Saif's Classy Date With Beautiful Media Girls!


Saif's Classy Date With Delhi Media Girls

Saif has a very royal image, he is also known for being the Nawab of Pataudi. This Nawab had taken some beautiful Delhi media on a romantic dinner date. They had gone to the Imperial Hotel of New Delhi.

He has been in Delhi for the premier and promotion of his upcoming movie - "Happy Ending and he had made a decision to spend a little of his own time with these media girls. Basically, his attempt meant that he wanted to be away from his normal/daily rush.

A dress of a Navy Blue suit, underneath a purple tie, both the colours seemed to match endlessly! The actor look as classy as ever. To show off his own charming persona, the actor was dandling all over the media girls with a total Italian dinner, accompanied with French wine and thousands of selfies!

What do you think? Was this just a way for Saif to relax or he had a totally different agenda? Let us know in the comments below.


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