts of personal information to use the site now. If you want to change your profile (and I assume create a new one) you have to give income information. If you want to read messages from other (this change just happened and is why I closed my profile) you have to give personal dating history information. That is total BS. If one can not use a site without giving personal information, then that site is not free ... personal information can be sold.

Then they ask you for the reason you are deleting your account and dissatisfaction with their site is NOT one of the options.

Andyallen 6 years ago

you lot must be extremely ugly or have horrible personalitys! ive been on the site for 2 months, ive been on around 5 dates with completepy real, normal

people! and have now found that special someone! im

well aware this could be a fluke and im just lucky but id seriously all the bad mouthing is uncalled for! it may be a moneymaking scheme that made the owner millions but it actually works also! people need to realise this!

ShyButDangerous 6 years ago

I was on PlentyOfFish for close to a month. In that time I sent many many emails and IM's and got very few emails back. I was starting to think that I was just a hideous person to look at. I mean I wasn't writing to extremely attractive girls just average looking girls with average jobs. I believe that I have average looks and have a decent living. I did meet one decent person in that span. I got into a few conversations with a few others who just simply wasn't interested.

So to find out if I truly was hideous I joined Singlesnet. And bam girls that were decent looking actually messaged me. And I met the girl who I think I'm going to marry. I'm not pimping Singlesnet because they have fake profiles/spammers like plentyoffish. But Singlesnet opened my eyes on the fact that something fishy is going on with PlentyofFish. I went from getting next to any attention to plenty of attention hmmmmm. Either PlentyofFish is full of flaky stuck up people or the site is filled with fake profiles, I think personally its a mix of both.

profile image

zinfandel 6 years ago

This site is a ripoff. I was on a plane and this woman was sitting with her computer responding and sending out e-mails to hundreds of men on this ripoff site. When I tried it I was wondering why I was getting people sending endless e-mails and would not want to talk or meet. Then I saw this. I believe they are hiring people to keep users coming back to the homepage to view the ads. There is nothing legitimate about this site. And now is doing exactly the same thing. You have to watch them all. In addition there are a lot of thirsty girls on the site who just want a free drink or are drunk when responding. They are truly trailer park, low end, ghetto fabulous people who you wouldn't want to be with if they were the last people on earth.

annie 6 years ago

My 'boyfriend' joined the site, ladies beware! This happens a lot on dating websites. Great way for a guy to fool around. and before this guy, when I was on the site, I was communicating with someone fun, who turned out to be engaged. How did I find out? His fiancée called me! I'm sure this happens to men, too. Be careful on dating websites. All the trolls and creeps climb out from under their rocks!

G. Robb 6 years ago

I used this site POF for a while and it's really not like the other paid sites that do have scammers.... I think most women on any site is fukked up, cause they don't know what a real man is... all sites have flakey, stuck up ppl... women looking for trick (sugar daddy's) and men looking for sex toys while hiding from the wife and kids... so being a man I screen out the women who ask for money... have no car and claim to be between jobs... or waiting for a settlement of some sort... I like plentyoffish bc I didn't spend money for the same bs that I could get from a paid site. ....

ShyButDangerous 6 years ago

G. Robb- You do have a good point about PlentyofFish not having any scammers. That's the one and only good thing about that site besides that it's free. The site owner I believe check's IP addrsses to stop African scammers and the sort. But I do believe who heartedly that many of the profiles are fake. There are so many profiles that are so well detailed written so well you'd swear sometimes that a professional is writing them. However on say Singlesnet most profiles are short and right to the point. You ever hear you get what you pay for? Yes you can meet women off of PlentyofFish. The problem is most of them demand you write them a long message, and in most cases they still don't write you back. If your an average guy and write to ten girls on PlentyofFish you'll be lucky to get one reply. However if your an average guy and write to ten girls on Singlesnet you'll get probably about 5 replies. And not only that girls on Singlesnet don't expect you to write them long messages. A short reply is fine, or even a simple flirt. These are the only two sites I have had an experience with, but I can't tell you the big difference in attention between the two. Now grant you Singlesnet you do have to pay and you do have scammers. But the scammers are easy to spot. The pictures are usually easy to spot that there off of some model website, and those profiles usually don't have anything written on them. So yes PlentyofFish does have some advantages but I'd rather go to a site and pay and go on several dates, than waste so much time on a site like PlentyofFish just to get someone's attention.

Tressugar 6 years ago

As of yesterday I removed my POF account. I've met three men in person. All three had major issues! Misrepresenting themselves and/or just plain ol' liars. The last one left me feeling depleted. I'm taking a break from the online dating scene. I understand that you're taking a risk whether you meet a person online or in person, but online you can create an illusion of who ever you want to be. The third guy told me himself that he is in a ring of many other individuals (men and women) who interchange their accounts/profiles with each other to maximize their chances of meeting someone. I guess that I was the sucker. I'm done! Good luck to all in their quest to find their significant other.

Me Oh my 6 years ago

People people people

You are piss moaning about everything you normally moan about.

#1 Your own poor judgement(liar,psycho,debt) Its YOUR job to figure out who or what a person is. Take a "respondsibility" pill and shut up!

2# "traffic problems" with free websites(deadbeats,cynics, impostors, etc). NOTHING IS FOR FREE! Everybody exaggerates, except you of course. Somebody is not learning, hence you are the liability to someone. Duh!

3# Fantasy Island Syndrome. Its all suppose to be magic isn't it? "That elusive chemistry". You don't have to do or earn anything. "Magic" is just suppose to happen because you are so special in your own mind. Just get on the web and presto the clouds open and the "perfect/right" person just appears. BARF

NassRiver 6 years ago

i met someone from pof and we got engaged ... 5 years later didn't work out.... how ever you all talking noon sense... if you thing dating site is cost money check other sites.. even worst.. the plenty of fish everyone talking about it with big mouth not knowing what they are thinking... anyone talk about plenty of fish is bad site nahhh it is you... with big mouth ... you who don't know how talk to people or even you are worst cant catch females if they are good looking one.. it is not hard to catch females who are lieing or ugly or etc..... why!!!! you think plenty of fish will give you magic of beautiful women and have everything you want ... all i am saying you have to work your way up... i know people from plenty of fish are married and have kids... i know people who are like you... so please give a respect to plenty of fish...don't like the site .... go move on... this site plenty of fish ... it is like going to bars or malls or etc..



Al 6 years ago

The negative comments are coming from the owners of other site who object to PoF being free.

NYC Steve 6 years ago

I just read all these comments. I have never experienced any of these negatives. I was on before I left for POF. I got so annoyed with not only paying the monthly fee (at Match) but they nickle and dime you for a few extra dollars to be able to see if someone opened your e-mail. Most of the women I have contacted at POF are educated, and very normal women. I know my profile is being read because I have a trivia question in it and most responses try to answer it. Sure a few of my messages to women are deleted, but that's no big deal. Most are acknowledged. Some of the women I have seen on POF I remember seeing on Match. All in all, for a free site, I think it is wonderful. Maybe all those posts I read were old, from a couple of years ago. They are totally unrecognizable from what my experiences are.

rp 6 years ago

I haven't had any issues with it maybe your just ugly and no one wants to talk to you, just a guess though

Matt 6 years ago

Funny, half of these POF bashers are pissed off because they met a jerk on there. Well, guess what? There are jerks EVERYWHERE; real life and internet, no difference. No one has to believe me, but I'm a normal and educated guy, and have mostly met the same on POF. Granted, a few flakes or fakes who lie about various things in various ways, but overall it's been a good experience. My current girlfriend is great, lives near by and we're both happy POF brought us together.

People get negative because they didn't do well or ended up meeting one jerk and decided it's all a wash. It's not a 100% wash, it's user error. Internet dating isn't easy, especially on free sites. But why pay when you can meet someone for free?

pmsl 6 years ago

Well i went of pof for about for about seven months and must admit i met a couple of nice people who i keep in contact with via text. Did decide to delete my profile as too many weird and wacky messages, did meet up with a couple, one turned out to be a married man and the other just looking for a sex partner.

As far as i see the guys put themselves on a pedestal and expect to get a woman which isn't really there, don't they realise that most pictures are 20 years old or that if the women in question was so stunning why would they be on a website, wake up you guys and smell the coffee and try maybe talking to us normal girls we are nice you know.

But who really wants to date a guy who shows his body off to all and will he really stay faithfull, don't think so.

so all i can say is im not sorry one little bit is gone, now made me realise how sad i was and the millions other who sat night after night looking for the fairy tale .

me 6 years ago

they shut me out just for looking up a site cause it said POF SCAM an i read it and 5 mins later i couldn't log onto my inbox..... that's not the scary bit, how did they know i read about the SCAM? Is that their site too?

profile image

uneasyrider 6 years ago

All I want to know is how do I delete my account? I can't find the place to do it.

profile image

uneasyrider 6 years ago

Ah! Found it, deleted it.

Right there is an example of the deception/scam/BS on this site. Any legitimate site would have an obvious place to delete my account. To me the most logical place would be right at the bottom of the "Edit My Profile" page or a "My Account" page. Doesn't that seem like the place to have it or does the "Help" section with a prompt to "Resign" seem more logical? Hmmmm...

My opinion is that the site is manipulated at the minimum. I was on there about a year ago and left because it was an absolute mess. I got "chit" on, messed with, and on and on... I will give them credit for the fact that it seemed to be a little less hectic than it was a year ago. I can tell you that I did do the "cut and paste" letters.

Here's why:

Being someone that has taken statistics I was befuddled when my "Matches" that were supposed to be so similar responded at what appeared to me to be a ridiculously LOW rate. So after getting the hint that something seemed fishy I decided that if I went through the list of matches and basically depleted it I would have to get at least a few dozen replies. Now, I understand that on the forum that ladies might talk and decide I was a scammer because they were getting basically the same e-mails. Well, even taking that in as a factor there is no way I could have gotten as few responses as I did. I mean come on! I had to have sent out hundreds of e-mails anyway. God knows it could have been more. When I get on a roll I can get down right obsessive about it. :D

Anyway, after being on again for a week I see a similar pattern that I have seen on both pay and free sites. You get a bunch of responses when you first get in, then the fall off, then you talk to a gal and the minute you say, "Hey, would you like to meet in person and see if we really are who we say we are?" in a nut shell they disappear if not totally the norm was to just not respond anymore and/or put you off, and off, and off... There are other permutations of this scenario but that's the basic plot. I mean come on! We e-mailed a dozen times plus. Maybe talked for a week plus or minus, we are on a dating site to meet people and go on a date, you are a "match" according to the computer, we are talking and getting along, I didn't use the "F" word or anything... ? I do have a wild scene of humor and I will admit that it is possible that a few times that might have been taken the wrong way but after hundreds of contacts lets face it the odds are there would be at least one in there that understood my scene of humor in my "Matches" and wanted to meet face to face. For that matter I don't just plop my wildest side out there unless I really think someone is on the same page.

I'm sure there are real people on there but between the apparent (I cannot say its true) manipulation of the site, the WEIRDO'S, and the scams I'm not sure people can actually meet on there. They just need your profile for another hit on the site for another sponsor to sign-up.

I've been on several pay sites too. It didn't appear to be much better really. I got the impression either everyone was aloof, looking for mister exactly right under the most powerful microscope, or scared to death they were getting scammed and wouldn't touch anything so why were they there?

Then there are the men posing as women, absolutely weird people which I figure you can't avoid. After all it is just a snapshot of the world. I mean lets face it you can put ANY photo in there and they have no "security" i.e. at least a mandatory photo with the ubiquitous piece of paper with the security letter/number combo on it.

I didn't look real hard like I looked for the place to delete my account but I didn't see a forum on there. Not that I mind, I'm not on a date site to BS with the world or have the world comment on me etc. I'm on there to meet someone and that is a little on the private side. Maybe some people want to get on there and spout off about each and every little thing they are thinking and feeling to the world but I just don't think I'm that important. I also think that my personal conversation with someone about how I feel or my preferences is for the world other than what is in my profile that I want to reveal directly. Not that I have anything really to hide but I'm not a "reality" TV show either.

Anyway... thanks for giving me a place to vent. I think I'm just back to the real world and "Hey, could I get your phone number and give you a call sometime?" or "Hey, my buddy/mom/cousin/coworker/etc. knows this nice gal..." Date sites are too sketchy paid or unpaid for me. You can meet weirdo's in real life but at least you know they are real. :D

beachlover 6 years ago

what a naïve bunch.

to quote 'Then, when you do meet someone either they are out of work, members of AA, bi-polar, morbidly obese, much older than their profile states, and the list goes on.'

that's any internet chatroom/place of exchange full stop.

there are of course exceptions, but nearly all indivisulas have some form of baggage.

live with it or move on.

Drew 6 years ago

Well I have been suspicious of POF for some time now. Im not sure what initially gave me this feekling but for a site that is so easy to join, is free and apparantly has more members than any other it is almost impossible to get a reply. At first I though its just me, my profile isn't written too well or is too boring and that im just not attractive enough. I knew these things weren't the case but when I would write email after email only to find the unread/deleted response my suspicion was hightened.Being the paranoid person I am though i still believed it was just me and that my profile was just not good enough. But then I began looking at other profiles realising that my profile was no better or worse. I then began creating bogus profiles with model like men as my picture and still my email would get either unread/deleted or the read/deleted response which I find incredible. I mean most of the time the person you write the message to dosent even check out your profile to see who sent the message which is what confuses me the most. And then a few days ago I wrote a genuine profile, put my genuine pics up and wrote to about ten women in my area that I found attractive, not gorgeous just attractive and certaibnly within my level. I logged in a few days later to see every single one of those women had apparantly been online since I emailed them yet not one had read my message or even checked out my profile to see who had sent the message. I know when you have an email you get a little picture there from the person who sent the mail but even so not one of the women I wrote to checked out my profile or bothered to read my message! I could understand a few not doing that or even most but seriously not onE! and the fact they had all apparantly been online too I found extremely strange. I have noticed too that when you insult the woman for being so rude you often get a response. I don't often read those but im still suspicious as to who is actually writing those responses. I mean presumably women are online to meet someone, someone decent as most of them claim and yet when you write to them and im not talking about the smutty message im talking about a genuine "hi how are you, I read and liked your profile and it seems we have a bit in common would you like to chat sometime?" message and yet even still you get either the read/deleted or unread/deleted response which is a kick in the guts to say the least. I believe there are some genuine people on here but the statistics just don't add up. How can i good looking guy with a nice profile write not hundreds but tens of nice emails to just above average looking girls only to constantly get the unread/deleted response? If this is genuine what do these girls want? I mean I can understand a lot of rejections but when you are rejected every single when you are what the girl says she is looking for things don't seem to add up. And as someone earlier said "you get read/deleted from people who say they are nice and shy" I have had the sweetest, most pleasant and well mannered looking girls just deleteting my messages without so much as a "thanks but no thanks". Ive beenm on other sites and even if the person is not interested they usually have the decency to let you know rather than completely ignore you and delete your message. This site is either totally rigged to keep people suckered in or is full of the ruddest and most ill mannered women who have ever existed. And as someone else said if these women have such good lives and are the great catches they make out to be then why on earth are they on POF every waking hour? Seriously they say they work full time bla bla bla and yet every time you log in you find them here! I could be wrong but I feel my initial suspicions are correct about POF, through sheer lack of interest I have to say this site is a big scam! I don't think the profiles are bogus but I think somehow the connectability is rigged so that people are unable to contact each other except for the odd occasion. Im sure half of the emails ive written didn't even go to the intended recipient. I believe messages are intercepted and deleted. The profiles are mostly real but I believe there is an issue with contacting someone and them contacting you. Don't trust POF!

Gabe 6 years ago

Well guess it sucks to be you guys. I've met multiple women on there in the last few years and they all were who their profiles said they were so guess those of you who said you never got no responses or whatever then guess you just aren't interesting enough. Don't bash something just cause it don't work out for you.

Sam 6 years ago

POF is a nasty site. If your genuine and looking for genuine ppl your chances are very slim. I have found the ppl on pof to be rather ruthless. The amount of emails that get unread and deleted without even so much as looking at your profile irks me. Are ppl really this rude? What gives the ppl on this site away though is that the ppl on it, the ones who apparantly so great that they don't even need to read your email, are on there every day. And i mean every day for months if not years. If they were genuine and wanted to meet someone they probably would have by now. The fact is most of them arent genuine and are only there to feed their egos. What could be worse for an ego driven female to date someone off the site only to take her profile down and bam! no more men to reject! their egos couldn't cope. And Gabe, what a simplistic sole you must be. The fact you have met the girls you supposedly have is because your on a par with the. As someone said pof is the bottom of the barrell, like attracks like. Genuine ppl suss pof oiut pretty quickly and stop wsting their time.

JuNGLiSTiC 6 years ago

WOW!!!! Learn to play the game, get some style...So much bitching about not getting a response, it's not Pofs fault, check your mirror and it will prob give you some answers..

This site is so easy to pick up, I get a response to 70-80% of the messages I send out, and 1-5 messages a day from above average girls.. Check out their interests and talk about things they like and give them something intelligent respond to..

Remember a good looking girl gets about 10-50 messages a day, you have to make yourself stand out..

Sure there are a lot of dirty girls, gold diggers ect.....Look around, they are everywhere... Play back:)

I have been on it for 5 years now and have been on over 300 dates...

A B*tch laid is a Bit*h played;)

Sam 6 years ago

Junglistic seems quite a character. The only thing your right about is that an average to good looking girl gets 10 to 50 messages a day. You must really spend a lot of time on pof and put a lot of effort in to be sending out 1 to 5 messages a day and whoa the girls have really got you working haven't they? Um the ting is most of the girls on there don't respond to an intelligent message, usually the dumber the message the more likely to get a response. IOf you ve got to study and analise these girls profiles simply to have them bother then i would suggest they have an issue. A simple, hello, how are you, i notice we have some things in common would you like to chat? is quite sufficient to the average person to warrant some sort of response. Been on over 300 dates yet still on there? Look at yourself ,my friend, 5 years and apparantly all those dates and yet your still there? All i can say is that your life is poor to be putting in so much effort to sdomething that shouldn't be that way. i can see you tip toeing delicatelly catering to the whims of these high maintanance demanding gals. % years and still on pof says it all.

M. B. 6 years ago

@Sam and @Junglistic

I agree with Sam. 5 years and you are still there ? C'mon. Either you are a player or you are so bad no date can take you more than a week in the average (do the simple math). And I am having hard time to believe someone has such a luck to convince the "shrew"s of POF to see you in real life at the rate of once a week. You most probably are a 14 years old hormone crazed high school kid, especially looking at your writing style

M.B. 6 years ago

Having vented to the post above, here is what I really think about POF. It is a novel idea, free dating site like yahoo personals or AOL personals first came around. Problem is any free thing can and will be abused to the utmost extent by smart-ass people.

What I experienced in my short 1 month or so membership on POF, is, when you send a well crafted and personalized letter to someone with whom you think you might have a chance of having something and seeing it unread/deleted, there are few possibilities: (1) The profile is there but she is not actually looking for someone at the moment for reasons unknown to you but keeping the account as a backup. So, when she logs in, she deletes everything in mailbox. (2) She has someone she is dating but she is keeping her options open, just in case the Brad Pitt look-alike sends her an email and you are not that obviously and your message get deleted without being read. (3) (and I think this happens most often) She is so superficial, she does not care what your personality is like. She wants to know, how you like, how much money you make and if you can provide a care-free living for her ? And again you're not that person.

And there are multiple profile women. You write to one, and within few minutes of your message being read, your profile gets visited by someone new that you have never seen before. In short, women game the system. If you see anything technical or computer related in their profession, assume that you will be played. And men game the system too. So it is only fair for both sides. But more profiles you create, more advertising money Markus (owner) pulls in because the site becomes so popular. It is like Facebook with 500 Million users (well 10 or 12 of them were mine before I deleted them)

I have few targeted profiles on POF as well. As a matter if fact I have 3. More attractive the picture you post, more hits you get without writing a single line to anyone. Go cruise modeling websites for male models and get some pictures copied and post them as your profile picture with a short but not so sweet profile. Semi bad boy attitude if you know what I mean. And sit back and watch. I created one such profile to see if a person who deleted my message without reading, and she was real. When my new character write to her, she took the bait immediately and gave her phone number without being asked. Regardless what they say about "looks are not important, character is" on their profiles, women are more superficial than men. I met this girl on POF, we met for dinner one night couple of weeks ago. I went back home and so did she. 45 minutes after we split, she was checking her POF mailbox and sees my profile online and sends me an email saying "busted, it did not take you long huh ?" Hellooooo ? What were you doing here at the same time ? Cleaning the cobwebs ?

Sam 6 years ago

M.B my friend I agree totally! POF is so bad ppl end up creating fake profiles to test out their theories and in most cases they are proved correct. The thing with the girls profiles is that they get so many emails they have learnt to look for certain factors straight off so that they don't have to waste time reading the email. They see your profile pic b4 they even open your msg and if your not 100% what they re looking for they make space in their inbox by deleting your message. A real kick in the face if you ve taken the time to write to the ho in the first place.

Yes its always been portrayed that men are the superficial sex with women being more interested in other things but the truth is women are every bit as shallow as they portray men to be and in fact can be even more shallow. POF certainly does attrack these types of girls. The fact this site is free attracts so many ppl who can and do abuse the system. The fact it has become so easy to meet someone through POF if your a girl has given girls a false sense of who they are. They have learnt if they are above average in looks they can attract hordes of men who are interested in nothing more than what they look like. Im sure most of them arent genuine. Choice and possibility has made them too picky. I agree they are looking for someone who can provide them with a carefree lifestyle. This shows a lot about them as people and ultimately no self respecting man wants a women like that. It ammuses me how many ppl are skyting about their success on POF yet they give themselves away by the fact they are still there. If these shallow trallops were genuinly trying to find someone then don't you think they would be off the site by now? They are all still on there because choice and hordes of pathetic men throwing themselves at them has made these bitches impossible lil princesses who would rather stay on POF to feed their shallow egos than find a real and genuine relationship. Bottom line is women are ten times more superficial than men ever were. The tide has well and truly turned.

M.B. 6 years ago

@ SAM :

I think you and I just got off the same boat my friend. I have spent about 30 minutes per letter, trying to plead my case, why and how we are compatible looking at her and my own profiles and if I am lucky it gets read and let linger around and some stupid people may thing "oh she is busy and will write me back later" Me ? not at all. If I did not receive a response in 24 hours, that person is a lost cause.

But it is the men's fault making mediocre women, found on sites like pof become so nose up in the air types. Most of the women post glamour shots as their primary picture and a lot of them has nothing but those. Helllloooo ! I want to see what your body looks like. Also I am not a big fan of touched photos with tons of makeup. I'd rather see what I am going to see waking up everyday in the bed if we hit it off. And I am not looking for ms perfect, unlike you women waiting for the next George Clooney.

Good luck with that. If you happen to see a runway model during your search, tell her that I am waiting on pof and she needs to hurry up. Jeez...

Sam 6 years ago

Yep! its totally bad. Two more things I will say is that it is so not important to these girls what is written in your profile or in the message your write to them. When they go into their inbox they look at the picture next to the message, if they like it they respond regardless of what you actually wrote to them. Half of them don't even look at your profile as they can already see the pic next to your email. The other thing is that so much time is wasted trying to write something nice cos these cows don't care. I find it strange though how some cows read your message and look at your profile but there is nothing from them. Another advantage cows have over men is that they have the use of make up. Ever gotten use to seeing a cow in make up and thought she was hot and then one day you see her without it and shes totally different? well guys cant change themselves the way girls can. An average girl can look hot with the right makeup carefully applied. M.B has touched on this. Most of the so called hot chicks on pof are pretty ordinary without the paint. It does amuse me how your message is either read or unread however and yet there is no view of your profile. I think the majority of cows on the site leave your mail in their inbox cos it makes em feel good about themselves. Ive wriiten an explanation email to a cow who did this to one of my alias profiles but didn't respond and am waiting for a reply atm. I basically asked her what cows want these days and don't they ever feel compelled to see what the man is really like instead of just being interested in his looks. Men have always been superficial but never like this. POF should be called POSPB, plenty of superficial princess bitches. But really as my boy M.B has said men have made the cows at pof like they are.

Robo Warrior 6 years ago

Excuse the length of my post some times you feel so strongly about something that you just want to be heard.

This is my personal experience of being a member of the site known as I am a disabled man who suffers from cerebral palsy (CP); this unfortunately makes socialising with the opposite sex difficult as sadly first impressions count. So with this in late 2007 I became a surfer and the first thing I wanted to try and look for love. I figure that I could chat with singles and reveal my handicap once there had got to know me as a person. The first site I joined was, I began searching and sending messages showing, my “good points” and revealing my disability when I felt that the time was right. Sadly after the first time I opened up about my CP I got blocked, not knowing what was going on I panicked, but then someone told me not to worry, and even to this day I would be a welcomed member on the site. I continued to use, and sadly had no success then I began chatting with a woman who told me about another site, and once again I began chatting with people, finding the right time to disclose my CP and like before the blocks came frequently, but still I was a welcomed member, but nothing came from the site and I was still waiting to find someone local that would see the person behind the handicap.

While surfing mingleville I saw the advertisement to, so I thought I would give it a try. I was blow away I love the setting up, how you could message as many people as you liked, there were so many people and what I found useful due to my CP the fact that I could search for females with in a five mile radius and also the fact there were members on there that seemed to be seriously looking for the same thing that I was. So I began the hunt for love, like before I wrote an endearing profile and put on one of my better photographs and began my search. I began getting messages from the ladies, complementing me on my photograph and the honestly and the genuine nature of my profile. (As I stated earlier, I never reveal the disability in the profile, as that is the main reason I use such sites.) I chatted with the ladies choosing the right moment to disclose myself. Some were polite and said I wasn’t for them. I will admit sometimes I don’t always understand when I am getting the brush off, as people can be too nice about not being interested about not wanting to date some one with a handicap.

I’ll admit I can’t always read between the lines, but when messaging people through the site. But saying that, I was never rude, never sexual when messaging through and I never looked at intimate encounters. The only thing I am probably guilty of is that my CP does effects my memory and I find keeping track of who I have messaged very difficult and that could be seen as annoying but it is a genuine fault. Eventually with the help of I managed my first date in the real world, I was so nervous, even through I didn’t find her attractive the fact that she saw beyond the disability and was physically there in front of me was mind blowing. So I cancelled the plentyoffish profile and began seeing the lady, however after a few months I began questioning my self why I was with her. So while seeing her I returned to feeling a little more confident I disclosed my disability, more frequent then before and began getting blocked at least half the time, which after building a online relationship with some one hurts, but I kept trying, I eventually came across a young Christian lady and the moment I met her I fell head over heels, and after finishing with my girlfriend I began seeing her. I saw my new girlfriend for the next six months deleting the account half way through the relationship, but the relationship fizzled and died after six months. Hurt and with my tail between my legs I returned to the only site that had ever worked for me, so onwards to Like before I wrote my profile, once again not revealing the CP in the profile, I began messaging people like before choosing the right time to reveal my special needs, some are blunt and rude and say go away, some try and make an excuse, that there not ready and some blocked me cause it’s the easiest way to not have to deal with it. In between the dates I did manage to get ended in dead ends I continued to be blocked, until no day I tried to log in and my password was denied, I was confused, like the first time I was blocked I didn’t understand what had happened. So contacted the site and asked them if the site was working, they replied and told me, due to being blocked so often, I was now banned from the site. I replied back to them, explaining the reason why the blocks were coming so often, to give them credit there saw my side of the story and I was allowed to return. But said if I continued to be blocked (like I did it on purpose) I would be banned once again never to be allowed to return.

