Second Life Possibilities

SecondLife Paradise
SecondLife Paradise

If you could have a chance to start your life over, would you? What if you could live all your dreams to the fullest without limitation? There is a virtual chat reality platform on the internet that can allow you to experience much of what you are too afraid to experience in “real” life. It is called When I found SL over 3 years ago I thought to myself, “I can’t handle one life, what would I do with two?”. Curiosity got the better of me though, so I checked it out. I was hooked immediately and have not looked back. There are many reasons why I am so taken by SL, but the thing that keeps me coming back is my friends. I have more friends in SL than I do in first life (1L), which is either a sad note or a hopeful one depending on how you look at it. Put this way, I have more friends now than I have ever had in my entire first life. The internet has truly opened the door for so many possibilities and Linden Labs has taken those possibilities and run with them. For which I am very grateful. The way each person sees SL is different and I am sure it serves many purposes for many people, but I will share my point of view and you can make of it what you will.

Second Life is a 3D virtual world that the residents create. Sort of like first life(1L). Not to be confused with “real” life. Some call it a game, and we have all heard of the game of Life (not the board game). As the course in miracles (ACIM) teaches us, ‘our life, what we see with our body's eyes, is all illusion’. Both 1L and SL are of our creation with a little help from Holy Spirit. I write about this a lot so I will not go into it here. It all became clear one day when I found this youtube video. The video explained that things would be changing and that there was a game that would facilitate this change when we played it. It explained that the human language we have now is inadequate for growth beyond where we are in evolution, and that this game is a tool for learning this language. The language is of the soul and there are several names for it, such as intuition, telepathy, mind reading, and heart mapping. My goal has always been to be conscious of as much as possible. So this language really has no name and it is different in that it is emotionally based. Language really does come up short in 1L. The best way to experience this language of the soul is to play the game. You will either know what I am talking about or you will think I am a kook, either way the message has been delivered.

Concert with dancing
Concert with dancing

Whether you get the intuitive language thing or not there is real value in this virtual world called SecondLife. Why I initially got into SL is the power of imagination to create reality. As I mentioned earlier we are constantly creating our reality (in our dreams, both consciously and unconsciously). In SL we can let go of many of first life’s limitations. SL allows you to see reality as you consciously choose it, sort of like practice. You create the avatar of your choice, which includes choosing your clothing, skin color, size, shape, hair, gender, everything. It is possible to be objects, animals, or invisible. Ever wonder what it is like to be a dog? How about the Koolaide man? It is great fun and we get to experience things we could never in 1L. Either you create what you need with the tools provided free or someone else does and you either buy it cash or get it as a freebie. The fun part is visiting other people’s creations to see their vision and dreams. Many people get caught up in the financial aspects of life and SL is no different. The great thing about SL is there are many “freebies” and so you can live without money! Of course having money makes things easier as it does 1L. In SL you can be rich very easily. One US dollar equals about 250 linden dollars.  You can also make money and there are several hubs on this very subject. For me it is not about money but about relationships!

Far and Away (virtual movie set)
Far and Away (virtual movie set)
Dancing in the garden
Dancing in the garden


Some of the things that work best in SL are music, both live and recorded, dancing (any style you can imagine), relationships (both voice chat and typed), sexual encounters(as real as your imagination), education, lectures, and even movies.  A brief comment on SL sex, you are meeting actual people and interacting with them in ways you probably would not do in first life, so just be careful and courteous.  Most behavior in SL is mature, but like 1L sometimes it gets out of hand.  Unlike 1L nothing can harm you here, it is like practice.  Use SL as a way of extending the possibilities in your life and experiencing things you have been curious about but could not do in 1L.  For me I have experienced things I never thought possible and have come to know myself better.  Life really is about getting to know yourself better and this is done through relationships. 



In SL you can have relationships you never thought possible and experience feelings you did not know you even had!  Another word of caution here, it may appear that your 1L and SL are separate but I can assure you that they are not.  Everything is connected in some way which can be both good and bad.  If you do something in SL to hurt another person(emotionally) then the ramifications are both in 1L and SL.  It works the other way too, if you meet someone special and you get to know this person well, romance in SL will affect your 1L.  Several of my single friends have found life partners on SL and are now very happily living together in 1L.  The other side of the coin is marriages have been broken up when new relationships started in SL that extended into 1L.  In SL we call it a partnership and in 1L we call it marriage, but it is the same thing really.  You can be partnered in SL to one person and married to someone else in 1L, or it can be the same person or no one.  I have several friends who can attest to this, and in fact I have personal experience.  Fortunately I am conscious enough to see that I created the situation that transpired and I have no regrets.  The intentions you go in with will determine your experience, so try to keep an open mind.  The possibilities are endless!

Blessed Island
Blessed Island

The following polls are to show how significant SL is in the world of relationships. The first question is about intimate relationships, meaning sexual relations whether you partnered or not. The second question is about how you view that relationship and the affect it had on you. Thanks for taking the time to read this Hub and answer the polls, I hope you had some fun or at least learned something, lol.

Relationships in SL

Have you had an intimate relationship in SL?

  • YES, multiple
  • Yes, but only one
  • Not Yet
  • No, never will
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Relationship Success

Of those who have had relationships, Were they a success?

  • Yes, and we are still together
  • Yes, we parted as friends
  • No, but we are still friends
  • No, we will never speak again
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I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s profile image

I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s 7 years ago

wow! This magnificient! I Love it...gave me a good way! My senses are expand opportunities for sure! :)

stars439 profile image

stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

Fascinating and interesting idea.If it brings joy, and a since of well being and pleasure, it is a good thing. God Bless You Dear Heart.

Vanda McLean 6 years ago

I've been in 2nd Life for years but I have only one friend there. How do you do that?

sequoiablessed profile image

sequoiablessed 6 years ago from USA Author

Hi Vanda, I went your Vanda's Pocket Park and am pleased that it is still a haven of Peace. I am not sure what you mean, about friends. My Ministry is there and we have over 125 member at last count. It does take time to say Hi to so many friends, but I enjoy it and that is the reason I am here. Blessings to you Vanda, thanks for the commment. ;-) Sequoia

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