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For most couples who are planning a wedding, budget is one of the most important factors in their ceremony and reception choices. It can be a struggle to balance the desire to create a beautiful and meaningful day with the restrictions of a budget. Couples may find themselves sacrificing the quality or quantity of certain wedding-day items, or even crossing them off the list altogether as the day grows closer and the budget gets tighter. Visiting a quality wedding rental shop may help you restore some of the wedding day dreams that budget seems to exclude, and might even provide ideas that you hadn’t considered before.

Some people don’t care for the idea of renting because they feel like they aren’t getting anything tangible for their money when all is said and done. However, when it comes to wedding supplies, such as a fondue fountain, chairs, linens, decorations, centerpieces, candelabras and vases, these things are often only used once, and require a great deal of storage space. One may plan to resell them, which is a possibility, but you’ll likely be selling them at a substantial loss, and if they don’t sell right away, wedding trends could shift, leaving you with a closet full of chair covers in last year’s most popular color.


In addition, purchasing expensive wedding items may force you to compromise your vision and buy less-than-ideal items to fit them into your budget. Instead, you could pay less to rent exactly what you want. Instead of settling for buying a plain cake stand or a beige tablecloth (when you really wanted sage), head to a wedding rental shop and peruse their selection to find exactly what you had in mind. Since most wedding items are realistically only used for a single day, why not make that day everything you had imagined, and save money at the same time?

Visiting a wedding rental retailer also puts you in touch with the helpful consultants. Most people only have a big wedding once, but associates at wedding rental centers have much more experience under their belts. They know the right questions to ask to help you think through your vision carefully, and they are bound to be in the know about the current wedding trends. Having assisted hundreds of others, they also carry with them a wealth of ideas that they’ve seen others bring to life.

You may be surprised at what can be rented. Before you start making any major wedding purchases, stop by a wedding rental store to get an idea of what is available. You’ll find that everything from dinnerware to aisle runners to placemats to coffee makers to decorations to tents to lighting can be chosen at bargain prices from a wide selection. If you’re saving money on some of the basics by renting, you may even have some left over for items you hadn’t thought you could afford. A lighted archway, a water feature, or even a fun extra like photo props for a homemade photo booth could provide that extra detail that makes your wedding memorable.

Visiting a wedding rental store can help you achieve your dream wedding by providing low prices, convenience, expertise, and inspiration. Before you compromise your vision for your budget, take time to see what renting can offer. Instead of having a closet full of dusty, second-rate “bargain” purchases, you’ll have pictures and memories of a beautiful day that demonstrates your unique style.


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teaches12345 2 years ago

You have posted excellent advice for those seeking to save expenses on their big day.

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Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks teaches12345!

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