This was the news I was hoping to get, the fact that I could return, but I was a little wary as to how I could be upfront about my situation, with out getting blocked, which would lead to another ban? I continued to use the site up to eight hours a day (loneliness is a great motivator). One evening I was using the site and received a message from a woman in her late forties, she thought I was cute (as in a photograph I can pass as able bodied) we began exchanging messages and she asked me if I fancied meeting for a drink, I liked the look of her and wanted to go, but I felt that I had to be upfront about my CP. As soon as she received the message, she retracted the offer, I contacted her back, in order to explain my situation and enlighten her, how my CP effected me and this was replied with a block. Worrying I was on to yet another ban I contacted the site for advice, but I never received a solution or a reply to my email. With that I once again I continued looking for true love, on the one site that had worked

I began chatting with a single mother (Leigha1986) who lives a mile away, we began chatting, and like before I disclosed my disability and she said it wasn’t an issue, after a week of chatting through and msn, where we also cammed so she could see how my disability effected me, with in days of the first message, we agreed to meet. Her son would be out with her parents for the day and she would be home alone, she arrived on the arranged meeting place on time and we drove back to her place and with out going in to detail, we ended up being intimate. Afterwards I left her and said I would be in touch, as soon as I got home not wanting to look like a creep and not wanting to look like I was after one thing I contacted her through She replied back that she had felt we move to fast and she had to think about her son, and there wouldn’t be a second date, I replied back and stated I wasn’t looking for a one off and could I get another chance, this was received with a block. I then emailed her through MSN because I wanted some answers, but received no reply.

Feeling a little hurt and used and not wanting to be banned I hastily deleted my account, thinking that it wouldn’t be possible to ban someone if they were not a member. I left plentyoffish for a day or to but wanted to rejoin, in order to carry on looking for that special someone, but after filling out the long form and putting my picture back on I signed out. Hours later I tried to return to, but my access was denied. Coldness came over me as I could feel myself turning white, with sadness and frustration. With that I immediately contacted P.O.F again, where I received a standard message, giving examples of why this may have happened. I then replied back to the site giving further explanation, (as shown below)


• Send e-mail

• Find e-ma

Sam 6 years ago

Robo Warrior that is a tragic story. You have had some luck with POF though in that despite your CP you have managed to have a few dats and even have women write to you outright which to be honest has never ever happened to me and no im not ugly, far from it. What you experienced though could happen on any site and is not a fault with POF. The thing is that POF is too easy, dosent care about its members and lets face it why would it, and unfortunitely highlights the worst elements in human nature. The women on the site get so many emails that they can afford to be picky. The worst thing though is that any traits other than looks seem to be dismissed in life in general and most certainly on POF. A women receives your email, is not 100% happy with your photo and moves on to the next email. When they do this they fail to realise there are many things more important than looks. Yes there has to be some spark but if you are physically attracted to the person without any other interest you quickly loose interest. I am not dismissing looks as important but when you come to the point where nothing else matters you are missing out on an awfull lot. But lets face it, if someone is unintelligent enough and superficial enough (the two usually go together) to need no other aspect of a person other than their looks to be stimulated then they pretty much deserve what they got. In other words only a dull witted and simplistic person is interested in looks or the physicality of the person and Robo Warrior this is for you. I know its hurtfull for you as it is for lots of us on POF and other sites but we have to find solice in the fact that the average person, certainly the average women is a very shallow and substanceless person. There are lots of nice people around with manners, substance and tact who don't lower themselves to end up on POF. Judging the world by POF is only half the truth. If these girls are rejecting you because of your CP then that is sad but ultimately if that is the way they are then you are better off without them in your life. I am a male wouldn't be interested in lots of women on POF but unlike many of the women on there I would at least respond with tact, sensitivity and decency and reply. The dismissive, blunt and rude attitude of most of the women on POF is what gets me. Anyway don't put yourself through the unecessary torture anymore, I know its difficult but sites like POF are full of ruthless gold digging and superficial bitches who will only make someone a little bit low on sef esteem feel worse.

Wes 6 years ago

I tried this site and I am a normal guy with normal pictures. I believe this site is a scam. Reason is because of very little responses and most of all it will say who has seen your profile. I wrote to a girl and she wrote me back- a sarcastic bi--- but then I looked to see

who viewed my profile and this person never even viewed

my profile, so right their I was like what the fu--

To make the long story short, I even though I am American

this site has almost made me come to the conclusion that

most American women are pieces of Shi-

Robo Warrior 6 years ago

Sam, the members of the site are not the issue for me, being handicapped you do grow a thick skin, I could deal with being blocked a thousand times if it ment finding that one special lady, I have been fortunate to have had 2 relationships from the site. My issues are with the people who run the site. The site SHOULD be more aware that people can recieves blocks for many reasons, the fact they blame an automated system, which bans you after you have received a certain numbers of blocks is BS, people get blocked for so many silly reasons, somtime even before i have revealed my disability, I know i have been blocked because I stand 5'4. I feel there should be a indepentant baord that is able to look in to such matters.

Robo Warrior 6 years ago

PLENTYOFFISH.COM is the only dating site to have ever worked for me. But is the only dating site that has ever banned me

Sam 6 years ago

Yeah that is weird that it would ban you. In my frustrations with pof I have created some dodgy profiles and told a few women off for their rudeness yet have never been banned. I didn't even know you could be banned. You have done nothing wrong so I don't understand that at all. Theres something very fishy going on over at plenty of fish that's for sure.

shannon 6 years ago

yes pof sux. to last count i have been on there for 5 and a half weeks, wrote and sent 101 emails and got 3 replies. That is just rubbish. one telling me to fuck off, one telling me thanks but no thanks and the other pretty much saying the same thing. if i was uggers or had a crap profile id half understand but its none of those things. the girls at pof seem to have impossibnly high standards, either that or there rude pigs. pof sux and ill never join again.

Steve 6 years ago

yeah all that and then theres another problem. The girl who writes back and seems interested and freerly gives you her yahoo or msn or whatever and then when you talk on there she gives you nothing and you wonder why she even bothered writing back. I guess in most cases its because shes getting like 10 to 50 emails a day and can barely keep up with what's going on. It does make it very hard for a guy though to even get a response to your email is a great achievement but then having to compete with another 20 to 30 to 40 other guys for one girl is just pointless. A guy with comparable looks would get say not even a teth of the emails a good would get. I don't know why. Sites like pof bank on this and exploit it. I will say though that despite pofs shortcomings it is very easy to use and has an enourmous amount of members, its just that unfortunitely most of the members are impossible to please girls who have so many emails they don't even read most of them or guys who just sit on there all day emailing. It is addictive. Im not a competitive guy though and dating is not a game of chance to me. If you ve got to compete with 30 or 40 others guys I cant be bothered that's not my style. I want the girl to choose me cos she likes my humour or my personality, a girl who likes me for me not because ive been the one to work hardest for her or who has impressed her the most. Sadely pof dosent produce this, its only produces shallow competitiveness. Theres no compatibility testing or anything else like some of the more serious sites, its basically just a free for all. Ok for some, especially if your a shallow girl looking to have your ego stroked and someone not genuinly looking for a compatible relationship. Yeah pof has given me a bad impression of dating and what's worse a bad impression of girls in general. Think im going to try my luck in the real world in future.

Robo Warrior 6 years ago

Sam, It's the fact that, they are blamining their own programme that bothers me. Sites like that and I'll get negitive feed back from this I am sure. Were made for people like me in the sense we are able to promote the positive side of who we are. As I have stated before people receive blocks for so many different reasons. They are trying to protect themselves by PUNISHING minorities, what's next blacks???? religion??? height???

Robo Warrior 6 years ago

Sam, you can be banned and the worst thing is they don't even tell you, you have been banned. One day you just cannot log in, and its no good trying another addy as they have covered that base too!

Sam 6 years ago

Yeah I get ya Robo Warrior. The fact is ive never been banned and from what you say you have less reason to be banned than me. I have lots of issues with POF but more with the users and the way POF exploits them/us to use the site even more. In a genuine site people would get out of it what they put in which is not the case with POF as the most genuine users are usually the most screwed. POF screws its users to the point that the users end up screwing each other, metaphorically of course. Sites like POF have a lot to answer for in terms of user ethics. They know and its already been said but they know the more hassels ppl have with the site the more it will be used. I personally cannot see what it is you have done to warrant a ban from POF. I guess if you have been blocked numerous times (blame that on female superficiality) then they assume you have warranted it and will ban you in the belief they are protecting their valued members. You have tried to contact POF and get an automated reply. I get your issue RW and I understand how this has affected you. I would be concerned also at the fact you have been blocked. I write to women only to be ignored and deleted which I do not understand. However I do understand the amount of email an average let alone attractive women receives from the site. Even so have females become this nasty and shallow that basic consideration and decency have become a thing of he past? My only suggestion for you RW is to join another site. POF is attractive even despite its flaws but that is the conudrum as the easier it is to use the harder it is to meet ppl. Im personally done with the rude and shallow gals at POF though, they don't represent real life, just a small minority of shallow, substanceless gold diggers. Do yourself a favour RW and either join another site or meet em in real life.

Robo Warrior 6 years ago

Sam, As stated before its the members of staff that i feel are at fault, I can imagine some over weight dark greasy hair women who is probably a virgin, grooming her moustache getting her kicks from reading "complaints" and counting blocks, even though they say it is all done electronically! saying to her self well no one looked at me, so..... The site has been going long enough and it should have more experience (paid| staff that might care a little more, what gets my goat is there can not be that many people that are close to being banned on a daily basis. Surely these volunteers or at least markus should send out some kind red card system, a kangroo court type format, an email, saying something like "You've had X amount of blocks, why is this" I know what you will say that every one will just reply with a load of BS, but surely someone that runs the biggest site in the world, would be able to asses the genuine ones, as for finding another site, I have tried a number of sites that can not be mentioned and I have sadly had 0 success not even a meet, the ladies seem more serious of meeting somone on POF then other sites i have been on and as for finding a lady in the real world sadly can not be done as first impressions count, and like i have said that was the reason for POF in the first place. Looks like I'll have to run solo for a while. thankyou PLENTYOFFISH.COM

Sam 6 years ago

POF on all counts is a disgrace! For you RW I empathise but you ve had more success than I have on POF for you ve at least had two dates I think you said and even got intimate with someone from POF which is a lot more than me. This is what irks me with POF, its apparantly the biggest site and yadda yadda yadda but for me its been the most difficult to meet anyone. I don't know how long you have to be on there to meet anyone let alone someone your interested in. Im pretty picky but I at least give people a chance unlike the harsh harsh women at POF. And yes as for the ppl running POF well im not sure what is going on with them. As I say I haven't had any trouble with them, no blocks as yet, my beef is with the actual members although I do or at least did suspect fraudalent play with some of the automated systems im sure they use. Having created some bogus profiles to test my theories I have seen things from the opposite view and I am now less sure of any automated system. I think the site is easy to meet people in theory but in reality its almost impossible! Which brings me to my belief that something fishy is going on. I cant think of another site that is as easy in theory but is so hard in reality. I have had much much much more luck on sites with far fewer members and no free services. The thing with our friend Markus is that apparantly he is making cash everytime someone so much as joins this dodgy site so this explains his lack of regard or care at a block. Im sure they reason that if some isp has been blocked enough its for a genuine reason and they don't even bother to investigate. The fact your having trouble contacting them shows what tricksters they are. They at POF could do what you suggested sending out an email to at least explain your blocks but they don't even do that. My answer is that they are just like 95% of the women on the site in that they are far from genuine. They are in it for money and screw the consumer. Theres no genuine girls on POF anyway for gods sakes. I know you can do better of this sham of a site RW. You ve got to believe cos lets be honest POF is turning us both into wrecks!

Robo Warrior 6 years ago

As I said there should be some indepentent coucil, to stick up for the little man. I wish this site would publish the emails, I have saved which came back once I had explained my situation, I understand for legal reasons you can't. However I will say the last message I was sent was very cold and blunt, and even before my second banned, which I knew was coming, sadly due to unfair blocks, I contact the site for advice, but no advice what so ever was given not even a reply!

Robo Warrior 6 years ago

CONT. The last person I met, on, I slept with, and with in 24 hours I was blocked after asking for another date, this was followed by a ban!

Sam 6 years ago

Wow! I think id accept being blocked if it meant id get a bonk first! No in all seriousness I get your issue RW. I guess it comes down to the fact if a member complains about you for any reason, no natter how trivial, POF deal with it by blocking you. They ve got so many members they figure completely blocking someone will deal with the problem. They re not interested in getting to the why of the problem, just easier to block altogether. My issue is simply with lacl of female interest. If I was ugly, fat, bald, stupid, sleazy, boring id get this but im none of these things. Mind you I only usually keep my profile on there for a week or so before im so incensed with the lack of replies I get my profile off there quicker then you can blink. Just out of interest how long do you RW and others leave your profile up there? I mean RW how long had you been on POF before you started getting blocked?

Sam 6 years ago

Yeah. This is what i thought. I understand to an extent the members not wanting to deal with it and so just blocking you as I have done that kinda thing myself, not on POF but on other sites. This is another problem with POF though, its so easy to join and if your a girl of average and above looks POF is just made for you so any issue and you just block to save time dealing with members who for whatever reason don't want to del with you. Its kind of created a monster in that getting to know the person on a deeper level to find out if you really like them is now pushed aside for someone you like based on one criteria. And yes RW you are right, why be on POF if your in somewhat of a serious relationship? Its amazing how many ppl are long time members, appear online every day and yet say they re serious and want a relationship. If this is the case then surely they d meet someone and get off here but they don't. They meet someone for sex, decide its not what they re looking for and its back to POF where the next best thing is always just around the corner. This is the whole psychology with POF, its great for most girls and the very top echelon of men but that's it.

beni 6 years ago

a bit of E L O, nice, chill out, she or him will find you for sure,

as me friend said above, 95% are on a wave lentgh above this world, they must be alians, if not i am sure they are going to hotlist me,

seriously, i have nothing to say but,




to men and women with voyance, hope and me as your master!

Blue_Roman 6 years ago

SAM All i can say to that is; I would love a face to face meeting with Markus, see if he could look me in the eye, I'd change the way the site was run forever.

Sam 6 years ago

Yeah, many of the profiles are bogas too. Just there to get you to join, to lure you in.

Robo Warrior 6 years ago

I would love a one on one, face 2 face meet with Markus!

Robo Warrior 6 years ago

Has any one seen the forum; There is a forum that you can comment about being banned, but you NEED to be a member to comment in the forum????

Mark 6 years ago

My friend just emailed me this.... Very interesting...


I was at an IT conference in Vancouver the other day, when I ran into a buddy of mine that I used to go to school with. We decided to meet up for dinner to catch up on each other's lives.

During dinner, we talked about everything. It's been years since we've seen each other so we had lots to talk about. He told me about his wife and kids, and asked me about my love life. I told him I'm not having much luck. My family and friends have all tried setting me up with people they know, but no luck. I told him I've even resorted to on-line dating for the past couple of years,.. but still no luck. He then asked me which site I was on. I told him Plenty Of Fish.

He asked me how long I was on there. I told him it's been about 6 years.

That's when he told me that site is a scam. I told him no, I've met a lot of people from that site... Just no Mrs. Right! He gave me this look, and said, "That's exactly it. That's site is designed for you to meet all the Mr. and Mrs. Wrong!"

I asked him, What do you mean? He explains.

He actually met Markus Frind, the creator of Plenty of Fish, a few times in the past. They have a few common friends. He says that Marcus actually calls his Plenty Of Fish site, Plenty of Losers!!! He says he keeps lots of people on his site, but he makes sure they're all "undateable people", aka, Losers!!!!

For men, he keeps all the ones who are short, fat, bald, ugly, doesn't make good money, have no job, have no car, have several kids... If you fit into any of these categories... Then congratulations!! You have a lifetime membership to Plenty Of Fish!!!

For women, he keeps all the ones who are over 40 years of age, too tall, fat, ugly, have several kids from all different fathers, gold-diggers, unemployed.... If you're a woman and you fit into any of these categories, Then congratulations!!! You also have a free lifetime membership to Plenty Of Fish!!!

Mr. Markus Frind also keep the good-looking PLAYERS on his site. Cuz those people won't be settling anytime soon, and keeps the hopefuls to keep on logging on.... But anyone looking for a serious relationship and you're relatively ok-looking... Your profile will be deleted for no reason!!!

He says he basically doesn't want people hooking up for good and getting off his site! He wants people to keep on logging on so he can keep on making his millions!!! The more people log on, the more money he makes!!

I felt sick to my stomach after hearing what my buddy told me.... That explains why my room-mate's profile "disappeared" for no reason. He's a fire-fighter, good-looking, has good job.... Very nice guy! When he wrote in to complain that his profile was deleted, they sent him an email saying that probably he violated their rules. He checked their rules... He says he didn't violate anything! They told him, in that case, just make another profile. He did, and a week later, it was gone again!! For no reason whatsoever!

So then, When I got home, I went and decided to google: Plenty Of Fish Reviews. I was shocked by the amount of people who wrote and said their profiles were deleted for no reason!!!

Me, I'm short for a guy. I'm 5'6. My buddy from the conference told me that any guy under 5'8, Mr. Marcus considers that guy undateable... Which I suppose explains why he never deleted my profile.

Anyways, I've deleted my profile from Plenty Of Fish now... I don't want to waste anymore of my precious time! And I'm sending this email around to everyone I know, so they don't waste any of their time either!!!

Honestly, I'm so pissed off right now... Someone should start a class action lawsuit and sue this guy for pulling a scam like this!

Anyways, If anyone needs more convincing... Check out these sites for Plenty of Fish Reviews... You'll see I'm telling the truth...

So many people say the same thing!! Booted off the site for no reason!!!

Anyways, I hope no one else continues to waste their time with this site. I'm now with,,,, and

These sites are 100% free as well. I'm not going to stay with all of them... But I'm going to test it out and see which site I like the most.

So everybody who has a profile on Plenty Of Fish.... Don't bother with that site anymore!!! It's a total waste of your time!!

PLEASE SEND THIS EMAIL TO ALL THE SINGLE PEOPLE YOU KNOW!!!! I hope I've saved a lot of people from wasting their precious time... And will finally find the love that they want and deserve from a legit site.

Sam 6 years ago

Wow this is interesting but I haven't had this problem at all. I have found that most of the female profiles seem relatively normal, be it a little undesirable and will not write back under any circumstance.

I have been suspicious for a long time so created a bogus profile as a female and out up a pic of an attractive girl I know. She has received over 200 emails in less than a week. The thing that I don understand though is that the majority of men that have emailed this profile are not at all what Mark has described. The majority are very good looking, employed, educated, never been married and no children. Hardely seems an accurate reflection of the general population.

Back to my genuine profile. It has never been deleted. What i find strange is the fact that no one has ever written back. Or actually one or two but they were so unresponsive, uninterested and downright boring that I don't understand why they even bothered to write back. I cannot categorically say that POF is dodgy or that I have a problem with POF but there is something that dosent add up with the members. Ive had much more success on other sites which are not free. It is very odd that a site that is well and truly free is so difficult to meet anyone on.

So many of the profiles are there for extended periods of time despite being very appealing and I wonder why. The unread/deleted response is so common and this just dosent make sense. I am paranoidf enough and began to question my appearance, what I had written and the overall what the hell is wrong with me mentality. I then created a few profiles with other photos and wrote very nice things testing my hypothesis. Same response every time, unread/deleted. I mean I can understand that happening a few times or even most times but every time? nup there is something unsual going on. And as I said even on the rare times they do write back they are so boring and lame that I wonder why they wrote back and secondly why do they spend all their time on the site if they are totally disintetested in meeting someone.

I think with the women on the site they are so used to being spoilt princesses they forget that a real relationship is all about contributing as a person rather than being nothing more than an object of desire.

All that aside POF whether its the members or the site or both just dosent seem to be genuine. I got that feeling long ago and have only had that feeling confirmed since.

bob rocket 6 years ago

plenty of fish is a scam! don't go there!

Jimmy 6 years ago

POF ROX!!!! i met 34 girls n boinked em all!

Rabo_Warrior 6 years ago


Rabid wolf 6 years ago

plenty of turkeys more like it! dese girls fink dare poop don't stink but um da smell gives em away!

Robo_Warrior 6 years ago

I FEEL LIKE A RANT SO FORGIVE ME; Being banned from pof is so frustrating and wrong, the way thay treat members especially the male members is unfair. There banning members basically on the request of other members 9/10 its done out of spite due to the way they feel (the other members that is not pof) I feel if the are going to do somthiing as drastic as baning you they should do a little investigating, hand out warnings or at least be mre pursific about why the ban has been given. i just think a perminate ban is OVERKILL!

Sam 6 years ago

Yes its overkill! POF is built for average to attractive women and the men that want to suck up to them. The thing is Robo_Warrior is that this site has its mainstays which are the women I mentioned and the men who will play by the POF rules. If you don't, and I mean if you upset any women on that site and she complains about you, for no matter what reason, no matter how trivial, you will be banned, blocked whatever. The site is all about women. Its not important what you did or didn't do, if you are complained about, whether its warranted or not, you ll be kicked off. This site has ten times the men it has women so they don't want to waste time dealing with any male who is complained about. Its all about maintaining princessdom, you gotta get this Robo_Warrior! POF is not interested in helping you! Its about Markus making money. The more ppl who join the richer the dude becomes, he dosent want to be bothered dealing with someone when its just easier to block you out completely. I haven't been on for weeks and feel better for it. Take a lead from me Robo_Warrior, the longer you stay away from POF the better.

Robo_Warrior 6 years ago

can any one recommed a good free dating site that works

Hoogy 6 years ago

yeah, plenty of

Kirsty Samson 6 years ago

Well i disagree because i have friends on it aswell as myself and i have met the most amazing guy and so has my friend so its not that much of a sham!!

My boyfriends has just met my parents and my friends and everyone loves him, i will keep you updated on the romance!!

Go Plenty Of Fish

Benjamin 6 years ago

Lets review. I divorced my ex-wife who was running around on me. I have been trying to find a wife again for the past 15 years. I don't go to bars or use call girl services. I live alone and have no children. I am very good looking with an athletic build. I am clean cut, ex-military, have an estate (willed to the church), and have used most on-line dating sites. I am still waiting to get my FIRST DATE!!! The problem is NOT with me, the problem is with women. Ladies, what is wrong dating a decent guy who might treat you right??? I don't think Plenty of Fish is the problem.

Sam 6 years ago

Kirsty Samson you have missed the point so i wont even worry about attending to your post. Benjamin you are half right. POF is not so much the problem as the ppl it attracts. The women on there to be precise are the problem.POF allows for and encourages misuse of power.

Paul 6 years ago

Plenty of fish is full of scams, such a high percentage of the female profiles are fakes. Why bother!

Robo_Warrior 6 years ago

TRY it simples lol

Becky 6 years ago

I just married my best friend whom I met on here Sept 22, 2007. I thought the same thing most of you did, the guys that were on here were looking for the "hit and quit" kinda dates. I have to agree there were a lot of strange, non working, lazy men on here. But I guess I was just one of the lucky ones.

profile image

LawnGal 6 years ago

I've been on and off this site for about 6 months. I'm finding lots of MS/IT guys who are home bound. They just want to IM/Text, even when they can call you...strange. One guy changes his profile every 3 weeks and puts up a new name....scotchone, uk one, naughtywolf, badbadwolf etc... and acts like he's new to the site. Major player with different IM accounts for each name. Met one decent guy but he was too far away. Now I've suddenly been banned... no reason, no bad behaviour.. just deleted and unable to create a new account... good riddance POF!

RealisticFemale 6 years ago

I think the site is hilarious. To generalize and say that that mostly everyone on free dating sites are trash is an excuse. I've been on both paid and unpaid and the results are just about the same. I've met some nice people and some people who have severe issues. And, lets face it, we all have some sort of issue, whether we like to admit it or not.

When you search online, there is a greater chance of people putting up fake profiles, lying etc. So you have to determine right away. Call them out right away. Force them to send other pics, or meet, right away.

Everyone has their preferences, if someone reads your profile and you sound great, but you look like sh*t, they are going to ignore, delete, tell you they are not interested.

Its' a process no matter if you meet someone in the grocery store or online.

drew 6 years ago

yeah that's true but meeting someone in real life is generally a better bet. A greater percentage of ppl in real life are "normal" than ppl with profiles on internet dating sites. In my experience people in real life are generally nicer than ppl on pof.

You cant make a comparison between meeting ppl in real life and meeting them online. I believe its actually easier in real life. Ppl online and particularly pof do not represent real life, much less their behaviour. Pof has brought out the worst in ppl, females in that they have learnt how to play the system and males in that they are players and have also learnt how to play the system. And pls most ppl on there are NOT genuine or interested in a real relationship. POF cannot be defended.

Sad lady 6 years ago

I was on POF for about four months and found it an emotionally painful experience. Usual story, sending quite a few emails and getting no replies plus the 'unread/deleted' kept on coming up. After a while I started to get quite depressed wondering what I was doing wrong. My pictures were recent and a true likeness, I'm well educated and have a good job, hobbies, it just didn't make any sense.

Eventually I did get in communication with one guy who lived a little way from me, but twice he arranged to come and see me, then found a reason why he couldn't at the last minute. I then said I would be prepared to drive almost 80 miles to meet him, which I did, and we had a nice day together. He then said he would come and see me the following weekend, and he never turned up - blocked my phone calls and my emails and I've never heard from him since. The following day he was back on the POF site - he was obviously a player and worried about missing out on someone better. At the end of the day, we all have a right to say thanks, but no thanks, but its the way in which its done that counts. It takes courage to face someone and say you've changed your mind and I think the dating sites make it much too easy for people to 'disappear'.

To be honest, the one thing that gets me down about all these dating sites, speaking from a ladies point of view, is that so many men will not commit to even trying a relationship in case someone better comes round the corner. The guy I met was on POF as looking for a relationship and this couldn't have been further from the truth. You always have to bear in mind that when you meet someone on the site, the chances are they have several other 'irons in the fire', and you need to have a strong stomach for rejection.

I'm a very genuine, sincere lady and I got my emotional fingers burnt going on POF. I went on there, rather naively I suppose, thinking that the men I was contacting were genuine too. Sadly, it wasn't the case.

I learnt the hard way that if you are in any way honest, sincere and genuine you are very unlikely to meet anyone on POF. There are just too many fake profiles and fake people on there. What a shame.

Micky 6 years ago

I do agree the only one whos getting anywhere is the jerk that started this site but one thing bothers me.Im manic and im tired of all are you normal comments. Who in the hell are we to judge.

Sam 6 years ago

Not quite sure what your saying Mickey but Sad Lady you are spot on. "If you re honest, sincere and genuine you are unlikely to get anywhere on pof". Ive had the same problems. My photos are nice, im very good looking, say all the right things n yet I constantly get the unread/delete response which simply makes no sense, it dosent add up. PPl on pof, women as much if not more than men play the system. They meet lots of men, get to love the attention and would rather stay a permanent member of pof than actually meet someone for a real life relationship.

