What Does A Seniors Community Offer?

Seniors community refers primarily to retirement communities


What Does A Seniors Community Offer?

Seniors community refers primarily to retirement communities where seniors can live out their lives among other seniors with dignity and in most instances while maintaining their independence. There are many different types of seniors' communities. They can be broken down into two broad headings:

  • Residential, and
  • Non-residential

A residential seniors community can be further broken down into categories depending on the living arrangements. These are:

  • Assisted living communities - This type of seniors' community is for the elderly who need help with daily activities because of ill-health. In an assisted living seniors community, the resident can interact with other residents if their condition allows. They have meals together and recreational activities are normally a group event. In this type of seniors community, the resident still maintains their independence in most things, they are just able to access help where they need it.
  • Independent living - This type of seniors community is similar to the assisted living facility except that the residents are able to live independently without need for any assistance beyond the normal. An independent living seniors community can be apartments or a series of flats. Retirees like to move into these kinds of seniors communities because they are generally cheaper and easier to maintain.
  • Nursing homes. - This kind of seniors community is used by those who need long term care. Residents of nursing homes are generally in need of constant care and supervision.

The non-residential seniors community refers to facilities that seniors use but they do not live on site. Such seniors communities are:

  • Day care centers for the elderly
  • Resource centers for the elderly

A non-residential seniors community offers opportunities for interaction between people of a similar age group. Users have access to activities that help to keep their minds alert and their bodies fit. Many of these communities have libraries and computer labs for use by seniors.

The seniors community of today is very different from a couple of years ago. Previously they were generally unpleasant places where old people went to die. Thankfully, today this is no longer the case. The seniors community is more often than not, the place they call home. The only difference is that your neighbors all tend to be of a certain age.

A seniors community can be pretty similar to a five-star hotel, and if you have the financial means these are plentiful. Many upscale establishments have professional chefs, rooms that can rival those in the best hotels, and qualified staff.

Another seniors community may have a swimming pool for residents or make arrangements for weekly swimming trips for those who want to keep fit that way. Others offer classes in areas such as mosaic, pottery and book repairs.

For the senior citizen seeking a seniors community to join there are lots of options to choose from.

For more great information about Senior Communities visit our "Senior Communities" Guide.


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