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Glow; post break up

I was gathering myself from the nasty break up I thought but the emotional gear was lifted! It showed on my face. So I was kept thinking what brought that glint on my face! Somehow I wanted to give that credit to the relation that I just came out of. I was feeling better and I was glowing! So, what happens post breaking up that give some women the amazing glint? I re-collected some ideas that my friends gave me as support. Well women tend to rely on friends and open up more than men. And women also cope better with estrangement than men. Hence I decided to give out some simple tips to show the world that you are in for the “single” mode post break-up.


Spoil yourself, you mean a lot to yourself!!

There’s nothing like getting yourself pampered to save you out of the memories left behind. So Splurge on Self. Gather all your gurlies and go in for a beauty routine. Have fun while being pampered. A facial and pedicure are the best options to go for in a pamper zone. A facial will relax your skin and a pedicure will relax your feet. You will love the feel. You will actually feel burden less after a beauty routine. Get a haircut done. Get a new look for yourself. And not only you will notice the change but everyone around will (and you never know, it might be the time your ex would regret not sticking to you). This is important because when you are out of a relationship, most of the time you forget yourself. However keeping in mind the following tips, you can show the world that you are out of the misery. And this simple tip will also add confidence in you.


Re-decorate your room!!

When in love, your wardrobe becomes the hideaway of all those lovey dovey letters, cards, memorabilia and many other things. Clean up your closet. Remove all things one by one out of your closet and simply T-R-A-S-H them. You will feel better and do trust me on that; it really makes you feel good. Put aside all those outfits that your ex loved you wearing. You don’t need to trash them but you can actually wear it once you’re out of the break up. Wear it on a new date. I did that once. And I also received compliments which made me confident and my belief that I can move on now. Now that you have trashed the unwanted and made space for self, go Shopping. Buy bright colour clothes. They bring back the buoyancy. Next, get clicked. Click some really “a-la-mode” photos of self and arrange it in your wardrobe everywhere. Each day when you will see them, it’ll remind you of the new person in you.

Hang out with F-R-I-E-N-D-S!!

Friends are the most important people post break up. They are always there for you no matter what. And if they are not then I am sure they are not Friends. You tend to give priorities to your Girl/Boy friend in a relation more than your friends. So it’s you who go apart. Call all the friends whom you might have unknowingly neglected. Say sorry to them. It takes only this much to get your friends back. Hang out with them. Spend some quality time and you will feel all ready to move on. Talk your heart out to them. Make plans. Go outing. Go on adventurous trip. In short, take time out for yourself with friends.

Also engage in conversations that interests you. If you have a fetish for fashion, dig into some books or events. Get social. These days we have twitter and face book trending. Make your presence feel in a no-nonsense way. And soon you will love to move on to better things and all that you were missing while in a relationship.

Remember: Keeping in touch with ex will only hurt you. So gather the guts to delete their number, messages, emails and everything that reminds you of your ex. Do not reply to the emails and messages. If he really feels sorry for breaking up with you, he will find a way to reach you even without the mobiles or emails. True love reaches self. Self doesn't find True love.

Don’t forget your FAMILY!!

A relationship brings many changes. Especially for a family. We hide things and sometimes lie to parents too; for many reasons like sneaking out of house at odd times, bunking college/lectures, missing family get together et al. Start socializing with family. Go for movies. Arrange a small get together and capture the special moments for your parents. See them happy and laughing and that will bring you a smile on your face. Such small things mean a lot to your parents.

All the above tips are very necessary in life to move on over anything. These are few things that will actually lift up your spirits and self-reliance. This in turn will also leave you happy, with that glint on your face.

But it isn’t over yet. So moving on to few more tips.

Are you willing to move on now? Or you wanna stick to old love??

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Organize life!!

If you’re a student, concentrate on studies. If you’ve to deal with your ex each day for any reasons, be strong enough to stick to your decision.Remind yourself – you were dumped!! If you’re working, think of your career. Make achievable goals. Working hard in order to divert mind is a way I adopted and am glad of. I took the right decisions in career. But it’s not necessary to keep working to take off your mind. On the contrary take up hobby classes. Dancing really works. It makes you happy. Do something that interests you and that you haven’t been able to do since long.



The most important of all. Think. Think of everybody who matters to you the most. Of course not your ex. If you’re going to think of your ex, it’s going to make you sad. This sadness will be seen by others because there are very few people who can actually hide their pains. So everybody who is around you, people who love you, will be sad to see you sad. Think of ways to make people around you happy, so that you can stay happy too. A happy face always gathers the glint.

Simple Tips to stay Happy
Play with children
Go to hobby centre
Adopt a pet
Listen music that makes you dance

Haste is definitely waste!!

If you’re crying on a friend’s shoulder who has the likes for you, it will eventually turn out that you will soon start dating him/her. When a relationship breaks, a new relation is the last thing you need. Don't let yourself fall in other relation unless you’re completely out of one. Post break-up, you really lose your mind to not know what is right and what is wrong! Don't rush for any relations. Rather opt for dating. It’s safe and bearable. Time heals everything.


Accept the fact that he is gone! And for good! Never blame yourself, or for that matter, your ex too. Love can’t be forgotten is true. But time makes you move on is also true. If you keep expecting a call/message/email or a miracle that things will be normal, trust me, that’s not going to happen. Its better you accept the fact. And the so called “we can still be friends” phrase only hurts. It doesn’t really work because you will still have expectations if you’re in touch.

And lastly, it’s your call whether to move on or stay behind with memories (only to later regret that moving on was a better option). Why show the pain, rather, stay happy stay fit!

I wrote this article because I had been in a serious relationship for 11 yrs only to get dumped later. I was in depression for 3 years but now I know what life would have been if I was with some idiot who took advantage of me. So good luck fellas. And there is nothing like First love is the Last love.

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Jyoti Patil profile image

Jyoti Patil 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

yes I completely agree that being married is challenging. But all that starts well ends well too, should just have the right amount of patience.

lpanfil profile image

lpanfil 5 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

When being married gets challenging, and believe me – it gets challenging, I just have to watch the myriad of dating reality shows on TV to say, “I’m glad I’m not doing that anymore.” I didn’t marry until I was 34. So, I had my string of break-up, a few make-ups and then one I-do. And, while I have my days where I look longingly at the departure schedule at our local airport, life and love is good.

Jyoti Patil profile image

Jyoti Patil 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

hahahaah!!! well I haven't heard that enough! and i don't agree with the statement too. But Ipanfil, what makes you ask that question? I would love to answer. Hope to hear from you soon.

lpanfil profile image

lpanfil 5 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

Makes me glad I’m married. How often do you hear that?

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