As ive said the internet makes it far too easy for ppl to play the field, find someone better and dissappear. It has brought out the worst qualities in ppl and all but ruined genuine romance.

Cedge 6 years ago

Hmm.. I've heard these negative things before from friends, and there certainly are a lot of players. I however, have had pretty good experiences on POF.

I met a long term boyfriend of 3 years, then tried again after we broke up and went on about a dozen dates. Most of the men were extremely sweet, but we just didn't have the chemsitry. I have developed quite a few close friendships with them regardless. I'm also starting to see someone new off of POF who is very shy, sweet and funny.

I am an average looking girl, or at least, not a "super model" by far. But I've never had a problem meeting men on POF, and certainly no "psychos" "players" or anyone married. Of course I get the "u r sexy" and the cut-and-paste emails, but I would think it's common sense to weed these people out before a date ever took place. I mean, aren't these people obvious?

I don't know, I empathise with all of you, but I wouldn't blame POF. Just like meeting people in the real world, you guys/girls just need to work on your intuition and common sense before taking the next step.

Real 6 years ago

I agree with some of these comments for sure, but speaking as an exmodel that still has her looks and puts out an ad that I am down to earth and old fashioned looking for a romantic partner usually gets me the same old, let's chat huh? or wanna have sex? - I answer every single msg i get unless it one of those dumb ones, but even if i am not interested, I always politely tell the guy, thanks, but I wish you well in your search... now, that takes a lot of my time as i get 50 msgs a day and every now and then, I will get a very mean message back although i sent them a polite one... so, sometimes, I give up on being polite and responding because that is what I get more and more.. what's an honest girl to do then I ask... mostly, I am getting off and getting out more anyways... this pof attracts some very scary people, and it is scary as the same time that it is sad.

Sam 6 years ago

POF is built for women. Women don't usually have the same issues on there as men as meeting ppl on POF for women is easy. Its the same deal as "real life" where it is usually much easier for a woman to meet men than vice versa.

As ive said a million times there is a power imbalance between men and women in this regard generally and POF exploits this to its full advantage. Unless a woman is downright ugly she ll generally attract a degree of male attention. POF per say is not the problem in itself as its pretty much like any other dating site. The two problems are 1, because its free and so easy to use it attracts so many ppl and 2, many profiles are scams. Problems resulting for the first problem of too many ppl is that women in particular have seen how easy it is and for this reason has lost touch with good manners and decency.

This is my last post here but for the last time I will say POF is made for WOMEN! It is a cheap site that works using the lowest common denominator! SUPERFICIALITY! Women have learnt how easy it is to attract, play manipulate men if they are anything but ugly. POF is not in itself the issue but the type of people it generally attracts is the issue. It is not a site for genuine people.

Jerry 6 years ago

POF is a shame. 90% of the profiles are falsely generated as are the responses from those profiles. As Sam said the site is made for girls not guys. It has become an easy pick up spot for chicks.

profile image

totallyandrew23 6 years ago

ohhhhh dudes dudes dudessss. Yeah POF sucks sooooooo bad :/ It's such a shame. My experience, so far, has been nothing but awful. I'm young, in great shape, have awesome parents, in Film/Acting, and no luck at all. I figure I'd use the site to meet a girl and I want a girlfriend; figure it'll be easier rather than rely on the ''right-place-right-time'' aspect or meeting at a club. My pictures look good enough (from my Photo Booth on my MacBook) but I seriously think the girls either want their one-and-only, dudes that fit in their social bubble, or the most cutest/hottest guys. Plus, I so hate it when like a girl says ''I talk to anyone and love everybody'' then when you e-mail her, you get nothing back! lol I've sent out tonnssssss of e-mails; asking about their hobby/education, etc, even messaging something like ''what seperates myself from these dudes on here is.....'' but nothing at all. Also, a lot of girls say they only use the site for FUN! lol it's like, what the hell? I don't know; it just sucks that there's dudes out there who are liars, cheaters, hurt girls emotionally and some even physically, and THEY have a girlfriend and I don't :( ....... Oh! and it's the exact same thing onnnnn :/ ............

JJ 6 years ago

Ive had no problem meeting women on pof,problem is there nothin but bottom feeders that have some kind of issue or anouther,POF is the scrap heap of the dating world.Stick to the real world or ask ur freinds

Melody 6 years ago

Plentyoffish...more like 'plenty offish'.

Samson 6 years ago

Yeah plenty of fish is the pits! And my question is (not that we are posing them) why is there so many hard faced women on there? actually also theres three groups of women on there. The hard as nails faced ones, the manipulative women and the ones without either of those looks? The thing is that the attraction women come from the first two groups, groups I wouldnt touch with a god damn barge pole. The women with nice faces arent usually too attractive. Why in the blue hell is this the case my friends? For an angelic looking dude like me im not going to have much luck attracting the ones im attracted to which funnily enough are the two types who i know are the worst for an innocent looking sum bitch like me. The thing is I know I come across this way and it pisses me off no end. Why? Because ppl make assumptions about me without knowing anymore. Its funny though how this trend very much happens in reverse with alot of "good girls" being attracted to the "bad boy" types yet having no explanation as to why. I guess we all have unresolved issues that attract us to the very people who are bad for us.

mike 6 years ago

what, eharmony is better because its expensive and takes 6 hours to join? I've used a variety of dating sites and they all suck for men. Primarily because they make even the most unattractive women feel desirable and big headed. Dating sites are OK for women to get lots of attention (50 emails a day) but bad for men who are fighting each other for the overinflated egos of girls. Guys: you do a lot better in person, OFFLINE then on any website. At least we arent throwing our money down a rathole like with the paid sites that have no better results then the free ones.

Jimmy 6 years ago

Mike I totally agree with you. Everything you said is spot on and is what ive been suggesting about plenty of bitches for ages. It is good for inflating the egos of not just the highly superficial and one dimensional princess types but also the most unattractive women you mention. Dating sites in general are very deflating for genuine men with one of the main reasons being this ego inflation of women who in the real world are particularly ordinary. Women quickly learn how easy it is to become the subject of desire, be it false desire, and reject men on the basis that they ll receive another 20 to 30 to 50 emails the next day. Plenty of bitches knows this and is created to enhance this female mentality. All dating sites do this though. I agree with Mike, its so much easier in the real world, online dating is built to cater for the worst types of women.

kropf 6 years ago

hey, tried this site, for a month a guy strung me on, every time the phrase "get together" was brought up, he found sooooooooo many excuses not to meet. took him 2 weeks to do laundry and clean the house after a trip-then his daughters AND mothers birthdays were the same weekend but he couldn't find one hour to meet, his mother lives in his back yard! he even went so far as to say he was working till 10p.m., fortunately for me, i found out where he lived and gee there was his truck in his driveway at 6p.m., i'm not a stalker, his house was on my way home from work!!!! i believe POF keeps people hanging on to get more personal info. or to run some kind of scam. watch out ladies-do your homework, google the guy and get as much info as you can-facebook is good for checking a guy out too! beware of POF, there is something very fishy about this site.

Jimmy 6 years ago

Um Kropt maybe he just didnt like you, you ever thought about that? This is the thing girls do when a guy dosent like her, she blames him. My guess is he was trying to give you all the hints in the world hoping he didnt have to tell you straight out. Hoping you would get it before he had to tell you. But obviously to you as is the case with most of the female population you seem to find it inconceivable that a man is not interested in you. Plenty of bitches is not the problem but the people it attracts are. And this "watch out ladies" mentality is reserved for females with a very limited perception of themselves. Oh what, the fact you share the same gender automatically garantees you share the same perception and experiences with men? Oh please! If you ve been screwed over by a man or men its because of one of two reasons. Either your a female with issues who has unconsciously attracted a man who will abuse you or the man is trying to "get rid" of you without hurting your feelings. Two bits of advice Kropf, improve yourself and get over your issues so that you start attracting different types of men and secondly read between the lines! realise that if a man is finding that many reasons to not meet you he is giving you the hint he aint interested! Women wonder why men just dissappear, its because they dont want to nor should they have to, deal with the emotional manipulation women put them through when they are honest and tell them they are not interested, something todays women seem incapable of comprehending.

kropk 6 years ago

yea right, what about him e-mailing me everyday to my own account and sending me pictures of what he did the day before. he was just a player trying to hang on until something better came along, sorry to say, i'm a great catch, one grown kid, lots of money, a head turner and a great job. i believe this guy was hanging on because he was trying to lose weight, get new teeth or waiting for the one living with him to move out, don't give me that bullshit that it's my fault, didn't know the site had psych docs on it-just because you are a guy-dah!

amir 6 years ago

Site is full of shit. Typical girls who have headlines "looking for love" "looking for a great guy" and they don't bother even talking to you. I'm no Brad Pitt, but I'm decent looking enough to actually talk to. I'm convinced most of the profiles are fake, and a couple of the dates I've actually been on the person was nothing like her pics. It's better to just meet people outside the realm of Plenty of Freaks.

Plenty of fake 6 years ago

I found the site is useless, almost every profile listed saying "open mind, easy going, family values..." the list go on. When you write them an email --- no reply / Deleted.

To Jez:

What is wrong is Asian men? (well people like you should write it clearly on your profile saying "Asian men no need apply" but I guess that doesn't make you look friendly & open minded doesn't it?) In a way, you are one of those people who doesn't read/reply - not even a "no thank you for your time" -you are a classic example of POF!

For your information, I am an Asian man who is well educated with full time employment. I am not what some of you described "looser". (Just remember - we are all individuals with love ones, you may not like the person doesn't meant you have to be rude - a "no thank you of your time is the least people can do") I was spending too much time at work and not enough socialising. so, I tried POF and found plenty of "fake".

Jimmy 6 years ago

Kropf you certainly have no self esteem issues. Um self praise is no recomendation btw. Your such a great catch n yet this guy did everything he could to avoid you? hhhmmm guess your self praise is exactly that. But hey, they do say for other ppl to love you you gotta love yourself first. You have no trouble in that department. Only he didnt love you back so I guess the opinions you have of yourself are ones other ppl dont share. If this guy was so unappealling what you getting upset for? Surely someone as fanatastic as you shouldnt be worrying about a dud like him? hhhmmm im seeing a pattern here. But you are digressing Kropffff, this is a place to discuss the faults of plenty of bitches, not one prima donas desperate attempt to blame a loser for his lack of interest in her. Ill say it once more, plenty of bitches attracts women like kropf. The problem is twofold in that the site makes it very easy for the dregs of society to excel. The majority of ppl on there are fake, not genuine and in the case of the majority of women on there only there to have their little egos fed by whordes of emails from pathetic men on a daily basis, kropf being a classic example.

ITALIAGIRL 6 years ago


cookie 6 years ago

POF is nothing but a joke, the amount of idiot, assholes i get all the time in there, i had my pof for hilarious reasons because my best friend was looking for someone, and i have warned her about nut cases u meet ( it goes both ways ) the screening process is a joke, i would never meet someone online , you just never know there back ground history like the legit ones do, why would you want to put yourself at risk..??..i have complained numerous of times to report certain males who used a lot of profanities or men who has issues with woman to degrade em like how u see in the movies nut case to vent out their feelings towards woman..i dont pay no mid to them i just block them..IP address etc i have several pcs they never know if i make another profile adding fake info and pics...for me i dont take this sight serious at all..your not safe at all, you can be so sweet, nice online or phone and then when u meet, watch out a whole different side to them..i have friends thru fb,my space etc and i know who they are and there on pof as well so im on there for friends only, nothing more. everyone stay safe, becareful of yourself, do not give any information, what pisses the frig out of me every now and then i cant sign on cuz pof ask for another info in which that is so wrong and once u do ur in, contact FCC trust me they will not like that at all, if POF continues to not suporting you in any concerns that u may have report em asap..

John 6 years ago

Ive been a member of POF for about 2 years dating casually and had great results meeting one nurse one in medical field as well as 2 should I say it Hot teachers.Maybe Im just lucky but the only complainants are possibly the gold diggers, the women looking for Mr Right that DOES NOT EXIST and guys that are just whingers.

zinke 6 years ago

you're kidding john, a few dates in 2 years! tell the truth guys, how many games did you play? this site is for the players and gamers, probably old men sitting at home with nothing better to do, stringing the ladies along just lying to them. this site sucks and should be shut down.

Wookie 6 years ago

This site as someone has said is not really the problem here. Yes the site is dodgy and acts unscruplously but the people it attracts are the real problem. Im speaking from a males point of view here and this site seems to bring out the worst traits in women. We all know most women are hypocritical, manipulative, calculating, superficial, materialistic, gold digging, controlling, possessive, unauthentic, rude, tactless, sexist ill mannered cock driven whores yet POF seems to be the one place they all congregate in and feed off each other and in the process making themselves worse! Please men of this world do yourself a favour and give POF a wide birth if you re looking for a decent woman. If you re looking for the above mentioned then by all means use POF.

Diva 6 years ago

This site is fake for sure, I just started recently and I've noticed a few things that leads me to think that is fake, same pics profiles all the time, they will write and all of a sudden out of the blue a guy will write he loves me, is a little freaky he hasn't even met me or we are not even close to meeting, haven't even talked.

A Geek Prospective 6 years ago

I stumbled on this forum and had to write about my POF experience. For starters, everyone who said paid sites deliver more potential are right on the point. It is human nature to want a return on your money. If you pay $20 for a month of searching for love, you will put more effort and scrutiny into your searches and dates - just as your potential date is doing. People are actually 'open minded' when paying money. With free sites, it is open game for everyone, freak or otherwise.

I am a naturally shy, average looking individual who has never been a suave ladies man who can pick up women at a bus stop. I do run a successful business but did not want a gold-digger type. As corny as this sounds, I did join dating sites to meet a great woman to love. I found the love of my life on a paid site, but as for POF, it had to be my worst experience ever.

I'm not going to knock the creator of the site or even the ads - my problem is with the people on there.

I know women say there are losers, freaks and jerks looking for only sex on there and I can understand that, but from my experience, the amount on 'male-bashers', psychos, fat woman pretending to be thin and my favorite - the 'I'm open minded and want to find an intelligent man, yet I will un-read delete any email sent from an average looking guy' crowd dominate that site.

In the four months I was on there, no matter how much time I would put into reading profiles and composing intelligent messages, the instant result was an 'un-read delete' or 'read delete' based on what I looked like. Many times women wouldn't even read my profile before deleting. I will tell every man to ignore any woman on there who describes themselves as "open minded" or "down to earth" on their profile - they will 90% be the most judgmental woman you will meet. Just to test the waters, I put up my net worth one time and BAM, my hits went through the roof. When I did go out on dates with POF women, they would tell me how "men sucked" and "there are no good men left" as they are on a date with someone who is a man! Tell me how my gender sucks while convincing me why we should hook-up...classy!

Yet, my buddy who is one of the biggest players alive and works out religiously puts up only a topless pic and a purposely shallow profile and the women email him like mad. No matter how bad he treats them, they come back for more.

I think the guy who invented Plenty of Fish is a business genius but as for finding a real open minded woman to date on there, don't hold your breath! If you are good looking, got killer abs and treat women like shit - Plenty of Fish is full of suckers waiting for you!

tony 6 years ago

i dissagree...iv meet sevrial women and went out on many dates...whats fake about that? i think it's great! most (normal) women wont pay for dateing so this site will actuly get you a hot chick all the pay sites are full of dog's and i am to picky for that

carole 6 years ago

plenty of fish...most definatly the worst thing i ever did in the dating game...not only did i never have a date with any one ,the one time i almost got sucked into a date i ended up with a string of disggusting texts that made me question the mans sanity let alone his ability to have a relationship,it was awfull,most so called "matches"were either out of work,much older or younger then me,miles away,wanted a replacement mother or slave,and the moment i mentiond that i was studying to be a was rubbish and the whole thing was nothing more then a demoralising experiance,the profiles are mostly fake,and most of the men are on there to get sex,its horrable,women be warned stay away,if you want a freak,who looks liks cousin IT!out of work and has the intelligence leval of your average nat!then this is the site for you!take my advice..take a big deep breath..get back out into the real world and if you never meet any one so be wont die and it.l be a whole lot better then having your self asteem destroid by the weirdos you,l meet on this site!!oh and one last thing,i dont seem to have as much trouble with viruses ect on my computor now i,m not on pof or get half as much spam,may be coinsidence...but i doubt it!!!

Rob J. 6 years ago

Check this out. My honest profile and recent pics were on POF for months. A little interest but not much.Maybe a couple emails. So I decided to try something. I changed my education to "PHD" and my profession to "Surgeon". I deleted my profile picture. First week I had 24 emails. The women are phoney and are looking for one thing only. Golddiggers!!!!!!!!!!!

profile image

link21 6 years ago

My profile is 100% real. Based on the comments above, that state that users might not get responses because they are ugly... that doesn't apply to me. I have great pictures, my profile is well constructed, and honest. However, i was wondering if any females had the same issue. NONE of the guys I have sent messages to have responded. It can't be my appearance... What is it? I only send messages to guys who have well-written profiles, appear intelligent, multiple photos. How is it that someone with a great profile, and a female (females don't send as many messages), never gets a response? Also, I have found it interesting that the the types of guys that I send messages to (attractive, appear intelligent, good profile), never actually message me. have other girls had this experience?

top124 6 years ago

link21: I just started using POF but I can tell you right now that the most likely thing is that either a.) the guys aren't using POF anymore (because of the high noise - signal ratio), or b.) you seem too good to be true :)

Personally, I'm really ambivalent about internet dating. It seems to me that meeting someone in person through friends for the first time gives a much better indicator of if you will like them or not. Being in your network of friends + being attracted seems like a much better recipe.

They need to make a dating site that combines facebook and dating...

Derrick 6 years ago

I been on this site for months. And to me it seems like women on this site have no intentions of hooking up. All they want to do is view your page at the time. When you email someone they don't respond. They just get added to the list of the women that look at your page all day.

POFeric 6 years ago

I signed up on POF about five months ago but have only been active on it for a month and a half. I figured that since it was free, I risked being bombarded by bots and links to porn sites, but decided to try it anyway. My initial experience, however, was simply one of boredom: Nobody initiated contact with me, nor did anyone respond to my messages.

Eventually, I decided that I wasn't being interesting enough. I would say things like "you're cute", "how are you" or ask interview-style questions (e.g. "what kind of work do you do?") So I decided to get a little help.

Forgive me for what I'm about to tell you, but it worked wonders for me (and, eventually, my dates). I went and signed up on POF as a female and described "myself" as the type of girl I would like to meet. Then I just waited for the e-mails to pour in (I had the foresight to filter them).

And what do you know? The e-mails I got were just as boring as the ones I was sending -- some of them were even worse! But the cool thing was that every once in a while, I'd come across a great line or idea. So I started a collection. When I had enough material (took a day or two), I sorted through it, personalized it, and made it my own. When I was done, I had a GREAT three-paragraph template for an initiating e-mail. It didn't contain any bragging about myself, flattery of my targets, or anything "usual". In short: I knew it was going to stand out from the crowd.

From that point, I would just browse the site and send e-mails to the girls I found attractive. For the most part, I would send personalized messages that were merely in the same spirit of my template. However, some girls didn't give me a lot to work with in their profile and, in those cases, I would employ content directly from my template.

After a month, I ran the numbers: I sent out 60 e-mails, got 20 responses, had 6 dates, got laid twice, and remained in contact with 3 of them. Not only that, but the stories of my POF experiences made for entertaining stories with other girls and that opened the door to 3 non-POF dates, all of which ended up as friends and 2 of which ended up in bed. So within a month, I had 11 dates with 8 different girls and 4 lays. Not bad for a guy who had gone the 2 previous years without a single date!

All of my experiences were fine. I had a couple of flakes, and a couple of "I-changed-my-mind-I'm-not-interested", but no scammers, stalkers, psychos, or cling-ons, and they were all very pleasant. A buddy of mine got a lot of clingy girls, but I'm convinced it's because he lead them on. I was always completely up-front and honest and I believe that made a huge difference.

I'm not saying there aren't any scams on POF, I'm just saying that I haven't seen any. Some of you may accuse me of being a scammer myself, but I can assure you that I never led on any of the guys who contacted my female alias and that I was always up front with my dates from the get-go that I was seeing (and doing) other women.

So there you have it: If you're having problems with POF, I can safely assume that you're doing it wrong*.

*Speaking from a guy's point of view.

Ethan 6 years ago

You people are pathetic! I've gotten 25 phone numbers in 2 months on the site. I've had 10 dates all with "real" girls that looked like their pictures. I love when people on here say they're "normal." Guess that means you're unattractive in real life and internet life??? What else can explain that you can't even get one phone number off this site?

If you want help, find it. Don't blame others though. Haha!

Leigh 6 years ago

People should be very careful before joining Plenty of Fish dating site. Members private messages and information are often read and publicised by its owner.

Vincent 6 years ago

Why did they change that now you have to pay $10.00 to see if your sent message was read or deleted,

It costs some stupid points to see if someone has read your message or not, before that was free. Now they say I have to buy a bunch of points which cost $10.00 minimum

Robo_Warrior 6 years ago

I was at my GP on Tuesday, Sat in the waiting room and who enters, the last woman, I met from (see my previous blogs further up the page).

She hid behind a wall till I left and couldnt look me in the eye.

Maybe if the rightous volunteers with no life, who ban people at the blink of an eye got real jobs. Let people have adult conversations, instead of listening to half a story then blaming it on an "automated system". He would not have to break the never charging policy that he boasted about at one time. I have googled this markus since my ban and he is worth $10 million and most of the staff are volutery.

Hanzz 6 years ago

I've used plentyoffish before and its NOT a scam or fake. If your good looking and have solid game ( or if your a chick you just have to be good looking ), you can meet some pretty decent people.

If your ugly and have no game then your F8*7cked. Simple as that. Same when you go to a bar or club.

Wendy 6 years ago


People should be very careful before joining Plenty of Fish dating site. Members private messages and information are often read and publicised by its owner."

Could you give more detail on this? How do you know?

Jon 6 years ago

I've used plentyoffish many times,and met many woman and had some HOT encounters

Jon 6 years ago

I've used plentyoffish many times,and met many woman and had some HOT encounters. But yes there are fakes on there and normally they are your local horrid FAT wine drinkers who are bitter for not getting any attention from you (probably the one you didn't reply too),so they make a fake profile and try to play the part of a slim sexy chick and try to wind you up in their own twisted world of pigs and fairies..

Jeffrey 6 years ago

I agree with POFeric; I have been on POF on and off for months and have met plenty of great people. I have not met the right one, but there is no shortage of good honest people on there. I am up front and honest with everyone and so far I have had no bad experiences. I don't tally up my "lays", but then again I am looking for the one, so until I meet her I am still looking. I get plenty of opportunities.

The Peoples Champ 6 years ago

I was on pof for 2 years and it is what it is a hook up site! !! I hooked up with at least 30 hot chucks in 2 years! !!!! Figure that average out!!!

Chris 6 years ago

I was on POF for awhile. A lot of people really aren't interested in seeing people, but I have met a few girls interested in dating, but it didn't go anywhere. However I did meet one incredible girl who I'm currently in love with, and actually see a future with. POF isn't perfect, but it can work.

DocDave 6 years ago

Hahahahaha bunch of whiners here. Complain about something free. Sound like welfare recipients. It's free! What else do you want, so the owner makes money, he worked and built the site. Bunch of jealous losers here.

livinlavida 6 years ago

Plenty of fish, yeah to throw back in the pond. I dated a man paulonpof who turned me into the admin for abuse when I logged on to check my email after dating him. Apparently he was was using this as an attempt to get me off the market/website. It was errie, I would hide my profile and he actually called me on my phone and asked me why my profile was gone? Hello?... (ugh I met you and you were a nut!) I made some excuse I was too busy to read emails to be polite.. Then I kept noticing for 3 days that when I hid my profile he hid his, then I would put mine back up and so would he. It was sooo creepy. He is a long time user/serial dater. Also in real life He was 15 years older than his profile picture. He really thinks his entire head of GRAY hair is BLONDE? does he not own a mirror?

I was just disgusted with the low quality player this guy paulonpof turned out to be. He though he was da man.... noo you need da Axe and da toothpaste and da cologne and da manners, and you need to add the color gray to your crayon box. He also talked sooooo loud at the movies on our one date that a lady kept hushing him....and he just kept on talking/narrating the movie! I was shrinking in my seat and wishing I was anywhere but there...Im surprised we weren't thrown out. He had no consideration for anyone else....I have never in real life met anyone so low class. I would rather take my chances in a club.

I call POF the loser pool.

Stacie 6 years ago

I couldn't agree more. That site is nothing but a joke and a way for the creator of the site to make more money. I was on that site for months and all I met were sex freaks and people who were interested in me for two weeks and then met someone else. And there were others that didn't respond at all. One guy I talked to said he wasn't looking for a relationship. If that's the case, why even make an account on a dating website? Makes no sense. It's hard to find a normal, nice person on that site, or on any dating site for that matter. I'll just find someone in person.

rr 6 years ago

I am just going to tell you my experience with Plenty of Fish. com. I signed up for this dating site off and on over the course of a year. Everytime I thought I found the right girl I would leave and then like an idiot go back again. You would think with one bad experience I had learned but no not me. I met this girl on the site. I thought she was wonderful. Without going into details she turned out to be a mental case. Then I went back to the site a second and thrid time and again run into girls with mental problems.

This last time was it. I met this girl on there named Marssia. In the past I had run into girls who told me they couldn't date me because their parents didn't approve. My response has always been you're over 18 so why are you leting mom and dad tell you who you can date. When I called her out she started getting defensive like the other girls that I had met on this site. She called me immature and my response was she was closed minded.

She continued to call me names and when I used logic she blocked me because she didn't have anyway to rebuff what I said. This is a common pratice on this site. I had in my pass dealings met girls who respond by saying stuiped childish things like you are to old for me, grow up, your a nice guy but my parents won't approve, you're immature, and if you don't have a picture then I won't talk to you.

I have found that many of these girls will not respond. The ones who do have mental problems. I even contacted the person Markus over the behavior of these people but he ignores me. I finally deleted my profile from this site. If all dating sites are like this one then I will look in my own backyard for a wife cause the only thing this site has to offer is crazy girls. One last thing I would like to add is if you are using this site and you run accross an ad that reads: rissaris : rescue me from this shattered life. Stay away, That girl is a mental case and will only hurt you.

Stacie 6 years ago

Also, it's hard to find anyone on there who is serious about a relationship.

Online dating in Vegas from a woman's perspective - Thanks to all of the wonderful single men in Las Vegas. It's been great meeting you. 6 years ago


I think people get on dating websites with all of the wrong expectations.

Yes, there are liars, cheats, thiefs, prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, pedophiles, serial killers, people who would greatly benefit from psychiatric services, married people posing as single people, and people who are just plain not grown up enough to be seeking any kind of human contact whatsoever. And yes, some of these people have emailed me on dating websites. But I haven't actually met any of those people in person. All of the people I have met are very normal people.

I've been on Plenty of Fish for five months and I have met a lot of great guys. I see POF as pretty much the same as because the same guys are on both websites. Far more have asked me out on Plenty of Fish though and I've made a lot of friends that are fun to go do things with.

I don't go meet guys with the expectation that they are going to be Mr. IT for me and I seem to attract guys who are like minded. We're both hoping to meet people who are interested in relating to someone as a person, enjoying that person's company, and enjoying the activities that your local area has to offer. To me, that is the definition of dating and also the definition of life. Enjoy what you're doing and enjoy the company of the people who are gracious enough to be there with you.

