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Over the recent years women have claimed their long overdue personal and professional identities. They’ve constructed self sufficient foundations that can be perplexing to the average male, who is hardwired by nature to provide and protect. As misconstrued as it is, he adopts the notion that she doesn’t need anything from him; he even feels a sense of enjoinment to a certain extent.

I would submit the he feels his manhood is challenged by her independence. She is financially, and emotionally solvent. She is well established in her business and personal community environments with contacts outside his realm that augments her feminine and human requisites for expansion. At the very least, she has solidified a support system that procures the basic demands usually rendered and provided by a committed man.

I would surmise that often times, he feels his sexual prowess is the only offering he retains, and that he realizes, when it come s to a lady of this statue, is nowhere near enough to fulfill and nurture her broad appetites as a woman and a human being. And he’s correct.

This woman is far beyond receding her expectations for sexual gratification that she knows she can obtain in a package with a resume offering everything she feels is an enhancement to her personally and professionally.

She has her own individual GPS for success set on definitive targets and is achieving those targets with bull’s eye accuracy. And her journey is not dependent upon directives or financial support from him.

I think the most overlooked issue that repeatedly resurrects itself between truly independent women and men is one of standards. Independent women always have criterion above the norm, and lowering those criterion are not an option, and should not be an option. This position by a woman not to lower her standards necessary for her own propulsion forward, immediately eliminates the men from the boys, as the boys know they can’t begin to bear the demands the strength that a lady of this magnitude will demand of them.

These are your “just getting by” minimum ambition types that would not have been conducive to her level of standards anyway.

A percentage of the men that remain whom are not on equivalent social, educational , and economical levels as the woman in question may experience ego deflation, intimidation, a sense of worthlessness in regards to this particular woman, and decide move on to where he feels he’s needed No one to provide for here or protect he feels.

To be fair, this is not all men, but from visiting the discussion boards, and canvassing the net, the percentage of men with issues with independent women are large enough to validate a discussion on the issue.

The resolution? To be sure, men have to embrace that women have the right to the same independence men have laid claim to for hundreds of years. We as men also have to acclimate ourselves with the fact that we don’t define a woman’s individuality, never have, never will. Both men and women have to understand when it comes to relationships, it about a union given life through the breaths of enhancement, support, communication, commitment, love, and a mutual respect and unabashed encore for the success of one another.

It’s not about declination, it’s about ascension. Discarding the shackling mindset she needs to compromise her identity is a defeatist tactic men need to shed, then embrace the notion , it’s beneficial to invest in themselves in whatever context required to escalate any stumbling obstacles, and be on the way to nourishing one another , which in turn, nourishes the relationship .

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MrASSERTIVE 5 years ago

A man that is assertive would never be rattled over the fact that a women desires to be "independent" or says she is independent. Everyone should research the word to better understand the word. The women that use the word when speaking of a Relationship does not properly understand its meaning.

GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995)

Wives, place yourselves under your husbands' authority. This is appropriate behavior for the Lord's people.

The Bible states that a true christian woman or man will will try to follow the written word of the Bible.

New Living Translation (©2007)

But among the Lord's people, women are not independent of men, and men are not independent of women.

The dictionary defines independent as an uncommitted person, unrelated (not being in a relationship with anyone) hmmm. So if any woman is an "Independent woman she is not a christian woman period... And she will not try to find reasons not to submit to her husband that follows the Bible. I would love to hear from all the women that hates what the Bible says about Independent women and women submitting to the bible following husbands. Thanks for your comments.

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