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Ideas for a Princess Fairytale Wedding

Are you just dreaming of the perfect princess wedding or fairy tale wedding? In this hub, I will help you find the perfect place and items you will need to fulfil your lifelong dream of a princess wedding. To start we will talk about invitations, next will be a venue or location, then I will share some of my favorite links for dresses. I will also add more links to other sites that will take you to more great ideas, but first don't forget to favorite this page to come back to for references!

When I think of a princess wedding I think of a handsome prince on a white horse coming to swoop me up in a light flowing dress and I am riding behind him in the sunset ...The first thing you need to do is really get a visual of what you want. Some really want a carriage and horses, others want a castle, some want a sunset beach. Many women want a prince in a white suit. My prince is not in white, or in shiny armour, but looks like snow whites prince. Although the prince of Persia is awfully cute! So think about how you want your groom to look like too.


Great Locations for Princess Weddings

Whether it be a Castle,Mansion,Cruise,Beach or lakeside your princess wedding will be phenomenal with any of these venues.


Lady Hawk


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I recommend a wedding at The Ladyhawk in the fall. I also know Disney puts on a fantastic princess wedding from beginning to end. My personal Favorite is King Estate in Loraine, Oregon, but in the summer. Eilian Donan Castle in Scotland has been in many movies and they do wonderful weddings and a great place for photos, its quite windy so be aware of that with your hair if you will be outside, a velvet coat with a hood and gold trim might be nice, princess style.


I am a big fan of Vera Wang Dresses particularly a from her 2010. You should check out her classics line too. Disney has a wonderful bridal site, it has everything even right down to the glass slipper collection.


Your invitations should be with a wax ring seal, I have a link to Nostalgic impressions, this makes the invitation so elegant. While you are at it grab up a feathered pen and guest book too. I have also added other links for invitations & ideas, a bow looks really nice too.

The Prince Invitation

Royal Wedding Invitation
Royal Wedding Invitation

How to make a wax seal for invitations

Ideas for Boquets
Ideas for Boquets
Disney's Fairy Tale weddings Company
Disney's Fairy Tale weddings Company | Source

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