I still go do stuff with many of the guys that I met on Plenty of Fish months ago. No, we turned out to not be a romantic match, but they're still wonderful men. They don't want to go do stuff all by themselves anymore than I do and are just as happy for the company as I am. I love it when they call and ask if I'll go to their office party with them or they say that they're bored and want to catch a movie or go listen to a new band, or they're finally brave enough to try salsa dancing or ice skating, or they're dying to go hiking, or they're going out with their friends and they just want me to go along, or....whatever.

I get to meet their friends and they get to meet mine and sometimes there are new connections made through these mutual friends. Which is kinda how it's all supposed to work, right?

Think about it, our daily routines just don't expose us to that many different people. Plenty of Fish is a great way to meet people you would otherwise never ever get to meet.

Stop looking for your one and only and just start meeting people who share your interests or who maybe can teach you something. Enjoy them as people, not as your "potential" anything. No, they may not be the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, but their friend, relative, or colleague just might be. :)

LEw 6 years ago

Well All I have to say is that Internet Dating is B.S. Period. Out of all the other sites though....This one does not cost you a dime and the "quality of people" Are no less than those of ones that will cost you alot of wasted time and money!

If you idiots think spending an hour on creating a profile and a 29.95 monthly deduction from your paycheck ensures a "better quality of people", Shame on YOU.

At least with POF.....You can do what people are ALL on there to do, for FREE!

Brandi 6 years ago

Plenty Offish. com lol

Steve 6 years ago

I've been on POF for quite a long while, and do agree it's hard connecting with the right woman... there's a low reply level, and yes, they do misrepresent themselves at times, or at least present their 'best' (old pics, head shots only, soft-focus and distance shots, etc.)... so while I have met some good ladies, they've always been a little of a disappointment. Yet I stay on in hopes of finding a nice lady who also is attractive. Not looking for the perfect match, but going without a match is better than a poor one :)

Trying it... 6 years ago

Just looking for a hook-up ( no pun intended) site that does not charge. Not paying to date people or look at profiles. Read some comments but not judging this site just yet. Who knows.......Sam sure does!

Bad Judgement 6 years ago

This is to all the women out there..There is a guy on plenty of fish by the name of Sargent, he tells you he is in Army over in Iraq and gets out in 4mos. He sends you these most beautiful emails and really tries to make you melt. He goes as far as telling you he is in love with you, it goes on for a week or so and THEN HE ASKS YOU TO GO OPEN A CHECKING ACCOUNT FOR HIM!!!!! I USE TO WORK AT A BANK AND I AM TELLING YOU WOMEN OUT THERE DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT OPEN A CHECKING ACCOUNT FOR ANYONE OR SEND THEM MONEY!!! THEY CAN DO FRAUDULENT THINGS AND YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND CAN EVEN GO TO PRISON!!!!


As for the POF site, there are liars, weirdos, psychos, etc everywhere you just have filter thru them. You can even meet someone in person and they end up being all the above.


Good Luck to all!!

SingleMash 6 years ago

We're launching a new singles network called SingleMash. SingleMash is a new site which allows users to connect with other users with that single status in their area. The main reason behind this site is quite frankly, all the other free singles sites out there are rubbish. So we made a better one.

It's completely free and our user base is growing rapidly within the UK.

If you wish to sign up and have a browse then go to:

Fiona 6 years ago

I joined plenty off fish and after about 2 weeks I caught onto to the fact is was just players, low life bottom of the sea men that were on it. It thought I managed to secure a date with the guy .. then after checking out him out in google found him to be slightly different. So then I realised he was a liar. Its not the fault of plenty of fish its society as a whole. Everyone needs to just get out and have a life and hopefully meet somebody naturally. Its hard, its painful at times but its a lot better than getting your self esteem eroded by constantly getting rejected and messed about by the majority of people of these sites and in the long run its damaged to your soul.

Davieboy 6 years ago

A complete waste of time for anyone with an once of self-respect and dignity is what Plenty of fish is. As tina explains, "The expectations are so high and people are searching for supermodel and GQ guy types." If you want to find out who in your community to avoid when it comes to dating just enrol yourself in Plenty of fish for a while. When I met ladies none of them looked within 20 years of the pictures they used on their profiles. I really wanted to ask why they thought the hubby asked for a divorce in the first place but couldn't do it. Sad state of affairs there. Look at all of the dinky obscene sites he has advertised on his page. I'd go back for entertainment value but it's even to sad for that. Imagine me going on POF one afternoon and instead meeting a non POF lady climbing up The Grouse Grind instead later that same afternoon.

An Educated Observer 6 years ago

Having read through many of these posts, I'm a little surprised to find so much negative commentary. The website has certainly evolved from its earliest stages: initially, when Lavalife was still a free service (with a far better GUI, more extensive screening protocols, and an admittedly more diverse user base), POF (with its slapdash architecture--last I checked, there were still several grammatical/spelling mistakes on its splash page) seemed to cater to a fairly homogeneous clientele; now it boasts remarkably broad demographics. Given its unprecedentedly large number of users (almost certainly a consequence of its being free to use), the site, predictably, offers something approaching a representative sampling of all types--the freaks, the fascinating, the damaged, the decent, the unemployed, the successful, the liars, the earnest, the educated, the illiterate, the attractive, the unattractive, the wafflers, the resolute etc--and as such might be seen to present reasonable cross-sections of the locales it serves. The claims on this forum that assert the site is populated with fake profiles and powered by bots are almost assuredly false. When I was active on the site, I averaged 10 messages a day; as generic as many of these were, with one or two exceptions, I always got follow-up emails to my responses. That said, I typically responded to one or two per day: people are generally pickier/feel empowered to be so when they are contacted; initiating contact yields a lower net result. The site's setup ensures that only those currently or recently online are pictured in the splash banners--most 'random' contacts occur as a result of having just logged on or having just changed one's profile. Since most people tend to make contact vis-a-vis these splash banners, it's a fair assumption that the person you just saw and saw fit to message (not through an advanced or general search) was indeed online when you messaged them, and such you will typically get a near-immediate 'unread-deleted' or 'read-deleted' tag. Generally, people do respond to messages sent in response to a email indicating interest, so long as it is sent in a timely fashion and presents an image/conversational standard in line with the profile in which they've expressed interest. My success rate as an initiator of communication was considerably lower: I could generally expect a response rate of 1.25 in 3. It never occurred to me that the site might be powered by bots; experience has suggested that potential respondents were as real as I was.

This is the first time I have offered commentary in an open forum. I opt to do so because my experience on POF has led me to agree in spirit but disagree in fact and principle with many of the complaints here posted. Many of my experiences on the site have been largely positive. I have found a (so far) successful long-term relationship by way of a POF-facilitated introduction, and similarly, I have met many interesting people from demographics that I would otherwise never have encountered. When I was dating (and had the luxury of a flexible schedule and time to spare), I averaged 6 dates a week--often I would meet two people in one day. Although most of the dates I had were disappointing, I viewed the screening process as necessary and roughly equivalent to the amount of disappointments I've had dating from face-to-face, barroom, and work-related encounters.

The online dating scene is exceptionally cynical. It encourages serial dating, narcissism, disappointment, and other undesirable effects. So too does the bar scene, dating from casual, real-world acquaintance pools, and third-party hookups. What makes the online scene particularly troubling is that it provides an accelerated and exceptionally visible manifestation of ostensibly normal social relations. Online dating websites are tools. Those who can master their rhetoric, acquaint themselves with their quirks, and recognize their failings and opportunities will make the best use of them. Because these sites facilitate serial dating, encourage narcissistic behavior, and enable the naturally untrustworthy as well as the decent and well-intentioned, they inevitably provide a more concentrated experience of disappointment or elation as opposed to conventional means of meeting like-minded others.

Still, the benefits are manifold. I often liken online dating to being a VIP at god's barroom. Despite the deceptions (old pictures, falsely stated convictions/intentions, etc) that the anonymous nature of the internet enables, one finds oneself empowered with a remarkable ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, provided one can read carefully between the lines (i.e. master the rhetoric) of the typical online profile. Imagine standing in a bar and asking everyone present who has a child, or is jobless, or lacks a high school education to step to the left of the room. Next weed out the age-inappropriate prospects; continue down your list of requirements, and you have a significantly reduced dating pool, and consequently, a better chance of meeting an appropriate mate. Inevitably, people lie, but nothing save experience will allow one to make the distinction.

I have been on Lavalife, OKCupid, Casual Kiss, and EHarmony. While the pay sites have the benefit that only those possessed of a credit card and the will to spend money to satisfy whatever compels them to date online, POF has MORE people. If you treat the site like an airport--that is, a cross-section of all walks of life--then you will enjoy greater success. There are all types represented; most of these will be unsavory, ill-intentioned, and cruel. A precious few will be interesting, interested, and compatible. I advise you all to give the site another chance, and this time, pay more careful attention to how you represent yourselves, what limits you place on messaging, etc. Bear in mind that the majority of complainants on this forum have similar complaints. If you can see through the equivocations and questionable motives of others, you might just find someone like you.


A well-researched and enthusiastic observer

An Educated Observer: Edit 6 years ago

Having read through many of these posts, I'm a little surprised to find so much negative commentary. The website has certainly evolved from its earliest stages: initially, when Lavalife was still a free service (with a far better GUI, more extensive screening protocols, and an admittedly more diverse user base), POF (with its slapdash architecture--last I checked, there were still several grammatical/spelling mistakes on its splash page) seemed to cater to a fairly homogeneous clientele; now it boasts remarkably broad demographics. Given its unprecedentedly large number of users (almost certainly a consequence of its being free to use), the site, predictably, offers something approaching a representative sampling of all types--the freaks, the fascinating, the damaged, the decent, the unemployed, the successful, the liars, the earnest, the educated, the illiterate, the attractive, the unattractive, the wafflers, the resolute etc--and as such might be seen to present reasonable cross-sections of the locales it serves. The claims on this forum that assert the site is populated with fake profiles and powered by bots are almost assuredly false. When I was active on the site, I averaged 10 messages a day; as generic as many of these were, with one or two exceptions, I always got follow-up emails to my responses. That said, I typically responded to one or two per day: people are generally pickier/feel empowered to be so when they are contacted; initiating contact yields a lower net result. The site's setup ensures that only those currently or recently online are pictured in the splash banners--most 'random' contacts occur as a result of having just logged on or having just changed one's profile. Since most people tend to make contact vis-a-vis these splash banners, it's a fair assumption that the person you just saw and saw fit to message (not through an advanced or general search) was indeed online when you messaged them, and as such you will typically get a near-immediate 'unread-deleted' or 'read-deleted' tag. Generally, people do respond to messages sent in response to a email indicating interest, so long as it is sent in a timely fashion and presents an image/conversational standard in line with the profile in which they've expressed interest. My success rate as an initiator of communication was considerably lower: I could generally expect a response rate of 1.25 in 3. It never occurred to me that the site might be powered by bots; experience has suggested that potential respondents were as real as I was.

This is the first time I have offered commentary in an open forum. I opt to do so because my experience on POF has led me to agree in spirit but disagree in fact and principle with many of the complaints here posted. Many of my experiences on the site have been largely positive. I have found a (so far) successful long-term relationship by way of a POF-facilitated introduction, and similarly, I have met many interesting people from demographics that I would otherwise never have encountered. When I was dating (and had the luxury of a flexible schedule and time to spare), I averaged 6 dates a week--often I would meet two people in one day. Although most of the dates I had were disappointing, I viewed the screening process as necessary and roughly equivalent to the amount of disappointments I've had dating from face-to-face, barroom, and work-related encounters.

The online dating scene is exceptionally cynical. It encourages serial dating, narcissism, disappointment, and other undesirable effects. So too does the bar scene, dating from casual, real-world acquaintance pools, and third-party hookups. What makes the online scene particularly troubling is that it provides an accelerated and exceptionally visible manifestation of ostensibly normal social relations. Online dating websites are tools. Those who can master their rhetoric, acquaint themselves with their quirks, and recognize their failings and opportunities will make the best use of them. Because these sites facilitate serial dating, encourage narcissistic behavior, and enable the naturally untrustworthy as well as the decent and well-intentioned, they inevitably provide a more concentrated experience of disappointment or elation as opposed to conventional means of meeting like-minded others.

Still, the benefits are manifold. I often liken online dating to being a VIP at god's barroom. Despite the deceptions (old pictures, falsely stated convictions/intentions, etc) that the anonymous nature of the internet enables, one finds oneself empowered with a remarkable ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, provided one can read carefully between the lines (i.e. master the rhetoric) of the typical online profile. Imagine standing in a bar and asking everyone present who has a child, or is jobless, or lacks a high school education to step to the left of the room. Next weed out the age-inappropriate prospects; continue down your list of requirements, and you have a significantly reduced dating pool, and consequently, a better chance of meeting an appropriate mate. Inevitably, people lie, but nothing save experience will allow one to make the distinction.

I have been on Lavalife, OKCupid, Casual Kiss, and EHarmony. While the pay sites have the benefit that only those possessed of a credit card and the will to spend money to satisfy whatever compels them to date online, POF has MORE people. If you treat the site like an airport--that is, a cross-section of all walks of life--then you will enjoy greater success. There are all types represented; most of these will be unsavory, ill-intentioned, and cruel. A precious few will be interesting, interested, and compatible. I advise you all to give the site another chance, and this time, pay more careful attention to how you represent yourselves, what limits you place on messaging, etc. Bear in mind that the majority of complainants on this forum have similar complaints. If you can see through the equivocations and questionable motives of others, you might just find someone like yourself.


A well-researched and enthusiastic observer

Stacey Smith 6 years ago isn't bad for a free site. The privacy is MUCH better, and it's more user friendly.

Pacman 6 years ago

Ok well it seems fake people have infiltrated this site to promote other paid sites I have had nothing but real fun times with members for free if I wanted to pay to meet someone id go to the strip club

rome2011 6 years ago

there are three types of ppl who sign up to 1) ppl who are shy and are afraid to ask ppl out on dates, 2) ppl who are busy with school or work, thus, have no time to date and, 3)ppl who are utter jerks, nobody wants their sorry asses, so they go to to find someone willing to deal with their garbage. The ppl I have met have either been ppl who have mental health problems, are high school drop-outs and or arrogant jerks looking for sex. you really got to be careful with pof. the majority of the ppl on there are absolutely disgusting.

Elaine 6 years ago

Forget about POF and go on a descend site there are top rated dating sites such as E-Harmony and others. If, your just looking to get laid then POF is for you but, I pray your using some kind of protection judging from the horrible stories I read about the site from others most of them arent wrapped too tight so you make your bed and you lie in it. If, your seeking a good descend male/female go on a real site where they highly scan good people and no one's prefect but, at least you'll feel comfortable in speaking to someone on a paid site I met my husband 2 years ago on a top rated dating site and it's been great. Pay the money and dump this site.

James 6 years ago

I have only a few nice words to say about this site. The most good it's done was help me meet some new friends, but that's it, nothing considered a "relationship."

A lot of the women on there have some unbelievably high standards for men. I am an average, artistic man and every time I sent a message, it either is disregarded or there's a rare chance someone might reply, but stop within a week.

BTW, I met someone I'm about to start dating on FACEBOOK. Suck on that, POF.

UNKNOWN 5 years ago

My ex is on POF. He's got 2 profiles and is HPV positive. Have fun girls.

random 5 years ago

UNKNOWN - you should list his name on the accounts so people can steer clear.

Fred Beisswanger 5 years ago

I have been getting this message that I have done something wrong, no detail is given what I did wrong. Being on POF is a great waste of my time, most woman come from broken marriages, divorced or separated, angry and bitter, unable to enter into a new relationship. I must have been 6 years on POF, in all this time I meet 2 woman, one was sleeping around and the other lied about wanting to see me again. I am not bitter I just let them go. Some woman are on POF looking for a penpal, I believed POF was a site to find a mate. The site is free but it is still a waste of my time. Most woman will not answer to an email, there are a few who say " thank you Fred". One woman freaked me out, she said she was a man before and if I would sell my mustang, there are a few things left yet before she is a complete woman. They say I have done something wrong, what hypocrites. May this be a wake-up call for all of you.

michael  5 years ago

ch 3rd, 2011 at 2:38 PM CST


The women on Plentyoffish are all about what a guy looks like.I am a 27 years old black guy. What I am about to say is the god honesty truth. I signed up on Plentyoffish a few years ago in 2004. Sent out like 40 to 60 emails to women and got like 2 replies back with just thank yous . Sent like 4 or 5 emails this one female because she really caught my interest and she email be back and said "" I am not interested and please stop before I block you!"" So I closed my account because I was having no luck at all. So to ease my mind from the bs. I began to do alot of weight lifting and running and aslo drinking alot of water. And I continue to do so for 6yrs hard as hell. And it paid out. My arms were cut and got bigger , chest caved in and now I have a six pack and developed thigh and calf muscles in my legs. It seem like I gained 2 to 3 inches in height. The summer of 2010 I got alot of tattoos done on my arms and chest. Some big some small. Got like 15 done , if you count one on my neck it be 16. Anyway I went back on the website withmy make over pictures. I was amazed , I was getting like 15 to 20 emails a day from women , black women and even women from different races. The funny part about it was some females that dissed me from the past that made the fist initiation to wanting to get to know me. Even the girl that said she was going to block me even emailed me. When I told about the past she played it like she didn't remember. So now I see that what all females want is a man trophy and want that man can supply them. They don't care about getting to know the person you are. Its messed up that the first thing a woman ask you is what type of work you do. Not what makes you happy , sad or cry.

The women on Plentyoffish are all about what a guy looks like.I am a 27 years old black guy. What I am about to say is the god honesty truth. I signed up on Plentyoffish a few years ago in 2004. Sent out like 40 to 60 emails to women and got like 2 replies back with just thank yous . Sent like 4 or 5 emails this one female because she really caught my interest and she email be back and said "" I am not interested and please stop before I block you!"" So I closed my account because I was having no luck at all. So to ease my mind from the bs. I began to do alot of weight lifting and running and aslo drinking alot of water. And I continue to do so for 6yrs hard as hell. And it paid out. My arms were cut and got bigger , chest caved in and now I have a six pack and developed thigh and calf muscles in my legs. It seem like I gained 2 to 3 inches in height. The summer of 2010 I got alot of tattoos done on my arms and chest. Some big some small. Got like 15 done , if you count one on my neck it be 16. Anyway I went back on the website withmy make over pictures. I was amazed , I was getting like 15 to 20 emails a day from women , black women and even women from different races. The funny part about it was some females that dissed me from the past that made the fist initiation to wanting to get to know me. Even the girl that said she was going to block me even emailed me. When I told about the past she played it like she didn't remember. So now I see that what all females want is a man trophy and want that man can supply them. They don't care about getting to know the person you are.

OkCupid FTW 5 years ago

Worst forum moderators ever. Total fucktards. Don't even think about posting there.

gg 5 years ago

Well, I signed up to the site about a month ago to the day now. I have had loads and loads of views, one first contact message from a women I couldn't find attractive and one meet me from another women I could never find attractive, unfortunately. I have sent out at-least 16 emails and received a big fat zero back. I'm not a model type bloke, but generally at-least some girls have found me "cute" in the real world.

In the real world I can drop subtle hints to girls and they will either respond a bit then shut me out... which is fine, or they'll return it.

Just the way my life is, I have very little opportunity to meet new people. I'll tell you one thing... If I had 16 different girls to meet in the real world, I would do a lot better than on POF.

I'm not going to blame the site or the girls... but somehow, its not working for me. I'm a nice guy, funny... I bet I would make a great partner for the right girl, but the only way to discover her is to meet a pile of potentials and date them in person... but then they aren't giving me that chance. They don't seem to realize that dating is part of the selection process; it isn't the one you selected. I only email the kind of girls I could probably attract in the real world. Shame. Its also smashing my ego a bit, to be honest.

Hopefully it will pick-up or I will score a few dates at some point.

gg 5 years ago

update: now on 27 emails... and I'm beginning to see what I think will remain as a constant reoccurring pattern for me (inbox has no replies), if I let it!

Some people above have said things like "if you don't do well in the ordinary world in a bar, then you'll suck on pof as well"... but Physical attractiveness alone goes beyond an unresponsive photograph, doesn't it? I mean, it's how you carry yourself, how you respond to them that can attract them... and its what you say and how you say it... and all of those things marry together with your looks to get the girl interested in you. Now, on POF you can't do any of those things, so its just about having near perfect features and looking good in a few photographs. Really, it makes it very hard to attract anyone for average looking blokes, up against stiff competition on there... so, it stands to reason, if the only way to utilise the full attractive potential on these women is to meet them in person... and they aren't going to reply to messages based on photos and text that is nothing special, then that possibility is not happening... and POF becomes a waste of time (big time). It took me rather a long time to write all those emails!

I'm not emailing super attractive women, but just the ones I think there could be a spark if I met them in the real world. I've met women in the real world randomly, and looked into their eyes and we've been instantly attracted... but that same thing, for me, is totally absent on POF.

People do OK on there though, make no mistake. I have a friend who isn't an amazing looking model... but he has had some response, at-least, and has even been on a few dates, but with women he didn't like in the end. He says his response rate is around 1/10 to emails though, so even he gets mostly ignored... but perhaps he's high enough up the looks order to get some action, atleast.

So, I'll keep my POF open, but I'll just trawl around looking at women's profiles from time to time... and maybe if I see one a really, really like, I'll simply add her as fav... or I'll use the meet me feature. But I am definitely not going to be wasting my time writing those emails any-more.

If you are doing well on POF, its probably because you're either rich or you have significantly above average looks. Fair play to you, and I wish you well.

bottom line: the online dating game is a big competition in which you only get to compete on your looks. If you're not 7/10+ as an absolute minimum, then its a no go approaching any women other guys would hit on. I mean, 6/10 or 5/10... then you'll find it impossible going, getting all those read, but no response. You don't have to be a really ugly guy to score a zero on POF.

Meredith_A_Iager profile image

Meredith_A_Iager 5 years ago from Maryland Author

Thanks everyone for sharing experiences!!!!! Keep them coming!!!

Snobunny 5 years ago

I'm reading alot of complaints and moans. Gheez, it's a free dating website. I'm disfigured from burns, don't struggle for offers in real world. I've had a lot of responses and been on a few dates, mixture of good/bad dates. reason i am on pof is live in a small city and stuck in a certain social circle and keep meeting same kinda guys or getting hit on by married men. Go on pof with no expectations and take things for what they are and stop taking it so seriously everyone!!

Have fun or leave it alone


gg 5 years ago

you have a point from a women dating experience on POF, but a man will experience a totally different one: a lot of us send out ton loads of emails and get zero response. Then women complain about the one liners and non-tailored emails (effectively spam advertising for a date... which I think is very sad). I do not do this.

I have had 1 first contact email from a women on there and 3 women now clicked they wanted to meet me (one of which probably doesn't realize she already ignored my email over a week before, when I had a different profile name and another recent pic than I do now). It just goes to show how quickly women are to dismiss us guys on there.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming women-kind; rather I'm blaming the dating environment of online dating and human nature. These women are getting too many emails from guys, I believe. Maybe if they reduced the number of emails a guy can send in a day, that might stop all this rubbish.

Then you say its free, but it isn't. There is the old saying "time is money".

lisa 5 years ago

I like POF and it does take awhile to warm up to on line chatting find its best if you message back and forth for a few weeks get to know about the other person and then decide to meet. Im happy with my life and when going on a date want to have fun and not make it out to be serious Lighhten up people besides what are your options meet someone at work in a bar etc... this way you can take time to express yourself and feel comfortable getting back into dating. Why stay lonely all your doing is getting older and if ya dont like what you see in the mirror change.

Andie 5 years ago

I guess I won the lottery then, because I found someone that I'm actually going to spend the rest of my life with. I had no hope in the site whatsoever, I tried it just for the hell of it and to meet new people. I have made a few good friends off the site, and how my fiance and I met on the site is a complete fluke! We were totally out of each other's range but somehow we came across each other's profiles and started talking. I liked him from the start, and when we finally met in person (about 5-6 months after our first POF conversation) I knew he was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with. But other than Casey, I've met some crazy horny men on there and that part I hated. I honestly like(d) it better than Zoosk, because I have no money. I'm a college student from a small town that is slowly dying... there are no jobs unless it's factory work or if you already have a degree. So POF was almost like a Godsend for me. Honestly, this was the single thing my ex did that was good was tell me about the site.

Craig 5 years ago

Yeah, I call it Plentyofflakes. I moved from New York to Texas and tried the stie to meet people. I met the following people:

1) A 31-year-old who still partied like she was 18

2) A woman who mentioned going out with one person who swiped her sunglasses, another who kept staring at the waitresses, and yet, blew me off for some guy she was attempting to try things with. She's still on the site, so I imagine it didn't work out. Her loss.

3) Another party girl who mentions "this town is filled with cliques." Yet when I call her, she has the chatting skills of a mime.

4) A lady who comes to the date 20 minutes late. When she arrives, she's talking on the phone, and spends the whole date talking about herself. Never even asks me about myself.

5) Another woman whose teeth I have to pull to talk.

It goes on and on. Bottom line: avoid Plentyofflakes. It's a waste of time, and the only people who show up on there are alcoholics and game players.

gg 5 years ago

well my 'wants to meet you list' is going up at about the rate of 1 a week. I've been on there 6 weeks now... and I have 6 on that list. There is still only 1 of them I would see myself approaching. Maybe if someone appears I could like, then I would send her a message (I'm not being picky here). My viewed me section can get 9-12 a day, no one contacts me.

For me, sending out messages has been a total waste of time (a lot more than 30). I know some people get better results... but I have a theory (and its been said before) that this is a site for just good looking people (not average, not OK, not passable). I only got 1 first contact message... and it just happens to be from someone I could not be attracted to.

I think it would be nice if people were just using a dating site because they aren't having success in the offline world. That might be because of lifestyle or living arrangements or even shyness approaching women/men, first off. Me for example: I live outside a main city and work in a company with mostly men in it, and I'm really not the kind of guy to start trying to chat-up a shopping assistant, librarian or other women I briefly come into contact with. A dating site seemed like the perfect solution.

Linda 5 years ago

I met the love of my life on A year later he broke my heart. He was not a handsome successful blonde hazel eyed man from France, but a black Nigerian scammer. I also met people on POF and one of them is a really nice normal guy . It is not the site that is to blame. Liars are everywhere and on every site. Have met some losers on POF, too, but met a guy on ZOOSK who presented well but who had a mouthful of broken rotten teeth...wanted to kiss me and couldn't understand why I said no. Still thinks he is quite a catch. So, good luck to us all.

sherry 5 years ago

I think plentyoffish should be renamed to plenty of players..There are tons of them on there..

I met a rotten player who is now going on his 5th year of being on the site..His old profile was Andy12345a and now he deleted it with a new profile ThomasTomi he is a liar and sadistic womanizer..His old profile said he is 39 but his new profile says he is 37? lol..

His old profile he changed so many times it was ridiculous..When he first joined he said he was looking to date, then just before he delted that profile he said he didnt want anyone who was looking for a relationship to contact him.

Now his new profile says he is looking for a relationship but he wants a woman with morals?

