Rise In Love : How to think when heart breaks

Heart Break

Relationships are strange. It depends on various factors whether a relationship is successful or not. Successful relationships mean two happy hearts together. It's a blissful feeling. But what happens when this is not the case. When you love someone and in return you don't get the desired outcome what your mind is searching and longing for then comes the heart break. Heart break in love is very painful. It's sometimes tremendous difficult to accept the reality and to cope up with the painful situation easily. But it's also an obvious part of life. It's a learning to move on to something better. But the question is how you can minimize the pain in love? How can you reduce the set back while heart breaks?

There is no one line solution for broken hearts. But yes, definitely there are various methods to cope up with the heart break in love. Some proven methods are not to call up or to email or to sms or to meet your partner any more, getting yourself busy in work, doing something passionately that you like, not to looking into old pictures or gifts, not to over react and nagging, not to request to come back, joining similar clubs or gyms and many more. These are definitely proven methods to minimize the pain but the most important part is to change your perception after the heart break. Here I will try to highlight some ways that can help you to think in a different way altogether.

Rise in love

Rise in love
Rise in love

Rise in love

Rise in love, don't fall ! It's a very meaningful line to understand. Do you know why we get pain? The answer is our expectation. We expect as we want from our partner and when there is a mismatch we get hurt. If you think logically, that means some of the acts of your partner give you happiness and a feeling of divine bliss that's why you are attracted and attached to him or her. You think this is love. Yes, this is love but most of us don't think much about it. We want to go long and want to do anything or everything for our love. We say we do it because I love you. But the actual answer is I do it because I feel good doing it for you and there comes the problem. We make ourselves stuck in a predefined method and we unconsciously develop expectation. More the involvement, more the expectation. It's an addiction. An addiction to ourselves to get that excitement, to get that mental stimuli to make ourselves happy. This is called falling in love. whenever we are in this situation and if suddenly we get hurt, then our heart breaks and we get pain.

Now think this way. Love should be free and there should not be any binding, any condition any time limit or any defined method or any process. There should not be any expectation too. Think this way that you love someone. But that does not mean you have to get him or her for all the life. Cherish the beautiful moments and keep them in memories. Getting physical is a vital part in love making but that does not mean it is inevitable. Love is a cumulative feelings of being good, being generous to yourself as well as to others. It broadens your mind and help you to get close to your soul beyond your mind. so love, forgive, smile and don't repent. Do what you feel. Do good. Give your best. Don't expect.

Still if someone misunderstands you, then there is nothing to do. You have no control over time and over others thought process. What you can do is to do best with yourself and to do best with your partner. If still you get broken heart, think that you have nothing to lose. You should feel happy and proud that you have loved someone. Cherish the good moments. Remember nothing is immortal here and so is love. So what you have given and what you have got in return, accept it. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Don't react, stay calm. Forgive forgive and forgive.

Be with yourself, do good to others, spread your love to others. Love people, love nature, love your work and get involved passionately what you like to do. You will get the same divine joy and excitement again what you were longing for. Everything changes when your perception changes.

Never be critical and revengeful that only leaves you lonely. Forgive and appreciate what you have experienced. Learn from it and move on with a winning smile. There is nothing to lose in this world, nothing to win. What you do, you have to payback in your life time. So be happy and enjoy the precious moments of life. Rise in love.


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