Reasons why women cheat on their partner - Women and Cheating

Mostly they say that most of men commit physical cheating as opposed to emotional cheating for women. So, why do women cheat?

For appreciation purposes.

Sometimes women may feel rejected or not appreciated. They do household chores the whole day, they take care of the children’s need and spouse round the clock. It is a twenty-four hour job specially when they are stay at home mommies. For some women who are working, most of the time, they still do most of the household chore when they go home. They are feeling neglected by their husband who work also and then go home, sit down in front of the television, computer etc. When they go home from work, women sometimes look for a little bit appreciation from their partner. If a man from work appreciates them, they become excited and become emotionally involved with the man. They crave for somebody to listen to them, somebody who will appreciate their thoughts, dreams, aspirations and looks. Somebody who gives time to laugh and to share moments with them. It usually starts with eating out together and talking. This may develop to physical cheating. It usually start from emotional proceeding to physical cheating.

Women cheat when they are insecure

Women who are mostly unemployed stay at home mom mostly feel this. They began to question their self worth, and they crave for somebody who will show likeness to them, to boost their morals. That somebody usually gives them the sense that they are still sexy and desirable, as oppose to their partners who never appreciate them physically, or never even look at them when they have a new look etc. That’s why finishing required schooling is very important as education uplifts the insecurities of women and also boost their morals. Having higher education gives economic autonomy as these women enter more the labor force.

They are bored/ for the thrill of it.

From dating to the first year of marriage the couple are still excited with each other. If they are outside working, usually, they are excited to go home to see their partners and be with them, but as time goes by they are used to the routine specially if they always do the same things and the spark starts to dwindle. Familiarity with each other also contribute to this. Most women who are thrill seekers are the ones who usually cheat. Women sometimes miss the courting stage activities like flower giving, dating etc.

For material things

Sometimes if the woman’s financial needs are not being met by the partner she tend to look outside and cheat just to get what they want. Women loves the comfort of having material things, shopping and being able to buy their luxuries in life. If somebody aside form their partner is willing to give this, they usually cheat on their partners.

Just to get back at their partner/revenge

.Mostly due to being jilted upon, women try to get back at their husband because of spite. This is brought about by the anger upon knowing that their partner or the man that they love cheated on them also.

For physical intimacy or sexual deprivation

Usually this type of women are those whose husband/partner are not physically present for them due to work related reasons or just the lack of intimacy between partners. Sexual excitement is lacking in the relationship that is why they tend to look for another person to fulfill it.

They want out of the relationship but they cant tell their partner

Sometime because they don’t want their partner to be hurt and thy don’t have enough courage to tell their partner that they want out of the relationship, they just cheat and don’t care whether their partner will be hurt as long as they can get out of the relationship. Then they hurt more their partner by doing that..

Most of their fiends cheat too

They say that birds of the same feather flock together. A trusted friend is a big influence specially among women because they share everything from bedroom secrets. Some women tend to imitate what their friends are doing specially if they see that some of their friends can get away with it then they may do it also. Sometimes friends can also encourage them to cheat and they will act as their look out or confidante.

Family and Upbringing

We can never underestimate the effect of family and upbringing to the core values and behavior of people. People who are more religious, and have a more stable family tend to be cautious and more to do the right thing at most times. For women, they look up to their mother for modeling and vice versa for men.

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lyricsingray 7 years ago

Definitely for the thrill of it :-0, Thanks, nice write, Kimberly

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US Author

yes, your definitely right there..i think so too, talked to some women and they just get bored...

ralwus 7 years ago

Well, I have learned they are no different than men then. It can be a thrill, but it is also costly in many ways, or can be.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US Author

to ralwus: yes but women are more prone to emotional cheating....for me--it is more physical

ralwus 7 years ago

I wish you would not have told me that. ~sigh~

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US Author

oh you misunderstood me I should have said that for me physical cheating is a no no something like that, the response was cut, sorry about that..

ralwus 7 years ago

If you wanna change it I can't prevent you. hehe But you said what you said and I'm stickin to it. LOL Now, let's us cheat. hhe

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US Author

lololol, that's funny ralwus, hats off to you..would never cheat if I can, only if my partner approves of it, otherwise it will not be cheating anymore.

Helen Cater profile image

Helen Cater 7 years ago from UK

I know plenty who have cheated for the thrills. Me I am a good girl and would not think of it. Interesting read.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US Author

hi Ms. Helen, yes I know you're a good woman, thanks by the way for your tips (beauty tips)!

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

I had quite a few friends who have done this and although I have tried to guide them they certainly found a way of not listening. The most complicated part was when I had to come face to face with a friend's husband and it was so hard for me not to say anything because honestly he was an absolutely wonderful person and did all for her, the sad thing was her excuse was she was bored and had to have some fun! If only they would have taken time for each other.

Loved the hub! :)

cindyvine profile image

cindyvine 7 years ago from Kyiv, Ukraine

I would say the thrill of it and if your partner is not satisfying your sexual needs.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US Author

AEvans, yes, it is bad to cheat but aometimes people are just like that, and no matter what you do to them, they will still do whatever they like to do, thanks for reading this one, Maita

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US Author

hi Cindyvine,yes it is true, for the thrill of it and that for the sexual satisfacton too, Thanks for reading this hub, Maita

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 7 years ago

Cheating, fudging, white-lying, it's all the same. When it happens it hurts us all like ripples on the water.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US Author

you are correct here, Micky, thanks for the read, Maita.... How are you now?

Truth From Truth profile image

Truth From Truth 7 years ago from Michigan

Wow, this is a scary subject. It is the type of situation that can destroy families, and hurt the children. You made excellent points. Thanks Maita.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US Author

it can really destroy families T and children should be the priority, thank you Truth for reqading this one as you said I agree that it is really scarey too,Have a good day, Maita

Coolmon2009 profile image

Coolmon2009 6 years ago from Texas, USA

I feel couples are playing with fire when they cheat; The long term implementations are often not considered and wanted; thank you for another well written article.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US Author

thanks cool, maita

AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

A nice article, but I can see each of these reasons applying when men have extra marital relationships (except maybe the need for material things). Speaking as a man I could see exactly how symmetric this is between the sexes.

Distance is another factor. I knew some Filipina in Belgium considered themselves single if their partner was still in the Phils. As to imitating friends that is a more poweful driver than many realise. As for sexual deprivation, any woman who deprives the husband of sex without explanation must expect him to take other opportunities if they arise.

Perhaps, as Scott Petullo said on one of his hubs, the requirement for monogamy should be quietly dropped, but that is whole new can of worms

Great hub though. I enjoyed it.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US Author

Thanks alexk, good hehe, maybe monogamy is a myth, but I am telling you it happens and sometimes who are we to judge what's really happening, I see that men and women have same issues almost but men see cheating as emotional (meaning finding somebosy to console with)or just physical? Thanks to you, Maita

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