If that was true then he would block married women and women looking for sex from contacting him but he isnt blocking them.. Any woman with some intelligence would notice that..He is using a different photo that he never used on his old profile but after meeting him I know for a fact it is the same guy..Many of those guys on that site have been on it for years and after awhile they delete the old profile, make a new one and subtract a few years off their site is a joke

Lisa 5 years ago

To the man with CP, you are continually getting banned from POF because you are not taking NO for an answer..when women dont want to see you anymore. You need to learn how to move on..your borderline stalking. You need a life.

gg 5 years ago

Still sending message after message with no reply, and the odd occasional read/deleted. Had one girl message me back after well over 20 days, with a nice enough reply with an xx on the end, saying she doesn't use pof much, which I know isn't quite true, but never-mind (she had read the message on the day it was sent). I guess she may be dating and keeping me on standby... who knows, but I did send a reply back and she read, but didn't then reply to that. I know online dating shouldn't be this hard!

I don't expect even most girls to respond... but, I should be able to get a range of dates after sending out email after email. If its so hard to get 1 date, how on earth am I supposed to select the right one! This feels like such a waste of time! And its so hard to think of something good to write to someone with a few lines of text in their profile!

Honestly, I can get more attention, without any effort, in a random club on one night than I can in 2 months on plenty offish! But I don't like the idea of going with a complete stranger in a club.

Maybe my messages are lame... I have a bit that I do copy/paste, but then I add a bit about their profile to tailor it, but like I say - its hard to think of anything when their profile is short and generic.

So, I have 8 wants to meet me (apparently), only 1 of which I'm attracted to. I have 2 first contact messages, both of which I'm not attracted to. After tons and tons of messages sent out, I have had one very late and brief reply, although it was pleasant. Plenty offish is right!

Still just waiting for that 1 person who messages, attaches themselves to the meet me or messages me back that I can at-least be attracted to enough to see myself dating.

Mwaah x 5 years ago

I got so fed up with plenty of fish that I went to this site. You can create a free profile. Hope you get as much out of is as I have :)

Karen 5 years ago

This site is ridiculous! Have yet to meet a genuine guy on here! I get emails from men every once in awhile that I might be interested in, but after a few emails back and forth they usually just fall off the face of the earth. Guys on here constantly complain that women delete their emails and don't respond, well, when I try to be polite and let someone know I'm not interested, all I get is a rude comment back. Okay, so you sent me an email cuz you're interested and now suddenly because I rejected you, you make negative comments about how I look? Grow up! Lots of insecure, nut-job men on here. Beware ladies!

profile image

totallyandrew23 5 years ago

Yeah it's pretty freakin crazy. They all judge on looks and it's pretty sad to be honest with you. I'm decent-looking with my own unique style, I loooove going to the gym and I shower of course :p When these girls say they want something different and someone steps up, they don't know what to do. Plus, it seems like they want the drama/crazy dudes because that's what they find exciting in their lives. To anyone new into a city, just meet people from work or join which im gonna do. Plentyoffish (and okcupid) is basically a hook-up/clicky/judge-only-on-pics website and it's really sad.

gg 5 years ago

This has to be a set-up! This has to be about internet marketing more than online dating. I have my suspicions now that the site is deliberately set-up to keep people on the it, by ensuring that genuine women meet the players and genuine men meet nobody. I've wasted a lot of time on the site so far, with some, but very little progress. I keep emailing, but they get read... and I don't get a reply. I send a pic with each message, and my profile will get viewed, but still no reply.

Maybe, like in the real world, most of these pof people aren't single themselves... maybe the women to men ratio is soooo small that they are permanently unavailable, even on a dating site! Where is all this male competition coming from? There is supposed to be roughly a 1:1 female:male ratio in the world. So, the only explanation must be that either Mr pof has the site set-up this way to keep us there, or there are a pile of guys on there who are already taken, but want more. I dont have any expectations above how well I could do in the real world, given a chance to meet a pile of single women.

This sucks!

TotallyAndrew23 5 years ago

eh. Got the same treatment from Online dating just sucks in general. Like when you go out, I don't think a girl would immediately alienate someone whereas online, they can delete an e-mail and pretend you don't exist. I can't wait for the beach weather!! :)

gg 5 years ago

lol, still here...

OK, revamped my profile: better pics + better about me section by miles. Now, I am getting some validation that my profile is indeed alright by at least some 1st contact messages.

... the big problem: I just don't find any of those that do contact, add to wantstomeet or faved me (in one case) attractive. Whilst I wont respond to a generic one liner from someone I'm not interested in, I have had some people write some thoughtful messages that would make me feel really guilty about not responding... so I usually say thanks and write a few lines... and they understand im not interested - so no need to ignore a thoughtful message.

That said, whilst its nice to get some messages, they aren't going to lead to a date, because I'm not into them. I don't think my standards are too high. I have to be honest, it feels like all the ones I can be attracted to enough to date are hell to get the attention of on pof.

I know its not all about looks, but you have to be attracted to your partner (at-least in the beginning, before attraction gets replaced by more permanent things).

I still can send message after message with no response. It just gets read... and that's it. Its at a point where messaging is totally pointless.

maryrose 5 years ago

I am fed up with Plenty of Fish also, there are so many perverts on here that talk like they are the best people ever until you talk on the phone to then and then they turn in to perverts. Thenif you turn them in or REPORT them they turn on you and say you are a stalker or lieing aout them and women on there don't have enough sence than to believe them... I tried to warn them and so did others but they contacted him and told him insted of finding out for themselves, and now the women he verbily abused and was a pervert to he says they are lieing about him. I reported him a couple times and some women I talked to say they reported him but HE is still on there SELLING BOOKS so he says. ANd lieing he was so vulger and tries to get you to do things to Yourself while he talks you through it, lol ANd if you don't he gets mad His profile name is Danhandy from Kingsport, A man tired to warn them because his sister was abused by this man and they took him off instead of Danhandy!! Do you want to be subjected to this type of man he should be put on the SEX site only if the POF site is so desperate to have this kind of man on their site.

And then they let him lie about some woman saying SHE was stalking him and lieing aout him..Because he wasn't interested in him.. Who would be interested in him except a slut so you be the judge and don't believe evrything these so called MEN write about themselves. He told me if what he said to me got out his reputation would be ruined and he would do anything to stop that from happening.....He lives in public housing and only draws 600 a month so he told me and is sick with Cancer and COPD and some other illnesses.....This man should NOT be allowed on this site to abuse women OH YES He also HATES FAT women....

Shrimp The Brit 5 years ago

One thing I know for sure: POF shows users as being online when in fact they are NOT online. I know two men on there and have asked them both about seeing them online. Both of them told me that they are not online when the site claims they are. One guy said 'it's a fake promo thing to make the sit elook more active than it actually is". Neither of these men know each other so I think it's true.

Also, on another POF complaint board, a man was saying that someone saw him online when he actually had not been online for quite some time.

I met one man from POF and he seemed great until we had a fight. Then the truth about his life came out. I eventually broke it off because it was difficult for us to get together....I was living with a female friend,m unfortunately, helping her out, and he and I had no privacy. He, incredibly, is in his forties and lives with family, so we couldn't go there. We ended up talling alot on the phone and he seemed sex-obsessed and scared me off.

We were briefly in touch recently, as I called him even though I'm the one who broke it off. He responded in a flurry of calls. I told him I was finally getting my own apartment again, something he had been pushing for. He claimed to not have been touched by anyone since me and sounded excited about starting over. Then he suddenly said he was scared and disappeared.

I've left a few messages and he refuses to pick up the phone. Guess maybe he'll turn up because he knows my move date and maybe is just holding back until then. Who the hell knows. I have alot of problems in trusting men in general and this eroded my soul.

???? 5 years ago

Markus what I lost? I met one of your nigerian spammers on pof!!!

Nancy 5 years ago

I was on and off POF for about 3.5 years. It wasn't the only site I used but it was the worst in terms of representing everything about online dating that is difficult and discouraging. Yes, lots of married guys. Or guys who are otherwise attached. Scammers. Single guys who are in love with the idea of a relationship but don't actually want to have one. And guys just looking for sex. And crazy guys. I know that there is a similar set of problems for guys (gold-diggers and scammers and girls looking for free dinners) but I am writing from my perspective. Making my way in the offline world now. All I have to thank POF for is confirming the suspicions I had going in about online dating. I was told not to look for love in my real, non-virtual life (i.e work), but that is where it was. Online dating is as bad as I thought it would be, and anyone - male or female - who manages to find love there is extremely lucky. The odds are not in your favor.

well done 5 years ago

I'll bet most of these posters are the exact type of losers they actually talk about!

Most of the comments are stupid - you odnt seem to realise its just all your own personal interpretations. you REALLY have NO CLUE what the other person rejecting you online is actually doing or thinking. there are a lot of subcultures using dating sites - popel will have various agendas that most fo you couldnt begin to imagine (unless you are a posychologist maybe)

But the most iportant things is - POF is no diffrent to any other dating site. Surely you see its the SAME people across all the sites?

Im not tall or good looking but I dont find it hard ot get meets off POF. And its free. And so......what more do you want? I mean really, go a pay $100 subs to a paid site - ITS THE SAME PEOPLE AS ON POF!!!! Geez.

elaine 5 years ago

I was on Plenty Of Fish for a while, and I can testify that for sure, that Markus guy, owner of Plenty Of Fish, does not care about the safety of the women on his site at all!!! All he cares about is his pocket book and how much he's making. I went on a date with a really good-looking guy, who turned out to be a total creep. I went out with him 3 times in total. On the 3rd date, we went back to his place. His apartment had pictures of several of his ex-girlfriends with their eyes plucked out! Needless to say, I got totally creeped out, made an excuse to leave, and I never went out with him again. But he kept on calling me and harrassing me. And even wrote me harassing emails through that site. I reported this Markus, forwarding the harassing emails to him as evidence, and you know what happened? He kicked ME off the site!!! And that guy is still on there!!!! And you believe that BS???

I read in one of the newspapers somewhere that the Orangeville woman who was murdered might've met her killer on Plenty Of Fish. However, Markus claims that the Orangeville woman was off his site when she was murdered. Honestly, I wouldn't believe a single word that guy says. He's probably lying in order to protect his pocketbook and his stupid site. I hope the police doesn't believe that guy. That guy's a moron and his site should be shut down. And I hope that it does get shut down, for the safety of all women!!!

Matt 5 years ago

I recently rejoined this site a couple weeks ago. I'm a 28 year old single male just for reference that's new to the dating circle.

The problem with this site is that in my eyes it seems designed to keep people fishing for as long as possible. It doesn't seem like the sit even cares that much if ppl actually find a lasting relationship or note. Many of the forums "veterans" are middle to older aged ppl whom have been divorced a few times and are still "dating". I don't know about you, but I don't mind dating for a little bit until I learn my away around the whole love game. But I eventually do want to settle down with someone, if I’m in my late 40's/50's and either divorced or still single, I’m not going to be giving out dating tips to anyone or at least not be smug about it.

This is basically how it happens:

A good chunk of the males on here are going to fall into one of the following categories - shy/new ppl/dating virgins or creeps/cheater/scammers.

Legit guy cycle: 1. sends out crap messages >> 2. does research>> 3. refines message>> 4. still gets minimal responses>> 5. leaves site out of frustration>> 6. later comes back repeats steps 1-4> 7>>. goes to forum for advice, they advise him to change his profile>> 8.guy changes his profile 60 times until it's no longer resembles him anymore>>9. finally lands a date with a girl, she figures out he's completely different from his profile or a creep then gets pissed> rinse and repeat whole cycle

legit girl cycle: 1. Gets blasted with 1024785 crap messages from shy/newbs/creeps/scammer >2. defenses and requirements go up> 3. girl finally finds a guy she think can work out, ends up he's not all like his profile or a scammer/creep> 4. defenses and requirement really go up and adds in "no games or stalker plz thx" >> 5. gets to the point where it's almost impossible for any guy to break through her defenses let alone a shy guy/dating newb.

Solutions for POF:

Put a minimum word amount for messages and have a better defaulted subject line. I've seen it suggested on their forums (they seem selective on what advice or who they listen to) and seen it work for other dating websites. Will help against scammers/creeps and force new ppl/shy ppl to send better quality messages for better results so they're not whining all the time on the forums :).

Have a section devoted to both profiles and communication techniques, heck if it were me I'd throw in health/job/photo taking advice as well to help ppl's profiles really stand out. They have a profile reviews section and half the users use that for their "no reply back" problems, aka they have communication issues. The forum experts think those type of ppl can find all the answers on that through the search engine. Which can be like finding a "needle through a hay stack" and a lot of the threads are locked and not labeled as such.

I actually had to go outside of their site and Google useful communication techniques as their search engine is just too much of a mess. The forum moderators will be really strict with their users and grumpingly reroute them to their FAQS, meanwhile their FAQS will have broken links which just redirect you to the forum directory instead of where it’s supposed to go.

cyberball 5 years ago

My experience with plenty of fish was pretty boring and I have a few stories to tell. When I first joined I filled out all the profile stuff pretty completely and was very specific about my likes and dislikes.

Then I started messaging male profiles with a view or hello, what I found was a few guys who actually had been on some dates already and had a very low expectation.

I guess my photos is what got me the most attention, I ended up with hundreds of requests and I just did not have time to respond to them all.

Out of the loads of responses I replied to 5 guys. The first one was really nice and sent me a message everyday and asked me how my day was and gave the impression he was such a gentlemen but after a few emails back and forth he stopped sending messages out of the blue, for what reason I don't know.

The next guy was a real pervert he kept talking about how good was I at giving a blow*** and all his messages were x-rated. So I quickly deleted and blocked him from my inbox.

The third guy was pretty intellegent and he tried to school me on the types of men that were on POF saying that I seemed like a decent girl and I should not waste my time. He lived in my area and gave me his phone number, I gave him a call and he said he was a police officer and that kind of freaked me out, but then he said he wanted to see me and that I could come over to his house for dinner. I declined because it was too soon to be in such intimate quarters without even going on a date. He kept texting me, leaving me messages and anytime I popped my head onto the dating site I would see his requests. It just got frustrating so I deleted my account and set up a new one.

The 4th guy I talked to seemed normal and so we started texting each other back and forth and then one night he texted me and wanted to know everything about me but I learned the hard way that it is best to keep some information to yourself.

So I switched the script and asked him questions about himself and when I asked about his job he got all mad and called me a fake and a liar. WTF? I was really confused and tried to find out what he was so upset about and he said I was asking too many questions and I was pretending to be someone I was not.

The last guy sent me a picture of himself on my phone and we actually talked on the phone not just texting. Before him all the other guys it was just instant messaging, texting and emails.

This guy actually could hold a conversation on the phone and wanted to take me out to dinner and dancing which seems pretty cool idea until he said he worked for a magazine and wanted to take my picture.

I let him know that I did not want my picture taken and he said he made lots of money as a club promoter and wanted to take me out to a nightclub and take my picture.

After several phone conversations and him trying to get me to come out to a club I just decided I was not ready for the party lifestyle. He kept texting, calling and wanted my Facebook ID, boy am I glad I did not give it to him.

Okay it really is not worth it. I thought it would be easier to meet someone on the internet but it is just a waste of time, it would be better just to meet someone in a bookstore or something.

Matt 5 years ago

^^ see that's kind how POF runs it site.

If you're a genuine girl you get a bunch of nonsense

If you're a genuine guy you get nada.

mlm 5 years ago

What a relief to read these comments. Hands down plenty of perverts, plenty of jerks, or plenty of farts are on there. Here is my story:

In 2008 I went on there for about 3 months. Back then It wasn't so bad. Yes, you have to weed through a lot. I met 2 nice decent guys, and 1 guy that was just flat out weird. Well, i didnt find what i was looking for back then.

Fast-forward to now 2011. I joined last month and only lasted 3 weeks.Yes enough said. The ppl on there are heidious. Like someone said its a numbers game. I'd say 1 out of 50 are decent. Most of the guys on there are just there for sex. My profile had details of what I was looking for and not such as hook-ups, but to no avail, pervs kept filtering in somehow. I met 4 guys off there and the last one I met was enough for me to delete my account.

2 out of the 4 guys came on real strongly on me as if it boarder on being sexually assaulted. I did nothing to lead them on. The other 2 guys were douche-bags. One wanted to borrow my car for the day.what the hell>?loser. The other guy I met said he had to go for a min and never came back. I mean come on and have the deceny to let the person u need to leave not lead them on. It seems that site is chalked full of players. I noticed when I was on there back in 08, the same guys are still on, and what's hilarious is they are also on other dating sites. What players.

Seriously, if you go on there, please be careful. I feel the world/society is bringing out more nut-jobs. If you want a good laugh, then by all means its for you or if you feel like being abused, its all for u.

profile image

Max57221 5 years ago

Let me first start out by saying that I am a regular type guy, good looking as I have no problem meeting women in public, I make a modest living, single with no children I am in the maritime industry and I have my own place and I am content in life but apparently that is not good enough for these stuck up broads on plentoftrash. I mean who are these sad cunts kidding? you see words like generous, kind, knows how to treat a lady, financially secure, looking for a partner in crime, seeks chemistry. all of these words are code words gold diggers use to solicit desperate white collar men with money. If your are not white collar or do not portray yourself as white collar, over 6 feet tall and clean shaven and look like a f*g model then they will not give you the time of day on there.

The kicker is these sluts have the nerve to post sleezy pics of themselves laying in their beds and what not but then have the nerve to say they are classy and have high standards yet they take pics of themselves holding their phone camera lol! This site is good if you want to lie your ass off just to get in the sack which is what I do on there. but if you are a good guy genuinely looking for love then you are in the wrong place. Your going to end up hurting in your wallet and your heart. I got one Caucasian cunt to believe I was an aspiring musician while she was a teacher and I was able to have sex with this woman a couple of times but as soon as she started digging into my personal life I bounced her shallow ass.

Most woman on plentyoftrash are just bored, demented, bi polar nut cases who are just looking to be taken out to dinner on your money and then after dinner is done they tell you how they don't feel there is chemistry and there will be no second date after the sucker payed for their dinner they then find another asshole who is desperate and weak to pay for their dinner and coffee, I have more respect for a prostitute then some of the trash on plentyoftrash.

Marcio 5 years ago

I'm glad I've found this blog to express my opinions about this phony site. I created a profile on here 5 months ago and it's been a struggle ever since. I did meet a gal on here and we ended up in a somewhat relationship and I just broke it off with her a few days ago.

This girl was so emotionally unstable and always caused drama and never took blame for her fault. As she was always the one creating drama and made me look like I was the one who had the issues. I've never dated such a manipulative woman in my life.

This has got to be the worst relationship I've ever had and I'm 36 yrs old. I've dated over 600 woman since I was 18 and this girl topped them and it happened to be the only gal I met from a dating web site and it was POF. I've always met girls from friends, out and about or at bars. I decided to finally try POF as a few guy friends said that they've hooked up with girls from here so I figured why not.

Fellas just to let you know, this gal was latino and from Colombia. She was the biggest freeloader and user I've ever came across. She said that I had to pay her bills if I was to tell her what to do. She said she expects a man to pay for everything and that she didn't want to work full time ever. She only worked 15hrs a week and always had the excuse that she was going back to school. But said that after she goes to school she then wants a kid. That's why she could only work part time to have an open schedule for school. That was a lie and the excuses for not going to school were getting old.

I've spent so much money on her for dinners and going places it was a joke. She kept saying she wanted to get married and have a kid. But she wanted to party all the time like a 21 yr old and showed no signs of wanting to settle down. She was bi-polar, moody, manipulative, gold digger, broke and a player. She always had her phone on silent and turned upside down. She would never leave her phone anywhere in her place. It would go with her to the shower, bathroom or to take her dog to go pee. It doesn't get any shadier than this. I would ask her why she never has her phone on and why it's always upside down and she would say I was insecure. That's a good one, really!

The chemistry was great and so was the sex so I put up with her bs way longer than I should of. She would break up with me every other day expecting me to chase her. I did not fall into her trap of chasing her and just ignored her which in turn she would end up calling me and want me back the next day. She would claim if we were to hang out again, then it would just be friends with benefits. I said fine, then she would act like we were in a relationship the next day. This woman was insane and drove me to the point of craziness. She finally disrespected me to the point of no return so I left her for good. Then of course I have been getting psycho texts of name calling of the worse things you could imagine for hours at a time for 3 days in a row. So that relationship is done for good now.

So I went back on pof looking for new prospects. I'm sure you're asking why bother going back on this site? I wasn't going to let her win and keep me from dating more woman online.

For the last week I have been emailing lots of woman on pof. I only go after the very attractive ones as I've a very attractive male. I've always dated 9s and 10's because that's my caliber. I have emailed at least 40 women in the Seattle area within a 50 mile radius. I have not got any responses from these woman which I could not understand. Like I've read in some of these posts on here, all these woman have unrealistic expectations and have kids at the same time. A woman with 1 or more kids in not in any position to be that picky. I've emailed woman that are hot who have 2 kids and no responses. I was just shocked why no responses. I also noticed that Markus the owner is not charging to see who's read your emails, what a joke. He's charging 8 cents to see who's read each email. Here is what it says when you click on who's read you email.

I'm glad I've found this blog to express my opinions about this phony site. I created a profile on here 5 months ago and it's been a struggle ever since. I did meet a gal on here and we ended up in a somewhat relationship and I just broke it off with her a few days ago.

This girl was so emotionally unstable and always caused drama and never took blame for her fault. As she was always the one creating drama and made me look like I was the one who had the issues. I've never dated such a manipulative woman in my life.

This has got to be the worst relationship I've ever had and I'm 36 yrs old. I've dated over 600 woman since I was 18 and this girl topped them and it happened to be the only gal I met from a dating web site and it was POF. I've always met girls from friends, out and about or at bars. I decided to finally try POF as a few guy friends said that they've hooked up with girls from here so I figured why not.

Fellas just to let you know, this gal was latino and from Colombia. She was the biggest freeloader and user I've ever came across. She said that I had to pay her bills if I was to tell her what to do. She said she expects a man to pay for everything and that she didn't want to work full time ever. She only worked 15hrs a week and always had the excuse that she was going back to school. But said that after she goes to school she then wants a kid. That's why she could only work part time to have an open schedule for school. That was a lie and the excuses for not going to school were getting old.

I've spent so much money on her for dinners and going places it was a joke. She kept saying she wanted to get married and have a kid. But she wanted to party all the time like a 21 yr old and showed no signs of wanting to settle down. She was bi-polar, moody, manipulative, gold digger, broke and a player. She always had her phone on silent and turned upside down. She would never leave her phone anywhere in her place. It would go with her to the shower, bathroom or to take her dog to go pee. It doesn't get any shadier than this. I would ask her why she never has her phone on and why it's always upside down and she would say I was insecure. That's a good one, really!

The chemistry was great and so was the sex so I put up with her bs way longer than I should of. She would break up with me every other day expecting me to chase her. I did not fall into her trap of chasing her and just ignored her which in turn she would end up calling me and want me back the next day. She would claim if we were to hang out again, then it would just be friends with benefits. I said fine, then she would act like we were in a relationship the next day. This woman was insane and drove me to the point of craziness. She finally disrespected me to the point of no return so I left her for good. Then of course I have been getting psycho texts of name calling of the worse things you could imagine for hours at a time for 3 days in a row. So that relationship is done for good now.

So I went back on pof looking for new prospects. I'm sure you're asking why bother going back on this site? I wasn't going to let her win and keep me from dating more woman online.

For the last week I have been emailing lots of woman on pof. I only go after the very attractive ones as I've a very attractive male. I've always dated 9s and 10's because that's my caliber. I have emailed at least 40 women in the Seattle area within a 50 mile radius. I have not got any responses from these woman which I could not understand. Like I've read in some of these posts on here, all these woman have unrealistic expectations and have kids at the same time. A woman with 1 or more kids in not in any position to be that picky. I've emailed woman that are hot who have 2 kids and no responses. I was just shocked why no responses. I also noticed that Markus the owner is not charging to see who's read your emails, what a joke. He's charging 8 cents to see who's read each email. You can als

Andy k 5 years ago

hi i,ve just deleted my account on pof because there is so many stupid people on here. I,m just a normal guy and was on pof for 2 years. you are better of just meeting people in the normal way, good luck

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Max57221 5 years ago

Listen up guys, like I said in my prior post, if you are a GOOD GUY looking for a GOOD WOMAN plentyoftrash is not for you, try and find another site, a more prestigous site, think about it gentleman? the site is simple to navigate and free to join, so you have to look at it as a scrap heep, atleast that is how I do, these pretty blonde bimbos you see that say they are driven, successful, ambitous, well educated, well travelled-ON A SUCKERS BANK ACCOUNT, witty, are full of shit! even if they are not full of shit. Why would a successful beautiful woman be on such a bottom of the barrel site? Ha these pretty bitches can meet men anywhere! I see so many pretty well dressed phony model cunts on there everywhere I look. I used to email lots of them only to get no responses.

Listen up gentlemen! if you just want to get in the sack with some of these cunts then you have to play the game! you want love and honesty? then meet someone another way. This site is too trash to be real.

Make sure you post no more then four pics of yourself! four quality pics showing your personality, not some stupid bathroom pic with your shirt off, if you post pics with your shirt off make them only beach or pool pics where you are caught in motion showing your personality and your having fun, thats important to these stupid cunts. also SMILE! dont show off your dumb bike or fancy car! its stupid and these cunts are a step ahead of you suckers! If you are a highly successful man-80,000-100,000 a year income then you should not be on this site to begin with and you nee to be questioned! this site is for guys like me who hustle these cunts! you think I ever took one of those cunts out to dinner or for coffee? like 99% of them say in there date option! all you hear is the word CHEMISTRY from these cunts lol! its a bunch of bullshit brothers! I gaurantee you most suckers have heard that line after they forked over the dough for dinner and shit! and then when he gets home he texts her and she avoids him or tells him there was no CHEMISTRY and he is a nice guy but no thanks, these cunts have suckers lined up so the next day it is another sucker to take the cunt to dinner because she is starving and cant cook and bullshits how she goes to school for her phd or some bullshit excuse that a true mack can see through. I never message any cunts on there I let them message me because when these cunts message me to meet or just a message then that to me means she wants to me to f*ck her, and I do most of the times:) You are wasting your time if you send out messages expecting responses unless you portray yourself as gold! I go for the 37-up for woman I like them older and with money and their shit together and they always want to fuck, first night! if you want this bitch to be your woman then you are asking for trouble! I just want sex and I act like I want a relationship. I never give these bitches my real num,ber, only the disposable!

Let me tell you! some of the cunts have two and three profiles! one of them being the main one with info and pics then they will have another two maybe, one with no pics, these cunts will start talking to you then have another pretty cunt message you to try and fool you! so many suckers are falling into different kinds of traps on that site! These gold diggers are so easy to spot! fuck! thes cunts look good! they always show some glamorous pictures of themselves doing something in another country, fancy clubs, on expensive yachts, in mansions, 99% of the time that is bullshit! these are hookers basically doing all of this shit on a rich old ugly motherf*ckers money lol. they say they want a man who is, Kind?, what does a kind guy do? lol, they say they want a guy who knows how to treat a lady? lol, they say they wany a guy who is well travelled? lol, these kinds of guys if they are on plentyoffish have diseases or some big fucking problems to be slumming on that site. SHAME ON YOU! just get a nice call girl fuck, you cheap asses, then the assholes end up paying through their noses for these lying broke cunts lavish lifestyle lol. THAT IS WHY SO MANY GUYS COMPLAIN ABOUT THE CUNTS HAVING UNREALISTIC VIEWS AND WANTS.! Your just looking to f*ck a couple of times then dissappear! I love hanging out in the cunts condos and taking the suckers cars for spins:))

Andrew 5 years ago

Yeah it's crazy. The majority of the girls want the following dude: Tattoos, piercings, beer, into phillies, and with a beard. Plus, they keep their profile for the laughs/entertainment where the creepy dude e-mail them. I'm thinking, these girls must be such losers if they use the site for laughs and boredom. I don't know what's worse; the dudes sending out the embarassing creepy e-mails, or the girls expecting them to only make fun of them behind the computer.....Though POF isn't toooooo bad; Ok cupid is the worst.

Julz 5 years ago

POF in Australia is the worst excuse for a dating site and seems to only attract the scum of the earth, girls, if you are fat/ugly or have kids you just may have to settle for an overweight bold guy, im sorry but these are the cards you have been given, so live with it, no decent man with decent looks is ever going to look at your profile twice, and same goes for the guys, the site is packed with weird people who seem to have glorified images of themselves that im affraid are completely unrealistic. And the girls who are decent looking, want nothing but everything, to get treated like a little princess and continue to live in a little girls fantasy. Lets face it.....these people are horrible and the question you have to ask yourself is this......why are they on the internet trying to find a mate? Is it because every decent person in the REAL world figured out that they are messed up pieces of crap and stayed well clear. These people are avoided not necessarily because of their looks, but rather their minds. They are **** in the head on multiple levels, some of them are not even looking for a mate, instead they use the site as a method to rate their photos as most women are in a constant, never ending mode of self check.

sean1er 5 years ago

Well in san francisco it's pretty good to be honest I've been on it for like 2 months been on 2 dates and I got about 12 phone numbers so no complaints here. The women are pretty down to earth and seem like they genuinely want a long term relationship.

David 5 years ago

I have been on Plenty of Fish off and on for about four years. I must say when I first went on there I had some success. But lately, I feel like the ugliest guy in the world.

I don't know what has happened to that site, but it's going downhill fast. Members are so selfish and rude.

I have written close on 200 messages this year and had only one reply from a woman who wrote, '**** off, you're ugly.'

Err, I'm not Brad Pitt but I'm not the Elephant Man either. And she was nothing special. In fact, she was overweight, but I decided to overlook that because on paper it looked like we had something in common. Guess she was last in the queue when they were dishing out manners.

I don't bother messaging women now. I just sit back and hope someone will write to me. I do receive messages sometimes but they're always from old women over 50, fat and haggard. I'm only a youngish man of 37!

I have a lot going for me but because I run my business from home, I do not meet many new ladies. Hence the dating site option.

The funny thing is I read a lot of profiles and all the women say they're sick and tired of guys messaging them asking for sex. There are loads of guys out there with manners, but these women aren't interested in them. They always go for the good looking types who then turn out to be perverts.

Serves them right. They don't deserve a decent man.

OldGuy 5 years ago

Where does a divorced guy in his 50s go? So So looking, responsible, retired or not but a good income. There's nowhere in rural america, maybe in urban setting. Most of the ladies I've met off this dating site were very hurt by previous experiences. They were ready to snap at you at any comment they perceived to be an affront on their psyche, lifestyle, intelligence, character, etc. We single old guys are all in the same boat. One consolation however; after dating a few psychos, crazies, liars, thieves, scammers and prestidigitators, living alone at home becomes quite enjoyable.

OldGuy 5 years ago

About these dating sites being fake. I can tell you for sure most of them are fake. Reasoning: have you noticed that on the weekends there is less message traffic? MUCH LESS!! Did you think that is because everybody went out on weekends or because they wanted you to think they went out on weekends.......wrong's because DATING SITE EMPLOYEES ARE OFF ON WEEKENDS. GOT IT?

profile image

Max57221 5 years ago

I must say I really feel for the men and women who are truly looking for someone to be with. I see a lot of guys complaining on here, I understand, it sucks to think you are good looking, have a career, make lots of money, but yet none of the pretty women respond, think about it fellas, these women are beautiful atleast in their pictures so why does a beautiful women need to be on a site like plentyoffish to meet a man? ITS A DAMN GAME FELLAS, THEY ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR SUCKERS TO SPEND MONEY, BOTTOM LINE!! WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO WAKE UP??PLENTYOFFISH IS A BUY AND SELL SITE! YOU ARE EITHER BUYING SHIT OR SELLING DREAMS. 90% of the blond bimbos you see on there are 100% prostitutes BOTTOM LINE. These are women who were on and other sites and ever since the economy went to shit these women cannot find the sugar daddies as easy as they once did, so now they are on plentyoffish looking for the desperate older men who will give them anything they want! PLENTYOFFISH IS FOR PROSTITUES AND THE MEN WHO LOVE TO SPEND ALL OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THEM!!

OldGuy 5 years ago

I just left Plentyoffish for the last time. I was email-ing this lady whom I had commented on her beautiful blue eyes. She thanked me and we started a long communication. When I reviewed her bio I realized she had noted her eyes were noted as "HAZEL" in her narrative. I immediately texted her with an apology but she seemed very unaffected by it all. Did you ever meet a girl whom you got her eye color wrong and she didnt correct you? Not possible right? Another issue was she lived near Allentown,Pa. I lived three towns over from her, about 18 miles. She never heard of my town...not possible either. Finally, when she texted me she used very young terminology and a lot of punctuation, like the kids of today. Deduction: She is a young person playing around or somebody working for plentyoffish who entices you to use the system more. Either way= SCAM.

rastajon 5 years ago

hey oldguy; the reason she didn't correct you about her eye color was that she really has blue were right....scam

mamart 5 years ago

They have permanently deleted me because I was the only real person out there. I complained about a bigot to them, and they got rid of me. Did me a huge favor , let me tell you..

OldGuy 5 years ago

I'm even suspicious of this site. I wouldn't be surprised if plentyoffish is affiliated with same.

james 5 years ago

this site pof are for the real nuts dreamers all of them on here markus should be locked up in a padded room this site should go i like the people on welfare saying the work for the goverment looks good on them all

ryan 5 years ago

plenty of fish site slows down to a crawl at the end of the mounth when the welfare and pensions checks are out everybody got a date you dont see them on until about tuesday looking again the gals start early on friday morning looking for the free meal and drinks hookerville this site should be called

mamart 5 years ago

Put in any dating site into the BBB. There is a dating site that puts BBB right on their site without being a member. Just hit the BBB on their site. Anyone can write a complaint on BBB even if the company isn't with the BBB. General complaints, how many times anyone complained and the reasons are all there.

mamart 5 years ago

Just found this on a search...had no idea..

mamart 5 years ago

A good friend of mine met her husband on sometimes it works for the lucky..

james 5 years ago

just to comment on mamart piece yes she meet her husbund on pof but soon she will be back on pof behind his back or he will be back on pof behind her back or else they someday say to each other honey lets get a pof account just for the hell of it then it all blows up up i know first hand nothing ever last when you find it this way no they are not lucky

ryanj 5 years ago

this pof must be a hooker site at the end of my profile i said i do not want to hear from you if you are a hooker i was deleted in about one hour if you tell the truth on pof you wont last this must be his people picked by him hooking and asking for money becaues times are hard for them like im a single mom and times are hard another says she is looking for a man for her mom who has lots of money cause her mom is so sweet she should have the best now is she wacked out or what

suziequeue profile image

suziequeue 5 years ago

Please be careful on POF. I received many many emails when I posted attractive photos. Of the emails, there were only three people to consider as a possible date. One of them was an MD. He reached out to me and said I seemed special. We messaged each other through the site quite a bit. After about a week I told him I was shutting down the profile and he quickly asked me for my cell phone number before I cut communication. Well he texted me often, telling me he is a surgeon at a local hospital and his luck with the site was so good, he felt "Like a kid in a candy store," I assume because of his MD status. He told me he would like to take me to his house in Bermuda. Well I looked up his name on the state medical license board and his name was not listed. Yes there was another person with a similar last name at the hospital in question, but I called the doctor at the hospital and he told me it was not him but he would like to have a home in Bermuda. The fake doctor asked me to meet him on several occasions and then would break it off at the last minute saying he got called in to surgery. Well finally I looked up his cell phone number on the reverse look up and it turned out to be a completely different name, and following up still, I found out that he is a contract administrator at a corporation in my county. He is also married with two children. His wife is very pretty. Oh, the photos in his profile are not him either and I'm sure the guys in the photos will be surprised.

I reported this to POF and my profile was permanently deleted and he is still allowed to scam women. I called the police to ask what could be done about this type of behavior, but I was told since no actual crime was perpetrated, there was nothing that could be done. I was told, "People can take on a whole new persona on the Internet, it happens all the time now."

suziequeue profile image

suziequeue 5 years ago

Toronto man charged with assaulting woman he met on dating site

2011/08/13 | Staff

Police have charged a 30-year-old Toronto man with sexually assaulting a woman he met on an online dating website.

Police say the suspect met the woman on Friday after they arranged a date on the Plenty of Fish website.

When they returned to the home of the accused, police say he attacked the woman.

Slovan Stulic has been charged with sexual assault and forcible confinement.

He was scheduled to appear in court on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Joe Blow 5 years ago

Meredith A Iager you must be very ignorant & how computer savvy are you not to use an ad blocker. What an idiot. Firefox with ad blocker & i have never seen one ad! Also Chrome has an ad blocker too. If you are too fucking stupid to use anything but IE that is your own dumb fault.

james 5 years ago

it has been said let the most honest of men write a letter of only six lines and you can find enought in it to hang him with get my drift

Devotion 5 years ago

i had a pof profile for some time so i decided to add something to i added my passion seems to be playing a fools game looking to win...i also it possible to succeed with any act of betrayal in about an hour i was deleted but there is a little to getting back on in 5 mim so there are to many holes in pof

broken angel! 5 years ago

I hate to sound big headed but i am attractive,,, so have got alot of attension on the site. went on there because i have lost all faith in men..

if the blokes look okay and normall you find out after they add you on fb they are fakes & players.

or you get weridos who will email you and keep emailing you until you answer.. or in my cases block them.

this site is a waste of space!! i hate all the men on it, if anything its made it even harder for me to trust a man.. been single 20mnths after i was cheated on soo.

ive lost complete interest in all men defo after using this site.

patrick 5 years ago

To brokin angle..why yes all the gals i talk with on pof tell me the same thing i get along with them ok..becaues i call them my little sweets pof puffronis...i just have one who gives me the cold cold heart bit wemon lie alot on their profile like a high scool picture while they are 50 years old...some will try and get you deleted if you wont talk with them...they are trying to replace the love mommy never gave them...or maby daddy took of on mommy...there are some lost gals on pof

Dave P 5 years ago

Come on guys (and girls). Sorry to burst the bubble on people moaning about fake profiles set up by POF. Where does that thought come from? Granted, there are plenty of people with alter egos and fictitious profiles using the site as escapism though. As for people receiving "read/deleted" replies at 2am in the morning only 5 minutes after having sent a message. I have RECEIVED messages at that time which I have deleted without reading. Rejection is hard to bear but don't let it turn to sour grapes fellas. Four other things:

1.Don’t expect something for nothing. I was there for a little superficial extramarital fun only and it fitted me perfectly. I am not weird, unattractive, mentally unstable or unemployed. The only justifiable criticism is one of marital infidelity. Congratulations to those who have found a meaningful relationship. All others need to get real and go to a pay site.

2.Initially I had very few responses to messages I sent to girls who were looking for an ”intimate encounter”. I tried an experiment and created a profile pretending to be a woman. Even without a profile photo or a particularly horny profile I received approximately 80 messages a day for three days from blokes. Do the maths guys, the odds are not good.

3.Using my normal male profile I had approximately a 20% response rate over the eight months I was there. By that I mean girls who actually did chat for a while and a few dates came from those.

4.Don't try to psychoanalysise people on POF. It is an escape and like so many other "e-based" things in life will attract those who may find it difficult to relate fully in the real world. It is a substitute for reality. Understand that and you will not be setting yourself up to be disappointed. Afterall, you are there and you have "stuff", just as I had my, admittedly disreputable reasons.

Ed 5 years ago

If you're a guy, even a good looking guy with a good job, it's a great place for emailing and IMing girls. You may even meet some, but the simple facts are a. there are just too many guys, which overwhelms women and b. most of the women are players. If you're not a disgusting fat slob of a woman, you will get dozens of emails a day. If you're a woman getting a dozen emails a day, why wouldn't you want to try out everything and see who's the richest, best looking, most romantic, etc. A guy on that site may have the greatest date in the world and the gal still won't return his calls the next day. Why? Because she still has 20 other guys out there to squeeze into her calendar. There's always something better around the corner.

For some reason I still find myself on this site. It's addicting to see who might have emailed you or looked at your profile. Hell, I even got some ass last week. But for the most part it's just broken dates at the last minute and a big headache. It's time to realize that trying to date women from dating sites, especially from POF, is like trying to drag a VW up a mountain. It's not worth it.

sarah 5 years ago

where are people coming from! I am intelligent, articulate, and have chatted to many nice people on fish (not psycho's, etc etc etc). The grass is not always greener on the other side and regardless of whether you get 1 message or 100, if you meet someone that you genuinely like then you don't go on any dates with the others! there is good and bad everywhere in the world and life is what you make it.

profile image

Laureaann 5 years ago

I met my future husband on that site. While there were plenty of jerks messaging me because they thought I was willing to have a one night stand, there were also plenty of decent men willing to be my friend if thats what I was looking for. I have actually made quite a few friends while on the site. I no longer have a need for it and have since deleted it due to my being engaged. Speaking for myself, I think I am pretty decent looking, have a heart of gold, and my only expectation was to have a man give me the attention I dont give myself. Sorry some of you have had such a bad time on the site, your only other options would be to pay or get out from behind your computer screen and put an effort to finding your true match, if he/she exists.

bob 5 years ago

sarah my sweets why you are talking to wemon using a picture of men why yes they on here now you see why someone dont show up to meet you in person like why dont you all screw your heads back on get with you all i tell you all this in a good way i could give you some users names but it is not allowed on here yes i know all about the nice ones i got lots but they want to play hey let them dont let them know you are on to them all for for all just laught at it.....because nobody in their righ mind goes on theys places

puffroni 5 years ago

well i will tell you that with all the matches pof give's me it is a good thing i Don't get lost in the woods on a cold winters night and need a fire to keep warm i would freeze to death cause i would'nt get a spark

dogpatch 5 years ago

why i have one gal here with a picture from the sears fun in the sun catalogue i can see the picture on the other side saying eggplant not so smart

nick 5 years ago


he must have been some lonely

mamart 5 years ago

One member had posted his profile in Spanish with English translations some of which was true to translation. However, a great deal of it was not translated correctly as what he really wrote was that American women are fat and full of drugs. He also demeaned Americans and this country in general. He was from another country visiting here with his relatives so he only wanted a quick friend. I cut and pasted the parts of his profile that were troublesome , and not only did they eliminate me forever from the site, but little did they know that I got in anyway, and that profile is still there.

Please, be very careful about this site. I know that it can work for some people. But, truly I would want no part of an organization that allows this to happen. I am pretty , well-educated, and a great person who is honest. They said they eliminated me forever, " after reviewing your actions on our site".

I am still getting emails from this company to view my matches, if you can believe.

molson 5 years ago

To mamart so you also know the old trick of getting back on they got me twelve times and i am back in five mintues and still i am still there

az lady 5 years ago

ive been on her several times over the years. Never had a problem getting attention. But I have met men who put up old pictures, say the are younger than what they are. Stalker who i had to change phone number, email and block him. Nightmare. I think there are just alot of players on pof. Ive met few nice guys but no attraction. I am sure its no place to find that life long partner. Maybe church and other public places be best place for us who really want serious relationship.

az lady 5 years ago

ive been on her several times over the years. Never had a problem getting attention. But I have met men who put up old pictures, say the are younger than what they are. Stalker who i had to change phone number, email and block him. Nightmare. I think there are just alot of players on pof. Ive met few nice guys but no attraction. I am sure its no place to find that life long partner. Maybe church and other public places be best place for us who really want serious relationship.

mamart 5 years ago

I asked someone yesterday how she met her second husband after being a widow for five years. On the way out of a cafe, the cashier looked at her and asked her if she would go out for coffee with a guy who was also checking out. So there, you just never know. Still looking for my next boyfriend and wish it would hurry up.

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ratbatblue 5 years ago

I guess i have become somewhat disillusioned with the whole dating thing, speaking purely from a man's point of view, i have tried a number of different dating sites paid and unpaid, i have had more success with the paid sites, though only marginally, in about 7 years of on and off dating i have never had a meaningful relationship, except for the ones i have had outside of an internet site. I have had a dates from the internet, not many mind, but at least i managed to get out there.

Women have become more and more picky, if they have dozens of men sending messages every day it is easy to see why. but i also have a theory which seems to have played itself out all my adult life. If a women gets hurt bad enough by a guy she never forgets it, somones's gotta pay, and when she finds someone to dump on, she feels good, it becomes a bit of a high that can be repeated whenever she needs an ego boost. But that does not mean that she has not got any love left for another man, she is just saving the good stuff for mr lucky. The one payback is that many of the women who behave this way, very often fall for the good looking shallow players who get what they want until they find another, often younger model. Then they are mad all over again and so it goes on.

You know what really pisses me off the most? It's the smug people who have been with the same partner for twenty odd years, very often the first partner they ever slept with, who constantly joke/pass comment about your lack of a love life. Most of these people seem to be in relationships that barely have any love left, i get the impression many are just scared of being alone so never ask any questions of themselves.

I live in London, England, which is full of single people, tens of thousands in fact, hanging around waiting for the perfect partner to come along, too snooty to take a chance on someone who does not look like a film star or has who not got a job in high finance. Many of them using internet dating as a way of boosting their own ego just to pass the time or have something to talk/brag about amongst friends.

I am sure many women feel pretty pissed with men and have good reason, too,. I will leave that for the women to sound off about. But let's remember, when it comes to internet dating, it's the women who are getting all the hits, most guys barely get anything worth while in their inbox. I know it is quality that counts, but If i was a guy getting 50 messages a day and only 6 were women i would like to meet....i would be high as a kite. The only reason i go back to it every other year or so, is because i have developed a thick skin, and use it as just another possibility, all be it a remote one, i do not put much faith in it or spend much time at the computer.

Internet dating is really for the better than average looking girls, it works for them on many more levels than it does for the guys, even good looking guys are having to compete with too many other good looking guys.

Anyway, my advice is, don't hang around waiting for someone to come along to make you happy, just go out and do the things that you enjoy doing, whether it is sports, arts, finding new friends. Whatever you do to keep yourself occupied, do it and have as much fun and enjoyment you can get whether you are single and loveless or trapped in a rotten relationship, life you only get one shot.

ryan 5 years ago

one person said on here watch for when the goverment chques are out everyone got a date and pof slows down to a crawl...well very true the site is busy today i cant hardly get on and every gale on line like never before with it been a long weekend and all lots of dumb guys will have a hungry mounth and miss the rent what a bunch of tramps like this is the real bottom feeders I myself gonna but them to the test will make some changes to my profile i will be very lonely with a big gomerment cheque will let you all know in a few days..(old lonesome me)

5 years ago

Online dating is very tough with pof! I'm early thirties, medium build 5 foot 10, ok looking (I think) and its rare as rare can be that I get a message from someone I'm interested in. My wantstomeet me section has 20 girls on it, but none of them catch my interest (not wanting to sound shallow). I did get loads of views a day, but now I've been there for 6 months I guess a lot of the views are the same people, so I only get a few a day (at best). If I message a nice looking girl there is almost no possibility of a reply to my messages sent out. I've got a good profile and I write blanket, but very well written messages tailored enough to each profile. I have everything optimised now. I'm not sure whether this is exactly what pof want me to do (spend ages on there messaging people, but never scoring a hit), or whether they've tried their best and the site doesn't work because women who are even slightly attractive are looking for better than me on there. All I know is the only real reason I still use it is because there is one nice girl that I chat with on a regular basis, but she isn't really there for meeting up. I'm carrying on chatting to her though, because she may eventually want to meet. It might be that women are dubious about meeting men they have met online. If you're a guy on there it definatly helps to be very good-looking and not average looking.

John 5 years ago

Meet Russian women they are the BEST! Gorgeous in and out ~ no games with them ! Forget spoiled American women - most of them not all. As for POF the site is a complete SCAM ....!!!! No one rsp-onds at all ~ Ia m vewry handsome, honorbale USMC marine - etc... BEWARE !

5 years ago

I've had some response and exchanged 1 phone number... but my pof experience is a terminally ill patient on life support. Started messaging another girl the other day after many non-replies. She rarely bothers to string together a coherent sentence, let along a convocation. Asks me nothing about myself either. Yet when I wished her well with the site and said take care... well, she said "aren't we chatting then?". Really frustrating experience on there!

Sarah 5 years ago

Plenty of Fish is brilliant in that its free and efficient. Blaming the website for the people that you meet is ridiculous. I strongly recommend POF :):)

johnxgrey 5 years ago

My limited experience on PoF has been disappointing to say the least. After occasional browsing of profiles I did not find appealing - women who only wanted to date or never to have children, or unappealing in other ways - I finally found a 35-year-old who appeared and sounded like what I was looking for. Unfortunately being 43 and unemployed while trying to become a professional writer must be as unappealing to even above average looking ladies as being an overweight misfit geek when back in high school or college years ago. The woman never even responded to my e-mails - if she was even a real person. I guess it's just like high school all over again, I'm longing for someone out of my league and not content to take what I can get in this world. I guess the average (or sometimes fat) husband/hot wife sitcom couples are just some screenwriter's fantasy, never happens in real life. I've recently lost enough weight to look presentable (215 pounds at 6' 2"), but probably look too old even at 43 for that weight change to matter. Plenty of Fish is no help despite being free.

Kyle 5 years ago

I agree with Sarah (2 posts above). There is really no problem with the WEBSITE. It functions as designed. 90% of the complaints I've just read over the past hour, are about the profiles and those using the site. Don't blame the creators or administrators for operating a FREE website. If they choose to get their revenue from display ads, so bit it.

Personally speaking, I've been on POF on/off for the past several years. I tried others such as Match, Yahoo, OKCupid, etc.... All are nearly identical, except they require you to pay them. True that I've encountered some highly questionable individuals, but so too have I met some really nice ladies (just not 'Love Connections').

I think POF is simply a microcosm of the real world (i.e. take a stroll though ANY Walmart). These are the same people who are online (POF no exception). Like anything worthwhile, it takes time and due-diligence to sort through the crap just to get the good ones. I regard it as no different than panning for gold.

Xpert on online dating 5 years ago

I have never used POF, but like most dating sites, it's prob. a waste of time. I actually just found out that I have a serious health prob., so I got out of the online dating thing a while back. A note of caution for men; the majority of women on dating sites will waste your time while they are looking for a "better" offer. That is why there are so many single women in the U.S. I'm thinking that meeting women maybe at church, in public, or anywhere else is prob. a better idea. If you choose to try online dating, make it clear in your profile that women who wish to waste your time need not reply. I "dated" one woman for about two months who was simply bored and didn't really have the right kind of personality for being sociable in public. Beware of such women. Being a man, I enjoy fixing things, but trying to fix other people usually doesn't work. And for the women who may read this. If your are primarily interested in traveling, your "career", mountain climbing, etc., you will probably not make a good wife or mother. When you're 40 and single after being abandoned by your "friends" and idiot guys that you had sex with, or maybe a single mother who did not choose a man wisely, don't be surprised.

profile image

Max57221 5 years ago


1. Stuck-up, snotty women who think they are God’s gift to men (wake up, stop dreaming!). With the tons of e-mail they get from hopeful suitors, they acquire both swelled heads and a wildly unrealistic opinion of their market value in the dating world. Women like this are clearly suffering from what I call ‘Princess Syndrome’. A characteristic symptom of the malady is having a stringent laundry list of ‘requirements’ and ‘standards’ few men could ever hope to meet.

2. Attention junkies.

3. Gold-diggers and hungry women looking for you to pay for their dinner and wine. No explanation needed here!

4. Professional daters who, sucked in by the endless choice online dating appears to offer, keep looking for the Bigger, Better Deal. Ad nauseam. Scratch a professional dater, and you’ll likely find someone with a serious fear of commitment lurking underneath. The type of woman mentioned in (2) above often fits into this category.

5. Teases who get off on rejecting men for sport. These women should have a big “L” branded in their foreheads – “L” for “Loser”, of course.

6. Desperate single mothers. If you ever see a profile where a woman says, “My children mean everything to me”, RUN! This is code-speak that means a woman is basically married to her children, and if you get involved with her, you’ll find that you rank dead last. Right down there with Dodo the dog, if you’re lucky.

7. Blonde Russian-Ukrainian bimbos or women from other foreign countries where poverty and crime is rife. Probably half of these women are allied with fraudsters seeking to fleece desperate lonely white collar suckers.

8. Drunks, drug addicts (the prescription kind too), bi-polar nut cases, other assorted psychopaths.

Steve M 5 years ago

Max 57221 - Your words sound very angry towards woman. Get yourself sorted dude, you scare me (and I'm a man!)

5 years ago

to be fair its not pof's fault it sometimes sucks. You're dealing with the general public and the special environment of online dating that allowed people a greater chance at deception. They're the same people in the real world, but they're forced to be more upfront there. And I think sometimes some of them are essentially good people, but just don't know where the line is between selecting your best most recent photo, talking only about your positive side and totally misleading a potential date.

I recently met a girl off pof after chatting online with her for a few months. She was a really nice person and I had a long chat with her for a few hours, but she looked absolutely nothing like her profile pic... so much so I nearly walked right past her! In her pic she was skinny and in reality she was a very large girl. Now, I don't want to come across as shallow, but I met her based on the pictures, because I found her attractive in those pictures (for, that is how online dating is supposed to work is it not?). They were pictures of her, but they must have been quite a few years old... and in that time she'd changed a lot! I mean, my pictures are reasonably recent.

I would feel weird about meeting someone from pof if I knew I looked nothing like my profile pictures. Of course, I did not mention this to her and we had a nice chat, but I hope this kind of thing is not too common an occurrence, otherwise I'll be wasting a lot of time on there!

james 5 years ago

my wife found out tonight i was on pof now seh is paying me to stay on there and leav her alone this is true

5 years ago

... and I think also maybe how well you do on there depends on your looks and your standards. I've noticed a big difference in the kind of women I might be able to attract in the real world compared to the ones I seem to in pof-land. If I get a random message, added to wanttomeet, faved or anything else I don't really need to look at my computer to be 99% sure I wont find them attractive. If I message a women I do find attractive I can also be 99% sure she isn't going to reply. Been on there 8 months now and had only 1 date and have another girl who I've swapped numbers with who actually want to meet (not just from that list).

Now, people do have more luck on there: my friend has been on quite a few dates, but only for short-term stuff (he's now long term dating someone who he didn't meet on pof). I guess it really depends on how attractive you are. I dont think I'm a bad looking dude and I am not a complete stranger to seeing attraction from girls in the real world, but maybe my friend is better than me enough to have some more success on there. I've pretty much optimised my profile now and its been faved about four times. I think I'm pretty close to Max potential for myself on pof now.

I'm not happy with it's lack of success and dates for me... but its an avenue that is there. My experience on pof has been a bit like that screen saver (Johnny Castaway)...

aaronazzlaw on pof 5 years ago

Absolutely a joke!!! i call it plenty of nowt!! better chance just randomly chatting to a woman in the street!! what a dumb ass ifeel!!

profile image

annie2000 5 years ago

Plentyoffish is a joke I agree. I am a normal person just wanting to date and as a women. Most people lie about who they are. They do not want to date its a game trying to see if you want to just talk about sex to get off. Its crazy. I can give you a list of jerks on there. I am a good looking person but it did not matter I was treated awful by men. I went on a few dates with different men one for almost six months found out he was married and from a different country and another just in town for three months just to get what he wanted then told me to f-myself when done.. All my pictures were real not fake or fixed and I do model but it did not make a difference. Serious its just a joke to people who get drunk and stupid and want entertainment so dont fall for it.

Happily Married 5 years ago

I signed up with for about a month or two near the end of 2008. I met a wonderful man during that time.... we married eachother on 7/16/2011 :) We are very happily married!! However, I have a friend that is currently using the site and she has said it is aweful... full of guys that are only looking for booty calls. So sad. Hopefully the atmosphere there will change for the better. If it worked for me and my husband, maybe it can work for someone else too.

F. Lew 5 years ago

I used Pof about 5 years ago this year, and met my best friend/true love on that site. It's still possible to meet the one you're meant to be with, online

Reporter 5 years ago

I tried it to see how it is. Yes it is FREE and YES you can pay a subscriptions to get a bit more options ( NOT A LOT OF IT AND NOT WORTH IT )


1. Free

2. Search by city for what you looking for.

3. Getting messages and sending it back with no limitations.


1. Getting harass by member? you can only block them by receiving a message from them ONLY. Meaning by blocking the user, he would no longer be able to sent messages anymore. BUT he still have access to your profiles and pictures you add and informations. So it is not fully blocking the person like Facebook. Block = access to your profile and messages = privacy and buzz off.

2. The site as so many fake profiles it is incredible, you can find them by using Who stole my picture addon from Firefox and search there picture on the internet like google or Tineye and then you would see a full series of porn pictures of the picture they are using to lure you to trade or to lie.

3. Reporting members for fake or not seeing the picture. Sure there is that option to report them. But sadly they dont do nothing about it. A month later the profile still up and same pictures and sometimes new ones they add from the series of porn they have. POF dont care.

4. ADS on their website so HORRIBLE, naked gross pictures they have. Use Adblock Plus addon to Firefox to remove them.

Final Conclusion: POF IS FREE, if you cant afford to pay a site then POF maybe would be for you. But you got to be careful what you get on it. Since the admins dont really take care of problems. As for the forum the administrator do better job of monitoring the activities than the owner of POF website.

If you are truly looking something more professional and better chance to find someone real and clean then maybe something eHarmony would be a better option since they do take care the members that have paid service.

Another word, careful what you looking for and always protect yourself against malicious or weird fetish people conning you for money or trading pictures.

Best way to find the truth about them if they are real, ask them where they are from and from there find out the newspaper in there town and then ask them can you please take a new picture of you holding the newspaper of today please. If they are real they should have no problem and dont accept the bullcrap about i dont have a cam. Pictures can be taken now with cellphones or digital cameras and yes webcam their is so much ways now to get yourself taking a digital photo that there is no excuse to give.

Good luck!

Bill Giamou 5 years ago

i just want to get laid!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starman 5 years ago

POF is a great place for women to lead guys on for a boat load of free meals and then dump them -- Ladies if you are so desperate for a free meal go to your local soup kitchen -- They don't turn anyone away. Any one thinking about entering into a relationship with all of the scammer women on that site are really desperate -- it isn’t going to happen -- they are just going to lead you on -- drain your wallet and then move on to the next guy -- The Attorney General's office really needs to get involved even though the guy that runs this site is in Canada. -- This site is so bad -- even the hackers stay away from it -- that should tell everyone something.

Quicksilver 5 years ago

Bottom line: POF is a time-wasting danger zone. It's run by artificial intelligence, and loaded with genuine stupidity. Enter at your own risk.

PDXBuys profile image

PDXBuys 5 years ago from Oregon

I've been on POF. I actually met a woman and we had a whirlwind relationship for about four weeks. But it ended because she was insincere. I agree that most of the profiles women post have over-the-top expectations. Even a simple "hello" sent to a woman will be ignored 99.99% of the time. With such a lack of basic communication it almost feels like a waste of time. Will give it a couple more months before moving on to something else.

PDXBuys profile image

PDXBuys 5 years ago from Oregon

Just watched another Youtube video about the POF founder and CEO, Markus Frind. He says he makes $10,000 per day. Yes, PER DAY. And that was a 2008 video. Must be even more now. Sounds like a good business model to me. Hmm... Maybe I will build my own dating site..? Any coders out there want to join me?

dutchie 5 years ago

plenty of freaks..pretty funny lol,i call it plenty of fat myself lol

Denny 5 years ago

I met what what I thought was a nice woman 2 years ago. I was from out of state and was coming to town. She was nice enough to agree to meet me. We kept in contact via text for over a year. She texted me one morning saying she had an IRS problem (cleaned out her bank acct)I western unioned $600 to here to get by then 5 then 5 more. The i went to see her for a weekend took her for a weekend getaway. Sure we had sex but the next night I stayed at her place on the couch. (kids) She couldn't be bothered talking to me as I glanced at her computer she had POF messages. I was pissed off but stupid enough to keep in contact. Of course I sent her more money baseball tickets etc a lot of which was my own suggestion. Then I sent her a long Email sugesting I could help her with her finances. She totally ignored that. The i started noticing she was selectively responding to my texts. She would talk nice when she was about to ask for money but other times she would only respond with a smiley face.She as a person is legit and I do believe the IRS situation was legit but I definitely feel abused I still haven't quite figured her out but to use words from a movie I saw "she is either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid.

starrdust48/james 5 years ago

I would like to tell you all i wish user (candykissess would come back on plentyoffish this was a true lady her alone made the site worth tuning into now she has gone it's the dead when when you say on your profile just for fun that your mother uses the same computer as you and the start emailing you saying why is your mother useing your computer and can she see who ur talking too look you have to be awful mad at someone to go on plentyoffish markus himself says it is like looking for a good part in a scrap yard theys gals have very small minds after all it speaks for it' self

jim 5 years ago

fat is not the word tubs of lard just go look for yourself u ask for a slim lady pop up come a whale in your face to get her fat face of your view page you have to delete i have to delet everynight before bed dont want to wake up to whales in my trap just nice young cod

jim 5 years ago

hey the goverments chques will be out the 21th also cpp yes every gal is online only 936;am the site is like a lighted christmas tree everyhere is telling the truth about theys gall i'm sure they are not saying hi to moma

Jimbo 5 years ago

I'm winding down a little less that a year and a half with PoF. My take on it, is that it's no more than a reflection of the "real' non internet scene. However, people have the opportunity to take there insincerity and disingenuous natures much further.

A couple of quick examples: seems a lot of women that 'have' someone when you contact them, but spend an awful lot of time hanging out looking. Another tells you she will be getting back to you shortly, then never heard from again. I'd say the problems that plague relations in general are well represented by most of the candidates I encountered.

Certainly it is not preferable to meeting someone in life face to face, but with limited opportunities what's one to do?

giver 5 years ago

POF defenitly has fake profiles.2 reasons.

1, i was on about 4-5 years ago got fed up and deleted my profile. i decided to give it another chance and what did i see?? many many many of the same profiles with the exact same pictures and still looking for a "good hearted man" looking for a relationship. give me a break.any decent looking girl can meet a guy just buy sitting on their front lawn by making eye contact with someone.

2,youll notice a lot of the profiles(women) are very similar. a little too similar. extreamly similar.

start observing the profiles. nevermind the pics, those are just distractions.

3, im willing to bet most of the women on there arent even from where they say theyre from. i bet if you create different profiles from different states/provinces, youll find the same pictures different profiles.

the few women i know who actually went on that site deleted their account within a couple weeks .

im not saying all are fake. but a lot are.probably the majority. and i did meet a few women off there who also ended up deleting their profiles.

maybe a lot of them are escorts and are using pof to run there "business" out of.

giver 5 years ago

forgot to mention. once i started growing wise i noticed a lot of women would sign on/off every 2 mins for a couple hours. like a loser i sat there and watched and watched and watch. i dont care if i get rejected. thats life. i just hate getting suckered and scammed . this is just the first step.

ian 5 years ago

all i can say is that i got suckered in big time the advice i can give to anyone is do not join, its a load of shit, you are suppose to get private emails, there sent for everyone not just you, i replied to loads of adds got all the shit answered back sorry working, sorry phone not charged sorry email did not send, i did send them must be your end, this guy needs investigating and locking up once again do not join, its a big scam scam scam scam scam scam be warned.....

hobgoblin 5 years ago

Pof is full of bipolar psychos.

Forums, they delete threads for no reason, in the past 2 weeks I have seen 4 people barred just for asking why their posts were deleted, and the mods do not reply to enquiries, in fact, if you enquire about something you disagree about, you are automatically barred and cannot find out why or contact anyone.Themain mod, Cowboy is trailer trash of the lowest order, a repugnant, biased, redneck hick with an attitude problem, ie who do you think you are? I'm king round here, sort of shit..the admin is out of control, you get false information about who looks at your profile, and the forums are populated with the most bigoted, crass, stupic trash trolls on the, yes, and nasty...

profile image

highwayharry 5 years ago


I've been reading about the moderators on not doing anything about profiles that are reported - I've reported a user for being married and posing as single and giving other false details like location, age, date of birth and where they live. Here is the profile of kieshana on there

The individual using this profile is in fact married now and not single. They are not Taurus but a Leo, their height is incorrect. The whole thing is a lie. Sure, this person exists and is a real person I know, yet they have provided a string of lies for those looking at their profile. Does anyone want to help me out in reporting the fake profile?

SarahLund 5 years ago

I see people's opinions on here, as being black or white. It would help to maybe think in a less negative way about it. All you're letting it do is get to you. Some of you sound as if you're about to give up, by what i've read on here. You're gonna get a mix of people WHEREVER you go/join, not just P.O.F. It's everywhere in society. If you expect to see it in everyday life, when you step outside, then what made you think the internet was any different? Really though? I understand you want the one who makes your heart skip a beat. That one you'll be proud to call yours, but giving up isn't really gonna help in the process. I just take dating sites with a pinch of salt. I think it's best for now. Not trying to imply that any of you have unreal expectations, just that you should not give up. One more thing, if you have an illness, or disability, put it on your profile. If someone turns you down cos of it, then they're not worth it in the first place.

SarahLund 5 years ago

Maybe some don't e-mail you back, because you're none of what was in their list of preferences. Just saying. It's no wonder, when some of you email, without reading the persons profile first. You can't just expect a response such as "Yeah. Sure. Of course i'll meet up with you in seven hours, even though i've never chatted to you until now :)". It wouldn't be realistic. What sickens me worse than the scammers, is these men in their fifties and sixties, asking teen girls for sex. Well, hello. Paedophile alert. These teens are too young to be joining sites like these. But heck, have at it, i guess. They're only going to anyway. It's what i like to call "Porn bait".

New to Illinois 5 years ago

I met this guy his id# movedfromgeorgia12. He said he was looking for long term relationship but he actually looking for hook up. He is sex driven, a loser and liar.

He have sex with different woman, never use condom and He never invite you over to his place. You don't know how many women he was hiding. Becareful!

Uhlizza 5 years ago

My girlfriend got me on to POF after a failed marriage where I had been abused. I didn't even think it would be such a let down. I have been on a few dates, the men have posted pictures that were like 10 years younger than they really were, and were mostly bald; had bad drinking problems and most just wanted sex for free so that you would never hear from them again, & I only found that out from 1 experience and then one that told me he was in love with me, but I got him a new computer and set it up; thus was able to easily get into his POF account (I know, that is bad) but things felt "off" intuition) I like to believe in the better nature of people and I truly have found this in real life and on POF or E-Harmony; there really is no difference, I am not sticking up for POF, I always if I were to meet with someone did a complete background check, but unfortunately, just because you aren't a felon or criminal, that doesn't mean that you aren't out just to see how many woman you can do. I am thinking that real life and eye contact in the real world would serve me better than this sight, but there is one person that I am still taking to that seems to be generally honest and very patient with my wanting to take things slowly; I do not want to get into it with a phyco or a deranged drunk or anything. I am just not in the position to get out much, so it grew on me. I am glad I read what I did on hear, but I would also like to know if there is a sight where you can say "tell on" a specific user if they aren't whom they act like they are.

Gordon 5 years ago

God forbit a guy should be losing his hair... OMG BALD- Oh no. What about having a job, being fit, nice and sincere. Even with the occasional messages from the opposite sex, this site still seems like a scam purely with the intent of making the owner $$$.

LadyLove 5 years ago

I am a nice good looking woman, with a stable job and mind. I have to say I have posted pictures that are real and up to date. I receive a lot of messages from men I am not attracted to and are a lot older than me. I don't read them. How can I make myself attracted to someone I am not? Another thing is that there have been six dates I have gone on. Four of them were heavier than their pictures, and older. They asked me to come back to their place. I always declined and went home. Two of them were honest and looked like their picture, but were very upfront about having sex right away. I'm done with this it is a joke. I'm going to wait for fate. That's how I have met decent people in the past. It was an interesting experiment though.

Ron 5 years ago

I dont know what you guys are complaining about. I actually met a wonderful woman on that website.She is my wife now,and we are happily married. thanks POF

andrew 5 years ago

pof is a joke!!!

Mynameis.. 5 years ago

If any women on here live in Denver,CO, stay away from a guy named jb272727 on plenty of fish. I am not naive to anything, but he got me. He is 30 years old. He seems really cute and sweet , but he's crazy and angry and perverted in a very nasty way!!! It blew my mind once I realized he was literally a completely different person then he portrayed himself to be. It actually scared me and still freaks me out. Be safe girls!

Toya 5 years ago

Worst dating sight ever woman beware my ex and his friends are on there they have more then one profile non of them work they say they do non are educated they scam woman and live off of them and suck them dry leave them for another. My ex is dangerous went to jail for assaulting me please good stay away and if you have children stay away he will ruin your life.

kc 5 years ago

I talked to this guy on POF and he was nothing he said he was do not go to school does not work I checked his back ground wow! bad news this guy has serious issues I would say stay away from 33 year old BLK male izzue Greensboro this guy is not who he says he is. He says he is a starving artist because he wont work and I herd his music BAD! This guy from what I found out yes people talk has done some really bad things to his past girl friends and I also checked his record been married more then once and was arrested for beating up his wife a year ago and I can not find any record of a divorce so what does that tell you. He says he likes big woman what that really means is he thinks they are insecure and will do anything for attention and that means paying for what he wants. Run from this low life he is is not who he says he is.

PDXBuys profile image

PDXBuys 5 years ago from Oregon

I guess we will find what we seek, won't we?

JulianUK 5 years ago

Regardng fakes on pof...Definately!

One of the biggest tell tale signs of a fake POF profile for me is women in London that have just moved there, after just getting back from traveling the world hmmmm...there are endless profiles which state this..then what with their skydiving pics,pics with horses,perfect pictures in bars posing with drinks...all fake!

And the clincher is...there are far far too many good looking women...almost 90% of profiles I see are stunners...plenty of fakes! I read the site hires women just to do this..who knows..but we are all getting scammed.Having said that...if you are very very very patient you can occasionaly meet a nice person there...but it takes a alot of work and let downs before you do...

Tiger 5 years ago

I'm a 53 yrs old caucasion. I first went to POF 11 months ago. I had hopes. I wouldn't disagree if it was naive of me. I just expect to be treated as I treat others. POF opened my eyes.

Right away there were some women interested in me. I have meet two women from POF in real life. But before that happened I had some real experiences. One was we would meet to ride her horses. Honestly, the day before our ride I had to go out of state for a week. I was glad that she understood. Two days after I get back I call her and she just lays into me...why didn't I call when I was out of state, why just now am I calling, what do I mean let's try again, there won't be another chance. Whoa! Thinking she had a rough day I tried to ask if she wanted to talk...she hung up on me. That left me thanking God we didn't meet.

The first woman I did meet was actually very funny. She messaged me to ask a question. She said I looked "honest". She said she is a widow and what would her adult children think of her wanting a relationship? I really thought she was sincere and I did feel 'honored' she thought I would answer truthfully. We discussed that for a few hours. She said she wants to feel a man's touch again. Then she said started getting graphic. Then she asked if I wanted to do what she had described. When I said (in a incredulous voice) I am a man so what do you think but time will tell she logged off without saying. A week goes by and she messages me. She gives me her phone number then repeatedly demands I call her. (meanwhile I am checking up on her). Everything looked legit so I did call.

When I mentioned I had been a remodeling contractor she started to only speak of how she has 3 homes and they all need work. Our first meeting was an all day visit which entailed a long drive to her vacation home and me doing some light repairs. We actually had a real fun time. (If you saw two adults holding hands and acting like children while skipping through Home Depot that was us.)

Six more times we met. EVERY of those times was mee doing work at her other two homes. I didn't mind, I enjoy helping people. Then my dad passed away. I called to tell her I couldn't come for a while. Most every day (and sometimes more than 1x a day) she insisted I come to work on her home. After a week of that I stopped responding to her calls. The last straw was when she called in a panic that I must come to replace a toilet someone else had taken off. She had the nerve to leave me several messages saying she had "higher hopes" for me but I'm "just like all the rest...."

The other woman I met was a real nice woman. Gorgeous, fashionable, and intelligent, she spoke in a kind and gentle voice. We both were excited. We arranged to meet again. We texted and spoke on the phone several times each day. On the way to our 2nd meeting she texted to say she won't make it. She actually got to our meeting place and kept driving. We continuted to talk. But things weren't adding up. I couldn't put my finger on it but her behavior and talk wasn't making complete sense. Then she texted that she won't date me but we can be "friends". I thought it strange that every time she said "friends" is was in quatation marks. (I am not of this world, you understand). The finally admitted she is married and she is looking for a new husband. She said her husband knows what she is doing. She asked, Does this surprise you?

There were several other women I was extremely interested in and they in me. Most of them I talked with on the phone. All of them I had hoped to meet. All of them suddenly and without apparent cause just dropped away. A couple even said I offended them. How I don't know. I guess either they found someone else, had too busy lives, or had tragedy (like one who was caring for her elderly father who then passed away.).

A third woman I did kinda sorta meet. I had invited her to an event I was volunteering at. I said her sons would enjoy it and I had free tickets for her. I said I might not be able to get away from my duties but this would be a good first meeting. She accepted.

The night before she texted that she will decline. The day of, I noticed this honey of a woman coming by where I was and taking long looks at me. She was on the arms of another man. When she would catch me looking at her she would instantly plant a big kiss on him. I watched them off and on for that day. Only when near me did she kiss him.

These people exist. People act as they do. POF is merely presents a place where people can gather. They may or may not have the same intentions. I have actually met over 20 people that I first met on other websites. Online mirrors in real life in that not all people will click and when the common interest is romance it only confuses things even more.

PDXBuys profile image

PDXBuys 5 years ago from Oregon

Tiger- Wow, what a nightmare you had! Well, when a womans says in her profile that she's looking for a guy who's a "hard worker" I guess that means she wants her toilet fixed. These women are all freaks of nature. Men - stay away! Stay far away from POF!

Tyggrs 5 years ago

I'm sure there are "real" people on POF looking to use the site as a place meet similar people. However, it is the internet and the users can make any claim they want about who they are, what they do, how much they make and such. I suggest all users beware, get real names and research them before meeting.

This only works if the users give you their real name, google them, if there are no hits at all, proceed with caution, ask for ID! Go to youtube and watch this newscast, a good indication of some of the criminal element on POF.

profile image

Confidence Man 5 years ago

I am a tall tan complexion bald headed guy and the site is not what's bad, the site is a perfect platform for what it is, a place to find sex period. Most of the women on there already have boyfriends, husbands, shmucks, sugar daddies, gay male friends, pimps, no joke I have met some who actually asked me to pimp them, no joke. There are a couple of things a guy has to do when on that site to make it work to your advantage, first off if you are on there looking for a long term or something serious then you are f*cked, but if you're a guy like me who has women in the real world but uses plenty of fish to solicit sex then it's can be a gold mine. I placed my profile in the midwest and met lots of women most were intiating the first move :) which I like because then you know you're in there because most of the women on there just want a bigger d*ck inside them :)

profile image

Confidence Man 5 years ago

When a women says "hard worker" she means good in bed, she wants a big c*ck, and when she say's "knows how to treat a woman" that's codes speak for making her scream in bed,giving her orgasms. Every women I bedded on there had those codes in their profiles. You would be surprised how many scandolous women are on that site, married women, the husband is rich or well off they live in big homes but he has a small c*ck and can't get it up. Look at all the drugs out there for male erection that will tell you something. The husbands also have out of shape bodies and women want to feel attractive with a guy with a hot body that can make them feel attractive and good instead of their husband-boyfriend who is a lazy can't get it up, always working bore. Some women if you are suave enough will even $poil you on their husbands money if you know how to work them.

Omni 5 years ago

Going to start off by saying I am gay, so i resorted to online dating cause its hard to find other homosexuals without going to gay clubs. And i just deleted my account on pof. I consider myself a very attractive guy, also my expectations are not too high. But after a few years of having an account i have had no dates. Everyone i message will talk to me for a little while and then when it comes down to actually meeting, i never hear from them again. My outlook for the gay side of POF is its full of really ugly guys, a few good looking guys who only want supermodels with abs, and the rest are closet gays looking for webcam sex and are too scared to do anything in person.

JILL 4 years ago

O my God.I thought It was love.I fell deeply for a professional dater, I was widowed and vunerable, I fell for every lie,all the promises of tomorrows ,He took over my life,I allowed it,I really thought it was love, I would have given my life for this man. But 15 months on.The sweet talk turned to insults, My bank balance fell to zero. Then he left. Beware ladies beware,

Concerned Friend 4 years ago

SAUNDERS~ Goes by Shaun, Ty, Tyler, Matthew, and many other names, this person is a scammer on POF. He is not real and women need to be careful. He tells women lies about having cancer, and much worse.


sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

After being on there for a couple of years & then going to their very very lame speed dating event in Hamilton, that it was a terrible site.

At the speed dating event they hardly had any men, although I've come to learn that any social event there are way more women then men.

MEN, get your asses out there. I've been to at least 5 events, & even one that was just for going out to a restaurant & socializing & STILL, NO men.

That event had ONE guy there LOL. He had fun with all the women sitting around him. : )

Back to POF - even via the site I could see that the quality (I'm NOT talking GQ here) people were very very below average even in looks.

I care more about what's inside, but most of these people weren't even average in looks IMO. No offense.

I don't know about personality b/c the guys NEVER read my profile since they are very immature. All I get are pickup lines like you would get from a bar. So they get ignored.

I think I met ONE person from there in probably 8-10 years. And when I saw the owner of POF on George's show & found out how much he makes, I freaked. An ugly site that has TERRIBLE quality & he makes THAT much? LOL

Grrr, why do all the ugly sites make so much???

Anyway, I gave up on online dating about 3 years ago since 98% of all the men CAN'T read English (my profile) b/c they ONLY care about my pic.

I heard years ago that it's a problem for a lot of good looking people & they've had to take their pic down, but then you get NO responses when you take your pic down.

Yes my profiles are still out there laying dormant, but I stopped caring b/c it just doesn't work for me. I tried, believe me.

And when I wrote to people, they just ignored me, so I stopped wasting my time.

Oh I take that back, if I was just looking for sex which was my goal back when I first started online in 1998, the world would be my oyster, but like some people here said, anyone looking for a REAL relationship (that's me now) expects a perfect 10 & I'm not.

I know some people have met people online & even gone on to get married & I'm very happy for them, but I believe they are the minority.

OKC ( is a much better site for me as I'm a very open minded alternative person who's biamorous & also polyamorous. While I still don't get alot of responses (also had to do with where I was living & where I'm living now), I still feel that's the best one out there. Not sure how it flies with mainstream people, but I have a feeling they have a large enough database that you guys can find someone.

Plus their questionnaires are fun to do when you are in a trance LOL That impressed me, as they are free & I've been on tons of dating sites over the years & I know them well. I've never seen questionnaires like that before. Not talking Eharmony type.

I hope everyone is doing well & isn't too lonely : )


Peter 4 years ago

If you're looking for a nice blend of OKCupid and POF you might want to check out They do a great job of keeping the site spammer free and offer many of the more refined features found at OKCupid.

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

Got a 403 error.

LOL, I'm still not sure what is positive about POF that you would want to include in your site.


Aubrey 4 years ago

I like most of you all became a member of Pof. I'm real with everything i am and everything i do. I met a few guys and although it wasn't that bad i did run into an issue. I met this guy in the army really sexy and super swagged out. We dated a couple months i never met his friends never been to his house and you would think after 2 months of dating that next step would've been taken. Well come to find out he was married with 4 kids!!!! A womans intuition never lies, but yet i was so oblivious to all the signs!!! Just be careful ppl the honest ones are there but so are the fakes!!!

Kevin 4 years ago

There are tons of free dating sites on the net. You don't have to stick to one and what do you expect from online dating sites anyways. Anyways take a look at this site it's totally free.

Jus 4 years ago

was on the site for a bit sent 100 emails got two replys that was it then none and im a good looking guy and nice so i think the site is shit

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Confidence Man 4 years ago

Kevin that site sucks, it is worse then POF, nothing but fake profiles and scammers. The only two sites that have people and are free are POF and Okcupid any other site is either bogus, pay, nobody evers logs on, etc. Whatever happened to the days of meeting people on aim and yahoo? lol everyone got replies back then, it was like "hi a/s/l? do you have a pic? yes I do :)" and you took it from there, now today with all these new websites and platforms like facebook people went to shit.

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sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

I think Yahoo did away with being able to search people via their age, interests & location which is TERRIBLE. I remember using that years ago.

In fact I was just reading a thread about it the other day b/c they took away pulse (never used it) & either that search option went with it, or it was already gone b4 they launched pulse.

But, I find it rude for some idiot to write me Hi, a/s/l.

If my profile is visible, it's right there. Although I just updated my profile the other day & the "About Me" info doesn't show up. Yahoo has gone to hell since they outsourced to India a few years back.

I want people who have more than 2 words to say when striking up a conversation (or attempting to).

No offense.


james 4 years ago

Hey, look It's simple all pof users should be locked away in a padded cell with markus,what the heck are people thinking to go on pof,Me I just go to walmart better gals

Tigger 4 years ago

People of Walmart a dating site? Who knew! lol

chalice 4 years ago

I registered and talked to a single nurse from bristol. turned out he was married. They ask for naked pictures of you that they share with their male friends on the site. he sent me some of a deaf girl he had seduced. he had had six affairs and when he was chasing me he was going for ivf with his wife and got her pregnant, so he said. imagine being sent photos of another girl naked etc he had slept with. these guys are scumbags and cheats. hundreds on there.

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Ssminette 4 years ago

I've met good and bad. Some of the men and women are skank.

Even those who start out normal, show their colors eventually. I met a man who I thought could be the one. We dated, he never deleted his profile although I deleted mine. As long as we did what he wanted life was good. If I wanted to do something, he would shun me.

He's still on there with his same tired lie......"I'm new to the area," Mister after four years, you're NOT new to the area. Says he's looking for a relationship, he's looking for someone to stroke his ego and that's about it.

God forbidmyountelll the older unhealthy not attractive man you're not interested, suddenly you're a two dollar joker giving out change. The pic he was attracted to suddenly he says is trampy. Whatever

Bottom line, if they post pics only from the neck up.....that means fat and not just a little fat....a lot fat.

If they post only one pic or all their pics are two hundred yards away, that means ugly, really ugly, not just a little ugly.

If all their pics are from five, ten or more years ago that means old, older than dirt, not just as old as dirt.

Ifntheybpost "looking for normal" that means they are NOT normal, they're either psychotic or nutty as a fruitcake.

If they say self employed, that means unemployed or way under employed.

Ask for a recent dated pic with a current newspaper or something with a date stamp, ask to see their Facebook. You'll know if they have one friend or no friends.

If all else fails go with that feeling in your gut that says run.

Anon 4 years ago

I once had an account on that I used to contact women with. It was deleted one time, for no apparent reason. I inquired and they told me because I had obscene pictures. The only picture I had was me in a short sleeved shirt and short pants. The picture was taken during a 90 degree summer day.

I've seen plenty of profiles with folks standing in their underwear, even sexual pics, they are never deleted even after reporting their profile.

And I've had the "unread, deleted" message issue as well. A friend and I once made two accounts and sent each other messages. I sent him a message and he never got it, however in my sentbox it came up as "read, deleted"

He sent me a message, and I did receive it, but for him it came up as "unread, deleted"

The site is truly horrible. They now use fish tokens which you can buy a few for around $20 (along with your paid subscription which is funnily enough separate) to send messages, to check your sent status, to send "gifts" to people, even add them to your friends list.

Its a scam. Anyone here who gives it a good review and hates on others, is most likely a plant by

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

People we REALLY just need to DUMP all these online sites & go out & meet people the old fashioned way.

YES I thought Internet dating was the solution to ALL our dating problems, but it's NOT.

In the last 3 weeks I've had 2 good & even great conversations with 2 men not from any dating site (one even contacted me from here), but then either the first one just disappears (totally disrespectful & hypocritical after what he went on & on about), or the other gets angry, throws a temper tantrum & runs away b/c I wanted to talk again & he kept putting me off re: biz even though he told me to call him twice. That's passive aggression, mixed messages, leading people on, etc. etc.

It DOESN'T work!!! At least for me. Yes I've heard of some couples actually meeting via online (even from totally different countries), but what percentage is that exactly? Does anyone even know?

Clearly those people were serious about meeting someone & they worked at it b/c you HAVE to work at relationships. I'm soooo sick of immature men saying "you are too complicated or high maintenance."

That's code for, I don't want to exude any effort in getting to know your or sustaining this relationship, I just want you ready to have fun 24-7.

Sure I'd love to have fun 24/7, BUT I am a realist, I don't live in a fantasy.

Relationships require MATURITY & EFFORT!!! And the willingness to learn how to have better communication & relationship skills.

I think that's fun actually as it will be sooo rewarding in the end.

Maybe it's b/c men my age (I'm 46) are soooo jaded, that any time you remind them of some woman they had difficulties with, they run away. Or it's b/c men think women should CHASE THEM (yeh right, I don't chase ANYONE). I just can't handle that immature behavior.

Sure I will tell guys I am not interested, but I actually tell them b/c that's the respectful thing to do, & I try to do it in a nice as way as I can.

Not saying men offline DON'T run away, just saying it's easier to run away online.

I never wanted to believe that ONLY very dysfunctional people frequented dating sites & over time more mainstream people came onto the sites, so that wasn't seen as the case anymore, but it's nuts already.

Either men (and women too I'm sure) are looking for:

1. Perfection (I'm human, I have my faults too). You want perfect, buy a blowup doll.

2. JUST SEX b/c they are too afraid to love & commit (been there, done that, no thanks, looking for a REAL intimate exciting, but emotional loving relationship)

3. Lie & are attached, or just lie about everything b/c they can't stand their own selves.

4. Are just very very disturbed

5. Are players who want to see how many women they can get to fall for them & then cut the ties (they like to cause pain)

6. Or the people have very very poor communication & relationship skills & don't even know themselves, & let's face it, if you don't know YOURSELF, how can you be anything but negative to someone else.

It's a fact.

Not saying I'm perfect, just saying this has been my reality & it's very emotionally exhausting & it makes ME more jaded than I was which is NOT where I want to go.

Normally no matter what I've gone thru in the past, I still have hope & sure sometimes I joke around about how this person reminds me of a past partner, but I don't peg everyone into the same hole.

The minute you lose hope, you should just pack it in.

I think it's time to either become a FULL lez LOL (I'm biamorous) or start looking for younger men who aren't so emotionally distraught & run away at the drop of a hat.

Yes that shows me they aren't relationship material so it's good to know, but it can still hurt if the first conversation was really good. And trust me, I don't fall for guys often. It's been years.

Anyway, end of rant, hope everyone is having a lovely day & you get out & start dating in REAL life : )


Pd 4 years ago

I'm a 55 year old male and have been on POF for two days and have corresponded with two lovely people. I'll speak with one on the phone tomorrow and hopefully meet. So far, I'm pleased.

Mark 4 years ago

Nothing wrong with the site. I met my girlfriend on there. We have been together now for 6 years.

Dwibbley--do-dah 4 years ago

Im a decent single guy, 41, no kids, zero debt, pretty normal. I've tried OKCupid, eHarmony, Match, POF (which won't stop emailing). Not sure what else to try, but on-line doesn't seem to be the way to go. There's no reason I should be having this much trouble!

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

See, even the mainstream people have issues with dating sites. Mark, you are the exception to the rule, consider yourself lucky : )

Dwib, I'm curious what happens when you reach out to women? Do they just ignore you or something else?


Alan 4 years ago

Dating sites may work for some people, but you have to strike lucky early on to feel you have had a good experience. Otherwise it seems like you are spending a lot of time sitting in front of a computer wishing and hoping. I finally gave up on the whole thing over a year ago, as a matter of fact, i gave up on it even when i was on it. I never felt like i was going to get anywhere with it, no matter what site i was on, i just used it as another option. Fortunately i realised many years ago that what i needed to do, was to just go and do things that i enjoyed doing, the things that make me happy. That way, even if you do not meet anyone special, at least you can say that you gave life a good shot.

There are lots of "meet up groups' around where you can come into contact with people who have a similar interest as yourself, i think they are worth a try. Even if you do not meet anyone that rocks your world, at least you get the chance for some social interaction and to get some practice in. I think too many people sit at home waiting for someone to come along to make they're lives complete. Dating sites are completely set up for people who have got into this kind of rut.

I have had to face up to the fact that whilst socially, i am ok around people, i have never been very good at attracting women, it has taken me a long time to admit it but that is how it is. But it's ok, i have given my life meaning and i have enjoyment and good times too. Sometimes i have lonely nights (i get through them, i always feel better in the morning) but so do many people in regular partnerships/marriage too. You may give up on love but you don't have to give up on life, it may be your best ticket to meeting someone good.

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someonewhocares 4 years ago

Plenty of FREAKS is what this site is. Guys want to say the women have to high of standards, but there are so many guys on this site only looking for a free lay. I have met several men and I couldn't tell you how many I have turned down and they call me every nasty name they can think of. Goes to show that morons on the site! There is this one guy that calls himself TaurusScott on POF and MauiScott on He will date you as long as it takes to get you in his bed and then once you leave he doesn't talk to you again. He ignores your text messages and when you do call just to ask what the problem is...HE SAYS "DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN" and then he hangs up. In his profile he claims he is searching for a long term committed relationship, that he is romantic, loving, caring and honest. LADIES, DO NOT talk to him or meet him, he is smooth only until he gets in your pants and then he threatens you DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN because he thinks he some GOD! He has been married four times and his last wife got him good for being a butt, she got him to take out a second mortgage on his house to pay hers off and then she dumped him...Now that is funny, he deserves to be in the boat he is in...what goes around comes around...If you are wise you will stay far away from this joker!

RUSS 4 years ago

All of you that are complaining about POF must just be out right stupid or pissed off that you cant even get a date on a free dating web sight. I have dated from this sight and they were all normal people. A few I am still friends with. The girl I am dating now was from it. The problem with you dudes is just like in real life im sure, you do not know how to talk to or treat a woman. Stop being a dirt bag! like every woman I talk to on there says most men do. If use your head and see through some of the bad ones and not act like a dumb ass. this sight does work. And what kills me the most is you are complaining about something thats FREE!

Russ 4 years ago

To Denny!!!! YOUR JUST STUPID! LOL! She played you man! lol!

Russ 4 years ago

@ROBO Its people like you that kill me, your friend came up with all that crap? Really dude! Your just sad! Your friends tried to help you, with no luck, been on POF for years, with no luck! Maybe you should say your friends are scams also, hell they could not get you a date either! DUDE ITS NOT POF FAULT!!! ITS YOU!!!

Kay 4 years ago

POF Plenty of Fakes or Plenty of Freaks how ever you would like to describe it... legalised on-line kerb crawling... full of pond life!

Ray 4 years ago

Have you noticed that POF is slowly "But Surely" turning into a Pay Site ... they claim and even advertise that they are the most used "FREE" dating site but every month or two they introduce an upgrade to view items that were originally free ... Sinking the hook I'd say !

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

I guess making millions wasn't good enough for him, now he wants to make billions.

Craig 4 years ago

Well if all you people are all so normal and all have been on it then doesn't that say something else..

I'm an average 27 year old and have met 3 nice normal girls out of the one's I've talked too, and will keep looking.

How does anyone know your not just trying to put a kick into a site that offers something for free for once and has a large customer base.

Any of you that could make something up for one and get rich, would!

And lastly men and woman and the world is mostly influenced by sex (hence why porn is the biggest industry in the world) so don't be surprised to meet the odd or many people that just want sex and lie to pull people in.. That life! So get smart.

If you don't get reply's its most likely they didn't fancy you

Howard Dodds 4 years ago

All you will ever do on POF is kiss frogs or end up with neverending heartbreaks from users who lead you on (for a few good months) and then suddenly dump you like rotten meat the next day because they are bored of you or they don't know what they really want. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is feeling sorry for a user who plays the victim in everything pulling out the violin on you telling you a sob story (It can be anything from how they were/are treated in the past to what problems they have/had) and it always ends up with you trying to show them a better quality of life because you want to wrap them up in your loving arms and show them real love because you feel so sorry for them. POF is full of those sorts of scumbags and its not worth dropping your standards to let any of them in. At the end of the day it is your heart that gets busted by them after they get an ego boost from you and it is your feelings which are at stake. All they do is walk away months later telling themselves "Wow, that was a nice ride while it lasted" after telling you for months and months: "You are the one... I want to be with you for the rest of my life... I love you..."

OogaBooga 4 years ago

POF has been mainly a disappointment to me.

I have always been completely honest about what I am and what it is I'm looking for. I'm a married middle aged guy looking to meet married middle aged women, and there seem to be a fair number on POF. I only message women who would seem to be interested in a guy like me and what I'm looking for. I don't have a picture on my profile, and most of the women I message don't either. I do not send rude or sexual messages. My response rate is about 5%, and I've never actually gotten to the point of meeting a woman off POF.

Years ago I ran personal ads in the newspaper classifieds, and I got about as many responses in a week as I do in a year on POF.

While I don't think there are actually any fake profiles on POF, there are many profiles which haven't been logged into in months or years. When I search women's profiles within a 100 mile radius of my rural location, and using fairly limiting criteria, 40 or more pages of results are displayed, but only profiles on the first two or three pages have been logged into in the last 30 days. Not purging unused profiles is how POF pads its user numbers.

The forums are filled with trolls, bitter, judgmental women, ass-kissing men, and cynics of all discriptions.

POF costs nothing, and it's worth it.

It's Me! 4 years ago

I find a lot of the comments on here about the kinds of people on POF to be mostly spot-on. I went back to POF recently and noticed there are people that were on there like 2 years ago and even longer than that. I find it hard to believe or trust that someone is actually looking for a long term relationship if they are still "sampling" on POF for 2 years or more. POF should have some kind of indicator to let you know how long they've been on the site. That should be just like a "best before" date on a loaf of bread...if it's been aroud too long, it's not going to be good!

Mr D 4 years ago

"They have a never ending list of rules and some truly nasty individuals in a clique that dominates the forums and gets anyone who disagrees with them suspended. "

This nails it on the head! I was just banned for 3 years because I suggested some changes to their body-classification system e.g. BBW is not a proper way to describe a person's figure and there was no option for underweight!

On that site most women ignored my essages yet were still there 2 years later when I looked back!

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

Unfortunately cyber bullying is alive & well online & not just on POF. In fact it is getting worse every year.

Most people aren't aware of cyber bullying & they chalk it up to some kid in school doing it which is NOT true.

There are plenty of adults who go around bullying people online every day. Cyber stalking is on the rise as well.

Until people experience it, they will never know what it feels like.


Brian Herring 4 years ago

The site banned me without warning or reason. The site itself should be banned in my opinion. I never found one interested person on it and I'm not a bad candidate for dating.

ROBO\_WARRIOR 4 years ago

Tried returning to pof again with no joy; but they have change there rules; basically saying if you recieve so many blocks you will be banned, the site also has a twitter page which is as helpful as the help centre of its own site..... NO HELP AT ALL. Maybe if Markus hired people instead of relying on volunteers; Members EX members may get treat better

justin 4 years ago

Plenty of fish is a terrible site. Most females are obese trashy ir both. Hihh expectations gold diggers who I wouldnt normally give the time of day. The worst part is how flaking they are. Often wanting to talk for hours on end. They usually give their cell so you can text them but I dont need a pen pal. Oh and I love the ones with pics of them in their bras and then they say how they arent looking for sex. lmaom Trailor trash fat pigs.

savagebeast 4 years ago

Pof=Plenty of losers. Boycott that stupid site, get some confidence and actually talk to somebody. Everybody needs to grow the hell up. How in the hell did people meet before the internet? Bunch of losers.

BobHope 4 years ago

Just thought I'd leave a little comment.

I'm 24 years old, male, from London. And I'm pretty normal (so I'm told). I've had replies to probably 50% of the messages I've sent out, and have had some pretty decent conversations with normal women on there. I've met up with 4 women from POF. One of them I saw for around 5 months, then we both decided it wan't going to work. The other three didn't really go anywhere after the second dates.

Yes there are going to be some scammers on here, there will be nutters, gold diggers, liers etc etc, but it's a dating website for crying out loud, what do you expect. And yes, the owners are probably earning a fortune, but you get to use the site for free, and earning money was probably a big reason as to why they set it up in the first place. Jealousy gets you nowhere people.

The bottome line is this;

There are normal people on pof. You will get a reply if your message is interesting enough and the other person likes the look of you. The owners do not have fake profiles to lure people in. If you find someone on there you like the look and sound of, send a message, if they like you they'll reply, then take it from there.

All these dicks crying about how they never get any replies to their messages, there's reasons. Either you're not very attractive or interesting and don't have anyhting going for you, and you're messaging people who are well out of your league. OR.... your messages are boring as fu*k!! Don't just message saying 'Hi, how are you? x' It doesn't work, believe me. Actually read their profile and send a message relevant to that and you'll more than likely get a response.

Plenty of fish is a fantastic dating website.

It's free

Easy to use

Plenty of real members

Has an iPhone app

Minimal amount of fake profiles

Can excahnge contact numbers in a message

Will actually get to meet some of the members

Peace! Enjoy. Happy FISHING!!!

POF Long timer 4 years ago

BobHope nailed it on the head:

"Either you're not very attractive...".

It's all about looks. Women do not read your profile either. The

I tried not having a photo. Women would reply, asking for photo as the first thing. When I would show them, 80% would "disappear". One even asked how old I was (it's in my profile dear)...and alot asked "what I did for a living" (it's in my profile dear).

My brother who is a fitness model PROVED this, he put up a photo of him working out. He got SWARMED with messages (the ones women complain about) from the women saying "hi, wanna chat" "wanna root" and even girls giving him their number or sending him lingerie photos. Even asking for one night stands! You know what his profile said? "Eh, unemployed, smoke weed living with ex, get abusive alot" .. .and STILL 30 messages a day?

I have been on there for ten years, and tried ALL forms of things..I can also spot the fake profiles:

-Ones with blank description, or a couple words.

-Ones that say "Add me on Facebook" generally are

-A lot of the "blonde bimbos" are fake.

I am very aware of some of the website addons and scripts that Markus uses on the site...generating profiles from scrap data and deleted profiles. Bots, etc. I have used them before

Pof Long Termer 4 years ago

Mind you, one woman I DID meet was using her 18 year old daughter's photos on POF! I turned up, only to be shocked that the woman was almost 30 years older and four times the size!

And ytou know what she wanted? Yep, Sex. Women complain that the guys only want sex, but as in my post above, if you're a bodybuilder, THEY will be offering nude photos and one night stands!

Here's another thing - women complain that the men get abusive if rejected.well, reject a woman on there and whoa watch the sparks fly! They get so angry, they abuse you, report you and have your profile deleted!

Brother just showed me this:

Her email "hi sexy, wanna chat?"

Him: No thanks, but good luck with searching.

Her: Oh you a**hole, you're an ugly pig


ryan 4 years ago

Hi.I just tell the gals anymore on my profile,I'm looking for a woman that ain't got no men,My Bucket's Got a Hole In it I can't Buy No Beer,I hear nothing,but when I change it to,I like to travel,wine and dine,the flood gate's open on me,they don't like me when I say,I wonder why we all want what we can't have,oh what a crying shame it is for I wanted it all,and I'm in a real uproar over it,toshue,and,a-rub-a-dub-dub,

Oh me oh my 4 years ago

Yes, but the real question of the day is, if you fart in your sleep, do you wake up?

ryan 4 years ago

no I don't wake up,my sweet does (kamgen) does did you get it lol

patrick 4 years ago

aw,yes git it user (kamgen) little miss holy queen of heaven who don't take it well lied to,and who never told the truth in her life,PTHHP!

GERRY 4 years ago

Hi,give it up,Kamgen is a beautiful looking woman and sounds like a very nice person

James 4 years ago

@Brokenangel I bet you're a minger actually. I, myself am a good looking man and to say you hate all the men on there. Well I've got news for you. THEY HATE YOU TOO!!

POF Long timer 4 years ago

BobHope: Minimal amount of fake profiles

This is the only part that is not true. POF has an abundance of fake profiles...I have found profiles on there with photos stolen from Facebook, Car Models, Bikini model sites, Sports model women, all in the one hour of being on there!

Hank Hill 4 years ago

Me: Well above average in appearance. Yes, the ladies think I'm handsome, cute, hot, all of the above. Financially stable, able to enjoy life.

Pof Women: While there are exceptions to the norm, most women on Pof have an over-inflated sense of self-worth. This is likely due to the countless emails they receive from potential suitors. After all, the ratio of men : women is certainly not in a guy's favor at all.

This is a completely unrealistic environment where lies abound and strange things happen.

While I have met some women from Pof, I would not recommend it at all. It was a passing phase. There wasn't one women I would ever contemplate dating. Many are in dire straights financially and/or an emotional train wreck. Most have so much baggage, you would need a fork lift to carry it around.

I'm sure there are success stories, yet the time/effort required is well and above the call of duty, for results that just disappoint.

Jimbo 4 years ago

Can you stand one more story of useless behavior?

After being on a favorites list for a LONG time (say a year and a half - give or take) I finally thought "Well why no contact from this individual?" Wanting to solve this once and for all, I wrote the person. Bent over backwards to be kind and respectful. But was clear if indeed I was a 'favorite', that further communication was in order.

Result? Taken off the list! So why do people wonder why they have such trouble with relationships when what you give is something completely lacking.

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

LOL, when you figure humans out, let me know. To me most are alien.


Orion 4 years ago

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The vudoo spell caster is great and powerful, now all my friends that knows me before now wants to meet him because they've seen changes and the new me.

You can reach him through his email if you need his help in any of your situation that you cant handle.

Jimbo 4 years ago

"LOL, when you figure humans out, let me know. To me most are alien.


No truer words ever spoken. Maybe time to contact the vudoo spell master??? lol

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

Yeh, need someone just a little more with it : )

Jimbo 4 years ago

Now this is getting REAL freaky! I write a woman who has been on POF ever since my 'beginnings'. Like two years ago. She has consistently showed up on my chemistry list and I've often wondered how this woman could possibly be 'available' for so long. Just too good for someone to pass up.

Ok. Five days later I check my 'sent messages' and it ended up going to an entirely different person. Someone over in the UK.

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

You mean you sent it through your regular e-mail client, not the "sent" area in POF, right?

If yes, than clearly they are spoofing their e-mail address & redirecting you & you will probably start to get a lot of spam now.

POF clearly doesn't care what happens on their site, who comes there, etc., so long as they make their money.

They aren't the only ones, there are tons of sites (even non dating) that could care less what happens so long as they make money. This is not how I do business online as I care strongly about quality & customer service.

As for someone being single for 2 years, it's happened to me.

Not saying I'm perfect, but I'm not your average person, so finding someone compatible with me hasn't been easy for me.

You sound like all those women out there that judge other women b/c they are single.

Unfortunately that shows how you feel about relationships.

Yes we need relationships in our lives, but I for one am NOT going to jump into a relationship just to please others or b/c I'm scared of being alone. There are soooo many males & females out there that do this it sickens me actually. It's time to grow up. This serial monogamy only harms, there's nothing positive about jumping from one relationship to another.

I used to jump into relationships when I was much younger & really insecure. I stopped doing that when I realized that being in an unhealthy relationship is worse than being single.

Time to start looking for a male escort LOL

bob 4 years ago

well,ain't it the truth,and who in the heck even cares,not me ride em cowboy and a rub-a-dub-dub to u gals

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

I have no idea what is happening, but someone just took an e-mail address I never use & put it into someone POF profile, b/c guys are e-mailing me from there saying I contacted them.

Very very strange.

I posted on POF's forum, but no response.

James 4 years ago

I agree with you to a certain extent, but why pay if you have to. Patience is a virtue. If you actaully take the time to sift through the (pardon my French) sh*t on that website, you will find you can meet some pretty down to earth people. We all have baggage; its about finding that person who loves us enough to unpack it with. I found my fiance on POF fyi.

ErepAnneriGep 4 years ago

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latest study news 4 years ago

Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

cin cat 4 years ago

markus frind is a fake and disability hater he removed my profile because i am deaf and keep those scammers on they get to stay on because thats what markus wants more fakes and more scammers he is a scammer himself as well he is a real piece of work the same as the person called allison she is very rude to people that pof should be removed by the authrorites by now they are not allowed to do that here

agree with cin cat 4 years ago

I got my profile deleated several times and they have no good reason why to do it , they say they restrict the pic but yet they will let people put up sexual profils and naked pic but you take some one that trys to go by the rules they deleat their profilie MAKUS YOU SUCK

MR77100 profile image

MR77100 4 years ago from IL

I used it and found no one "normal" at all it! Drug-dealers, prostitutes, freaks, weirdos, trans, and players abound. The site has no class at all!

PDXBuys profile image

PDXBuys 3 years ago from Oregon

I have been on POF for over a year (I am male). Yes, there are some strange people there, but it can work. I've met six women and I dated three of them. The most recent is still a work in progress. You have to be intelligent in your selection process and, as always, very careful. If he/she sounds too good to be true, he/she probably is. But if you hang out in bars or clubs you will probably also run into the same percentage of rotten people. Online is just a bit safer while you are testing the waters. Good luck to everyone. I hope that this wonderful woman I just found on POF is a "keeper".

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 3 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

I think it also has to do with where you live. You are in Oregan, maybe there's more sane people there LOL I've wanted to move to Oregan for a while now.

Wishing you & your hunny all the best : )

james 3 years ago

I'm not kidding but the gals on pof gave me such a gut pain I had to go doctor and get all kinds of test they found nothing wrong...about a week later I signed into pof and the pain came back so bad I thought I had to call 911

Starrdust48 3 years ago

Dear little miss sensualsprit

If you think there are sane people on pof...You my dear are in need of sever mental treatment..I know'cause I'm on there, you may laught twice :) :-)

George 3 years ago

Yes, actually its a very big site and it seems like its almost impossible to find a person who will answer you there. Its too big and there is a lot of users who left the site already, but their profiles are still available for review. Sometimes its confusing. And you can not be sure that all the people there are real. It does not seem to be very serious. Its good for chatting and "hanging out", but not for serious search. As for me I was searching for my soulmate and after 2 months I gave up. Girls just wanted to chat and have fun. That's why I decide to find something more reliable and serious. So I've found my future wife here:

Now we are going to marry. You can also try, its really reliable.

sensualspirit profile image

sensualspirit 3 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

Starr Dust,

You clearly didn't understand what I said & the law of math states that there are ALWAYS exceptions to every rule, so maybe he did find someone there, you nor I know & I'm not about to call someone a liar.


StarrDust 3 years ago

Michelle, My goodness what a nice strut you have, I love the wiggle in your walk and the giggle in your talk, hey I like them Puffronie's gal's

Huh? 3 years ago

Okay, I am going to bring you an honest story. I know honesty isn't favoured on pOF, but..

I have been on POF for 10 years..yes, 10. I am not overweight, bald, deformed, or acne faced. I have messaged many, many women in that time. I am guessing (guessing) close to sending out 20,000 messages.

No replies.

Before you ask what type of messages I sent, none of them were sex messages, none of them were "hi, how r u". I would ask them about their profile, and so on.

Nothing. Views yes, replies, no. I'm not just referring to "hot" women; even women on welfare with 6 kids and 350 pounds+ women wouldn't reply. Read/Deleted story (although now they have taken that to a paid feature...coincidentally ;) )

Posting on the forums advice is of no use. Either I get told the "don't worry, she will come along" false encouragment lines, or just be abused by the 60yr old anti-male tribe.


PDXBuys profile image

PDXBuys 3 years ago from Oregon

POF suffered from a technical glitch recently and a lot of user accounts were deleted. I don't think it was anything personal. My account disappeared and I could not re-register with the same e-mail. No explanation was given by POF. So I simply used an alternate e-mail account and created a new profile. I am back online again - no problems so far.

Cyclop's 3 years ago

I met this one gal on Pof who told if I didn't have space between my teeth and if I couldn't apple's through a picket fence to leave her alone

bertyboy 3 years ago

oh give over guys n galls.go on the premium websites match etc.there the same profiles on there.why pay? i have once. never again.

kye lye 3 years ago

Oh, yeah they all hip hop from one site to another, just people who has nothing better to do than make plaster their face where-ever they can and annoy as many as they can, I would just love to see the same old bucket's on their Facebook, how many I wonder must have unfriended them, er they is too ugly to go out in public

luke 3 years ago

why don't they re-name plenty of fish, (Fish Face), annoying service's

Nikki 3 years ago

I met my fiance on POF, and had another great relationship from that site.

JoshB 2 years ago

I think they got the animal incorrect - should be called Plenty of Pigs. I've never seen a bigger bunch of "less desirable" people in one location. Lesson learned: if you are an attractive person that has your act together, stay out in the bars and social venues. If you are ugly, fat, considered a redneck, white trash or near scumbag, online dating is for you.

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